Furry Child: Chinese Girl’s Body Covered by Black Spots & Fur

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition where black spots and dark fur grow all over her body.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition where black spots and dark fur grow all over her body.

From NetEase:

Guizhou Qingzhen “furry child” abandoned at two years old, 60% of body covered with fur

June 5th, 6-year-old Lili of Liuchang village of Qingzhen county city in Guizhou province, the left side of her face covered with black fur, with large and small black spots all over her body. When she was 2 years old, her mother left the family never to return, her father took her to a childcare nursery and disappeared without a trace, and it was kind-hearted distant relative Liu Mingying who brought her back from Guiyang to the village. She has now reached school age and though the school is right in front of her home, attending school is still something unattainable for Lili. Qianzhong Morning News/CFP

Lili was born with these black spots, and when she was two years old, her mother could no longer stand this “fur child”, and in her frustration abandoned Lili, never to return. Her father, who had been working long-term in Guiyang brought her to a children’s nursery, and never reappeared.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

In the half year she stayed at the nursery, Lili scared the other nursery children to tears. The person in charge of the nursery put an ad in the newspaper, asking Lili’s family to take her home. By coincidence, an uncle working in a Guiyang repair shop saw that newspaper ad that day, called Liu Mingying, and good-hearted Liu Mingying took her back to the village.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

While taking photographs, Lili was constantly scratching these black spots. Lili says these black spots only itch but don’t hurt. Naughtily, she even used her finger to point at these black spots but upon counting to 5, she couldn’t count any further. She says she doesn’t know what number comes after 5.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

There are black spots the size of fists and coins spread over her body. On these spots also grow downy black fur. These black spots cover over 60% of her skin.

A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

Lili is very lively and energetic, and loves to laugh. She also tries to find other children to play with, but the other little children either run away scared or make fun of her. Over time, Lili had a nickname: Little Monkey.

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A 6-year-old Chinese girl in Guizhou, China has a rare skin condition. 60% of her skin is covered by these black spots and dark fur.

Just 100 meters across the front of her home is the village primary school, but Lili has never gone inside. Not only is it because her family is poor, they’re also deathly afraid of the little children who normally call her “Little Monkey” not accepting her.

Comments from NetEase:

月君 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Genetic mutation, atavism, something the present world is unable to cure/treat. Poor child, you will only have a future if you are adopted by Americans!

凡人逍遥子 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

So unlucky, this will affect her and her family for the rest of their lives.
Experts, time to get to work!

李未未 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

Unlucky child, also born in this kind country where there is a widespread lack of sympathy. But hopefully there will be a kind-hearted person who can help cure her disease.

天空水 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Where’s the Red Cross? Where’s the so and so “charitable fund”? Someone said only by being adopted by Imperialist America will she have a future. I think that’s true.

谁是贼 [网易北京市网友]:

I wish the best for this ugly duckling!!!

拆迁队陆政委 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Heaven has no eyes, poor child, why does this kind of suffering always fall upon the ordinary common people!
————At the same time, may apes [“ape” is a pun for public servants/government officials”] soon lose the ability to reproduce!!

网易广东省网友: (responding to above)

I actually wish that government officials will all become like this child, their bodies covered entirely with fur, because then research into this area will be sped up and there will be hope for this child.

流氓小亨 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

Poor girl! She was supposed to enjoy her parents’ love! She was supposed to have a happy childhood… The parents were helpless! …
Sincerely hope society will give help. May she be cured soon so that a happy childhood can be returned to her!!!!

I网I易I [网易天津市网友]:

China Red Cross!
China’s UNICEF (the one that is always advertising)!!
You all pretend to be dead when it comes time for you to put up money!??!!

d囧b [网易山东省济南市网友]:

Poor child.

wikifan [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Laser can be used to remove the hair follicles and colored spots. It’s just that it’d cost tens of thousands.


The child only knows how to count to 5…. Can you publicize a bank account number? Those who want to donate can donate a bit, so the child can complete an education.

xjxoops [网易广东省惠州市网友]:

It’s not melanoma is it? With this many spots, they’ll become cancerous when she grows up.

秋叶红如火 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Wolverine, your offspring from when you were in China, its time you take her back to make X-Men III.


Hope some expert/specialist can cure/treat her for free.

偶像恩里克 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

NetEase, please continue to pay attention to this little girl, so that we may join hands in helping her. This age is short, it should be a time of enjoying one’s childhood. Lili, I wish you the best, and I hope you can quickly regain normalcy with everyone’s help.

江北一狼 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Isn’t elementary school compulsory, why does she not have money to go to school? Or is it the same as it is here where we are, where there is no tuition but a mess of other [costs and fees prevent her from being able to go to school]?

print5518 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Such a pitiful child! Where’s the Red Cross and charities!? When you really need them, they all pretend they’re blind! Then they take the people’s blood and sweat money to go subsidize those old government officials who get so many thousands in retirement pay already. What a travesty! This is the shame of our country’s people!


Although our company isn’t doing well, we are still willing to donate money so this child can go to school. Telephone number 18688691752.

wang8896627 [网易安徽省网友]: (responding to above)

It’s not a problem of money. Compulsory education these days doesn’t cost much money, but the discrimination by other children will only hurt her more.
I hope the adult can take her to see doctors. If it can be treated, then everyone can donated money for her treatment. If it can’t be treated, then we can only hope that she has a happy life.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Sponge Monkey

    Am I on the furry sofa?

    • mr. wiener

      Apparently so. congrats.
      Interesting the way many of the above posters thought the only happy future for this girl is if she is adopted by Americans. One moment the yanks are the world’s biggest monsters, the next they are everyone’s daddy:P

      • tai wai

        False dichotomy.

        Americans are more multicultural than China, and more open-minded when it comes to physical disabilities. So, we make good daddies.

        We are also more militaristic, and more condescending. So, we make great monsters.

        • moop

          well you know us laowai, 两面三刀 through and through

          • 中国网民


          • Adjutant

            Well those things are not mutually exclusive…

        • Mike Check

          true dat

  • Sponge Monkey

    I really regret that last comment. Sorry. Didn’t read the story.

    Really sad. Poor girl. I the fact that she gets media attention, maybe she will get some help. God, after that stupid sofa comment, I probably should be the one to start up a collection.

    Has anyone ever heard of a condition such as this?

    • Sponge Monkey

      That should say, “I hope the fact…”

    • D. Tective

      I have. Could be a form of atavism, though calling it this could be politically incorrect and “racist” because atavism is more common in Asian and native American populations.

    • Dr. Jones Jr.
      • Sunshine

        I think it’s different in this case.
        I really don’t know the English term for it, sorry.

        The fundamental difference lies in that hypertrichosis is solely the excessive growth of HAIR, where as in her case, it is hair growing on top of pigmented MOLES.
        In Chinese, we call it 黑毛痣, literally black hair mole.
        There are many MANY cases of it in China:

        • An anonymous boy…

          The English term specifically is: large or giant congenital melanocytic nevus (or nevi for plural).

        • linette


          The article said the larger the area, the more likely it will become cancerous. Lilly better seek treatment now. :(

  • staylost

    Goodbye, beautiful girl. Tomorrow I leave China, but my heart remains.

  • xiao

    funny how you guys like to add the tag “imperialist” to americans…. you guys are such hypocrites! what about the oil rich lands in the philippines china is trying to steal by building unauthorized military bases? what about all the lands in africa, loaded with diamond mines that china decided to reposes? right back at yah imperialist chinese!

    a lot of you constantly try to make yourselves seem so much better and higher than the rest of the world, constant anti-foreigner rants. i think you’re just afraid of change, and afraid to admit that you’re no different. just less developed. dont get me wrong. im not racist. im half chinese, and living in, and loving china. just sick of all you people trying to do god knows what, and making everyone look bad. STOP THE INSANITY! WE ARE ALL PEOPLE FUCK YOUR SKIN COLOR AND YOUR ETHNICITY! its the only way man-kind will progress. so get over it and get with it people.

    as for this young girl… i hope the world finds it in their hearts to just accept her. why cure her? its who she is. society should stop feeling with their eyes, and feel with their hearts. if she chooses to seek a cure, than by gods grace i hope she finds it. regardless of my feelings on the subject.

    • Kim Jung iLL

      Totally agree with what you said. Its year 2012 and its time to stop behaving like North Koreans. China is as a matter of fact more “imperialist” than anybody nowadays. as many of them here are, super hypocrites.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I think that many of those “Imperialist American” posts are sarcasm directed at the party line toted and believed by the peasant class…

      Taking the piss out of their ignorant compatriots by using the phrase sarcastically.

    • firebert5

      “why cure her? its who she is.”

      While i agree with the sentiment, I would note that if those spots turn out to be cancerous or health threatening, that would be a very good reason to find a cure for her.

  • Alan

    Lili was born with these black spots, and when she was two years old, her mother could no longer stand this “fur child”, and in her frustration abandoned Lili, never to return. Her father, who had been working long-term in Guiyang brought her to a children’s nursery, and never reappeared.

    This, with covering up the death of a boys mother, and this is a culture that values family? Abandoning, disowning, lying…..I could get into the culture of abortion, and how China has the highest female suicide rate in the world, but most of us already know this.

    More proof religion is needed.

    • Sponge Monkey

      I think, very slowly, this country is starting to realize. At least, that’s what I hope. I am not religious but I am spiritual. So, I’d have to go along a more spiritual lines than religion.

      One must remember that ChinaSmack covers the “news worthy” stories. I personally know many fantastic parents in China.

      We will hear more of these kinds of stories, but in a population of 1.4 billion, hopefully, it’s not the norm.

    • Right…

      Are you saying that the average person in any other country (the US included) would not give up/abandon a “furry” child? You don’t think kids at school would not tease the “furry” child mercilessly? People have done worse to children with more common disabilities. You seem to have an overinflated sense of the compassion in developed countries.

      You come to this site to see the ugly parts of China, so of course it seems like this is all that goes on in China. If I were to base my views of the western world on the DailyMail, you bet I would think everyone is killing and eating each other and molesting little children.

      As for religion, you seem to forget it’s a double-edged sword. Religion can be good for morality, but it is not necessary for morality. Humans can be good people even without religion. But religion is dangerous because too often it is twisted for political ends. Look at Christians and Muslims killing/bullying people who don’t believe in the same things that they do. You don’t have to look that far back to see that Christians were using the Bible to justify sexism, slavery, and the killing of natives.

      • Cue religious flamewar as originally intended…

      • Sponge Monkey

        Oh my god no!

        My child is my child. My god, I grew up with a birth defect the first 4 years of my life. It was fixed (sorta) but thank god my mom didn’t split on me.

        My dad left, but before he could see the ugliness that had grown on my nose.

        I can’t tell you how this comment disgusts me.

        It’s YOUR CHILD!

        • Right…

          I’m not saying that it’s right for people to abandon their child because their child has some sort of defect. I’m just saying that it’s unrealistic to expect others will live up to the ideal moral standard. In the U.S., most of the children being abandoned or given up for adoption either (1) were born to irresponsible parents or (2) you guessed it, due to some birth defect. Yes, it’s “your child,” but unfortunately, many parents don’t want to deal with the emotional and financial costs of raising a child with defects. Does that make the parents monsters? Maybe.

          I just wanted to point out that you are just as likely to find someone in the western world who would do exactly what that Chinese parent did. Also, isn’t the fact that this story is buzzing in the Chinese blogosphere also proof that there are just as many people in China who find what the parents reprehensible? Isn’t the fact that the child’s distant relative willing to raise her also proof that there are compassionate people who think they way your parents do?

          • Sponge Monkey

            Between you and Fauna, you’ve made me think a bit.

            You’re right. And I guess I should say that I don’t think it’s China that is the reason that the parents abandoned her. It’s just the parents.

            It could happen anywhere. I mistook you for rationalizing it, and I apologize. You’re right.

          • anon

            Amazingly rational and sensible comments on chinaSMACK.

