French Woman Kicked Off Subway for Holding Train Doors Open

Woman kicked off subway by passenger for holding doors open waiting for friend.

Woman kicked off subway by passenger for holding doors open waiting for friend.From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: The consequences of not respecting public regulations!! Caught: Woman Holding Subway Doors Open Waiting for Friend is Kicked Flying by Passenger. Subway train doors are like elevator doors. If they aren’t closed, the subway is unable to run. This woman in the video used her body to obstruct the subway carriage doors waiting for her friend to get on board. A passenger who could bear it no longer then kicked this woman from behind out off the train. This brother sure is skilled!!

The video on Dailymotion:

The video appears to be of a subway in Paris, France.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


To everyone’s satisfaction!


If it were me, I would first ask: Is there a special/important reason [for holding everyone else up]?


Recommend this be promoted for everyone to learn from! [哈哈]


Hahahahaha, LOL.


That guy must’ve encountered this kind of phenomenon many times, and couldn’t put up with it anymore this time.


This brother truly is skilled. [偷笑]


This woman must look very average.


Skilled brother, people like this definitely are asking for a beating.


Making an entire train of people wait to save time for oneself, too disgusting. Everyone must’ve been so satisfied, but the kick was too light. Brother, I ding you. [威武][威武][威武][威武][给力][威武][给力][给力]


Time is money, this isn’t just delaying a train of people but delaying the people on all the trains on the entire subway line! [What the man did] was right!


There’s already people using their mobile phones to film it, so it looks like she’s been blocking the door for a good while already, no wonder someone got so upset.


This woman was indeed wrong, but the man isn’t so noble either.


Kicking someone, especially a big man kicking a woman, this behavior is even more of poor character, poor upbringing, and poor demeanor.


Pushing would’ve been okay, but kicking…


So fortunate, that the kicked person wasn’t injured, otherwise, there would be big trouble. However, this kind of disregard for public interest was corrected by this one kick! Yet another excellent public ethics lesson.


I don’t care if there’s just cause, a man using force on a female is simply fucking wrong. Could words not have been used?


Those who are also female, see a man using violence against a woman, and cheers it on, those women must be flirts/sluts who have never seen a man or don’t have anyone who loves them. Holding open the train door waiting for her friend is indeed wrong, but it isn’t some enormous wrong, so what right did that man have for kicking her? Why couldn’t he just walk over and talk to that girl, persuade her to stop? Did he think she can be bullied just because she’s a girl? If the person holding open the door was a big man, do you think this man would still have dared to kick him?

What do you think?

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Written by Fauna

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  • Joey

    Good job. The frequency of French subways is pretty good, there’s no reason for her to hold up all the people on the subway.

    • jero

      That’s not exactly a subway, that’s the RER. It’s a medium distance train connecting Paris city and the suburbs. It happens to be underground (sometimes) in the city center.
      It’s kinda famous for its unreliable schedule and safety issues. Sometimes you have to wait 30+ minutes to get your RER.

  • MrT

    The French need kicking more often.

    • fuck off.. France is a GREAT nation

      • 五毛Partay!

        They’re especially good at getting invaded by Germany

        • Mighty

          Aie ! (Ouch in French)

        • congrats, you sound like a proper dickhead with no ideas of your own and feel strong when you join the masses in hating a random target. Congrats slave

          • 五毛Partay!

            It’s not a random target, your post called France a great nation, in all caps mind you. All I did was agree and point out something France does well. It was just a joke, Pierre, you don’t need to throw up your white flag and surrender. I mean, you’re good at being invaded by Britain too. I bet you’re be GREAT at losing wars to Russia is you had the chance.

          • fair enough it was a joke..but you now do really sound like a dickhead. invaded by britain? France had a king on the throne of England FYI. You might have notice the “fleur de lys” everywhere? And France being GREAT was just to emphasize that i don’t like random people bashing countries with no good reason. I would defend China just the same in the face of stupidity. However i can understand why all caps shock you…”oh France France’s always France..” pathetic people do need a good target to make themselves feel better and what better target than a country that always been different culturally and politically than anglo-saxon culture.

          • mr.wiener

            William was a Norman [Frenchified Viking] and the Fleur de lys were adapted by Edward the 1st because he wanted the French throne as well.
            In addition the Joan of arc was captured tried and handed over to the English by the Burgundrians [French] , Champagne was only made fizzy after the British had the level of technology to make stronger bottles [Dom Peringon was trying desperately to de-fizz it as his bottles were exploding].
            The most tonage of French battle ships sunk during WW2 were sunk by the British.

          • 五毛Partay!


          • 五毛Partay!

            So we’re just pretending the 100 years war, Joan d’Arc, Agincourt never happened now? Or your just being a typical American rushing to Frances defense, because your such a high and mighty hipster. Check our Mr. Wiener’s smack down of why you’re such an idiot, then go back to being cool on the internet.

          • Wait wait wait…when did we start rushing to France’s defense? Aside from it being American tradition to scoff at the French as being a hotbed of whoredom and homosexual sexcapades, even during the World Wars, we generally took our time making it over there. Europe is an awfully long ways away. An American rushing over to France’s defense is atypical.

          • 五毛Partay!

            I love Americans saying they saved France and the UK in WW1 and 2, showing up years into it with a fresh army and then STILL not exactly rolling over the competition. It’s supremely awesome and American to be so proud of it. I wish Germany wasn’t so shy about how good it was at doing bad things.

          • Rick in China

            Normandy was won in Dieppe! my Grandpa survived Dieppe.. :D

          • Nick in Beijing

            Mr. Wiener isn’t American if I remember correctly…

          • mr.wiener

            Australian. The other white meat.

          • 五毛Partay!

            I was talking about Mr. Gordon. Whether or not he is is unimportant because whether he is or not it will offend his wannabe bohemian sensibilities all the same. I imagine he’s the self-loathing dooshy kind of American that will resent being called his own kind. It’s a Ace in the hole.

        • Canada has the largest population of French people that haven’t surrendered to the Germans.

          • Guest

            …huh? they’re french speaking but not french. they’re Québécois. it’s like saying english canadians and people from england are the same.

          • Hey there Guest. Let me start out by welcoming you to ChinaSMACK. We are all happy you’re here.

            Now, let me introduce you to this hip, new thing all the kids are talking about these days: jokes.

          • Guest

            i thought joke were supposed to be funny. o.o

          • mr.wiener

            OK, how’s this one then?

            Why are the boulevards of Paris lined with trees?
            So the German soldiers can march in the shade.

            How does a french woman hold her liqueur?

            By the ears.

          • Germandude

            Bah, old… How many gears does a French tank have? 15! 1 forward, 14 backwards…

            If the French can’t take jokes, especially about German invasion (sic! so boring), just counter that with Napoleon jokes. No European can actually counter that.

          • Les Battersby

            Haha, liked the last one, lol

          • They are, it’s just that you aren’t very good at picking up on them. Try correcting your posture, it wasn’t highbrow enough to go over your head.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I like you. Your comments always give me a chuckle.

          • My goal in life is to make sure everyone else is having a good time haha

          • One needs a sense of humor in order to laugh.

            Order one on line from Taobao; it can get to you before the beginning of the week.

          • Croid

            only being black gay french canadians could be worse

    • westos

      french bashing is so old, tired and pathetic, try something new.

      • mr.wiener

        No, French bashing is fun. Besides the French like it as it makes them feel important and relevant. I think they would be heart-broken if they found out no one cared enough to make jokes about them.
        You inhuman monster!

        • Justifying French bashing by saying it makes the French feel important and relevant is quite a crappy excuse as the French commonly don’t understand English and therefore are clueless about the English speakers picking on them (and i would know cause i understand both languages) So you see, French bashing has actually not much to do with the French but has everything to do with the crappy people in need of a self-confidence boost. I’m sorry to inform you that the attention given to France is just not really reciprocal. Hey! Maybe that’s the reason people love picking on France, it’s a one way love story (gay)

          • No, it has to do with the French. It’s very fun.

          • Fair enough

          • mr.wiener

            I beg to differ, and some of the French jokes about the English are wonderful.
            What was the last thing the English cooked well?
            Joan of Arc
            How many time do the English kill a lamb?
            Twice. The first time when they kill it, the second when they cook it.
            It is a relationship of love and emnity.

