‘Fur Child’ Lili in Shanghai: Visitors, Friends, and Hope

Liu Tingyue and Lili.

Lili playing with her new toys

Last week, Liu Jiangli, perhaps better known as ‘Fur Child’ Lili, underwent initial surgery for her unique skin condition.

A week ago last Sunday, I arrived at Shanghai’s No. 9 People’s Hospital to meet Anjuer, the Angel Mom Foundation volunteer responsible for overseeing Lili’s medical treatments, Lili herself, as well as some other visitors from around China and even some chinaSMACK’s readers themselves.

Lili looking at notes and letters from well-wishers.
Lili looking at notes and letters written by well-wishers from afar.

Among the many visitors was Eric (Xu Zebin), a reporter for the Qianzhong Morning Report in Guizhou. His initial report on Lili was one of the first to get noticed and brought her story to the attention of foundations like Angel Mom. In fact, it was because Anjuer (Xie Anhua) had seen his report on Weibo earlier that inspired her to sponsor Lili’s surgery. Normally, kids have to contact the Angel Mom Foundation first before Angel Mom will sponsor them, but in this case, Anjuer made an exception for Lili.

Lili in the waiting room with her adopted grandpa

Anjuer takes time from her job to volunteer for both the Angel Mom Foundation and the Children’s Hope Foundation. She is not compensated for the work she does for either. Shortly after checking up on Lili, she hurried off to check up on some of the kids at Shanghai’s Children’s Hope Center.

Lili received many gifts from the people that came to visit her. When I arrived, she was playing with Liu Tingyue, the daughter of one her visitors. The two were running about the waiting room, toys in hand, chattering and laughing. Lili finally got to enjoy what it was like being a “normal” kid.

Lili playing with Liu Tingyue
Lili playing with Liu Tingyue.
 Liu Tingyue and Lili.
Liu Tingyue and Lili.

Besides Eric and Anjuer was Little Wolf, a long-time commenter on chinaSMACK who once ran a blog about expat life in China called Sinocidal. After reading chinaSMACK’s translation of Lili’s story early last month, he became instrumental in working with chinaSMACK itself to help raise funds for Lili from kind-hearted readers on chinaSMACK both within China and abroad.

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Here’s his story in his own words:


You ever wake up and go outside and the sky is just a shade bluer and the clouds are just a little fluffier than usual? And the birds…. their song is just a little bit sweeter? That’s been my morning today. No, I didn’t get laid last night. But I certainly had one of the most perfect days of my life yesterday. A day full of only good vibes and friendliness, not a single grump or situation where I wanted to choke somebody’s fucking weasel neck.

It started out like any other day…my dog, Meatball, pouncing on my chest and knocking the wind out of me at the usual time, wanting a snack. There was a positive vibe from the start and I dressed and met the lovely Jane, a reporter from the local paper, at the Hangzhou station, rode the express train to Shanghai and navigated our way on the subway to the stop near Lili’s hospital and came up into the daylight. It felt like Jane and I were on a quest to spread happiness and cheer and everybody we came into contact with was aware of it. Everybody was so nice and polite to us, as if we had stepped into the China of Bizarro World. A man walked up to us and asked what we were looking for (we must have appeared lost). He spoke to Jane and happily pointed us in the right direction. As we walked toward the hospital Jane started laughing.

Jane: Could you understand the old man?

Little Wolf: Not a word.

Jane: He said the hospital should put a sign there. Everyday day there are more than a hundred people looking for the hospital.

Little Wolf: Wow…what a happy guy. So…he just likes to stand there and give directions everyday?

Jane: I think so.

We were met downstairs by Eric, the reporter from Guiyang that wrote the original story about Lili. We went up to Lili’s room on the 16th floor. There were already a lot of people in there as I was surprised to see she was the only child in a room with 5 beds and each bed had some pretty banged up and bandaged people. I think it must have been scary for a 6 year-old.

Little Wolf and Lili.

Little Wolf and Lili.

Wo hen gaoxing jiandao ni [I am very happy to see you],” I said and shook Lili’s hand. She was very shy at first, as expected. But she warmed up quickly, especially when I reached into the bag of presents. Surprisingly (or maybe not), it seemed she liked a coloring book and crayons the most of all the gifts.