            I will say that I do think the “it’s China” angle plays into this but not in the way some people would make it out to be. The angle is that a lot of birth defects that can be easily corrected and affordably corrected in more developed and affluent countries aren’t so in China, especially with a larger population of poor and uneducated parents. Abandoning babies with defects is common amongst parents and societies in similar situations and was likewise so throughout the histories of now developed countries, even remaining so with some of their less affluent segments.

      • Notorious

        No, americans do not give up a disabled child and I have seen many at our schools and in other places that sit side by side with the other kids and they are mentally handicapped. only a few very very rare instances where someone will give up a disabled child. the government in the U.S. provides disability money and thousands of dollars in resources to take care of a disabled kid. So most people are not worried to take care of one. In fact, some people lie or exaggerate their children’s ailments to obtained disability funds for their kids.

        a true mother, deep in her soul would know that a child with this physical disorder would need her love more than any child could ever need a mother. that the girl would need her protection and assurances. only a truly rotten human being would abandon such a child in her need. if she’s poor, she should have whored herself to find a cure for this girl, wrote letters, had other write letters to find help, anything. the desperation wasn’t there because this woman was a selfish beast who only cared about herself.

      • Sponge Monkey

        Right, of course, it was exactly what I was thinking. I’m not trying to stereotype China. Of course I think of the “welfare families” in Canada just having babies to get more money from the government.

        And of course, religion has caused some of the most horrible incidents in history.

      • Notorious

        [As for religion, you seem to forget it’s a double-edged sword. Religion can be good for morality, but it is not necessary for morality. Humans can be good people even without religion. But religion is dangerous because too often it is twisted for political ends. Look at Christians and Muslims killing/bullying people who don’t believe in the same things that they do. You don’t have to look that far back to see that Christians were using the Bible to justify sexism, slavery, and the killing of natives.]

        yeah bring up some stuff from the middle ages as an example in modern times.

    • Dawei


      What proof religion is needed, all I see are symptoms. Are you implying that the only moral compass is religion. If so you have given no proof, QED.

      Religious belief is no guarantee of moral certitude, any glance through the history books will tell you that. I am secular and I don’t spend my time killing people, raping their wife’s or cutting peoples foreskins off (Check out King David in the Christian Bible) or perhaps having God (Christian again) smite a bunch of cheeky kids for laughing at my bald head. In comparison the CCP is a kitten.

      As to the good bits such as some of the ten commandments, well these are just common sense. I don’t need some self appointed son of god to tell me that.

      There is no social organization permitted beyond the CCP what is needed in China is the ability for civil society to have a say in the direction the country is taking and what is considered moral and how society should respond. We see some of this on Weibo et al already. Consciousness is growing but very slowly.

      • Kong

        While I would say I superficially agree with many of your points…

        I won’t address all the logical fallacies because that’s boring and I doubt you were trying to construct a logically bulletproof post anyway.

        You take the morality of the 10 Commandments as “common sense” because they have been so deeply embedded in the society that raised you. That’s all that common sense means. It is meaningless to ask “what if”, but you cannot deny the impact of religious institutions in society. In the western world, it was the Catholic Church, after all, that laid the foundation for the modern university system.

        Also keep in mind that religion =/= Christianity. There is no one thing that truly defines all the religions. Defining all religion in terms of Christianity will not reflect the diversity of reality.

        Chinese don’t trust the CCP’s moral compass. It cannot be what is needed in China if it is not trusted. That is at the heart of religion, isn’t it? Trust in the results of a system. Whether a specific religion ala Christianity is needed or not is debatable, but it is an observable reality that many Chinese are increasingly turning toward religion to fill perceived gaps (and a moral compass) in purpose. Even more Chinese view religion in an increasingly positive light. Check any Pew Research Center data.

        • El Puma R.

          THe CCP Labeled Fa Lun Gong as terrorists ad banned them from China not because a few bums burned themselves in Tian an Men, no… But because they were preaching morals and good social behavior. Over here you can’t preach, you can only obey.

          Religion as it is (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc, except infiltrations like baptist, Shiits, Satanists, Kabbalists) they all have something in common: The good towards yourself and towards others. Since our western civilizations were based on religion (despite whatever evil things they did in the past), we have moral codes that don’t need much explanation.
          Now, back to China: Originally, religions were replaced mainly by Confucianism and laws were replaced by morality, which encouraged introspection (which means, if you’re a piece of shit, you will realize it by yourself). However, nowadays, Confucianism has been replaced by gaokao, social status and material achievement, which leaves almost no room for morality or law and also because China has no independent Judicial system. So it pretty much means, if you have money, you can do anything, and if you have a son with disabilities or malformations, you should get rid of “it”.

          Please tell me if I’m wrong… I’m doing lots of research on this matter.

          • anon

            No, they banned the Fa Lun Gong because it got political and was mobilizing people for political ends, hence threatening the CCP’s political control. It wasn’t because they preached morals and social behavior. That’s ridiculous.

            You’re wrong. The moral crisis that China is facing is the same moral crisis that religious people, conservatives, and nostalgists have been lamenting about Western society for decades, such as the lamenting of growing materialism and superficiality. There are of course some differences in some of the manifestations and historical circumstances but it is fundamentally the same thing.

          • Alan

            etc, except infiltrations like baptist, Shiits, Satanists, Kabbalists)

            I dunno, even baptists and satanists have a pretty strict moral code.


            These satanic rules actually seem pretty fair and grounded to me, at least.

          • moop

            how do they address the problem of superficiality without addressing face? won’t that always be a problem with face being such a big part of the culture? the importance on status (position or money) is superficial as well and is a part of having face.

            is the concept of face even something that can change here? its ingrained everywhere

          • anon

            I don’t see face as being a unique aspect of Chinese culture. They have one word to describe a preoccupation something we use several words to describe. They’ll have to struggle changing it in the same way we struggle with it.

          • El Puma R.

            Anon, preaching morals and good behavior IS in fact political, and it got the CCP angry because with their policies they can’t get the acceptance Fa lun gong got at that time. Unlike CCP, FLG was making their lives better and they were expanding… enough reasons to piss the govt off. I live in Changchun (where Fa lun gong was founded) and I have this workmate who used to do only the exercises and because of that she was thrown in jail for almost 3 years. She will have a shit job for the rest of here life and she’s even discriminated by other workmates, who by the way tell me not to talk with her.. she’s a “terrorist”. She told me how it happened. It ain’t ridiculous. What is ridiculous is even though you’ve made research on this, you never got the first hand information like I did, but you still label my statements as ridiculous. And you only dissed me on the fa lun gong part. You gotta learn to understand people, man…
            You might have been around this site for way longer than me and that might make you feel.. somehow special, around here. I’ve seen how you diss everyone with your righteous thoughts which in fact are nothing more than.. your thoughts.

            In Zaratustra, Nietzsche says that there will be always the righteous and the just, but in their own blind sense of righteousness they will never be able to overcome themselves as a part of mankind (or to become the “superman” which is a mistranslation because in german is a completely different word which means a man becoming better than himself) . Now are you gonna diss me on Nietzsche too?

            I love to discuss each and every matter on this site but I clearly despise people who use smart-ass diminishing adjectives towards other people just to make their statements stronger. So don’t deny the fact that if you (foreigner) have a handicapped child in china, you should leave before all the other children (and adults) make his/her life a living hell.
            I can see why your arguments are so oppressive.. probably because you only allow yourself to make them around here.

          • Dawei


            Well the original argument was due to Alan bringing up that religion was needed in China. So I say to that no way it is needed. We need open discussion and the ability for NGOs to form and take on issues that traditionally governments around the world are not to good at such as rights, environment, social welfare etc. this of course will be a long time in coming in China for obvious reasons.

            I was born into a strong Christian family, originally Plymouth Brethren, does that beat your royal flush? So from the cradle I was fed their BS, and developed a strong immunity thanks to reason and modern science. I have read chuncks of the bible and while yes some of what Jesus did and said was agreeable, huge junks of the bible is not agreeable or even logical, not what one expects from an all seeing entity, who is infallible. It is a terribly boring read by the way. The real problem with religion is that there is no requirement that it makes any particular sense, no logical test or proof is required. At the end of the day everyone of faith has their own personal god, as this come from their interpretation of their holly book, society at large and their own thoughts. But it is all still unproven, inconsistent and ultimately fairly stories. This is all it can be unless it can stand up to reason and scientific inquiry.

            I am as ever open minded, and the day clear and unequivocal proof is put forward for the actual existence of a god/s then yes I will take that as fact, but until then I am secular (not atheist as that means opposite of thesist, how can you be the opposite of made up invisible nonsense).

            The website evilbible.com has an agenda, but the quotes they provide are straight from the bible, so that is their evidence. If you think they have miss quoted the bible or quote mined ( a classic Christian approach) then please do bring that up.

            For a minute there I though I had won the argument when you brought up Hitler, but on closer reading it was not a perfect “argumentum ad Hitlerum” 


          • anon

            El Puma R,

            No, it IS literally ridiculous that you said they were banned for teaching morals and social behavior. I’m glad you recognize that I’ve researched into this but 1) what makes you think I don’t have first-hand information, and 2) what makes you think your first hand information actually refutes my understanding of the issues involved?

            I never said there weren’t FLG practitioners who were wrongfully suppressed, I just said they main reason why the Chinese government cracked down on it is because it was seen as mobilizing people into becoming a political threat. That is different from something as simple and innocent as teaching morals and social behavior. People exhort each other online in China every day for more morality and ethical social behavior, do you see the Chinese government cracking down on them? No. It’s more than that. You oversimplified it to an absurdity.

            Unless there’s a language barrier, I’m not sure what I failed to understand about what you said.

            If you felt personally dissed because I thought your comment was ridiculous, I’ll apologize to the extent that I wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt your feelings. However, I really do think your statement there was ridiculous because its not remotely accurate. I disagree with you and you haven’t given me any reason to believe your statement to be valid.

            As for righteousness, come on, you’re judging the Chinese government’s crackdown on the FLG with a measure of righteousness yourself. Let’s not get sidetracked by this inane argument. You’re advancing your thoughts and I’m advancing mine. We can both be accused of righteousness. Let’s move on, shall we?

            Why would I diss you on Nietzsche?

            “Smart-ass diminishing adjectives”? You don’t think “But because they were preaching morals and good social behavior. Over here you can’t preach, you can only obey” is a smart-ass diminishing remark? I felt your explanation for why the FLG was banned was “ridiculous” because it was grossly misrepresented. I’d like to amend that to say that your “over here you can’t preach, you can only obey” is a smart-ass diminishing remark that you added to make your statement “stronger”.

            Finally, I have no way to allow or disallow other people to make “oppressive” arguments so I don’t know how you can blame me for that. People talk shit and make fun of each other’s opinions on here all the time. I can hardly be the only one blameworthy for this.

            I’ll repeat: I wasn’t trying to put you as a person down, I just think your representation of why the FLG was banned was either absurd or dishonest. If you want to take a single person’s experience in Changchun over the vast amount of actual academic and scholarly research into what happened, fine, but I’ll still think that representation of yours is ridiculous and the “only obey” remark a simple appeal to emotional notions of Chinese authoritarianism that doesn’t actually relate to WHY the FLG was banned.

            One more thing:

            So don’t deny the fact that if you (foreigner) have a handicapped child in china, you should leave before all the other children (and adults) make his/her life a living hell.

            What does this have anything to do with what I’ve said?

          • anon

            I have to add: You criticized me for saying your misrepresentation of why the FLG was banned is “ridiculous” as me using a “smart-ass diminishing adjective” when further down on this page you called another commenter you take to be Chinese as having “tiny short-sighted eyes”?

            Are you for real?

        • Dawei


          Thanks for pointing out I have logical falicies.

          Regarding “common sense” you are in a way correct, but I do get out a bit and I know that generally it is somewhat impolite to kill someone whether you are in India, Japan or well maybe not Detroit. Whether the expectation originated from a religious faith or evolved as humans became social animals is a point of argument.

          How true religion =/= Christianity that is why I specifically pointed out my examples were from Christianity. No where did I claim this is a representation of all religions. It just happens to be the one I know most about.

          The only reason the CCP restrict religions practice and other NGO activity is the fact that they will not tolerate any organization that exits without their tacit control. Trust can be misplaced. Religion offers solice and yes a moral compass but it is built on unsubstantiated myths and magical thinking. There is not a shred of empirical evidence that supports any one religion. The notion that humans can decide for themselves what is morally right or wrong without turning the head and hands up into the sky is refreshingly liberating. As is often the case when people have no hope of defining the world for themselves or have no control over that life they turn to religion. I do not blame them but reality offers the only clear path to true freedom.

          There you go, I am sure I bored you with all that.

          • moop

            dawei, you and i arent having that argument, so i dont know why in you last couple post you are changing the subject. i already said that i dont hold the bible as truth and that i am not a christian.

            what we were discussing is whether or not christianity is violent.

            as to your quotes i’ll touch on the new testament ones on slavery:
            ” Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)”
            ” Christians who are slaves should give their masters full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them”

            remember “give unto ceasar what is ceasar’s?” most people are dense enough to believe that he is endorsing taxation when jesus supposively said this quote, but its not the case. a theme repeated throughout the new testament is relevant to this: what is of the world is of the world and what is god’s is god’s, be not of the world, but be holy. and also jesus commands that people be “salt and light” and examples to the world. this also goes in hand with turning the other cheek. you have to look at these quotes in that context.
            so a slave should not rebel against his master, that would be violence. he should instead be salt and light and show the power of god’s love. the part ” If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful” is also important. it implies that being a slave owner is not in with the teachings of christ and that slaves shouldnt be angry because the slave owner is a bad christian. instead they should be salt and light to reform him. if anything it is a command to “kill them with kindness”. it doesn’t condone slavery at all

          • Kong

            I wasn’t trying to sound snobbish, so I apologise if it came off that way. I was just trying to point out (without getting deep into it) that you may not be completely aware of how your biases reflect in other areas.

            Yes, it is generally considered impolite to kill, unless you are a soldier, or need to kill your daughter to restore your family’s honor (Pakistan), etc., etc., etc. So as I am sure you are well aware, it is not black and white. Different cultures hold different values for life. The 10 commandments are not universal. Your “common sense” only holds as long as you stay within culturally familiar territory.

            Basing one’s opinions of religion based on Christianity alone would be somewhat similar to basing my opinion of Atheism on Mao alone. Or Richard Dawkins for that matter. If you haven’t actually studied various religions in the great number of forms they take, then you are not really that qualified to speak to them. Religions are cultural, not scientific institutions. Religion can be empirically shown to have evolved and changed along with all other social institutions. It is not a static unchanging entity.

            “Religion offers solice and yes a moral compass but it is built on unsubstantiated myths and magical thinking.”

            If you are speaking from a post-Christian perspective, then you really ought of avoid reductionist sayings like this. You claimed it to be a representation of all religions by repeatedly referring to “religion” as a whole rather than your narrow experience with Christianity. To compare religion and science (as many do) creates a false dualism.

            Empirical evidence toward what? You must understand that the literalist reading of the Christian bible (that is so in vogue with atheists these days) was only around since the time of the Enlightenment. Before that, NO ONE read the bible literally, as empirical fact.

            If you had ever spoken in depth to a jew, especially an orthodox jew, you would be aware of how virtually nothing that you wrote applies. Even though Christianity and Judaism share the Torah (not really), they are worlds apart as far as religions go. Judaism is a material religion without concern with belief or afterlife.

      • moop

        “In comparison the CCP is a kitten.”

        haha, ridiculous. here are the ten most deadly wars in history:
        World War II (1939–1945) casualties – 60,000,000–72,000,000
        Mongol Conquests (13th century) casualties – 30,000,000–60,000,000
        Manchu conquest of Ming China (1616–1662) casualties – 25,000,000
        World War I (1914–1918) casualties – 20,000,000–70,000,000
        Taiping Rebellion (China, 1851–1864) casualties – 20,000,000
        Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) casualties – 20,000,000
        Warring States Era (China, 475 BC–221 BC) casualties – 10,000,000
        Conquests of Timur the Lame (1360-1405) casualties – 7,000,000 – 20,000,000
        Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention (1917–1921) casualties – 5,000,000–9,000,000
        Conquests of Menelik II of Ethiopia (1882- 1898) casualties – 5,000,000

        now add up the deaths of wars caused by religion (menelik and timur defending against muslim expansion), 200,0000 or so deaths from the crusades, inquisition killings number in the thousands, wars in africa fought for religions reasons maybe a couple million total, blah blah blah… now out of those deaths find out how many deaths were caused by christians, and then compare that to the number of deaths the ccp is respnsible for. keep in mind christians have been around for 2000 years, the ccp less than a hundred… guess which number is still greater

        • moop

          oh, and taiping rebellion, whooops

        • moop

          i’m agnostic, but you seem to be equating all religions as christianity/judaism.

          many people have made the argument that religion in general is responsible for a lot of deaths, and they have valid points… but religion is sometimes just a smoke screen and the real motivation is greed for resources, especially land. it’s much easier to get peasants to die for a god than for his “betters” to have more riches

        • Dawei

          Moop, an interesting argument which I don’t have the time to explore.

          I was referring to the overall brutality seen in the Christian Bible, which by far exceeds the wrong doings of the CCP. Using the Bible as a guide is therefore not 100 percent credible.

          I only brought Christianity up as it is the religion that I am most familiar with.

          • Alan

            I was referring to the overall brutality seen in the Christian Bible, which by far exceeds the wrong doings of the CCP.

            Figures to prove it? You just can not prove this.

            70 million killed, more than by the Japanese….even if Christians killed more over hundreds of years, this is in no way comparable.

          • Dawei


            I agree with you exactly, the Bible is at best mythology with some actual history thrown in. Again to be perfectly clear I am referring to religion as a moral guide, and I use Christianity as an example. if you believe said Christian holly book is the word of god then you have to accept what was done by God or in his name. Using the Bible as a guide book to morality is questionable at best. We have love thy neighbour v stone adulterers to death. We don’t do the latter today, well in most parts of the world.

            For example the CCP did not start out with the intention of causing the death of millions, but good old Jehova sent a flood to deliberately wipe out the entire world’s population except his chum Noah and his family. In this sense yes the CCP is a kitten compared with the wrath of the Christian God.

          • moop

            all your awful stories are old testament which according to christians is the old covenant and the new testament represents the new covenant with god, and preached things like “turn the other cheek” and “not to cast the first stone”.
            again, you’re calling it the christian bible, you might as well call it the torah since all your stories of violence are in it. personally i think thomas jefferson’s “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth ” is pretty damn good. everything about the divinity of jesus was left out and just includes his philosophical teachings. as a former christian i can tell you that only fundamentalist cling to the old testament in any way. most christians look to the old testament to read psalms or proverbs for inspiration. no killing in those.
            some differences between the old and new covenants:

          • Alan

            In this sense yes the CCP is a kitten compared with the wrath of the Christian God.

            I agree, but I do not see god as just a christian god, Islam, Judaism, they are all offshoots from Abraham, with much in common.

            The problem is atheism is all well and good, and letting people get rich, but what happens when those people want to believe in something more?

          • Notorious

            Daiwei, the stories you quote are from the old testament, which is judaism. When people are talking about “war” and violence in the bible, they are referring to the Jewish half of the bible, which remains in the Christian bible because it shares the geneology of Jesus beginning with Abraham.

            Jesus was a Jew. the old testament represents the old convenant between God and Abraham (won’t get into the details), Christianity and JUDIASM used to be the same religion until 69-70 years after Jesus died, when Barabas and Paul (considered the “father of Christianity”) disagreed as to whether or male children and men should be circumsized. Barbaras argued for it, Paul against it stating that Jesus’ death on the cross – was a blood sacrifice ending the old convenant and men no longer had to be circumcised as part of their convenant with God. Jesus’ blood washed away all sin, so no longer were animal sacrifices, circumcisions and other superstitions needed. After the disagreement, Christianity (still considered Judiasm at the time), went its own way, and 100 years after the death of Jesus, Christianity as a religion was born, and became the official religion of the Romans, after some manuevering by the mother of Emperor Augustine.

            When people say “Christianity” is violent, they are wrong because jesus was a passivist. THey are referring to the old testament which is not part of the Christian doctrine which teaches peace and goodwill to all men. People who use Christianity as an excuse to go to war or slaughter people are using the old testament (which Christianity replaced) to justify their own nefarious misdeeds.

            The Torah/Judaism preached vengeance, ZIONISM, all the horror and war stories of “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”.

            Jesus is the descendant of David, who was a descendant of Abraham, with whom the covenant was made. Jesus’ birth and death was preached in the old testament and he was thought to be a reincarnation of Elijah, a warrior of God who fought many battles in the old testament. When Jesus as it turns out, was a passivist who believed in helping the poor, healing the sick, turning the other cheek, standing in opposition to greed, hypocrisy, and even paying taxes to Ceasar, the Jewish people grew discontented with him and the rest as they say, is history.

          • El Puma R.

            Can we say that Both Religion and CCP have used and still use the money they got from good people for their own purpose?

            The Church, the media, or the gov’t , they’re all evil if you ask me.

            It’s the good people that pass morality through generations… in the west we have both devils and a lot people need church as a moral compass… it isn’t wrong, though nobody should get too excited about Christianity, because they lie too! (and have sex with children).
            Around here, let’s say.. China, please let me know if you see any kind of movement towards the better living of everyone together except for everybody taking all that pressure that’s driving them crazy just to afford a car and an -unaffordable- apartment. I can’t believe there aren’t any around here where is SO full of people, in this time of ferocious change.

            I know, I know… many people deserve it because they work hard for it. But… a minute to think about it? Everyone has it but that doesn’t mean they use it. in that case, chinasmack would have way more comments. =)

            So please…God ! please ! when is the honking going to stop?

            Someone please save that girl ! (fuck, we should save all of them)

          • moop

            “The Church, the media, or the gov’t , they’re all evil if you ask me.”

            even when i was a christian, i never liked the organized version of it. any institution created to hold power or unfluence over people is pretty much damned from the start

          • Dawei


            I am secular, and I can accept that there are parts of the bible that are useful and morally beneficial for humanity. I just think that we as human beings are quite qualified to work out what is right from wrong. I really don’t think the fear or love of a god is required to encourage people to do the right thing.

            I believe that this is the only life you have so make the most of it, enjoy your family and friends and try to be civil to your fellow humans. We have to give life its own meaning, that is the challenge, asking some big sky daddy to do it for us is essentially as meaningless as anything else.

          • moop

            “We have to give life its own meaning, that is the challenge, asking some big sky daddy to do it for us is essentially as meaningless as anything else.”

            but it’s not meaningless if it helps someone become a better person. if you accept kohlberg’s theory on morality and look at how humans act, a vast majority of them only do what is right in order to avoid punishment (like a life-long eternity in hell) or to look good in the eyes for an authority figure.

            most people do the bare minimum to get by in life and that carries on to people’s spiritual/moral lives. i still think religion helps much more than it has harmed.

          • Notorious

            Daiwei, Catholicism and Christianity are the same but different. Catholicism is more ritualistic than Christianity and the Pope is supposed to be God on Earth. The Catholic religioin is where the pedophilia occurs because their priests cannot be married and take a vow of celibacy – not saying this directly causes molestation but the natural interactions between man and woman (or other adult) are repressed, thus leading to an inappropriate target for natural sexual urges. Christians do not practice sex with children, that’s crazy, there are no priests on the protestant/baptist/methodist end of religion.

            The catholics were extremely evil and greedy at one time. This men controlled kindgoms and countries for more than a thousand years.

          • Dawei

            Moop and Notorious

            First thanks for the rundown on the Old and New Testaments, that took time to write so appreciated.

            Yes all the brutal stories are from the old testament but it is still part of the offical Christan Bible, regardless of any new covenant. The logical issue is that God is all seeing and all knowing yet managed to get up to a good deal of butchery, then around 2000 years ago had a change of heart and sent us Jesus. If he is omnipotent then none of the old testament should have happened in the first place. My sense is that he needs some counseling.

            The second point is that Christians or any religious person will pick and choose from their good book to fit their own purposes. Slavery was not actively condemned in both the old and new testaments (http://www.evilbible.com/Slavery.htm). Then try to hide behind the authority of their invisible friend as justification.

            We can argue semantics all day, but at the end of the day the whole Bible has almost no evidence to back it up, it is a mythical fantasy, though it is possible that a Jesus character did actually exist.

          • moop

            i see what you’re saying and i mostly agree with you. i for one am agnostic because i don’t really understand life so it would be arogant of me to claim i knwo what happens later.

            what we have been discussing, however, is that christianity is violent, not that the bible is lacking of evidence or what have you. the name of the site you are linking to is called evilbible.com. tell me, would you get info about jews from nazis.com? have you actually read the bible? sure there’s a whole lot of shit in their thats not true, mostly myths, i’m not going to argue with you on that. but that site you mentioned is not only erroneous in its characterizations of the quotes, but is simply talking points for people who don’t know how to think for themselves.

            i’m not christian, i don’t have a skin in the game. but what i do have is a knowledge of the bible and christianity first hand. i used to teach it, and was recruited in my younger days to minister professionally.

            regadless, you are changing the argument to focus on the validity of the bible now instead of the previous discussion

          • Notorious


            Any man who has a god is a slave. THIS IS the very concept of religion which is to worship and act as a servant.

            Yes, the appearance of text appearing to support slavery, war, slaughter, exists in the old testament. But let’s look at it from an academic point of view as well as a religious doctrine. Readers must be able to discern insertions from man, and those that are spiritually inspired. For example, people know there are ten commandments. But there are actually 635 commandments (all in the book of Deutoronomy). Why? Many are laws written for the people of that time. For example, wearing more than one type of fabric (like cotton and wool) at the same time is a violation of one of those commandments. These 635 laws covers everything from stolen oxen, wives, the way one manages his life during that time and other things that has no bearing on the lives we live today. Therefore, this is a clear example of a man-written insertion since the Torah was designed as a set of governmental laws for the people who lived during the time that the old testament was written.

            The mentality of the authors was also reflected in the text, hence the violent words.

            The old testament is a part of the Christian bible, but not a part of the Christian doctrine. It is there as a reference, and is not something that Christians teach as a practice. Everything in the old testament was done away with when Jesus died on the cross and resurrected. Readers of the old testament must be able to discern insertions from mankind.

            The values of the old testament like war, slavery, treachery (as seen in stories like samson and delilah, and solomon, and the soddom and gommorah stories) are in direct contrast (disagreement) to what the Christian bible teaches.

            The doctrine that is at the heart of Christianity is how one treats his brother and neighbor.
            John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

            And 1 John 4:20
            If a man say, I love God, and hate his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

            King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
            If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

            The messages of Christianity isn’t outmoded or some 2000 year old doctrine that can’t be applied in modern times. It’s timeless message is its truth. Treat others with kindness, take care of the poor, heal the sick, turn from violence and be faithful.

          • linette

            Christianity is not violent. Jesus wasn’t violent. He was preaching good basic morals and ethics that God wants us to live by. Jesus was peaceful. He was preaching in the streets, homes, just about anywhere. It wasn’t like he was only preaching in a fancy temple covered with gold. He helped the poor, cured the sick, and gave sight to the blind.
            It was the Roman Catholic that was violent and corrupted back then. They were hunting down Christians and the Jews helped them. They didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God and wanted Jesus to be crucified. Even now they still don’t believe in Jesus. That their Messiah has not yet come. How mess up.

          • Kong

            I have no interest in debating this, but I feel responsible to point out a few things regarding religion.

            Judaism is NOT the torah. Anyone who says that knows shit about Judaism. If a person were to be so reductionist to reduce Judaism to some sort of literature, it would have to be the Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, and Talmud. Without one of these books, you cannot have what is considered “Judaism”.

            The Bible was not read literally until the Enlightenment, and it started with the secular community in an attempt to break down and understand something that they could not readily access scientifically. Fundamentalist movements arose in reaction to this take. Before that time, none of the stories were taken as literal. FURTHERMORE, it is disingenuous and reprehensible to at the same time reject the veracity of the fantastical stories in the Bible AND use them as accepted data to challenge (or buttress) religion. If you reject it, you must operate under the assumption that the stories are not trustworthy.

            The torah is NOT a how-to book on morality. The Torah is collected works of shared human experience. Only 5 books remain and are considered “cannon”, but there were other works in it at other times in history. Some of it is nice, some of it is not; Some of it praise God, some of it does not; Some of it evidences absolute morality, while some of it evidences relative morality. The torah is nothing but a bunch of commentary, and without the commentary on that commentary, there is no Judaism.

            Judaism is a religion of this world. The afterlife, taking beliefs into your heart, spreading your faith, etc. These have nothing to to with Judaism; they are Christian beliefs (and not all Christians subscribe to them either). Judaism is a cultural and religious experience. It is based on study, discussion, arguments, questions, and an eternal struggle. To view Judaism in a positivist or essentialist light is to throw the scientific method(s) into the wind. Judaism has not remained the same since antiquity. Just like anything else, it is a social and cultural institution that evolves and changes while keeping core values at hand. To analyze the torah in small segments and broadly apply one’s conclusions to all of Judaism (or religion for that matter) is a GROSS misrepresentation of data.

            Lastly, the Torah and the Christian Old Testament are NOT the same. That they are the same would seem like common sense, and it is certainly a lie pushed by many Christians, but the Christian Old Testament was written by Christians, with Christian wording, and Christian re-interpretation of the Jewish literary works. This interpretation puts emphasis on Christian values and the Christian notion of Jewish/Christian dichotomy. Additionally, there are many different versions of the Christian Old Testament, while the Jewish Torah as written in Hebrew has remain observably the same of the course of thousands of years. It has not remained completely the same, there are a few errors and minor changes (although most jews like to claim that there have been no changes/errors, but I think that’s more a matter of pride).

            Judaism is a religion/culture that is worlds apart from Christianity, with an almost entirely different set of values. Using them together ala “judeo-christian” is only possible in the broadest sense i.e. comparison with Buddhism.

            Notorious are full of shit.

            NOW as far as “religion” goes, to separate religion from other social, political, and cultural institutions is a massive remissness. If you take religion out of the picture, do all of those wars and deaths change? No. None of those wars occurred without the geopolitical pressures of the time. Just as in the Iraq war, religion has always been used as a convenient excuse, justification, what have you, but to take those words without question is to drop one’s duty to uncover the realities. The relevant religion may have colored them differently, or changed the manner in which the conflict took place, but it by no means operated in isolation. Claiming otherwise is to reject evidence and well-documented historical facts.

            NB If the ends and means of one’s goal is merely to discredit “religion” as a whole, then by all means anyone is free to make up whatever they want and use whatever sources they please. There is no shame in that; people do it all the time. However, if one is to adopt an earnest and academic stance, then there are quite a few problems that need to be dealt with.

          • elizabeth

            Just because the Bible records violence does not mean Christianity is violent. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that violence should be a Christian’s way of life.

            All of the what the Bible documents is regarded as real, at least by Christians like me. That the Old Testament is not part of Christian doctrine is gross fallacy. The Old and New Testaments are complementary and one does not render the other invalid or outdated. Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Together, they reveal to whoever wants to believe, the redemption plan of God.

        • Mark

          You’ll have to remove the Taiping Rebellion. It’s the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom for a reason.

          And you leave out the deaths due to the conquest of the Americas in the name of religion

          David Barrett, Todd Johnson, Justin Long

          World Christian Encyclopedia (2001): This book is the standard reference work for religious statistics of all kinds, and both Britannica and the World Almanac cite from it. It has a single page [http://gem-werc.org/gd/gd16.pdf] estimating the number of martyrs since the origin of each religion:
          Muslim martyrs: 80M
          Christian martyrs: 70M
          20th Century: 45.4M
          At the hands of…
          Atheists: 31,689,000
          Muslims 9,121,000
          Ethnoreligionists: 7,469,000
          Christians: 5,538,000
          Quasi-religionists 2,712,000
          Mahayana Buddhists: 1,651,000
          Hindus: 676,000
          Zoroastrians: 384,000
          Hindu martyrs: 20M
          Buddhist martyrs: 10M
          Jewish: 9M
          Ethnoreligious: 6M
          Sikh: 2M
          Baha’i: 1M
          Other religious martyrs: 5M

        • Mark

          Crusades (1095-1291) 3,000,000 [make link]

          Estimated totals:
          Robertson, John M., A Short History of Christianity (1902) p.278: 9,000,000
          Aletheia, The Rationalist’s Manual: 5,000,000
          Henry William Elson, Modern Times and the Living Past, (1921) p. 261: 5,000,000
          Om Prakesh Jaggi, Religion, Practice and Science of Non-violence, (1974) p. 40: “The crusades cost Europe five million young men”
          Fielding Hudson Garrison, Notes on the History of Military Medicine, Association of Military Surgeons, (1922) p. 106: 3,000,000 total, incl. 2,000,000 Europeans
          MEDIAN: 3 million
          Philip Alexander Prince, Parallel universal history, an outline of the history and biography of the world divided into … (1838) p.207: “Although two million souls perished in the Crusades…”
          Charles Mackay, Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841): 2,000,000 Europeans killed. [http://www.bootlegbooks.com/NonFiction/Mackay/PopDelusions/chap09.html]
          Wertham: 1,000,000
          John Shertzer Hittell, A Brief History of Culture (1874) p.137: “In the two centuries of this warfare one million persons had been slain…”
          NOTE: No scholar has ever published a death toll of less than one million or more than nine million, so the order of magnitude is generally accepted even if the precise number is unknown.

          You know what? Your stats are terrible.

          • moop

            please look at the number of zeroes again. i misplaced commas. i wrote 2,000,000 deaths as 200,0000

      • bert

        Dawei, why don’t you jump on the Jews over this? King David and the bald head are old testament. Don’t just jump on the “Christian” Bible.

        Plenty of secular people have killed millions or committed other bad things, but then again I am sure you knew that.

        You are just thinking with a serious bias.

        What is the foundation of your moral compass?

  • Cleo

    I saw a Texas citizen’s website about his son’s similar condition re Nevus and yes, it is treatable. Her misfortune is that she was born into a family who didn’t have enough money for this contingency and didn’t love her regardless. This should be on some website like whatever the Chinese version of newsweek or the NYTimes is not a tabloid site like chinasmack. It seems serious enough that it would be so easy for anyone with deep enough pockets like an Andy Lau or a real estate mogul in Shanghai to just NOT bid on a truffle auction or buy that piece of porcelain.

    • mr. wiener

      Someone else’s problem hmm? I’m with little wolf on this one. I’d like to donate money ,but I don’t know how or if it will get to her.

    • linette


      Yes, I was thinking the same thing too. Those look like moles. Moles are just melanocytes growing together in a cluster instead of spreading evenly throughout skin. Melanocytes produce melanin which give color to your skin. Moles can grow hair too. Can be benign or cancerous and surgically removed. She needs medical attention. So bad. Poor baby, she has it all over her body. So terrible. :(

      • linette

        How do the China people donate for something like this? Remember that brave bus driver and that 16 yr old girl who was set on fire by her classmate. They both got donation. That 16yr old was also getting free treatment from the burn unit in the medical center. I wonder how the money get to these people. Isn’t it so sad we can’t even trust the China gov’t official afraid that they will pocket the donation. What a sad gov’t.

        This little girl definitely need money to go to the hospital.

        And they need to teach the other kids that she is not a mutant. She is just ill.

        • Notorious

          linette, what happened to the boy who burned the girl? Is he in jail?