        • Pedro

          From what i know most of them don’t really care about national pride or history, unlike 50~60 years ago, their own government tells them how shameful they should be about it (colonization especially, …), french bashing is just a waste of time.
          If you want to bash someone and get funny/frustrated answers, try at least a country with strong national pride like china, it’s always fun to see 1 million chinks protesting in the street and breaking everything, because they don’t know how to express themselves like civilized humans, after some random guy on the internet told that tibet doesn’t belong to them.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Saying tibet doesn’t belong to China is like saying texas does not belong to the US. No one will go to the street for one hairy smelly fattard posting an arrogant statement on the internet.

            BTW westerners are definitely civilized because they kill people while protesting in the street.

          • hunch

            Well said, let’s talk about the non-existant protests when some random people are claiming the diaoyu islands does not belong to china.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            The japanese government is not some random people.

          • hunch

            Don’t play on word please, everyone knows that the japanese government changes as often as chinese officials of mistresses, they are random and non-existent.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            A government is not a person. Simple as that. If someone thinks otherwise then there must be a serious issue with his brain.

          • Echohasanalwarts

            And the nationist steps up and gives credence to Pedro’s post. Well done mr. panties.

            How did Tianamen work out for you?

    • Alphy

      Why are you guys talking about the French in the first place?

  • Rick in China

    This is pretty fuckin’ hilarious.

    Looks like he kicked her pretty good – definitely not a noble maneuver, that being said, bitch deserved a good boot. Holding up hundreds? of people to save your (or friend’s) few minutes is absolutely bullshit.

    • Mighty

      I hate people who inconvenience many others in the process of making things convenient for themselves. Like (in US): Attempting an impossible LEFT turn (instead of turning right to go around the block) during heavy traffic commute and holding up vehicles behind and blocking cars heading in the opposite direction.

    • Raminess

      You’d figure if your friend is taking THAT long, you might as well get off the train and wait for him/her and catch the next train. Not hold one up until they’re ready. It was rude of her to hold the train up, but even more rude for the guy to use physical force to kick her out of the train. I’m more than sure yelling at her to close the door (whether she can understand it or not) would be enough of a shock to get her moving.

      • Rick in China

        As other posters mention – she was obviously holding it open for some time, and people _were_ yelling at her. She was being a bitch, and someone stopped it.. she doesn’t even look surprised that someone booted her off, just pissed off..

        • Raminess

          Well geez, maybe she’s used to getting yelled at like that, if she’s so cool about it! You’d think that after the first time someone told you to cut the crap, you’d learn that holding up the train is really rude and you’d either step off or just let it go. Yeesh, the nerve of some people.

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            why have you taken such a fancy to this name ? If you’ve taken my forum name without my permission atleast give an explanation ! are you pissed off with echo too ? are you my chinasmack doppelganger ?

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            Something went terribly bad with my computer … or im a complete jackass(totally possible to lose your mind if you keep reading Echo’s posts!) so sorry Raminess, my mistake and my bad…

    • Suzhou PRC

      Upstairs brother, *(Dick)ick in China

      • Rick in China

        I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

      • Dick-ick is the worst kind of affliction. It happens when you don’t wash yourself enough. Antibiotics don’t work because it’s a member of the kingdom Fungi.

        • Rick in China

          Agreed – not just wash enough, but wash at the right time. You don’t want to leave vag juice on your cock when you sleep, or you may wake up with slight skin irritation in that form. Wash before you sleep boys!

          • You’ve gotta soak it in standard 3% Hydrogen peroxide solution for 10 minutes, at least.

    • Les Battersby

      This guy would absolutely BAT SHIT CRAZY after a month of living in China. Guaranteed. Thing is, could you blame him?

      • Rick in China

        “This guy would absolutely BAT SHIT CRAZY after a month of living in China”

        The same could be said about MANY people, including the bat shit crazy people who are already here ;)

        • Les Battersby

          I didn’t mean you by the way RIC, I was referring to the guy who booted the girl off the train in the video clip. If he thinks she is rude, I reckon after a month in ANY chinese city, he would be a asylum inmate:D

          • Rick in China

            I got it, no worries. I was just saying China is a place that would drive most people crazy – especially those who are used to social order..

          • Les Battersby

            Oh indeed, especially coming from a country like Canada that is spick and span. I’m used to filthy streets and run down areas in the UK, but from those from more progressive cleaner parts of the world, China must be a real killer!

  • Mighty

    The kicker is a Brit or Yank expat. LOL

  • Alex

    In China if she was the classical pretty one, they would even help her and get on their knees to please her. “Poor little angel, she’s pretty, she deserves everything”

    Well done, no taking shit from others.

    • Mighty

      In China people would’ve just stood there picking their noses and quietly complained “Ai ya…. bu ke neng 不可能… 不可能”

      • ChinaSpit

        For a while… Then a shouting match that sounds like a bunch of enraged chimpanzees ensues and that is followed by a totally unnecessary and chaotic brawl. The police and/or security then arrives and stand there picking their noses and smoking while exclaiming “Ai ya”. After that, the woman is left bleeding unconscious on the platform, the train takes off and everyone lives harmoniously ever after (after most passengers took some videos and photos of her, of course).

        • Mighty

          And all that pointing. Whispering to one another as they’re pointing in that direction. The security guards will usually stroll over, with hands cupped behind their asses, to join the onlookers.

      • Rainer

        Nose picking shouldnt be big problem. The civilized way should be either picking nose in the cars like foreigners or like German coach Joachim first picking and then swallowing the filling, in public.

        • Mighty

          That’s disgusting for anyone or race.

      • Justice

        I agree with you because she is white. But as Black, it would be a different story in China

  • Kevin Yu

    I just wonder how many like it that the guy kicked her. I mean, sure. It wasnt something good to do (though I am not sure how long it took. If its just a few seconds, it wouldnt be a big problem. No one would kick anyone out like that if you could e.g. see someone running there), how can you just kick her? I mean why not shove her out, but kicking… Just tell her and maybe shove her.

    At least I think that i even more rude.

  • Rick in China

    “so what right did that man have for kicking her?”
    Self-evident in the video.

    “Why couldn’t he just walk over and talk to that girl, persuade her to stop?”
    She would have said fuck off, and caused a scene, holding up the train even further no doubt.

    “Did he think she can be bullied just because she’s a girl?”

    “If the person holding open the door was a big man, do you think this man would still have dared to kick him?”

    • linette lee

      No you wouldn’t. You big men only know how to pick on small women. I dare you men to kick arnold schwarzenegger in the ass like that.

      • 五毛Partay!

        Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t hold up an entire train because he is waiting for his friend. . . But if he was, I guess we’re all waiting.

      • Rick in China


        < Was on bail for criminal assault, for (accused of) breaking a fat fuck 24 year old 'security guard' of the people's great bank of china's nose in 2 places. He was bigger than me physically. After being ran over.. care to reconsider your stupid response?

        • linette lee

          YES, you need anger management. Care to come to me and make an appointment.

          • Irvin

            I on the other hand only needs anger release, care to be my punching bag? I’d love punching a stupid bitch like you till you shut the fuck up with your brain farts.

        • Joey

          I didn’t know being an internet tough guy was criminal assault.

        • bobibobi

          Rick, I like you; Linette, come to France one day. You will realize how stupid are this kind of people. In France, people don’t care about the other. pushing her is the best way to ensure that 1)she let the train go, and 2) she never does that again.

          • moody

            Bobi’s right

            each time i go back it is plain to see, UNCIVILITY has became a disease back home and it s simply shocking how often it happens

            beleive it or not, they take pride in doing those shit when nobody say anything

            Kudos to this guy
            if only we had more like him

          • Zappa Frank

            french people don’t care about the others? are stupids?…. i’ve been in french many times and i can assure it’s a bullshit.. besides are by far more civilized than chinese.. but this is evident as there are no other place in the world were people lack more of any human feeling.

          • Barney Rubble

            Which French have you been in?

          • bobibobi

            I am french, thanks.

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          What instigated the breaking of said ‘security guard’s nose? If you don’t mind expanding, i’m curious. But not that kind of expanding and not that kind of curious. You know what i mean.

