Funny Taiwanese Commercial: Boyfriend Working Overtime

Funny Taiwanese commercial of a boyfriend working overtime having a video chat with his girlfriend.

Funny Taiwanese commercial of a boyfriend working overtime having a video chat with his girlfriend.

This funny video of a boyfriend working overtime at the office taking a break by having a video chat with his girlfriend has been spreading on popular Chinese social network website Kaixin001:

The above copy from Youku has been viewed over 4 million times on Youku. This copy on YouTube has been viewed over 500k times:

Comments from Youku:


赞赞 Worth learning from…


Are you kidding me? ~ Just like me, afraid of bugs!


Hehe, this was a foreign creative advertisement, for a notebook computer, but this domestic [Chinese] version is also not bad.


Why does he have to cover up playing majiang [mahjong]…it’s not like he is cheating on her.


Copying foreigners again. 搞笑


If the ending was that the girl was also using a fake background also playing mahjong somewhere…then it would have been even more amusing…hehe.


What is garbage is not that he was lying to his girlfriend…
but that he’s afraid of cockroaches… 吐


Though I’ve seen this several times…I still think it is really hilarious…


Taiwanese people speaking [accent] is so disgusting, Dongbei [Northeastern Chinese] people are the best.


This video tells us that men should not be afraid of cockroaches ~~’ 汗搞笑


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