Lili with her coloring book

Lili with her coloring book

After visiting for awhile, we had wanted to take Lili out for pizza but she was having too much fun playing with all her new stuff. After lunch, I grabbed a Happy Meal for Lili and returned to the hospital to find that the party had moved downstairs to the lobby and was happy to find a few more people had shown up to see Lili including my new friends, chinaSMACKers Kyle and John. Lili had no interest in the Happy Meal (except the Coke) as she had found some friends her own size and was having a blast playing with some children to which her affliction was completely invisible and we simply stood around and admired that she was able to just be a normal kid, perhaps the first time in her life.

Lili and Little Wolf.

Left to right: Lili, Happy Meal coke, Little Wolf, peace sign.

She comes from a very small and poor village and all this new attention on her must be overwhelming for her. She is handling it like a champ though. I certainly encourage anybody in Shanghai to go see her. She’s quite a character and I think the amazing thing is that she is extraordinarily ordinary. And her life is about to get better, I hope. She’s going to require more surgeries so in the future, I’ll be helping to raise more funds, maybe some fundraising events such as some rock shows, or an eattot, linette and Fauna topless car wash (It could happen!). I’m open to suggestions.

Little Wolf and Lili.

Little Wolf and Lili.

After our goodbyes to Lili, we followed Anjuer, the volunteer from Angel Mom, on a detour to a home for orphans who are also going through medical treatments. I would compare this place to the Ronald McDonald’s House Charity in the USA that gives children and their families a place to stay while undergoing treatments far away from their homes. The volunteers at this home are among the kindest and most unselfish people you will meet anywhere. There were several children there yesterday. I met Jill, a young girl who was born with legs twisted like a crab, who will have to sit still for the next 3 months with her legs in braces that will straighten her legs. She hijacked my phone to play games the whole time. She is one of the lucky ones. There is a less-than-1-month-old baby in dire need of a kidney transplant and her condition is day-to-day. Worse than that…another baby will have to die for her to receive a kidney. Kind of puts any complaining and other problems we might have in China into context.

John with Jill at the Children's Hope Center

John with Jill at the Children’s Hope Center.

Look…I’m a lousy pitchman for this stuff but I cannot encourage the readers of this site enough…GET INVOLVED! Any time you feel bored, go visit these children. It means everything to them just to spend some time with them, teach a few English words (or whatever your native language), play some games. You would be amazed at what a good time you can have doing nothing except showing up. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Kyle and John.

Lili underwent her first surgery

Donate towards Lili’s medical treatments »
Schedule visits to Lili or other needy Chinese children in Shanghai »

Left to right: Kyle's girlfriend, Chen, Lili, Lili's grandfather, Little Wolf, Kyle, Jane, and John.

  • mr. wiener

    Hey Lili and little wolf, great to see yous both.
    Someone else can have the sofa, I’m just chuffed to see yous.

  • Jeff

    Hey Buddies! A fur coat on the sofa

  • Little Wolf

    That Little Wolf guy is a goddam handsome man.

    • mr. wiener

      Is that the Yank tourist that seemed to wander into everyone’s pictures? I wondered who he was.
      Great job though mate, will have to get around to coughing up some cash for this.

    • Nayin

      Hi Little Wolf,

      Just dropping by to say that you are a truly kind soul. A real gentleman and hero. I was feeling a little down but looks like this story warmed my heart.

      Thank you for spending with Lili. Time is gold.

  • eddie9684

    i think i ll have the sofa! for like few mins before someone post something =)

    • mr. wiener

      I think this is Fauna’s solution to the “sofa” problem. No worries , everyone who gets the sofa has to donate to Lili.

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  • pamela

    well done little wolf! :)

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  • lonetrey

    *claps* Nice job, Little Wolf! :D

  • Nanny Hiccups

    omg this is so sweet. I am so happy to see Little Lili playing and being a happy child. I hope her surgeries are as easy as a surgery can possibly be and her recovery even faster. @little wolf this was so very warm and generous of you, you have truly earned your wings in this life.

