Funny And Clever Chinese ‘Shanzhai’ Brands

KFG Chicken?
KFG 啃他鸡 = "Nibble His Chicken" (rest assured the innuendo applies in Chinese as well).

山寨 = shanzhai = literally “mountain stronghold” in reference to historical warlord holdouts that were outside of government control. A “shanzhai” edition product thus refers to products outside of government regulations that are widely reflected in the numerous fake and knockoff electronics/commodities made in China today. The term “shanzhai” can also refer to things that are improvised or home-made and are generally crude in both form and function (the closest English equivalent would be “ghetto”).

From Mop:

Collection of the most powerful “shanzhai” products in history!

Nowadays, pirating is rampant, so I hope everyone will be careful when purchasing! Especially on the trains and at train stations, they wear the “skin” of “brand name” daily consumption products, but they are not the real brands you want. They are what you commonly find in supermarkets and stores yet you will discover they are fake brands designed to easily ‘trick’ you. [Hope this will] give you a pair of intelligent eyes and help you recognize their features/signs [of being fake].

Fake Nike sock: IVIKE.


Fake 康帅博 instant noodles: 康师傅.

康帅博VS康师傅: The word “师” (master) in Master Kang Ramen is replaced by the word “帅” (handsome).

Fake Tide detergent: 汰洁 Tids.

汰渍 Tide.VS. 汰洁 Tids.

Fake 雕 brand laundry detergent: 周住牌洗衣粉

周住牌 VS 雕牌: the characters “周” and “住” is broken up form the character “雕” (eagle) to give the same appearance.

Fake Adidas: Adadas.


Fake Adidas: Adidos.


Fake Puma brand: Punk.


Fake Wuliangye baijiu: Sanliangye.

五粮液 Wuliangye VS 三粮液: The character “五” (five) is replaced by “三” (three) for this fake version of the expensive Chinese liquor.

Fake Olay shampoo: Okay.


Fake Sony radio and batteries: SQNY


Fake Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Giant Funnel (wait what?).

Fake White Cat brand cleaning product: "Japanese/Fuck cat."

白猫 White Cat brand VS 日猫 brand: Worse, “日” in northern dialect means “to fuck”.

Fake sports water/drink.

脉劫 VS 脉动: The character “动” is replaced by the similar looking “劫”.

Fake SK-II cosmetics.


Fake Rejoice shampoo.

飘柔 Rejoice VS 漂柔 elegance.



Fake Sprite brand.

雪碧 Sprite VS 雪霸: The character “碧” (green jade) is replaced by “霸” (tyrant).

Fake Maotai baijiu: "Maohe"

茅台 Maotai VS. 茅台: The character “台” (tai2) in liquor is replaced by the similar looking “合” (he2).

Comments from Mop:

After looking at these pictures, I realized there is hope for our nation.
One word: Strong

There is no such thing as most ‘shanzhai’ ~ only more ‘shanzhai’~
The Chinese people is great
Chinese people’s creativity is limitless
Long live the Chinese people~
Resolutely attack legitimate products, support pirate products~

Who says the Chinese lack creativity?

Very powerful! I’m laughing to death!

I now know, when I buy things in the future, I must read the characters/words carefully!

Hehe, very strong, very “shanzhai” [this is like “very yellow, very violent“]

Haha nibble his cock.

Very powerful…~I don’t even know what are the real brands for some of them…

“Japanese/fuck” cat, “kao

Chinese people are the most impressive makers of fake brands!

Shocks” people to death.

Too “niu,” very creative, “ding!”

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai