French Woman Kicked Off Subway for Holding Train Doors Open

Woman kicked off subway by passenger for holding doors open waiting for friend.

Woman kicked off subway by passenger for holding doors open waiting for friend.From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: The consequences of not respecting public regulations!! Caught: Woman Holding Subway Doors Open Waiting for Friend is Kicked Flying by Passenger. Subway train doors are like elevator doors. If they aren’t closed, the subway is unable to run. This woman in the video used her body to obstruct the subway carriage doors waiting for her friend to get on board. A passenger who could bear it no longer then kicked this woman from behind out off the train. This brother sure is skilled!!

The video on Dailymotion:

The video appears to be of a subway in Paris, France.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


To everyone’s satisfaction!


If it were me, I would first ask: Is there a special/important reason [for holding everyone else up]?


Recommend this be promoted for everyone to learn from! [哈哈]


Hahahahaha, LOL.


That guy must’ve encountered this kind of phenomenon many times, and couldn’t put up with it anymore this time.


This brother truly is skilled. [偷笑]


This woman must look very average.


Skilled brother, people like this definitely are asking for a beating.


Making an entire train of people wait to save time for oneself, too disgusting. Everyone must’ve been so satisfied, but the kick was too light. Brother, I ding you. [威武][威武][威武][威武][给力][威武][给力][给力]


Time is money, this isn’t just delaying a train of people but delaying the people on all the trains on the entire subway line! [What the man did] was right!


There’s already people using their mobile phones to film it, so it looks like she’s been blocking the door for a good while already, no wonder someone got so upset.


This woman was indeed wrong, but the man isn’t so noble either.


Kicking someone, especially a big man kicking a woman, this behavior is even more of poor character, poor upbringing, and poor demeanor.


Pushing would’ve been okay, but kicking…


So fortunate, that the kicked person wasn’t injured, otherwise, there would be big trouble. However, this kind of disregard for public interest was corrected by this one kick! Yet another excellent public ethics lesson.


I don’t care if there’s just cause, a man using force on a female is simply fucking wrong. Could words not have been used?


Those who are also female, see a man using violence against a woman, and cheers it on, those women must be flirts/sluts who have never seen a man or don’t have anyone who loves them. Holding open the train door waiting for her friend is indeed wrong, but it isn’t some enormous wrong, so what right did that man have for kicking her? Why couldn’t he just walk over and talk to that girl, persuade her to stop? Did he think she can be bullied just because she’s a girl? If the person holding open the door was a big man, do you think this man would still have dared to kick him?

What do you think?


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