  • linette

    Little Wolf I am so proud of you! Do I see a halo on your head. You are just awesome! Lilli is lucky and I am so happy for her. You are a handsome dude. I am seeing angel. Very nice and kind of all the volunteers and john and kyle. :)
    I don’t think I will do the topless thing though. Hahaha…

  • Nick in Beijing

    LW, you kick ass man. Good work.

  • Xiongmao

    She was on Reddit front page last week. Plenty of people offered to adopt her to America if she was unwanted. They loved her smile.

    • Little Wolf

      That’s great. I don’t really know about if she is available for adoption. I know that her parents abandoned her and her grandparents are dead. Reading between the lines on her page:
      it seems her great-uncles family cares for her but are overburdened with other health and poverty problems and possibly seeking a better home.

      I got a post-operation photo yesterday and Lili looks…..not as “spirited” as she was last weekend and will be in the hospital for several more days but according to Xuzebin the first operation went well but the results won’t really be visible for several weeks. She will be back in 3 months for the next surgery.

      Thanks for all the props, people.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      I agree, that baby has a great smile. Very warm and friendly.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    @ Fauna: Post the story of the guy that died jumping into the river to save the lady and her family and the lady told everyone that his drowning was none of her business.

  • theelemur

    You guys and gals made my night. Keep up the good work!

  • Kong


  • Foreign Devil

    Never thought the people on this forum would actually take action and do something positive. I include myself as being one of the negative cynical ones. Little Wolf, great to see you taking action man! You guys help to improve the image of foreigners in China and also inspire “charity” to strangers which is a concept still in it’s infancy in China.

  • I would fly back to China and buy a car just for topless Fauna carwash.

    • Little Wolf

      Do you hear that Fauna?

      • Silent observer

        Man you are a hero to me. Your actions speak louder than any words you can say. I will follow your foot steps and pay it forward.

  • anon

    Don’t have much time at the moment but I want to take a moment to say to Little Wolf that I grossly misjudged your age in a post quite awhile back. You’re an old bastard, and I judged you in your 30s when you look to be at least in your 50s. Unless you just look older than your years would suggest.

    We still don’t get along with each other given our principles and life experiences but I genuinely respect what you’ve done here, from helping organize the donations with this site to personally making the trip from your Hangzhou to Shanghai to bring some gifts and spend time with the little girl.

    That’s very admirable of you and were I traveling in China for work this time, I might’ve actually swung by Shanghai to shake your hand and let you try wringing my neck (I’m certain now you wouldn’t have had much success) for all our online disagreements with each other’s character.

    You did a good thing.

    Is there a picture of Anjuer? I spoke with her on the phone awhile back but it doesn’t look like there is a picture of her above?

    • Little Wolf

      Not sure if this is a thinly veiled cheap-shot disguised as kudos or kudos with a thinly veiled cheap-shot.
      It is ironic that everybody has put aside any petty bickering for Lili’s sake and shown their good sides here except anon….,the man with all the principals(?) that constantly reminds us not to jump to conclusions or let our personal prejudices get the better of us…., who couldn’t resist the chance to take digs at me for apparently misjudging my age on a thread nobody reads anymore and relieved that he stands a chance of not getting his neck wrung.

      Thanks for clearing that up for us, anon. Now we’ll all be able to sleep again knowing that you are still much more clever and intellectual than the rest of us.

      • mr. wiener

        I would propose a cage match with ticket sales going to Lili. Better yet ,Jello wrestling in thongs. I think that would be a hit with the ladies.
        If you are prepared to go a triathelon of events I would suggest:
        Round one: Scabble.
        Round two: Motorcycle race.
        Round three: MMA.
        Best of two wins.

        • Little Wolf

          I was seriously going to suggest that, wiener. Loser poses for full page photo on Chinasmack in a pink thong.


          Count me in!

          • anon

            The only thing I can imagine being interpreted as a “cheap shot” was calling you an “old bastard”. It wasn’t thinly veiled and it wasn’t intended to be a “cheap” shot either. It was intended to be a friendly jest but I’ll understand if it wasn’t taken that way given our past friction. My entire first paragraph was me being upfront, honest, and accountable to my past misjudgments about your age. Or would you rather me pretend to forget my past remarks?