          • Rick in China

            The more complete story is on some older thread, however, basically I was walking across a crosswalk (during a walk sign) and buddy was turning right, trying to overtake a quickly around the turn, and drove through me. I rolled off the front left of his car and took his mirror with me, then got my bearings and chased him down the road – he hit traffic, I reached through his window and proceeded to ‘stop him from escaping’. That’s the brief of the instigation.

          • I was hit by motorcycles three times in China. Once on my brand new bicycle, in the bicycle lane. Destroyed my bike and the guy scooted off on his motorcycle without saying a word. The other two times, I was walking on the sidewalk (after giving up cycling in China, for my own safety) and was hit by motorcycles. Only the third time did the guy say “sorry”. I didn’t get hurt either two times, even though the second one was quite a hit, but they didn’t seem to care if I was alright or not.

          • linette lee

            Oh you poor thing. :(
            Glad you are okay. But that means you only have 6 cat lives left. Better stay away from China.

          • Cats just can’t catch a break these days

          • What a girl…

          • Les Battersby

            I was walking on the sidewalk (after giving up cycling in China, for my own safety) and was hit by motorcycle

            Very sensible. After having so many near misses on bikes, no traffic safety evident in the locals driving like they learned off the back of a cereal box, anyway, I decided to stop pissing about with mountain bikes and scooters. Shame you still got hit by bikes on the sidewalk though. why in effing hells name does noone every say one simple word, be it in chinese, english or klingon, SORRY!

          • Man, this was three or four days after I bought the bike.
            I think the only reason the last guy apologized was because he fell just a couple of feet away from me and it would have been a bit awkward had he not, while picking up his motorcycle with me standing there.

          • Rick in China

            Surprised he didn’t try to get you to pay him saying you knocked him off. That’d be a more common response in China!

          • True. I was fairly new to China and naive. I thought I was safe as long as I’m not in the street, for one, but also I didn’t know I should get up and flee the scene, lest I should pay the medical bills for everyone on the city block.

          • Les Battersby

            That sucks, sorry to hear that. Why can they never say sorry? Face?

          • I think it’s a mixture of things in the case of running me over with a motorcycle, but probably just mostly embarrassment and the fear they’ll be held responsible for damages.

          • Les Battersby

            Yes, part shame, part fear, pathetic really, glad you are ok though.

          • Rick in China

            The moment someone says sorry – they are essentially admitting responsibility… and as whiskers said, responsibility can mean damages, $$$. The almighty $ is, in my opinion, a large part of the reason why there is so little humanity in personal interactions, good or bad.. it’s quite sad.

          • Les Battersby

            That is on the “money” I’d say, pardon the pun.

          • This means that China is in desperate need of tort reform, which is no secret. The US and UK are also in desperate need of tort reform, although the average Chinese person is probably more litigious than the average American or Brit, which gives rise to this difference.

          • bert

            The absolute biggest retards in China are the people with electric bikes and delivery nongs on 3 wheeled carts. Silent, can go pretty fast and will leave after they hit you. These people drive down the roads like there is nothing that can stop them. China the most self important nation on earth? CHECK!

          • Les Battersby

            Those things are really annoying. So quiet they are impossible to hear zipping near or past you.

          • Just someone

            Yo, which city are you if I may ask?

            I haven’t been in China long but I notice huge differences between cities. 5 days in Xi’an, and it is as you describe. But here in Nanjing people is so much more nice, riding a bicycle I feel safer than in Toronto, CA!

          • I’m not there anymore, but I was in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. You’re right, it seemed like the short time I was in another city (Linhai) cycling/walking around was a lot more safe. I think that’s just because it was a bit smaller, though.

          • Aleister Crowley

            I know linhai well, people still drive like mad there too though. The intersections are chaos!

          • linette lee

            You mean in China the chinese are hitting laowai left and right with their car. hahaha.. lol. No wonder you have anger management problem. It wasn’t me. I didn’t hit no laowai.

          • Rick in China

            I rarely have anger management issues – in fact I’m extremely calm and collected – very little surprises or shocks me, and it’s difficult to make me angry…I’m almost sociopathic when it comes to emotional control. That being said, several tears came out when I saw my little egg on ultrasound for the first time.

            But when someone tried to escape from a hit and run, and I was the victim, I wasn’t about to let him get away – m’fers need to be brought to justice sometimes. I was the one who suffered in the end, but at least I made sure his ugly nose looked a little uglier and next time he’ll think twice before fucking running someone over and escaping.

          • Echo

            Hey, western dog, you come to China, don’t expect to be treated like royalty. Why does a dog like you think he can be treated better than the average Chinese? Who the fuck are you, western dog.

            You wonder why the chinese hate you western scum, because you act all arrogant like you own the place. China allows you to stay and at the same time you never miss and opportunity to piss on it.

            One day China will wake up and it will be the second boxer rebellion. Every white dog killed and hung.

          • Rick in China

            I salivate at the thought – the day someone like you comes to ‘hang’ someone like me.. mmmmmm, that would be WONDERFUL. More of a release than you provide at the bath houses for sure. Looking forward to it big dog..lookin forward.

          • Echo

            You are delusional if you think you can survive a mob of pitchfork wielding chinese, calling for the blood of the white oppressor colonialist. China has suffered murder, theft and violation from western dogs for 2 centuries.

            When the day of reckoning comes, every western dog will be trying their best to escape and survive. And every traitorous whore like your wife will be decapitated, and all mixed race mutts shot in the head.

            Truly what kind of people but the humiliated chinese can have their women taken by racist white men with colonialist views of the Chinese? What kind of mentality do the chinese have to be treated like this?

            Truly unbelievable.

          • Mighty

            If he can survive an unsanitary, eco-unfriendly environment amongst people with no common sense and courtesy I think Rick is doing just fine.

          • Echo

            You have never lived in China. You have no idea of the sanitation or eco-friendliness of the place. White loving dog.

          • Mighty

            True, I never ‘lived’ in China. But I’ve visited frequently with many long stays. Enough to observe all that I have mentioned.

          • BiggJ

            I was reading the news today and the chinese government posted a warning to all chinese to behave when
            They said it’s making china look bad. The constant spitting and shitting in public is getting out of hand. lol You can take the chinaman out of the mainland but you can’t take the mainland out of the chinaman .lol

          • Mighty

            They did the same ‘Public Education’ before the Olympics. It’s sad to see the gov’t having to teach its citizens when it should’ve been done at home on the family level during childhood.

          • Oh, what, like the last time there was a great Chinese mob out to beat up and kick out the westerners? I think that turned out really well for them, didn’t it?

          • Echo

            You western dogs committed atrocity after atrocity against the chinese. When they fought back, you committed genocide on them and raped their culture.

            China is not weak anymore. Americans will not be able to save you. China has dozens of thousands of carrier killing cruise missiles that would decimate the entire US navy in seconds. Imperialist americans and westerners can no longer project their power upon the east asian sphere of influence.

            Don’t worry, whites will be exterminated in asia, and all the mixed mutts you create with your whorish wives will be shot and killed.

          • haha man, fuck your missiles. The US Navy has always had the best missile defense system of any Navy in the world…and now they have lasers. Lasers that shoot down those drones China needs to successfully hit a target with those anti-ship missiles. If that doesn’t impress you, you should read up on the developments in anti-ballistic missile (the anti-ship missile is a ballistic missile) defense lasers mounted on a 747.

            The mobs won’t do shit. No one will ever rise up and attack because they’re too busy sucking down all those Western goods. If the US were to get into a fight with China, all they would have to do is paradrop US passports all over the country. The entirety of China would drop their pitchforks and burnt up cruise missiles and happily immigrate to the West.

          • bert

            You forgot about all those disease carrying birds. The Chinese ‘cruise missile’.

          • maja

            piss off. why should the average chinese person in china accept the kind of arrogance that goes around here in the first place? chinese prople is the first victim, you little braindead.

          • Mighty

            All the countries with manufacturing in China will wake up and pull out because they’re starting to see what an ugly monster they’ve created. Damn Nixon!

          • Echo

            haha, are you taiwanese? What kind of chinese can have this level of treason? It’s unthinkable.

            You are what the blacks call ‘uncle tom’, slavishly subservient to your white masters. I bet you have a stupid white first name too.

            The thoughts of traitors like you are irrelevant, China will become the world’s foremost power by 2016 and world superpower by 2025.