            I had hoped the rest of my comment would have made it clear that I was being sincere and genuine in my kudos.

            About “couldn’t resist the chance…”, I’m sad you’re so cynical about me. Look, I haven’t had time to participate in the comments lately because of work so I’m sorry if you felt my owning up to my mistake in the latest post was me not resisting some opportunity to take a dig at you or bringing up a thread nobody reads anymore. I wish you didn’t read more into my addressing you in the latest post that specifically involved you than a matter of convenience and a desire to acknowledge that I was wrong to you, the person who was the subject of my mistake.

            The “neck wrung” part WAS a little immature, I grant you that, but after reading your description of the day as one where you didn’t “want to choke somebody’s fucking weasel neck”, I was reminded of how often you talk about physical violence. Your past comments have often struck me as a someone who considers himself a badass, just as my comments have struck you as someone who is an arrogant prick. I very clearly reacted to what I imagined you were like versus what you do actually look like.

            That said, while I am calling you an “old bastard”, the fact is that I’m actually likely as old as you are so we’re actually in the same boat. If I offended you for joking about your age, I’m sorry. I didn’t imagine you to be very sensitive about it. Perhaps you aren’t, and you’re just sensitive about me. That wouldn’t be unexpected but when I wrote my comment, I honestly did not expect such suspicion and such an angry retort from you. Maybe I’ve misjudged how much I can joke with you, and that you’ll forever read my every comment as if I’m always trying to insult you personally. I’ll chalk it up to us “still not getting along”.

            But, I genuinely respect what you’ve done for Lili. I apologize again if my attempt at friendly bantering detracted from what I meant to be a gesture of respect letting past bygones be bygones.

            I can’t even joke about mr. weiner’s cage match idea now.

          • Little Wolf

            anon: I was not offended and I’m not really sensitive about my age at all. I have been fairly open about alot of my life’s experience and personal anecdotes and just assumed people could put 2 and 2 together and realize I must be at least a certain age for me to have accomplished these things. If I was really that petty about my age and appearance, I wouldn’t have allowed any photos to be taken or posted here. I can understand that some people prefer to stay hidden behind their avatars for security reasons but personally, I believe it adds to their credibility if they show who they are and makes them more responsible for their comments. I’ve been in construction work most of my life and never touched a computer before I came to China. I thought computers were complex and one needed to go to a place like Devry IT School to operate one. I couldn’t even check an e-mail. I still type with 1 finger. As a result, I’m kind of “old school” in that I try to behave on this forum(or any others) as if I am sitting around in a bar having a discussion. And I have always behaved as if the person I’m addressing is sittng right across from me. As such, I never say anything here that I won’t say to their face. This can be problemic sometimes because things often get misinterpreted without the tone of voice and gestures. Plus, I’ll never get used used to chickenshit trolls or shit-heads like “pada” that operate outside of any decorum but I’ve accepted them as a fact of life.
            The only reason your comment irked me is because I thought it was just unnecessary and unexpected and I figured “Good job, LW” would have been just fine. I truly expected to get a ton of assholes making snide remarks and I am pleasantly shocked that almost everybody has been so polite and been complimentary and keeping the focus on Lili.
            In the future, I suggest we don’t take things so seriously and try to just have some fun.

            Anyway,if we can play up our rivalry and make a kind of competition to raise money for Lili, I’m all for it and I think mr. wiener has alot of suggestions that don’t necessarily call for any kind of brawling, so I hope you can at least consider it.

      • jeffli

        “t is ironic that everybody has put aside any petty bickering for Lili’s sake and shown their good sides here ”
        Lili ……. our little ray of sunshine?

      • slartybartfasta

        I feel obliged to come to anon’s defense here, though it looks like this was all cleared up already. I read nothing but grudging respect and handshaking in his comment.

        Your ears have been softened by the praise of friends when it is the praise of an apparent enemy that you should treasure most fondly.

        Oh god, this is nine months old, I’m necroposting. I’m -that- guy.

    • moop

      what a passive-aggressive beta. you have actual proof more or less in front of you that LW is a good guy, actually better than most people on this god-forsaken planet, and you still feel the need to try and shit all over the guy with backhanded comments?

      • anon

        Moop, you do me wrong, and after all those breast-friend moments too.

        First, just about everyone who gets huffy on the internet can be accused of being a passive-aggressive beta, you and Little Wolf included. About the only person who can’t is someone who throws down in real life, but then we have different derogatory names for those people.

        Second, I never said LW isn’t a good guy. Wasn’t I being fair and describing our dynamic as one where we simply don’t get along given our different principles and life experiences? I wager I’ve been far more charitable in my characterization of Little Wolf throughout the comments on this site than he has of me. If Fauna or the mods would be bored enough to defend my honor here, I welcome them to chime in.

        Third, they weren’t intended to be backhanded comments, or at least not with any genuine ill-will. I’ve argued with Little Wolf before, and I have much better slights against his person and character than owning up to my mistake about his age and suggesting he actually isn’t able to wring my neck. I was joshing the guy, but I understand I failed. I thought for all our history, you guys would be a little more charitable (you especially after the boobs) but I suppose I’ve misjudged again.

        Are you guys able to accept my clarification and apology here? Or is every comment between us going to be bile?

        • moop

          i just was really surprised by it to be honest. it really does read a like a fairly mean-spirited comment, especially considering the context, which really isnt what you normally do.

          • anon

            That’s strange, I did not intend for it to be mean spirited at all. I meant for it to be friendly by way of jest and to be upfront about how badly humbled I was for so grossly misjudging his age. You get people who prefer not to own up to their mistakes and pretend their mistakes just didn’t happen. I was trying to be a decent guy and acknowledge my mistake. After that, I just wanted to express my respect for what he did here.

            The whole neck wringing thing was just to steer it back towards light-heartedness, because I thought the warm and fuzzy sentiments were getting a bit thick. I didn’t want to weird him out. I expected Little Wolf to remain skeptical about my praise but I honestly thought I was clear enough for him to at least begrudgingly acknowledge it (or just ignore me, which is fine, what matters to me is that I say my piece). I was surprised to find that he (and you) felt I was trying to take snide pot shots at him.

  • Brett Hunan

    LW thanks for following up with what went down last Sunday. chinaSMACK, thanks for helping LW and Lili to get support.

    Everyone involved and all of the donators should be commended. Kudos.

  • XiaoHei

    Very well done you people of ChinaSmack. Kudos.

  • Really impressive. I honestly had no hope for finding humanity here, but damned if that Yank didn’t show me up eh?

    Perhaps we could a “Cause of the week” or if that’s too difficult a “Cause of the Month” with updates as they happen. It would really inspire people and raise the morale and tone of the comments section as well.

    So when’s the topless show? Uh, I mean carwash…

  • Silent observer

    I’m so glad to see something positive out of this. I will go to see her either today or tomorrow. Good china smack this what we wanna see from you guys!

  • cc

    Hats off to you little wolf, you’re a man of your word, good on you and all the best to lili.

    • mr. wiener

      Server, protector, cool guy.

  • Wise Guy

    Boy am I glad she is being helped! Wish her the best.

  • taebaek

    You have a big heart, thank you for what you have done! Could you please post the address so if people inside or outside(me) of China can send her some toys, clothes etc. THANK YOU!

    • Little Wolf

      Taebaek: You can click on the link at the top of this page and get the link for Angel Mom Foundation (http://www.angelmom.org/) and the number for the girl handling Lili’s case, Anjuer. If you have any trouble getting connected you can click on my avatar and get my e-mail address and I would be happy to receive any packages and get them to Lili by forwarding them to Eric, the reporter from Guiyang, who has become a kind of big brother to Lili. Also, I’ll contact him today to get you a direct link to him and set up an address at his newspaper to receive donations for Lili. Check back to this page in the next day or so, thanks.

      • David.is.Dawei

        Hello Little Wolf!

        I applaud your efforts and all of those folks who take time to help others. Great to see initiative succeed for all the right reasons.

        BTW, I clicked on your avatar, but it did not open.


        • Little Wolf

          Thanks Dave! The gravatar seems kind of moody….works when it feels like it …sorry. I’m trying to make some setting adjustments. Keep trying.