          • Mighty

            The typical reaction of a mainlander is to assume another race or ethnic is to be blamed for his predicament that he himself caused.

            Case in point: I was second in line at the airport counter, behind an Asian family of three. Out of nowhere 5 Chinese swarmed to the front of the line as though the 10-12 people in line were not there. When the woman (in the family) says in English, “Excuse, there’s a line here”. The Chinese gang leader turned around and looked at her with a dumbfounded smirk. The woman repeated that there’s a line.

            Lucky for them they started to move their asses because I was losing my cool. I wouldn’t have been so diplomatic with them. But as they move toward the back of the line they were muttering in Putong wah “The MUST be Hong Kongese…. such bad attitude…”.

            I was like WTF? You put yourself in that situation and when faced with protest you quickly find blames, no matter how ridiculous it may be. What twisted rationalization.

          • Echo

            Yes, the white loving brainwashed hong kongers and taiwanese colonial possessions deeply understand the ways of the white. For that reason they see themselves as superior to the uncouth mainlanders, those bastards attempting to preserve the old ways? Hah! White way is the only way for the brainwashed HKer and taiwanese running dogs, they see all other ways as inferior. The greatest glory for a taiwanese man is to give his daughter to a white man so that he impregnate her with his white seed. The taiwanese wish only for the chinese to be removed from their genes.

            Haha, the ultimate slaves. No wonder the US loves taiwan and the british love HK.

          • Mighty


          • BiggJ

            Mainland just has more people…’s just taking longer for us to get you guys. Soon you will be driving western cars, listening to western music, worshiping western products… everyone learning English, making your skin pale….oh wait,..we are further along then I thought. lol

          • 五毛Partay!

            Theres no way it’s possible somebody believes the tings you wrote. You sir, are a comedic genius!

          • al the pict

            I guess you must be alluding to ‘the Second Footballer Rebellion’ Every Chinese player will be hung and dried, and possibly used in soup. Fair comment, You have acumen beyond your supposed teenage years.

          • bert

            Liberal fag.

          • linette lee

            O.K. You did the right thing going after the bastard for hit and run. I would be very angry too. Did he sued you for breaking his nose? That’s ridiculous.
            I got into two small car accidents also and it was completely not my fault. Both time the other car hit me. I end up paying for the damage myself and it was expensive. Body work can easily run you up to $1000 or $1500. It’s very hard to prove who’s at fault in car accident. Here in USA everything just end up going into no fault insurance and I end up paying for it. :(

          • Mighty

            At least in the US a single witness can help the case whereas in China, despite dozens of onlookers, nobody ‘saw’ anything.

          • linette lee

            hmmm…it’s very hard in car accident. Small accident the insurance company all of them just write it off as no fault. Big cases you can go to court and sue and will take forever.

          • Mighty

            No courts necessary. Two months ago I was hit by one of those long ass stretched limo. Somehow he produced a ‘witness’ who gave her statement in his support to his insurance company and mine. So I lost the case even though it was obvious that they extra long vehicle failed to negotiate the curve and hit me.

          • Mighty

            Lenette, ne hai hm hai heung kong yan ah?

          • linette lee

            hai. born and raised. :) and you?

          • Mighty

            Yup, dun hai ngor bud swei yi mun gor lai mei gok.
            Ne yi ga jiu hai bin ah?
            (I know you’re straining to read but it’s for privacy) hahaha….

          • I’m reading this, Mighty. I can’t believe you said this. This is the most outrageous thing I have ever read. You are so brave for having said this out loud!

            Nah I have no idea what it says.

          • Mighty

            Hey, don’t you blab it all out!

          • linette lee

            I know right. Mighty is asking me to help him pimp some girls for friday night. You believe this. That is just outrageous.

          • BiggJ

            Well, pimpin’ ain’t easy. lol

          • Mighty

            Yeah, my hands are swollen from constantly having to smack my hoes.

          • Mighty

            I’ll make you equal partner, mama-san.

          • Puffle717

            Spoiler Alert: He asked her if she was a Hong Konger then asked where she lived. She said she lived abroad and in New York atm. Just kidding, Mighty was trying ask her to help him pimp. Google translate now offers Cantoneseenglish translations.

          • linette lee

            you crazy hahaha …lol

          • Southernortherner

            he just asked if shes from hong kong and where is she she said new york bleh bleh bleh…privacy? this is privacy for you!

          • linette lee

            I think I know what you are saying. hehee..

            All yee gar jiu hai lout york.


          • Mighty

            Ah okay. Good to know. Cheers!

          • Rick in China

            Worse than sued.

            After a few seconds of incident through window – he was crying and apologizing profusely, so I stopped – pulled out, yelled a bit, and walked off.. 5 minutes later, he ran up tapped me on shoulders, said I hit him so we wait for police, immediately a crowd was formed – so I was stuck. Waited 15 minutes or so, police came – at the station I caused a bit of a ruckus, later we just shook hands and wrote our phone #s/name as both didn’t want to go to the hospital or file charges.

            2 days later police called me in to make a statement, informed me that day he decided to file charges – he went to the hospital (2 days later) and said his nose broken in 2 places. Police said it was his parents who ‘pushed’ him to do this.. anyways, no proof that I even hit him, no proof his nose wasn’t broken by himself during that 2 day hiatus. The escapade resulted in being on bail for a year with criminal charges pending – in the end it all just went away, but it wasn’t as simple as just ‘being sued’ – that was the least painful portion of the event.

          • DaveH

            You got off easy, since you are in China, due to the more informal legal system. He was in the wrong for hitting you and driving away and you were in the wrong by hitting him and punching him in the face. In Canada you would have gotten charged with assault and battery and he would have been charged with hit and run. You would have had a criminal record and good luck getting a job after that. Got off easy if you ask me.

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            I know imitation is the best form of flattery, but this is ridiculous – why are you copying my pseudonym ? use your own imagination- i cant get my point across if you steal my alias-BTW if you ARE Echo–that’s pathetic man !

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            Sorry DaveH , seems disqus made me clown myself ! Now I know how Don Quixote felt ! Ignore my post

          • Rick in China

            You’re missing the point DaveH – there was no video, no reliable witness or third party, nothing aside from our statements to really say what happened. He said I punched him a couple times – I said I tried to grab him to stop him from escaping (reasonable, no?) – and my hand was fractured at the time from the accident so wasn’t able to make a fist (which I was, but it wasn’t stated that way).

            Without that proof, no court in Canada would convict someone of criminal charges (or even CHARGE someone) with something like assault in this type of situation especially.

          • Les Battersby

            Police said it was his parents who ‘pushed’ him to do this

            That sounds about right! Shake some money out of the laowai, truly sickening. What an ordeal you had to endure, due to those scum sucking parasites!

          • 五毛Partay!

            Laowai are still human beings, linette, although we can all agree they are not as tall, handsome, strong or as smart as Chinese we have to at least pretend we value human life, for tourisms sake.

          • linette lee

            I know you folks get so angry when I use the word laowai. hahahaha… I learn that in CS. I never knew the word laowai is offensive. I thought it’s kind of cute. How about I call you laowi. Laowi and sweetie rhyme. lol.

          • Rick in China

            I don’t think most expats in China care much about the term, I know my friends and I don’t. It’s more-so whom is using it and how – and in that case, it doesn’t matter *what* term they use, the same anger would manifest.

          • al the pict

            It’s all down to tone and intent, Linette.

          • linette lee

            I do use words like white, black, asian, spanish, guilao(ghost man = westerners) in real life. Not meant to be offensive.
            I don’t think people will get offended neither.

          • I never got mad at the word “laowai”. I would get annoyed when I would walk out to the grocery store (or wherever) and all I hear are people saying “laowai”, as if their friends weren’t able to tell that the 6’1″ blonde whitey is actually a foreigner and not Chinese.

          • Echo

            Oh boo hoo, the western dog is ‘annoyed’ when he is called laowai by the chinese.

            What do you think the chinese feel when they are called ‘chinks’ in the US? When they are attacked in the street? Stripped of their citizenship? Murdered in cold blood?
            Discriminated against on a daily basis?

            Western dogs don’t know how well they are treated compared to chinese in the west.

          • linette lee

            echo, you are such a sissy. Calling westerner dogs and chinese chink. YOu are a troll either a japanese or korean. Go back to japan crush or Korea bang and troll in your own country. Loser.

            And hiding behind the computer talking shxt is usually done by sissy who is really ugly and a loser. duh….

          • Echo

            Why do you always defend the westerner? You are another subservient slave to the white colonialist.

            It’s quite pathetic when a non chinese has to defend the integrity of chinese culture and race because the western chinese are so brainwashed and slavishly pro western.

          • linette lee

            The last time I checked I am Chinese. duh…

          • Mighty

            Hahahaha… these clowns never cease to amaze… I mean amuse me.

          • linette lee

            And you are not Chinese I am pretty sure. You are not white nor Black. Just pathetic I tell you.

          • donkeysodomisedECHO

            Echo is a citizen of RacistHatemongerStan . Hitler too had dual citizenship of that country -its a well known fact

          • Mighty

            Just as me, I’m sure she defends people from ignorance and arrogance. It has nothing to do with Chinese versus Westerners. That’s the biggest issue that you fervent nationalist clowns fail to recognize. If you say we’re sucking white cocks, so be it. To me it’s just another typical *’Airport counter line’ incident to me.

            *I hope you did read what I said about the line at the airport.

          • Blarsd

            Echo, please enlighten us about Chinese culture, i’m pretty sure not even you knows what that is. The only culture you have now is buildings left from before the culture revolution and that’s only a shell of your former culture. Is Chinese culture old ladies walking round in circles with a drum and a red scarf? Taiwan and HK probably have more of “real” Chinese culture than China has , they preserved it while China is now trying to find it’s roots. As Whiskersthecat mentioned, air drop US, or any western passport, over China and people would leave in hords. Also, with about 55 minorities and a territory this big it’s a bit tricky to say what Chinese culture is. You probably talking about Han culture. I lived in China over 10 years, from North to South and West to East. Everytime I ask about Chinese culture nobody seems to really know except for one thing, all believethe Chinese people are polite and have manners and are very “youhao”. Well i’ve seen some of that when it comes to friends and family, but that’s the same everywhere in the world and not a special Chinese trait, but on the streets I mostly seen rudeness. I can’t ever remember seeing a Chinese holding a door for anyone for example. An when it comes to manners that all Chinese are so proud to tell everyone about, you have shown some real good quality manners, the Chinese way.

          • Haha yes, but don’t oversimplify what I said. If I were Chinese, and every two steps I took, I saw people staring and pointing, saying “chink” over and over, and nothing else, I would be annoyed, too. But that doesn’t happen.

            Clearly you are far too stupid to see that I am a cat, not a dog. When you were young and in school, you must have spent all of your time in a hotel room with your headmaster and some local village official rather than in class.

          • 五毛Partay!

            “Murdered in cold blood?
            Discriminated against on a daily basis?”

            Note, a daily basis. Fact! Oops I’m late for my Chinaman lynching, the angry mobs waiting.

          • I saw this Asian family, probably 3rd generation or so. They averted their eyes when I approached, as is customary for those we, in the nation of The West, demand of those inferior to us. I asked them to show me their papers. They presented me with their permits allowing them to call themselves Americans, and shredded them to pieces. I blew on my “Chinaman” whistle, and the anti-Chinese brigade came pouring out of the buildings all around me to beat this Asian family who’s citizenship I had just stripped from them. All this happened just earlier during lunch. I’m also filing a petition to have the Chinese drinking fountain moved further away from the white’s fountain.

          • Mighty

            Fuck! Just this morning, I was told to sit in the “Chinks Only” section at the back of the public bus. I can’t live with such daily discrimination!

          • BiggJ

            Well if it’s so bad for chinks in america why do they go there?

          • Mighty

            Hey Bigg! I just had Kung Pao chicken over rice for lunch. It’s a great American dish. Do you have the Canadian version there?

          • BiggJ

            Yep, So fucking good. General Tso’s chicken is my favorite over rice.with some sweet and sour chicken balls and some egg rolls…hard to beat. lol

          • Mighty

            Man, I love all those Canadian food. Next time you visit the States try the same stuff here. But it’d be American food.

            Ok, seriously, I’m still laughing at that scholar’s logic of “Chinese food cooked in Canada is Canadian”.

          • trog

            the reality is, it wasnt kung pao chicken you enjoyed. It was kung pao cat!


          • mate shut up, chink
            how ya like that mate?

          • linette lee

            ooh…blondie.. :) I’m a blonde too…. dirty blonde….from the bottle…hahaha. lol.

            It’s really strange. I dyed my hair for like many years now and all my friends and coworkers have gotten used to me being light brown or dirty blonde. One time I dyed it back to black color. All my friends and coworkers told me I look weird like the black color is too strong on my face and looks fake. How strange is that. I am chinese you know. Chinese don’t have blondes. hahaha lol.

          • My hair is fairly light blonde, but I have super red facial hair. It’s odd.

            Generally I’m a fan of dark hair, but I’ll let you pass haha

          • linette lee

            What is your ethnicity? Are you Irish? Didn’t you say you are part russian or something. A mixed?

            I am pretty sure I am all Chinese. My grandparents were chinese from China. They moved to HK at young age.

          • Scandinavian and English. I’m sure there are other things in there, too, but those two seem the be where the lineage go back in time to.

          • 五毛Partay!

            I prefer yangguizi. The only thing that bothers me about Laowai is when it’s innaccurately translated into English as “foreigner” when folks mean ‘non-Chinese’. In China, not a problem, walking down the street in Italy then being called a foreigner by a Chinese. . . Strange.

          • Haha I get the same thing here in the States.
            Gotten it from Taiwanese, too. Well, it’s older Taiwanese.

          • linette lee

            So you rather be called a ghost. Gui 鬼 means ghost. hahahah….lol

          • 五毛Partay!


          • Probotector

            Wasn’t there also the time your dog was run over and the taxi driver told you to fuck off, and after you gave him a beatdown a bunch of construction workers tried to attack you, so you used your belt and bike lock as a mace to fend them off?

          • Rick in China

            Sounds like a situation I’d be in – but no, not me.

          • BiggJ

            He looked at him cock eyed. lol

        • Britt

          Rick you’re a douche

      • Echo

        It was a negro man. They don’t qualify as humans since they clearly are the missing link between human and ape.

        They care little for your funny human morals. Why don’t you go to africa and learn about the africape culture?

        But please don’t put human men on the same level as these beasts.

        • mr.wiener

          He was French so that would make him a “ped noir”, but only to racist dicks such as yourself.

          • Echo

            Haha you are so ignorant it hurts. Pieds noirs were white french immigrants to algeria who were forced out of the country when it declared independence.

            Blacks aren’t french, they are simply parasites in every society they exist.

          • donscarletti

            Pied Noir are white, otherwise they’d be just called “Algerian”.

          • mr.wiener

            Right you are.

        • linette lee

          What are you? I know you are not white nor black. Are you chinese? Maybe Jap?

          • Zhegezhege

            He is pathetic and ridiculous.

          • Echo

            There is no reason for me to divulge any information about myself to a traitorous whore like you.
            Keep sucking and maybe you’ll get your ten dorra.

          • al the pict

            Echo rhymes with Sicko rhymes with Dicko rhymes with Fucko rhymes with Sucko rhymes with . . .

            Suck your f*cking sicko dicko (over your head) and try not to leave semen stains on the carpet. Get it full in the mouth.
            Clear enough! Get over your angst.

            (The pretty pissed off Pict.)

          • al the pict

            Why should respectable, responsible (mostly) people suffer this kind of crap from an obvious ‘xenophobic cretin’. (There’s an alternative username for you.)

            Suggest we don’t play his game of racial abuse and just let him stew in his own juices/invective – blatantly ignored by all.

            “Come together over me, right . . . ” gag gag gag :~)

          • Echo

            You sound like a very butthurt multiculturalist. Probably an ethnic dog like the black. You negros already have europe and american to ruin. Don’t come to China or we will kill you.

          • Mighty

            China is the biggest paper tiger in the world.

          • Echo

            Yup China, the world’s biggest industrial and manufacturing power is a ‘paper tiger’. But america, which has no industry, simply a financial sector which creates no wealth, is not a paper tiger?

          • Those clothing and lead paint factories are really beefing up China into this totally steel tiger juggernaut.

          • Mighty

            Or a dog with all bark but no bite.

          • Echo

            Because goldman sachs and jp morgan produce so much wealth for the economy. America has nothing.

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            When china pays the same wages to its workers as america does, when china has the same types of safety regulations for its workers and its environment as america does, when china has the same strict laws and heavy penalties to safe guard intellectual property rights as america does, when the yuan is as deregulated as the dollar, let us see where all the manufacturing goes ! I think china is going to have its einstein & apple & microsoft & brad pitt & pele & … in short its day in the sun – but you are an ignorant racist glue sniffer who doesn’t know his head from his ass !

          • Yeah I just looked outside at the desolate wasteland of nothingness out there. Just lots of nothing in this country…the world’s most powerful country.

          • Mighty

            Are you still so ignorant as to how many of those industry and manufacturing companies are foreign owned? Maybe it’s better for you to not know how the Chinese labor is being exploited.

            ‘Paper Tiger’: When China said “We’re going to teach Vietnam a lesson” and sent troops across the border only to retreat in defeat.

          • al the pict

            Echo’s “ten dorra” sounds like he’s trying to come over as a Japanese person. Think he’s playing everyone.

            Picts send echoes back against themselves to cause them to drop dead in the water. Want to try this fascinating 5000-year-old game? Loads of fun for what’s left of the family.

            ps We don’t attempt rescue or resuscitation. We simply fish them out, cut off their heads, boil them and serve them up at the ceremonial feast.

          • linette lee

            If you don’t share some of your background we don’t want to troll with you. IT is no fun. This is an international troll ground. You need to divulge a bit more info about yourself so I understand where you get this hate toward westerner from.

          • DavidisDawei

            Your English is fantastic Echo.

            If English is not your first language, you must have spent a considerable amount of time in an English speaking country at a young age.

            I know several “Echo”s in China, but they are all female, but your writings come across quite aggressive, like a man would write.

            Why such hatred towards blacks?

        • Suzhou PRC

          You’re not an Echo in China, You’re Dick in China

          • Echo

            And you’re a western dog who needs to be removed from china, voluntarily or through the use of deadly force.

          • al the pict

            “And you’re a western dog who needs to be removed from china, voluntarily or through the use of deadly force.”
            Now, just try it. We beat the Romans. You are an unknown quantity who doesn’t wish to be named. At least Julius Caesar let us know who we were dealing with, in an attempt to frighten us. Didn’t matter a damn. He had to build 2 walls to protect himself. Still didn’t work.
            Tool up and be ready to go. Bring it on.

        • Suzhou PRC

          And before you say anything, I’m white, if you consider Italians as white, depends on how racist you are,

          • Les Battersby

            Sicilians are….great film, great scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher walken:)

          • 五毛Partay!

            I don’t even consider italians human, let alone white.

          • My grandpa told me the term “wop” came from “the sound their brains made when they hit a hot tin roof”. I’m not really sure if that’s true or not, mostly because I’ve never heard brains hit a hot tin roof.

          • 五毛Partay!

            Old timey racism is my favorite kind.

          • mr.wiener

            I thought “Wop” was “With out papers” [legal documentation] though this could have been made up after the fact.

          • I guess you’re right, I just looked it up. The brains-on-tin-roof one probably was just a result of a tour through Italy back in the World War II. But, man, the brains one sounds so much more hateful, which is how I like my racial slurs.

          • Staying on topic: at least Mussolini knew how to keep the trains running on time.

        • This is getting out of control lol

        • donkeysodomizedECHO

          You sack of putrid feces, you brainless uneducated racist fuck ! “negro men” or africans are OUR ANCESTORS-to be precise, our ancestors originated in africa, there is genetic proof backing the fact., but you see, you are the non human, cause you are so filled with hatred you don’t even realize what a monster you have become !

          • Echo

            You are mad because you are another drugged up criminal black man who wants to emigrate to China and spread AIDS. There are already millions of you in China and not one single of you is good. It is hard to believe but even the western dog is better than the black african who comes to sell drugs and spread AIDS.
            Everyone shares a common ancestor with the chimpanzee, does this mean we should treat the chimpanzee like a god?

            Black people think they should be treated like gods, their arrogance is unbelievable.

            Every single black man must be deported from China. On pain of death.

          • ECHOlovesdonkeyschlong

            You dumb, illiterate racist fuck we don’t “share a common ancestor” with africans, we are their offspring!!!,the first examples of modern man evolved in africa and spread from there throughout the world & WE ALL HAVE THEIR GENES !. But an ignorant fuck like you is proud of his stupidity ! Every country that has gone from poverty to prosperity and along the way their citizens have dealt in contraband to escape crushing poverty. All racist swines should nurtured -on pain of death -only then will utopia be achieved

          • Echo

            You are retarded, africans and other races share a common ancestor, but this does not mean other races are the offspring of africans, you retard. Africans lack many brain genes which is why they are stupider than all other races. Until you people evolve, you should not be allowed in civilized lands because all you contribute is crime, drugs and AIDS.

          • adonkeypleasuredECHOsbutt

            Ironically you are the one who “lack many brain genes”. You swine what does this mean to you – “Genetic studies and fossil evidence show that archaic Homo sapiens evolved to anatomically modern humans solely in Africa” WE HAVE THE GENES OF AFRICANS –you can NEVER wipe away that FACT no matter HOW MUCH YOU TRY with your demented logic. A place where people like YOU live is WORSE than africa !

          • Echohasanalwarts

            Echo Echo, my little potato. and against my better judgement about feeding a pathetic troll as yourself: Yes, you are correct we all have share a common ancestor. However, this also means you have ‘African’ DNA. Unfortunately that means even a fool like you is a member of the human race.

        • Mighty

          By that logic then most Chinese are still in the Peking Man stage of evolution.

      • Why all the kicking of Donkeys here? And how do you know that Arnie even has a donkey or mule??

      • bert

        Meanwhile those small women put to death thousands of children (liberals call lumps of tissue) every week.

      • T Harrell

        Sigh, another woman who thinks her gender is privileged and shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of their actions.

      • A J

        Ok lady… If its you your mom or arnold… Its not your fucking property to wait for your family. She deserved it thats that… There were many other women there who didn’t get kicked by him… You know why?

    • Suicidal Tendency


      In the video, you can clearly hear a male voice asking her repeatedly to let go of the door. Can’t get what she’s answering.

      She holded it long enough for someone to pick his mobile phone and make a video, and you can see the “kicker” coming from another wagon. I doubt he decided to come at once.

      Who knows how long this has been lasting?

      Beside, for a “real kick”, she doesn’t seem to be so much in pain.

      • Mighty

        Good observation.

    • jjongdouche

      What an American way of looking at things, ‘taking the law into your own hands’ lol wtf are you fucking John Wayne? This woman was in the wrong but so was this prick too. Fighting fire with even more bullish and inconsiderate fire. Apparently two wrongs do make a right? You sound like one of those douchebags that also believe something like rape is acceptable if the girl’s skirt is short enough and looks like she’s ‘asking for it’? This is why America and China are both upheld as the least socially conscious and rudest nations in the world , and why people get pissed whenever you visit any other country – but then, you probably perceive that as envy, right? Lol no, everyone just doesn’t want put up with your shit. Gosh I’m so relieved people like you have no say or power in matters of the world. And please – stay where you are – your ignorance is in good company., you dumb fucking white boy bragalot. The worst you can do is spread your warped views onto your kids’ poor little innocent minds, which I sincerely hope they will discredit as soon as they grow up and decide for themselves. I feel sorry for your damn kid having a complete ass for a father – I sure as hell hope you teach him/her that under the right circumstances, violence against women is acceptable. Then one day they’ll wake up and realise that their parents don’t know anything at all. Can’t wait til they ship you off to the old folk’s home – full of kranky un PC old codgers like yourself.

      • James

        he’s a canuckistani

        btw gfys

    • laduzi

      Of curse the little chicken shot would not have kicked a man, big or small.

    • fendi

      then is she asking permission for holding train doors?
      if no then why i hv to ask permission before kick her.
      damn ass!

  • Dumbledore

    ASBO or kick in the ass. Either works for me. Well done Brother Trainkicker. One thing though,,, why the hell is this on ChinaSmack? It’s from France.

  • Bolo

    Could have been quite nasty if her foot got jammed and she’s gone on her face. She was being French but kicking her was bang out of order. It sets a bad precedence, expect more of this in China, foreigners are fair game.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      “Foreigners are fair game”, meaning that foreigners are more likely than Chinese to do stupid things in China and get attacked for it? I’m trying to think of some examples… can you enlighten us?

      • BiggJ

        Yeah man, In china chinese are a lot less likely to get physical with a foreigner. I think a foreigner would have to get physical first for anything to happen.

  • Will the guy kick if Chinese official was holding the door.

    • BiggJ

      I’m sure he would, they are in France. What could that official do? All the official would do is scream some chinese gibberish and consult Mao’s little red book to find out what to do. lol.

    • BigCAD

      Yes, then he would cooly disembark from the carriage, and proceed to kick the commie fucker to death.

  • Chinese woman coolly pooping in Subway Station lift in China while her husband looks on.

    • 五毛Partay!

      A.) Pooping in public happens more in the USA than anywhere else on the planet, not to mention invading Iraq.

      B.) That video is clearly a fake piece of propaganda constructed by the West and Japan to stop China’s rise to power.

      ……your pick

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        I first pick my nose while sitting in my BMW outside KFC. Casually tossing all trash out of the tinted, electric window before lighting a cigarette, i merge into traffic without looking. Then i pick both A. and B. because A. I’m free to do all the above things without risk of being fined (in China) and B. Because my US visa was refused.

        • Charles


        • 五毛Partay!

          This is exactly what Mel Gibson was talking about at the end of Braveheart. . . . Freedom!

      • This standard Chinese answer for all their ills of the 5000 year history of denial.

    • Rick in China

      The real crime here is not the pooping in the elevator, but rather the ass-to-vag downward wipe. I just realized, I have no idea how my wife wipes, but I’ve got to investigate and make sure this horrible practice isn’t a ‘cultural’ phenomenon!!

      • mr.wiener

        Well spotted.
        My wife was a nurse so is careful about hygiene , She tells me most Taiwanese ladies are careful to only wipe front to back. Not sure if this is a result of the Japanese influence here. It would be interesting to see if there is a coralation between directional wiping of asian ladies and the practice [or lack of] of male to female oral sex.

        • Rick in China

          Well, I verified – and am glad to know I’m all good on that front, that being said:

          Maybe women who do this do it on purpose, because they do receive oral, and know their husbands/boyfriends are cheating on them.. it’s their sneak attack to make them ‘eat shit’ :D

  • nintendo-nerd

    This should be a new sport in China;


    • Mighty

      You DO know that was in France, right? The platform is too clean to be anywhere in China.

      • Boris

        How racist am I? When I saw the title I assumed it was China and thought, “How dare they?!” When I realised it was Paris I thought he should’ve kicked her harder!

        • Mighty

          Haha… no love for a French… woman.

      • susu

        Well said, although french subways aren’t the cleanest i have seen, they are far cleaner than those in china, in fact any subway in the world is cleaner than chinese subways. I have chills while thinking about those kids making a poo in the wagon, or those people littering everywhere.

        • Mighty

          I saw that pic. I would’ve whup his shitty ass before he even had a chance to wipe it.

  • BiggJ

    Qu’est-ce que tu fais?!? Pouffiasse!!!

    • Mighty

      S’il vous plaît attendre! S’il vous…. OW!!!

      • linette lee

        I don’t think I can ever learn french. too hard.

        • Mighty

          I took two years of French. One of my biggest mistakes in life. Being in Calif I should’ve taken Espanol.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I took french all through school. In high school you can opt to take something else but only girls took french in high school. My high school french class consisted of 2 boys and 18 girls. And the other guy in class his mom made him take it. lol I’ve seen Japanese porno start out like that. lol It was hard choice to make between french and shop class. But it worked out in the end because in grade 12 french and shop where at 2 different times so I could do both in grade 12, And I convinced the french class girls to take shop so i had the same girls for the shop class. So it was pretty much the same people for shop that year. Pretty sexy seeing girls using hammers cutting wood. lol “High five” lol

          • Mighty

            I must say it was more fun than I had expected despite my name being ‘Michelle’ in Francai.

            You convinced all 18 girls to take shop? You pimp daddy, you. High 5’s!

          • BiggJ

            They pretty much never had a choice.:) the 2 classes offered at that time were math and shop class….no one like math. lol

          • Mighty

            I don’t know about you but the only girls that were in my shop classes were all tomboys, who later turned dykes. I’d rather date a nerdy mathematician than a husky mechanic.

  • 老墨魔

    ça reste malheureusement trop rare !

  • Chellbell

    Not that it makes a difference but I would have just pushed her off the train. I dunno why but literally kicking her off the train was a bit much. I’d only kick her off if I knew, my chicken shit arms wouldn’t shift her an inch.

  • Sacre bleu

  • 白色纯棉小裤裤

    I am wondering will this man be charged with assault if the kick has caused injury to the women.

    • Mighty

      I would think only if the woman decides to file a formal charge.

  • Marcus

    The girl is stupid for sure.. You don’t do this at any time.

    The guy is a fucking bastard, nothing in the head and there are definetely other ways to solve the issue.

    When it comes to the reactions of other people, well… They should take the metro more often at rush hours… How many push everyone ti death and then won’t leave the train even if half of there body is out and blocks the door 3 or 4 times?

    I’ll break some legs today to remin everyone…

  • bobibobi

    I love people who think this guy should have convinced her…

    He was pissed off after 10 secondes, he wouldn’t have taken 1 hour to convince the stupid girl. A woman able to retain a whole train would need more than 1 hour to understand. This guy probably had the best reaction possible.

    I am French, I know this kind of stupid woman in France, and there’s nothing else we can do. Next time, she will remember.
    (and if her parents had given her a few slaps when she was a child, she wouldn’t have taken this kick)

    • David S.

      I’m French too and I know this kind of stupid woman in France as well. I also know going around kicking people for being stupid is not going to make them clever (especially if one takes into account the odd brain injuries that are bound to occur). What it would achieve though, is teaching stupid people that it’s alright and acceptable to kick other people.

      You do not want that, stupid people are usually better at kicking than the clever ones. There just is more kicking going on in stupid circles so they get more practice. I would venture the opinion that this is just the result of kicking being the degree zero of human interactions, requiring minimal involvement of the central nervous system which is usually where stupid people’s weak points are to be found.

      So no, that guy did not have the best possible reaction. He is a coward and a twat who’d rather kick someone in the back than engage in rude conversation (a few steps up from kicking on the great ladder of human interactions).

      • bobibobi

        Rude conversation ? Sorry, if you are late, if you want to save 20s, you
        don’t engage a rude conversation. You can’t convince people by just yielling at
        them, or with arguments. You won’t make her becoming more clever, nicer, ar
        anything. You just want her to stop pissing you off.

        I think the only ways here were to wait or to push her. Ok, he could have
        pushed her with his hands, but kicking isn’t that bad.

        Moreover, I really believe that now, she won’t dare blocking a train. She
        will always remember this kick, It will become a pavlovian thing…

        (et une derniere chose, je vis a Londres, et reviens souvent a Paris. A
        chaque fois, je me fais emmerder dans le metro par des abrutis comme elle.
        Chaque fois. A un moment, si tu veux “converser” avec tout le monde,
        tu n’en finis pas. La force, c’est parfois une vraie solution.)

      • DavidisDawei

        Yes – she was wrong and was a barge by choosing to inconvenience everyone on the train, but he does not have the right to physically assault her.

        Imagine her boyfriend sitting in a seat on the train waiting for her to join him and seeing that transpire?

    • Thor

      Surtout en gardant en mémoire que dans Paris il y a un RER A toutes les minutes aux heures de pointe, donc il est clair qu’en desheurant tout le trafic elle abuse GRAVE !!! D’ailleurs au début de la vidéo tout le monde râlait déjà autour.

  • Logic

    if I had to kick every Chinese person that did something incredibly stupid and rude, Id be a martial arts master. Again, hypocrites. Lets see how they feel if a foreigner kicked a Chinese woman off a subway. If she didn’t move, I would have pushed her off but not kicked her like that, that’s rude. Next time an old ayi comes cutting in line for the bus or at the bank, ima roundhouse her ass and post it on youku. assholes…

    • tonkotsu

      you.. know this was in france right?

      • kpopwillneverstop

        No. It happened in China. The woman is french. Besides, if this did happen in France, more than likely the Chinese guy that kicked her would get his ass kicked on the subway since he did it to someone who’s a native, and a female on top of that, of that country in front of other natives. But this happened in China, so of course no one got up and spoke out against it. Besides, I’m sure the woman deserved it for a specific reason, but I don’t think he should’ve put his foot on her cuz if he did that to me, I’d run back to that train, and beat everyone of their asses on the subway lol jk

        Lol but I bet if he did that and got the same treatment on a subway in New York, he’d be spouting, “I’M HUMAN TOO! I KNEW YOU AMERICANS WERE RACIST!!!”

    • Charles

      Zing!!!! Let me say it again ZING!

    • Echo

      If you have a problem with the chinese are welcome to return to your own country, you degenerate western dog.
      You commit assault on a chinese citizen I hope they lock you up for good, or put a bullet through your head.

  • ElfenLiedy

    She’s French.. It’s ok.

  • 平凡人

    Wow, French people are also well versed in “Kung Fu” !

    • James

      savate look it up

  • This is Sparta.

  • filabusta

    Whoa man that’s funny. I think that’s just under the threshold of the “Oh dear! But she’s a woman!” argument. He just gave her enough force to get her ass off the train. Two thumbs up.

  • Jin Ch’in

    China central government should watch this video and learn from it..westerners have being “holding” china doors open to loot and plunder. Its time they “kick” the barbarians out.

    • I bet you’ve had your back door held open by some westerners before.

      • Mighty

        This is the funniest truth I’ve read! I might add, his back door is a revolving door.

    • David S.

      China people should watch this video and learn from it..China central government have being “holding” china doors open to loot and plunder. Its time they “kick” the barbarians out.

    • mr.wiener

      What was it you said the other day to someone’s comment?….Oh yes, now I remember what it was.

    • Charles

      You’re just being silly now. If it weren’t for the “west” you’d still be waiving your little fucking red book and dreaming of a day when you could eat meat every day… The “west’s” consumerism created modern day China. This in spite of the god-awful leadership of the CCP.

    • Mighty

      China central gov’t should see all your silly posts and abolish you for making the Chinese more silly than they already are.

  • David

    What’s wrong she was just being French (Rude and inconsiderate). LOL

  • ophiolater

    I think the whole world is in a lack of manner to women, even women to women selves. People do not hit on a man’s dignity often because they know it will bring big trouble.

  • Elf Queen

    I see this happening in New York City all the time.Even strangers hold the door for others all the time.I dont see the big deal.I do see the deal about kicking.Backward!

    • Charles

      Indeed, NYC has a million problems and people can be very rude there – but China is in another realm all together. People on the news will act like this is acceptable behavior… Nutty!

    • exactly. it’s the same in some cities in germany. sometimes there is an elderly person who cannot walk as fast as others if the trains holds on the other end of the platform so people might stand in the door, because otherwise it closes too quickly. kicking a person is absolutely unacceptable in any situation

  • no name

    Chinese people are fucking animals

    • Mighty

      If you’re going to hurl an insult make it clear by elaborating. Otherwise it sounds as though they are practicing bestiality.

    • mr.wiener

      Sheep? Goats? Pigs? Chickens? Please elaborate, and who sold you the tickets to one of these parties?

    • David S.

      That statement is scientifically correct but a little specific.
      People are fucking animals sounds better, it’s not like anyone has come up with another way of making people on a large scale.

  • Cauffiel

    What would people latch onto and skewer if the nationality of people in ChinaSMACK stories was unknown? You all would be totally speechless!

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    Unfortunately in France, there are many rude types but i wouldn’t be so quick as to say she was French. France is full of immigrants without standards. Many of them wear a special kind of sports clothing.

  • narsfweasels

    This is, at its most basic a “needs” morality debate: Which do we judge more harshly: delaying hundreds, possibly thousands of people or kicking a woman in order not to be delayed?

    Boil it down: Waste other’s time and money or strike a female?

    Another way to look at it: If society is becoming more “equal” then take away the “feale” component of the debate – is it right to strike someone?

    Break it down on the other side – if a person is so inconsiderate as to cause delays to hundreds, possibly thousands of others to satisfy selfish needs, do we consider them still to be a “person”?

    • narsfweasels

      “feale” should read “female”

      • Mighty

        How about clicking the ‘Edit’?

        • narsfweasels

          Thanks, next time. Maybe.

    • Charles

      There is no need for time to be wasted. As long as the driver pays attention to his schedule, a few seconds waiting in one station will have no impact on anyone.

      • narsfweasels

        A few seconds, no, a few minutes, yes.

  • Charles

    Amazing… the story acts like this kind of behavior is positive… If she were Chinese, if she were a man, would he dare?

    • Charles

      Imagine, a Chinese person complaining about a foreigner wasting there time… what a joke! The subway can easily make up for lost time by driving a little faster on it’s way to the next station. Sadly, most Chinese people are locked up in side this nation and don’t realize (for better or worse) this is common practice in many countries around the world. The more I think about it, the more bizarre it is. How many hours have I spent sitting in traffic because the average Chinese driver has about as much sense as 5th grader when it comes to driving legally, safely, quickly, non-self-destructively…

  • Jahar

    As if anyone in this entire country ever shows the slightest consideration for others. Also, you guys all support violence in a situation like this? even then at most a shove would suffice.

  • Les Battersby

    Because we all know certain country ren NEVER behave badly or disrespectfully to others on public transport now, do we? *sarcasm*

  • I am from germany and in some towns we do it too. especially in frankfurt, a lot of passengers stand in the door waiting for other who are running to get on the train, the last person on always looked for others until everyone got on. I always found it a very nice gesture even if people dont know each other. especially in the mornings. and no one complained about half a minute delay

  • Timface

    Just imagine if a foreigner had kicked a young Chinese woman off the train like that, even under the same circumstances. You people would be screaming to throw him in jail, execute him, kick all foreigners out of the country, or some other ridiculous response. I would love it if the hypocrisy would end and people would actually start treating one another in a humane way.

    Yes, the girl was wrong and wholly self-interested. Does that warrant her being physically assaulted? Not remotely.

    China will never rise to become the great nation that all of you are daydreaming about until the people can learn to treat each other with kindness and respect. The ‘save yourself’ mentality has to die with other Mao-era antiquated thinking for any real progress to be made.

    • 五毛Partay!

      Not that I don’t agree with the first two paragraphs of your post, but who are you talking to? I’m not daydreaming any of that.

    • Mighty

      Outsourced jobs are slowly making their way back to the States. The first step to burst China’s economic bubble is in effect. All that growth will collapse. And when it does China won’t be such a proud nation.

  • Damo

    I wonder if they would have kicked if the girl was Chinese? There is a lot of unfairness directed towards foreigners in China.

    • Mighty

      I wonder if you even noticed that this took place in France.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    So why is a French woman riding the train in Paris be called a “foreigner”? Explain this to me you mofos.

  • pirata ako

    Fucking Chinese. Fucking French. This only shows that in every race, there is stupidity.

  • Gregorius Lignator

    The kicker may have been abrupt, but in the future the kickee will consider those behind her.

  • K in China


  • Slenth

    The French in general are a rude rude people. The man is my hero!

  • Jeff

    haha she got kicked off the train – literally. High Five to the kicker.

  • Steven Michaels

    Good move. Either get on and let the train proceed, or get off and wait for the next one.

    However … I wonder what all the Chinese would be commenting if this happened to a Chinese person in a foreign country??

  • Crazycook

    good kick it wasn’t hard it was strong enough to push her out of the way. People are just too selfish. i do not agree with violence but in some cases…….

  • jack

    this kind if stupid behaviour happen often in Paris, a lot of people keep holding the door, this guy must be congratulate

  • frappacanu

    people suck. anybody who enjoys this is a frustrated sad person.

  • Gallopavo

    Funny because from my years in China I found the Chinese to be the rudest and most disgusting train passengers on the planet.

  • Trouse

    So what the Chinese has to do with it? It’s not in your fucking country that you have to be very boastful on reporting it? Sht. It happens a lot in China not just this cutting line is worst than this. Next time I will kick ass with these chinks cutting line.