  • redgirl

    I’m delighted for you guys and sweet Lili, so many good people doing so much good.
    Keep up the good work. You are very, very, very, very important in this world.
    Truly Inspiring.

  • Getrealson

    My hat off to you LW and CS’ers, You embody the saying by Gandhi
    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
    When I first saw little Lili I thought she was a beautiful, lively girl with an infectious smile. Then I saw this post.

    So refreshing to see positive action, practical advice and well wishing from posters. Getting sick of China/Rest of the world/ who is better arguments that go nowhere. noticed trolls and fools eerily silent.

    Again, Everyone involved Well done!

  • eattot

    Little Wolf:
    your such a kind person……
    I always thought your Henry, who just palys me for fun….hahaha!

  • B*tches, Leave

    When we look at Lili we don’t see the fur on her face, we see the fur in her heart :*

    • mr. wiener

      Umm….well I ‘spose the sentiment is appreciated.
      Should I make a “Triple X” movie reference now?…”you can chill my drink with some ice from your heart”, damn near Shakespearian ain’t it?

      • mr. wiener

        Sorry, “Bitches come” would be a quote from Triple X. “Bitches leave” would be from Robocop. A much better movie.

        • anon

          But that line in Triple X made you laugh all the same, right?

        • B*tches, Leave

          They remake the Robocop movie btw

      • redgirl

        Get your mind out of the gutter.

  • El Puma R.
  • DRaY

    how wil this child look after the treatment…im sure she still wont look “normal” are you guys just doing this crap so you can feel good about yourselves?.. just truly curious. anyone have an idea of what this procedure actually is called or pictures of people that have had it??? tear jerker of a story, but if the girl still looks like a morlock , whats the point.

    • mr. wiener

      …..Gosh I hadn’t thought of that. You’re right I’ll stop helping and supporting all worth causes immediately.
      Phew… that was close. I’ve stopped feeling much better about myself now.
      This little girl already looks like a happy person, and maybe quite beautiful on the inside. Maybe with a little bit of help she will continue to be so , to those who care to look.
      What made you hairy on the inside bro?

    • Little Wolf

      Shit Dray….she will look alot different. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE DOING THE SURGERIES!
      I don’t really feel anything different about myself but I certainly feel happy for Lili now that her life is going to start getting better and better. What’s wrong with that?

      • Amsterdamn

        Hi Little Wolf,

        Great great work! Im following this story from Holland, a chinese friend pointed it out to me. Will donate asap, also will try to find more people here for donations. How much more money is needed you think ( in total, all the future surgeries too?). Also wondering what the succesrate of these procedures is. Please keep us updated and keep up the good work!

      • el negro pedro

        You’re a boss Wolf. Just back from Cali Cali and it’s great to see something great here for once.

  • Nik

    Hi Little Wolf, thank you and everyone else involved for bringing this to our attention.

    From what I have seen, donations can only be done in that website which is in Chinese? I hope that’s not true since not only Chinese people would be interested to donate.

    If you haven’t already done so, you should try sites like http://www.gofundme.com/ or similar, which can reach to a wider audience and help gather more money quicker. It might even be useful to create a simple website in English to inform people of the situation and provide links there as to where they can go to offer donations. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Hope little Lili can enjoy a more “normal” and happy childhood after the surgeries and keep that lovely smile on her face.

    Thanks again for your commendable efforts.

    • Little Wolf

      Thanks Nik. You should be able to donate here….http://alifeatime.org/en/children/story.aspx?id=568

      Also, there are several exciting new developments going on behind the scenes that should have alot of benefits for Lili’s future. Stay tuned.

      • Amsterdamn

        Any updates?

        • Little Wolf

          Amsterdamn: The campaign was a total success. More than enough money was raised for her surgeries and she is back home resting and will have another round of surgeries in 2 months. Because of Fauna keeping this story up it was picked up websites in the USA and Europe and the target amount was reached. I’ll post a photo once in awhile and show her progress. It’s been a great experience and certainly not the last, I hope.

          • Amsterdamn

            great to hear!…I applaud you guys for putting in the effort!…ofcourse any updates in the future would be great.

          • mr. wiener

            Excellent news, thanks for posting and working on this one big fella. You the mensch.

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