        • El Puma R.

          Linette, how could you teach the kids to do the right thing and not discriminate when it’s their own parents who teach them such disgusting and demeaning habits? I try as a teacher but only half of them will have less than half of an answer to that. ‘Cause their parents don’t even teach them to listen.

          It’s a common mistake for a foreigner in China to expect people to act in certain civilized ways. Many of us have left (and will leave) China for this exact reason.

          • linette

            El Puma R.

            You say you are a teacher. How old are your students? You are an English teacher? You have opportunity and access to the young China Chinese. You know what a big responsibility you have? When you teach, why don’t you expose them to cultures of other countries. Or maybe you can let your students read stories in English and then have class discussion in English on Friday only. Ask them what do they think about the little girl lilly. Is it right not to help her and make fun of her. You know..things like that. I think kids are same everywhere. Look at me. I am Chinese, but I was born and raised in HOng kong, under hong kong culture. I was exposed to other things. HK people don’t have same ideology China people. You too can expose them to ideals and change their thought.

            If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate the next generation. Teachers are like women. Teach the kids.

          • anon

            If Westerners can teach their kids to do the right thing even when their parents didn’t, the Chinese can too. Parents are just one part of the overall equation of education and socialization. All advancements and progress in society have largely been pioneered by enlightened people who refused to accept the common practices and beliefs of their past and ancestors and put their effort into promoting their own ideas for a better world.

          • moop

            ” All advancements and progress in society have largely been pioneered by enlightened people who refused to accept the common practices and beliefs of their past and ancestors and put their effort into promoting their own ideas for a better world.”

            i agree with you 100%, but the problem is isn’t that kind of behavior still frowned upon here pretty heavily, questioning common practices and beliefs? a vast majority of chinese arent socialized to question common practices and beliefs

          • anon

            That Chinese people aren’t socialized to question common practices and beliefs often becomes an unquestioned common practice and belief itself.

            There are of course a lot of things that are irrationally held onto amongst Chinese people, but I generally don’t find the average person outside of China being significantly more questioning of common practices and beliefs either. There are definitely exemplars but unfortunately, they’re really the minority. I catch myself in this trap all the time. It’s really quite frustrating.

      • Sunshine

        This is definitely treatable.
        The most used option for children involve expansion of healthy skin area (by locally injecting expansion fluid, usually saline water, I believe?, to harvest the healthy skin), then transplanting the healthy skin on to the problem area.
        I see a lot of cases like this in Chinese hospitals.

        • linette


          You are talking about skin grafting for burn patient? That 16yr old she has massive burned area. They need to look for good skin from her. I think they can also use other donor as source of good skin. I hope she is doing fine.

  • Little Wolf

    Well, I would certainly contribute and help raise money if there was some kind of trustworthy organiztion in place to help send this girl to be cured. I don’t have a clue how to mobilize such a thing but if enough of us put our heads together……………

    • Nick in Beijing

      Forward links to the story wherever it is being reported to whatever major schools-of-medicine exist in Chinese universities?

      Maybe there exists at least one sympathetic medical student, or school director or something…

    • El Puma R.

      yeah, let’s all call Guo Mei Mei and tell her to help us raise some money for the poor girl. xD

  • el negro pedro

    Why China will never be a world power: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/06/11/154750001/the-psychology-of-the-honor-system-at-the-farm-stand

    Also, from other articles, but I notice a lot of ultra nationalist using the logic that since corruption takes place in America as well as China, that there is nothing wrong with China.

    Very weak logic. It’s degrees of corruption. In China it’s systemic. Most Western countries are countries ruled by law for 99% of the people. China cannot make such a claim.

    Deflection, lack of responsibility and/or ownership of fault. It’s a very Chinese thing to never admit one’s culpability. It’s the reason why the country is so weak, now and historically. It’s why “little Japan” a tiny island country was on the blink of taking over all of China + HK + the Philippines until the “Imperialist” Americans took over. If People spent more time trying to remedy their faults instead blaming other people for their “humiliation”, China would be the greatest power the world has ever known. Instead, it’s about to retreat back into absolute chaos as soon as the economy tanks (my economist friend says the economy is bulletproof but I cite social/political forces as potential destabilizing agent) Which it will at some point in the mid-term future. It’s such a shame, even though most people in China are uneducated buffoons stuck in medieval times, there are enough decent people here who don’t deserve the pain and suffering that’s coming.

    As I like to say, China is too Chinese to ever be anything but Chinese.

    • staylost

      Are you offering some advice to China, or just trying to start a jingo-fight with fenqing?

      China’s culture has vastly changed throughout its history and will greatly change in the coming years. Sure, bucking up and taking responsibility for yourself is a good thing for anyone, not just China.

      • el negro pedro

        I would disagree with you on the culture part, though culture is a broad term. there are distinct qualities of the culture that make the country so prone, cycles of chaos.

        that last line is a throwaway line buddy. it’s a platitude, like “good will is a good thing for all people, not just China”. I’d like to think I’m objective, and it’s not a reach to say the Chinese are not so concerned personal responsibility. And yes, I’m quite aware of the reasons why, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

        RE: the angry youth. I suspect many of English speaking nationalist here had a hard time adapting to their new adoptive countries. I know a Chinese who grew up in the American South that has a love-hate relationship with America. It’s easy to idealize your native country when one is faced with discrimination. Easy, expected but not logical.

        • Right…

          So far your statements are based on some shaky premises. Cultures and societies change — sometimes gradually, sometimes dramatically. If you were living in the 1930s sharecropping/segregated/economically troubled America, could you have foreseen what America would be like in just 50 years?

          All this talk about China’s future is idle talk. People who don’t like China or feel threatened by China will always be predicting the demise of China. People who are nationalistic or have an idealistic view of China will always find reasons to say China will succeed. Both sides use gross generalizations to back up their views. In the end, nobody knows anything. All that is accomplished is spreading some bitter feelings all around.

          • anon

            If you keep this up, I’m going to retire.

        • Notorious

          These are some good points guys. I don’t claim to be an expert on china – in fact, I don’t claim to know shit. But in my very very humble and useless opinion , China suffers because the people don’t care about each other or the suffering of their fellow man. The ones that do are either persecuted are too complacent to do anything but offer pity. There is far too much apathy in China while compassion and kindness is viewed with cynicsm. Need more kindness in china. The government needs to truly take care of the weak and needy. When China begins to treat its people like they are valued then China will become powerful because they are looking after each other first and foremore as opposed to superficial antics to appear “harmonious” in order to save face.

    • jon

      China will split into multiple countries. A worldwide global depression is coming. The communist cannot stop the revolution coming from 30% unemployment in China.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Dude, we’re all here trying to figure out a way to get money to this child.

      This has to do with what?

    • dim mak

      Yes, I’m sure psychology is what makes superpowers

      Even with corruption and all the other failings of Chinese society, China has been a world power for most of its history.

      And we’re coming back.

      • El Puma R.

        aaaaaaaa! wrong !

        they’ve lied to you for most of your life.

        China has been always divided, Until 60 years go. Weak, unable to fight and bending over backward to any foreigners. Still today, tell me if you wouldn’t LOVE to have a BMW, and an iPhone 4s.

        If you’re so proud of China go buy yourself a 红旗 or a QQ or any of those shit cars you make, and use an “oppo” phone.

        Mongolians, Japanese, Koreans and North Koreans, Vietnamese, they all hate you. And now some other countries too.

        won’t be long ’til you lose the rest of your face. Stop lying to yourself and to others, man. It will make your life easier.

      • Alan

        And we’re coming back.

        We are coming back.

        I am confused, you are either mainland chinese or you are not.

        I repeat, get out of Canada, if I was canadian I wish there was a law for treason to have you drawn and quartered…at the very least deported and banned for life…..

    • Chom

      el negro pedro, I don’t think they mean there’s nothing wrong with China, but rather that China isn’t anything special in that regard (corruption)

      You’re right that its degrees of corruption, so what do you think of Inida which is a democratic country but where corruption is also Systematic? What about Ireland where there was systemic corruption and collusion between developers, bankers and the government?

      “Most Western countries are countries ruled by law for 99% of the people. China cannot make such a claim.”

      I don’t understand this assertion, are you saying that the laws apply to 99% of the people? So the top 1% don’t need to worry about the law? I would agree with that, and that is true is “most” western countries, as you put it.

      • el negro pedro


        I don’t know anything about India or Ireland. Did you bring this up to make a point about democracy v. whatever the Chinese government is?

        Rules don’t apply to the super rich anywhere in any country. I like how people will point out isolated extreme cases to illustrate that the US is just as corrupt as China.


        • Chom

          el negro pedro, first you claimed that people say “since corruption takes place in America as well as China, that there is nothing wrong with China.”

          You are exaggerating as I pointed out. Can you show me where you saw people make that exact claim? Now you say “I like how people will point out isolated extreme cases to illustrate that the US is just as corrupt as China.”

          Again…I haven’t seen anyone claim the U.S is JUST as corrupt as China, more likely, their attitude is ‘clean up your own back yard before complaining about ours’…

          If you want to rant about China, do it on a blog and not on an unrelated story

        • Notorious

          El Pedro Negro is that your actual picture? (Off topic here),, if so then you’re probably one of the only guys here to show his actual face because it’s a good looking face – the rest, not so much.

          Now… back to our regularly scheduled topic.

    • limeycant

      Oy vey! Do you think you are the first leftard to bring up China’s corruption?

    • Ming

      You are spot on. Chinese never like to admit they are wrong!

      • Sponge Monkey

        Funny comment being posted on ChinaSMACK. You see many foreigners on here admitting they’re wrong?

        Of course, I could be wrong…

  • Peye

    This has to be brought to the attention of the Mao Clinic in the US. The doctors there will take a look at it. We constantly read about milionairs and billionairs, and big ,mostly useless events, financed by industry and governments, how come this poor child is not being helped.

    • moop

      the mao clinic or the mayo clinic?

      • mr. wiener

        The mao clinic would be in china.

    • Sponge Monkey

      I just had an idea.

      Let’s contact the billionaires of China. Can someone make a list?

  • Sponge Monkey

    Okay, I’ve been wracking my brains out on this one and this is the best I could think of. I’m sure someone who’s more of an expert on China could do better.

    I did a search for the Red Cross China and Unicef China. The Red Cross seems quite scandalous but Unicef, from a Google search, came up pretty clean.

    The email for Unicef China is [email protected]

    I wrote them the following.

    I recently read an article about a 6-year-old girl named Lili of Liuchang village of Qingzhen county city in Guizhou province. She was born with spots and patches of fur on her body. At age 2 she was abandoned to a children’s nursery by her parents. She has currently been taken in by an uncle.

    This girl is not able to go to school or have any sort of normal life because of this condition. I would like to help, but being a foreigner in China, I really have no idea how to. Could you please advise on what steps I, and any others that wish to help, can take to donate to help Lili get the treatment she needs?

    The original stories are

    Chinese (from NetEase) : http://news.163.com/photoview/00AN0001/24180.html
    English (from ChinaSmack) : http://news.163.com/photoview/00AN0001/24180.html

    Thank you

    • Sponge Monkey

      Damnit, I sent it out like that too. Revise, see top bar for English from ChinaSmack… I’m sending a follow up email.

    • staylost

      Within China, the name “Red Cross” is perceived as a scam. It is great that you are taking the step forward to act on your beliefs.

      • Little Wolf

        Staylost: My old blog was pulling in money from Google ads towards the end but just about $100 to $200 per month apiece so we decided it was too much trouble to divvy up so we looked long and hard for a reputable charity that would use the money for what we intended. We finally found The Frang Foundation in Nanjing that was founded by relatives of the Frang family, a German family of 4 that was slaughtered in a home invasion robbery by a gang of lowlifes about 10 years ago.

        But if you have any advice how to find if this girl can be cured and what it would take to send her to the right specialists,etc. I’m not trying to put you on the spot, just that you are the resident Chinasmack doctor and might know where to begin.

        • Sponge Monkey
        • staylost

          Got to apologize here Little Wolf if I’ve misrepresented myself. While I currently work in healthcare, I’m not clinical (not a nurse or MD). I work on the boring administrative and policy side (and of course the “does this sound right in English?” side).

          Well, until today when I’ve finished up my time here. I’ll miss this place a lot!

          So anyway, I can’t really comment on the nature of her condition, but most doctors couldn’t either, other than to refer her to a dermatologist who would then refer her to another more specialized dermatologist who would finally recommend a specific treatment center.

          • Little Wolf

            No problem, Staylost. I think we can handle it. Hope you check in with us from time to time. Good luck.

        • An anonymous boy…

          From the picture it looks like a giant pigmented congenital nevus (usually called a giant mole or birthmark) with some littler ones. I think she is fine other than she is at increased risk for melanoma and neurocutaneous melanosis (melonoma of the brain and nevi). A doctor would need to examine her physically to confirm such.

          Other than that, I think she is at risk for serious psychological trauma caused by being shunned due to her appearance.

          Information wise maybe you should contact Liu Y ([email protected]) at The Department of Plastic Surgery at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing China. They do cutting edge research on the subject and may be able to get you in contact with good plastic surgeons for her particular disease (that are closer to her). The hospital website is http://www.jshtcm.com/ and their phone number is 025-86617141 if the above email doesn’t work.

          But I believe most plastic surgeons/dermatologists at a good hospital could help her or should be able to point you in the right direction to finding a surgeon to help her.

    • filabusta

      Good, thank you. Better to try than to talk about how unfortunate she is.

    • anon

      Please update us if you get a response.

      • anon

        I emailed some of the above addresses. Will update if I hear anything back myself.

    • D. Tective

      Yea, she should get special treatment because she got featured in a news story. Geez, I just hope the other 150,000,000 parentless kids around the world also get a news story. This little girl just won the lottery, folks.

      • Little Wolf

        So what? Nobody should help since she’s just another one of the numbers? How about we start with 1 and take it from there?

        • anon

          Exactly. If we can’t even try to help what we see and what moves us, how do you expect us to help those we don’t see?

      • Dat Ankle

        Do you think you get bonus points for admitted that you wont take action and think youre being edgy by adding sarcastic responses to people who do??

      • Notorious

        leave it to T. Tective turn an attempted act of kindness into something negative. The world needs more people like you. *eye roll*

    • Notorious

      Sponge Monkey, have you had any success bringing attention to this child’s plight? Thank you, what you guys are trying to do really warms my heart.

      • Notorious

        OH AND you can include me for donations if they accept this stuff, at kissmelittletomato[removethis]@yahoo.com

        • Sponge Monkey

          I’ll send you an email and let you know what’s going on! Thanks!

  • NinjaCatPanda

    Newest Member of XMen

  • tbh

    give her compassion, poor child

  • Chris

    That’s what happens when you have sex with Africa Man

    • mr. wiener

      Damn you’re funny, want me to post some pictures of drowned kittens so you can have chortle at that too?

    • frankie

      u are nothing but a waste of sperm.i cant believe anybody could be this heartless and stupid

    • Brett Hunan


      Real Chris or copycat Chris? Wouldnt be the first time someone “borrowed” his gravatar pic and name.

      [Note from chinaSMACK moderator: Who is the real Chris? It’s the same Chris as this and this from what we can see.]

      • bloopy

        There was a hospital in Hangzhou that did an operation for free for a girl with the same condition (but not as widespread) back in 2007.


        • Sponge Monkey

          I have gone to that page and asked the person who posted it if they can provide details.

          • Sponge Monkey

            That didn’t work. I got flagged as spam.

          • Little Wolf

            Sponge Monkey, I have yet to hear from you. I am located in Hangzhou and I am fortunate to have several excellent media connections. There is a news production company that shares the same building as my company and I have already contacted 1 of the on-air reporters(she’s got a thing for me anyways) for a meeting later today. I also have a friend at Blue Ocean Network (an English online newscast service) and my best friend in China is an editor for the biggest newspaper in the city and also he’s a very good man that wouldn’t take much convincing to run with this story. I’m going to follow this through by myself if I have to (mr. weiner is also onboard) but we could get alot more done as a team.

          • linette






            Google translate:

            Reporter’s notes

            Has not arrived yet Before the Jiecun, we are very worried that Lily will be withdrawn, unwilling to be interviewed, but more than one hour interview, Lily cheerful surprised to taking pictures of her from time to time to put on a variety of pose, also curious to play with our camera.

            The end of the interview, just the school break, the children’s noise to Lily about a lot of quiet longing eyes make us feel sad. When we say that with Liu Mingying this disease is seen on television and in newspapers, it should be healed. Liu Mingying moment excited Liuming Ying said, a good-hearted people to help Lily, so she and normal children as live.

            Ten minutes later, the reporter went back to the village to take the things you forget to take away, Lily is no longer at the gates, not far from her and unitary God holding a pile of vegetables is moving in the direction of home back to.

            I think lily relative’s name is 劉明盈. They really love her. The reporter was saying he was worried that lily didn’t want to do the interview, but she was ok after a while. When lily heard the noise of the school bell children getting off from school, she had this look in her eyes she too wants to go to school like normal kids. The reporter told 劉明盈 that this illness is curable and 劉明盈 teared up. She said she wishes some good people can help lily to get help to live a normal life.

            Who is this reporter? I can’t find his name. He had contact with the family.

            I remember that 16 yr girl who got burned, they post the bank acct link for people to donate. She got lots of donation across China. I don’t know how they do it.

          • linette


            Is this the original source? Is this the press agency?
            Is 许泽斌 the reporter?

            Source: Xuze Bin / CFP

          • linette


            lily is getting help. So nice. :)

            Qingzhen “hairy child” to cure the disease to go to school angel mother announced relief account
            News source :2012-06-09 09:25:45 your network reporter (author): time: 2012-06-09
            Your June 9 (Increase) in central Guizhou China Morning Post reporter Xuze Bin Xiong China Morning Post reported

            Qingzhen “hairy child” Lily of the things, the past two days, a number of readers readers called to donation for Lili, another Shanghai the Ninth People’s Hospital, Hospital of the entire complex, Zhengzhou the Jimei Beauty Hospital, Guizhou Mae Hong orthopedic hospitals and other hospitals scored Post the hotline, and expressed willingness to help Lili treatment. Yesterday, the Angel Mom Foundation volunteers Lily information sent to the headquarters in Beijing, has been caring account published in the Morning Post on caring people can also call the Morning hotline 5858000 or your network to understand. Yesterday morning, working in Beijing, Mr. Anhui quarter scored Morning hotline 5858000: Netease reports of Lili, too poor, and I now earn not much, but I would like to donate one or two thousand dollars to Korea Korea, hope that you will provide the account number, I remitted directly to the past.

              In addition to the hotline, microblogging, a lot of friends and reporters to get in touch, I hope that angel mother Fund announced as soon as possible to account, with Lili cure disease.

              Face of the concern of so many good people, Lily unitary Lord Liu Mingying want to say thank you to everyone in the Morning Post. Meanwhile, the family is also considering to find a suitable hospital, to Lili treatment.

              Lili event also attracted the attention of the local government. Flow Township Middle Street, the village committee secretary and village leadership, said recently in the town raise money for the Lili.

              Angel mother Fund Chi volunteers in the day before yesterday afternoon, and Guiyang, caring people, Mr Luk to the Lily family, has been made in the booklet, poverty proof documents in the Lily, Lily information sent to the headquarters in Beijing, has been caring The account was published in the Morning Post.

              Contributions to the way is as follows

              A bank transfer:

              Bank: Bank of China Beijing Branch, West Hill Road Branch

              Name: China Children’s Charity Relief Fund

              Account number: 320 756 027 856

              Or visit: http://www.ccafc.org.cn/templates/Donation/txxx.aspx?projectid=91 to make a donation.

              Alipay online donations: http://www.ccafc.org.cn/templates/Donation/txxx.aspx?projectid=91


              Name: China Children’s Charity Relief Fund

              Address:, Wanshou B, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Building 15, Block A, Layer 7

              Postal Code: 100036

              Donor, please specify: special angel mother Fund, Liu Jiang, LJ (Be sure to include dedicated Liu Jiang, LJ).

            And yes…许泽斌 and 郑雄增 are the reporters. Good for them.

          • mr. wiener

            Thanks a lot for posting the links hon. This last few days has been a real eye opener for me and I’m seeing you in a whole new light. [I’m not talking about the dominatrix thing either lol!].
            Sorry about my rudeness to you in the past, I’ll try not to make quick judgements about people in the future :)

          • anon

            That’s fantastic news, linette, thanks for finding it and posting it here!

          • Notorious

            LInette that’s wonderful thank you for posting.

          • linette

            mr. wiener

            dear, you don’t have to apologize. I wasn’t so nice at the beginning either. I guess I do have two sides to me. Sorry.

          • linette

            anon and Notorious, the people we need to thank are those two Chinese reporters. These journalists help people like lilly get the public exposure she needs to get help. That is just so wonderful. Don’t you think it is such meaningful job. Thank you journalists.

          • Brett Hunan

            linette, the journalists did great, but you made the information available to people who were clearly interested in helping but had no details. You did great yourself, my whip-yielding friend.

          • linette

            Brett Hunan

            dear , I am getting shy now. Thank you for the compliment my B&D friend.

            Brett , don’t you think jobs like being a journalist is so amazing? It’s fascinating isn’t it? Some travel to remote and dangerous parts of the world so they can help people like Lilly tell her story and photos published. They are like activists. What they do really have impact on other people’s lives.
            When I get to my middle age, I would like to go back to Hk and study a year or two journalism. I would like to travel to those rural areas in China and write about them. How cool is that. I hope I don’t get arrested my a55 thrown in jail.

        • Ming

          Thanks for the bank details, will arrange a donation for her but is there anyway to get up-dates on she is doing?

          • Alan

            Brett , don’t you think jobs like being a journalist is so amazing? It’s fascinating isn’t it? Some travel to remote and dangerous parts of the world so they can help people like Lilly tell her story and photos published. They are like activists. What they do really have impact on other people’s lives.

            @ Linette: I’d agree it is an interesting life, but I personally despise all but the most ethical journalists.

            Paparazzi hounding celebrities, asking inane questions, taking photos without permission, fake or sensationalist reporting, and as the recent Leveson inquiry in the UK is ongoing, phone tapping and spying.

            In my eyes, journalists have to prove and redeem themselves, personally I think those tmz type journos are the scum of the earth and I hope they burn in hell for all eternity.

          • Linette


            I don’t think ethical journalists want to be called paparazzi. Paparazzi is just one kind of journalism. They chase and harass celebrities. These journalists are more like they can work for discovery channel. Something important and meaningful.

      • Brett Hunan


        Yup real Chris. Didn’t know he was such a prick. Thanks.

    • Notorious

      what a sick fuck you are. you are another canadian cannibal waiting to happen, regardless of where you are from. sicko.

      • The Enlightened One

        “what a sick fuck you are. you are another canadian cannibal waiting to happen, regardless of where you are from. sicko.”

        Why do you equate him with a Canadian cannibal? In the past month we have had American, Chinese and Canadian cannibals. All obviously mentally ill.

        Just ignore him and be done with it, please don’t unknowingly relate him with Canadians. It’s obvious there are sick, demented people everywhere.

    • Brett Hunan

      하나도 재미 없어

    • Chris, who had sex with African man?
      Did the girl’s mother have sex with an African man to bring out this child? I don’t know if you are the real guy in the picture, but I can say that you are one of those people who don’t want to see peace in this world.

    • Dat Ankle

      I did not know people are now being called by continents, thanks Europe Man <3

  • Craig

    I would adopt this girl and give her a life she deserves the only freaks here are the parents may they never be blessed with any more children

  • Notorious

    [Wolverine, your offspring from when you were in China, its time you take her back to make X-Men III.] wtf mean but it made me laugh because it was so stupid.

    I appreciate reading the compassion some of the netizens have for this child. These appear to be “moles” covering her body. Or perhaps what humans looked like thousands of years ago. both parents probably carry an extremely rare gene and passed this mutation down to their child. China is a visual country where looks seem to matter. It’s sad that this little girl is so different. I hope some kindhearted soul, perhaps some rich person there will donate money so that the child may have surgery.

    • Sponge Monkey

      Personally I thought that was the most distasteful comment next to my “furry sofa” comment.

      • Notorious

        it wasn’t distasteful, it was heartless.

    • Alan

      China is a visual country where looks seem to matter.

      Style over substance all the way.

      Case in point:


      • If a girl is not beautiful in China, she has a slim chance to perform in public. In any public event, they always assemble the girls and choose the most beautiful.
        Yes, in China, physical appearance is very important. That’s why the parents ran away from the child. They always want the best in everything. They don’t accept responsibilities.

    • hess

      Have you even been to China?

  • markx

    I’ve spent a lot of time in China, and met some good people.

    But this story gives a glimpse of a society which is in trouble; judgemental, selfish, and won’t tolerate ‘outsiders’. Thank god (and I’m not religious) for the kind relative, there we see some signs of humanity.

    It is also amazing to me that they recognise Americans as her potential saviours.

  • Sponge Monkey

    A handful of dictators make the brothers and sisters of the world “different races”…

    We are all the same race.

    • hess

      That doesn’t mean that one race is superior to the other though

      • Sponge Monkey

        Yes, I do believe that one race is superior. The human race. If you’re not a member of that race, I’m sorry for offending you.

        • moop


          • Dr SUN

            If he is a racist in saying the “human race ” which race do come from Moop- Trolls ?

          • moop

            yes, i live under a bridge and occasionally and come onto chinasmack only to sarcastically call someone racist

        • hess
          • Sponge Monkey
          • Sponge Monkey

            Well, I read through all of that. Mine was easier. And now I ask you. Your point? Fine, medically, races are different, but which race is not the human race and which race is superior? Apparently you think one race is superior, would like to hear which.

          • hess

            Ok fine, you win.
            We’re all the same.

          • hess

            “Apparently you think one race is superior, would like to hear which.”
            Where did you get that from?
            “That doesn’t mean that one race is superior to the other though”
            All races belong to the human species (homo sapiens sapiens).
            Saying that we’re all the same race is not only wrong, it can be hurt people because they won’t get the best treatment they should have.

          • mr. wiener

            Wonderful, you’ve proved your point.
            Now can we see about getting her one order of treatment for a homo sapien sapiens with Asian characteristics?

          • donscarletti

            @mr. wiener

            Fur one one side, black spots on the other and all you notice is she’s Asian?

            Did you grow up on the Darling Downs or what?

          • mr. wiener

            Nope, Moorooduc. It means cold wet swampy place.

  • jeffli

    Where are all these rich good hearted Chinese?
    Why doesn’t somebody adopt or sponsor her for 1 on 1 tuition, get her through basic education and possibly university?

    What about these Buddist temples in Guangdong where rich people are throwing money away?

    Isn’t there some monks or nuns to look after her?

    or the catholic mission?
    Aren’t these “foreign religions” supposed to be doing some good here?

    And lastly but near impossible what is the Chinese govt. doing?

    Don’t send her top Fudan University medical clinic or similar as a donation, they’ll just miss treat her like a lab rat.

    poor lil girl how can we help?

  • D. Tective


    Looks like China is the only place this is been recorded as happening…

    • Little Wolf

      Here are some ther cases, including the famous “Mexican Wolf Boys” that made a good living as carnival side-show freaks.


      • h3ll

        Mexican Wolf Boys suffer from Congenital hypertrichosis . It is an extremely rare disease documented since the Middle Age. People who have it are completely covered by a long hair except in the palms of the hands and feet. The length to which hair can reach is 25 inches. Or Ambras Syndrome.
        The first documented case was in Europe in 1556 ,a man named Petrus Gonsalvus. Except for the presence of excessive hair, they do not suffer any other condition. These kind of cases go around the world ; India, Germany, Burma i.e.So it´s not the atavism like this girl possibly suffers from.

        • Little Wolf

          That is true…….but they are somewhat similar and still rare. I’m mostly interested to know just how difficult it is to cure this kind of affliction.

          • h3ll

            Of course,leaving aside the type of illness she suffers ,I´m more keen to find a way to help in one or other way.Did you get a favorable response from your friend at media field?

          • Little Wolf

            Well, the news reporter in my building, it turns out, she only reports auto industry news(it’s a niche channel) though I expect to hear from another reporter she hooked me up wit. Wheels be turning. Seems linette has found the best info so far but I am wary of the legitimacy of those charities until I can find out more.

          • Sponge Monkey

            My wife looked into it a bit, and she has assured me it’s legit. I’m thinking about making a free site just for this, as there’s so many comments here now, it’s hard to find the relevant information.

            I’ve got about 7000 committed RMB now. Most of it is from my Chinese friends and colleagues. Oddly enough, most of my foreigner friends (outside ChinaSMACK) have been “busy”. What can you do?

            I’m going to be really busy this weekend chasing it all down. But my family is really happy to be helping, it’s been a great experience, I hope it all ends well…

  • CN

    I don’t know much about child psychology, but instead of hiding her away and keeping her from school wouldn’t it be better to teach her self acceptance and teach other children tolerance of others’ differences?

    They don’t want kid’s to call her little monkey but why not just teach her to accept it. Don’t let other kids keep her down. Make best of a bad situation.

  • Justice

    Chinese society is sick. They always run away from responsibility.They separate people into good and bad as if they know how to make human beings. What legacy will they bestow on the world if they become the superpower?
    All they care about is money.

    • moop

      dude, put it in your newsletter

    • mr. wiener

      Chinese society isn’t sick, they’re just a bit crowded. The milk of human kindness is a bit short, especially when it’s in powder form with some melamine in it. It’s hard to be concerned about other people when you’re living on the knife edge, but I’ve met chinese and heard stories about many fine kind people in China. It doesn’t do to generalise as there is no justice, there is just us. Which can be good or bad depending on how you see it.

    • dilladonuts


      Hello self righteous one. Let’s not pretend that wherever you came from is flawless.. Let’s not generalize here, oh wait, maybe we should just for fun.

      Chinese is sick
      Blacks are dumb
      Jews are cheap
      Mexicans steal
      Singaporeans are lame
      Indians complain
      French are annoying as fcuk
      Germans are fcuked
      Americans are uncultured
      Most whites are corny
      Jews are ( fill in the blank )

      This is awesome, anyone else want to join?

      • Max Headroom

        Race, religion and place of origin.
        What about us guys with glasses?

        • dim mak

          GET THE NERD

          • Max Headroom


        • mr. wiener

          Guys with glasses should make sure they are always filled with beer.

          • anon

            Hahahaha! I’m going to use that one one day.

  • dim mak

    So who knows the name of this disease?

    • Max Headroom

      Probably localized hypertrichosis

      • TF1

        They’re labeling it as “atavism”.

        Here’s another similar story:


        • Kevin

          I referenced this girl in my earlier comment.

      • Kevin

        It can’t be localized hypertrichosis because if it were, then the fur would be growing on the girl’s white skin. Instead, the fur is growing on a nevus so it is probably either giant congenital nevus or nevoid hypertrichosis.

  • ChineseFighter

    A leopard would be a perfect match for her

    • D. Tective

      An ignorant twit would be a perfect match for you.

  • donnachadh

    Good thing they pixelated her face. Now nobody will recognise her as the girl with the skin deformity from Netease.

  • El Puma R.

    In spanish the word “unhappy means “infeliz”. in english, it resembles a state of mind whether in spanish it resembles a a kind of lifestyle. In hispanic countries, being called an “infeliz” is normally taken as a serious insult. That’s what this girl’s parents are.

    Dos Infelices de mierda, ojala se pudran en el infierno.
    -two unhappy bastards, hope they rot in hell.

    I’ve seen this kind of behavior in all sectors of this society.. and you can never miss the idiot that says “in china we don’t have people with disabilities” …

    I’d adopt her if I could. Seriously.

    • dim mak

      Nobody has ever claimed China has no disabled people

      Cease your stupid immediately

      • El Puma R.

        I can clearly see you used a translator. you’re Chinese, right? cease my stupid? well, you’re not mine so I can’t stop you. Yes, I live here in China and I’ve heard people claim things like the following:

        – There’s no disabled people in China. (YES there are, and they’re either abandoned by their parents, or they’re put in “mental institutions” hidden in the countryside so nobody sees them. I’m a photographer and with my friend (psychologist) we wanted to do an article for a magazine about the segregation of disabled people in china. and before we got to that place, Two “Chang guang” told us we were getting in serious trouble. We didn’t ask why because we realized that hiding the dust under the carpet is a common habit around here. I doubt you could understand what I’m talking about.

        – There’s no poor people in China and if they are poor is because they want to be poor. JESUS IGNORANCE CHRIST how proud of being ignorant can someone be? I didn’t think about it until I came to China, where i’ve seen people insulting us foreigners just because we said one tiny little truth.

        And I’m pretty sure the Chinese media showed that girl because it’s “funny”. Of course, I’ve never seen so many people making fun of other people’s physical appearance as I’ve seen in China. (I hope one day your people get to consider that malnutrition and ignorance is a general phenomena in China) The media doesn’t care her parents left her… that happens all the time in China. One of my student is one of the most gorgeous and sweet girls I’ve seen in China and her fiancee broke up with her when he found out she had diabetes. I even told my dad not to come visit me because he’s overweight and people would make fun of him here.. in that case I couldn’t take it and someone would get hurt.

        So the next time you hit one of those “bath houses” Take 5 minutes and ask the girl of your choice where does she come from. And also ask her if she could afford school, or at least if her parents did… wtf… just take a hike into the countryside, open your tiny short sighted eyes and you’ll see there’s a lot of lies all around.

        fucking retard don’t you know that your mother te pario cagando infeliz de mierda. And you’re proud of it. go translate that ! xD

        • anon

          I’ve heard people everywhere say some really stupid things. I don’t generalize it to their entire nation and countrymen. Doing so makes me just as fucking stupid as they are.

          I agree that there are people and powers in China that like to hide their dirty laundry or what they consider unsightly, especially when foreign media comes around trying to cover it and they see it as possibly embarrassing them. I think that aspect about China has been fairly well covered, such as when the local government shooed out all the transients ahead of the Asian Games, which is fueled by the same motivations as Ukraine going around killing stray dogs and cats in preparation for the Euro 2012 going on right now.

          The poor because they want to be poor rhetoric is common amongst a lot of middle class and upper class demographics, especially those who hold the Protestant work ethic notion. People look down on the poor and tend to equate their own success with their own efforts rather than their luck and fortune in being born with access to more advantages. Plenty of Westerners think the same thing about Chinese people, that they’re poor and have been exploited because of their historical choices, not because anyone else might’ve exploited them or fucked them over or the world just isn’t fair sometimes.

          People are usually insulted because they somehow insulted someone else. I really don’t think the vast majority of incidents involved the foreigner somehow innocently saying “one tiny little truth”. Plus, can’t the Chinese people make the same accusation?

          You thinking the Chinese media showed this girl because they thought it was “funny” is really cynical. You might have a case if it was a Chinese circus showing this girl but I think the reporting attached to the photos of these girls shows that the media sympathizes with her plight, especially when it praises the distant relative for giving her a home when she was abandoned. You have an awfully negative and prejudiced view of Chinese people.

          I’m surprised you had so much to say in response to dim mak who simply said what is closer to the truth than your representation that Chinese people think there are no disabled people in China. He’s technically wrong for saying “nobody” but he’s alluding to the fact that its not remotely a common belief given how obvious that there are disabled people in China. It’s very likely the people who you’ve encountered who say there are no disabled people don’t mean it to the extent that you take it, as it would be incredibly easy to prove them wrong. Most people, even in China, are not that stupid. They may be engaging in hyperbole, as we do ourselves, as you’re surely going to say you’ve done above, so it’s a little dishonest for you to take them at their word and somehow make it into a broader comment about China and Chinese people with it.

          Good job with the racist “tiny short sighted eyes” insult. Talk about undermining your own accusations of ignorance.

          • Alan

            I agree that there are people and powers in China that like to hide their dirty laundry or what they consider unsightly, especially when foreign media comes around trying to cover it and they see it as possibly embarrassing them.

            @ anon: Well said!

            I just had a very heated discussion about this with a chinese guy here recently. He insisted all foreigners are free to go to tibet without hindrance, I begged to differ, without taking sides….he then got into the whole tibet has always been a part of China, 5,000 years etc etc

            The USSR liked to justify their repression of Islam in Central Asia by trying to build international socialism, sadly, repressing faith never works….Chernobyl is another case of denial, until Moscow realised they could not hoodwink Europe and sweep it under the carpet any further….

          • El Puma R.

            Shit.. Mozilla Crashed when I was about to finish my reply to Anon. and I lost it.

            Long story not so short.
            Been living in China for 5 years, mastered their language. I used to hold them up high. Anon, you’re right, you can diss me all you want but my views of chinese people weren’t made up by myself. They did all the work for me. I guess you haven’t seen 59 people in a class of 60 laughing at the fat girl, just because she’s fat.. several times a week. I’ve seen students not taking an IELTS or TOEFL exam just because the examiner was a black person. Seeing that would definitely change your point of view.

            I also think that not fitting in the stereotypes of this society will deny you a decent future, just look at this poor girl, what she got for not being “normal”. As for chinese media, I believe they’re looking for people to sympathize with the media itself rather than the little girl.

            And I also said you must come from a family with loving parents or at least one of them took care of you very well, therefore you believe in people as individuals. I’d say it’s a virtue that you have… but be aware, around here it might frustrate you, badly.
            One thing I like about this website is that we can share our opinions and be respected for that. However in my actual life I try to keep my relationships as straight business, just like they do with me (there are exceptions, thank God) .. because if I want to be humanistic around here, I’ll just keep crashing into a wall.

            If you don’t speak Chinese I’d recommend you should study it, because it’s the door to get to know them deeply. And if you do, try to speak to as many people as you can, because it’s a polarized society (wealth gap) and you won’t hear the same story once you’ve hit the countryside, or the low classes.

            About the short sight thing.. what’s offensive about the truth? It might have sound aggressive but… they are generally short sighted just like they look young for way longer than we do. White people is stronger and Chinese are more agile than we are. Just facts man.

            I know you are not THAT condescending. I’ve read your comments before.

          • linette

            El Puma R.

            You sound like you are very disappointed with China. When you first arrived, did you have high expectation? You sound like someone who had high hopes but was let down. Reality hit you too hard. Your heart turns grey. Too much disappointment. :( I understand what you are saying. I know why you are pissed. Like me, when I look at China, I tell myself try not to be pissed. Just be pity. Pity them.

            How old are your students? Are they high school?

          • moop

            “Been living in China for 5 years, mastered their language. I used to hold them up high”

            El Puma, i feel your pain brother

            @dim mak, i’ve heard plenty of chinese people say there are no gays in china as well. but i just chalk it up to trying to save face for china and write them off as a moron

            the disabled in china seem to suffer one of two fates: hidden away from society or forced to beg on the streets.

          • anon

            El Puma R,

            I think my Chinese is actually quite decent. I’m not trying to deprive you of the disagreeable or disheartening things you’ve been witness to. I just think it isn’t wise to generalize from those instances. For example, kids making fun of a fat girl, that happens all the time where we’re likely from. There are just way too many disagreeable and disheartening things happening everywhere and amongst all sorts of people. I wouldn’t like myself or “my kind” to be judged by the few so I try not to do the same to others.

            Your “tony short sighted eyes” insult towards dim mak was simply racist. It isn’t the truth unless you actually know how big dim mak’s eyes are and whether or not he has myopia. You assumed he was Chinese and you decided to insult him based on an unfortunately childish observation about the physical differences of Chinese people.

            In our other discussion above, about the FLG, you accused me of “using smart-ass diminishing adjectives” when I said your misrepresentation of why the FLG was banned was “ridiculous”. I don’t think you have the moral high ground here when you’re going around doing the online equivalent of pulling the side of your eyes back mocking Chinese people as having “tiny short-sighted eyes”.

        • Notorious

          “- There’s no poor people in China and if they are poor is because they want to be poor. JESUS IGNORANCE CHRIST how proud of being ignorant can someone be?”

          same argument as anywhere, not just in china. in fact it’s repeated over and over again in the USA where people claim that the poor are poor because they are lazy and because of their race. how dare you cast stones on an entire country like you know what everybody think and feel. get out of here with that bullshit.

          • El Puma R.

            @Linette I got primary and middle school students which has given me the opportunity to see children bringing some really weird behavior from their homes. I talk with them and what I find surprising is that they have serious problems when it comes to talk about their feelings. If I felt pity for them (like the other teachers do) I’d never earn their respect or appreciation. Plus I love to teach them to use both constructive and critical thinking and the results are impressive, if not remarkable.
            I’m somewhat angry with this place because I love it but lately it has been a disappointing pain in the butt for me, probably because now I know what they are talking about.. and that’s what I came here for, so I’m leaving next year. =)

            @moop Thanks bro kindness feels good when it comes from a stranger.

  • JPAX

    If the parents didn’t care enough to stick around and help this child why are the posters so surprised that the government is not interested?

    I would adopt this little girl. Wish her all the best.

  • Clive

    I am an English Teacher and my heart goes out to this poor girl As to the parents if ever found should be locked away for life..how can anyone abandon such a sweet girl…..God bless her and the people taking care of her.

  • Sponge Monkey

    Update: Nothing

    Of the talented and internet savvy Chinese on the ChinaSmack, you think you could find the author of the article and contact them asking if there’s anyway to help out?

    As I’ve just sent to Little Wolf, got nothing in the way of a reply from Unicef. Have tried Red Cross now.

    And @Hess… I know diddly squat about medicine. I didn’t realize that’s what we were talking about. I thought someone made a comment about racial superiority and the general gist of my reply was, I don’t like the idea of that. I prefer to think of us all one big dysfunctional family, kinda like ChinaSmack :)

    “The surest sign of intelligent life in the universe is that they haven’t attempted to contact us.” – Calvin (and Hobbes)

  • Johnny Basic

    Is this a problem?

    Judging by the way so many Chinese girls don’t do anything about their all-too-visible mustaches, and leave their armpits (and often legs) unshaved, I’m surprised anyone thinks this is anything other than 好可爱.

    In fact, most Chinamen probably think she is ‘very auspicious’, given the sacred status they give the five inch hairs protruding from their warts.

    • Max Headroom

      I hope fate have a interesting future in hold for you.

    • Notorious

      At what point did you decide a cruel comment like this was necessary?

    • El Puma R.

      I found the first paragraph quite funny and realistic (those mustaches and armpits, I mean, come on) even though I disagree with what you say about chinamen.

      • mr. wiener

        I kinda like body hair myself. It’s why I made an ass of myself when I was young chasing feminist chicks.
        Mmmmmm……..hairy armpits [note: a small flak burst of hair is nice. A door mat is too much]

  • Sponge Monkey

    I had a wonderful day, really! One of my most uplifting days in China, and I have to thank many of the people here for that.

    I went to see my boss today to see if he could help me track down the source of this story. We talked for a bit, I showed him the site, and saw Linette had already gotten the information required. I was so happy! My boss said he’d see if our company would make a donation, which I hope they do.

    On my way home, there was a man with an extremely deformed face and arms (everything else was covered) begging for change on the subway. I immediately thought of this. I thought of Lili ending up one day using her condition for sympathy begging on the streets, and was so happy to know that maybe, just maybe, one person could have a shot at life that this unfortunate man could not.

    When I got home, I told my wife and my daughter about this. I hadn’t discussed this story with my daughter. I asked her, “What do you want me to do? We don’t have lots of money, you know. I can buy you some toys, or I can send money to this girl so she can go to school and have a more normal life.”

    God I was so proud of her. “Daddy, I don’t want toys. Give her all our money.”

    Um, that’s not going to happen, but I am going to make a donation, and I am going to spread the news to anyone I can.

    Thanks Linette!

    I’m so super … well… proud, I guess… of everyone today, the people of China and China’s organizations that have gotten together to help out, the people here of ChinaSmack, my daughter :) (sorry, I’m a dad, it was a nice moment), and of course Linette and the person who reported this story in the first place.

    It’s nice to hear, but it’s not over yet, I hope this has a really happy ending. :)

    … and Linette, if you’re ever in Shanhai, give me a shout, I would love my wife and daughter to meet you :)

    • The Enlightened One

      Sounds like you have a good family. You are a lucky man, and smart not to spoil your child into thinking that she is entitled to everything in the world but should share with those less fortunate and deserving.

      You should be proud, raising your children right is the best thing you can do.

    • anon

      Your story is heartwarming in a strange way despite us not knowing each other or even being on the same continent. I also think its heartwarming to think of some of us commentariat here doing something to help in some way. chinaSMACK has done some good. I remember seeing one guy in Shanghai, also at a subway station, who looks like his entire face was burned and horribly scarred, missing an ear or something, perhaps an eye that had skin grown over it (not sure). HIs hands were also injured or deformed, missing fingers, and I want to say he was making those little live flower earrings that you see some old grannies making but I’m not sure if I’m mixing him up with other people. Anyway, it was a depressing sight. I try really hard to remember just how fortunate I am in this world.

    • linette

      Sponge Monkey,
      That is so nice. Don’t need to thank me. I was just doing a little search. It helped that I can read Chinese so the search was more easy. I really want to thank those reporters getting Lilly the spotlight she needs to get the attention for help. I hope there are more people like those journalists. And the people here in Chinasmack…many of them do have good hearts(even though we bullshxt with each other and troll all day long.)

      Sure, if I do ever go to China I will give you a shout. Let you know a little secret. I have never step foot into China my whole life. I know China through friends and reading news. I do know Hong kOng where I am from…though hehehe….does that count?
      Is your wife Chinese? Do you speak a bit of Chinese? Your daughter sounds so sweet.

      • Sponge Monkey

        Hey there

        My reading and writing of Chinese is virtually non existent, but after 9 years, I can butcher the language out good enough to not really have any communication problems anymore.

        My wife is indeed Chinese. She’s from ChongQing (which is a mess now, I feel so sorry for my inlaws) but we live in Shanghai.

        Thanks so much. I had the impression you were in China, must have been thinking of someone else.

        I’ve got my wife sending off our donation. I’m trying to get my company onto this, which I think they may do. Also made a few calls home and got some family involved.

        Yes, those reporters are fantastic. If I can ask you one more little favor, not sure if you did, there was a lot of information there. Did you happen to get the emails of those reporters? My wife wants to talk to them. She sees me on here and other sites about China, and the news is constantly depressing. She’s really touched by all this and wants to send them a note.

        * if my avatar is showing up now, that’s not my wife :) That’s what I found on Taobao looking for “human bodies” … giggle …

        • mr. wiener

          I noticed the avatar…….ewwww!

        • linette

          sponge Monkey


          作者:许泽斌 郑雄增 来源:黔中早报 编辑:徐然

          The reporters names are 许泽斌 and 郑雄增. The editor is 徐然. the name of the newspaper is 黔中早报

          新闻热线(tel):0851-5858000 or 热线电话:0851-4109854

          I hope I am right.

          If your wife really get a hold of them, say thank you to them for me also. They did good.

          • Sponge Monkey

            Will let you know tomorrow. Thanks again, and will do!

  • Song of the Article

    Micheal Jackson


    I believe in her, and some of you….


  • Notorious

    OH fauna, why must I be moderated? I contribute thoughtfully whenever I post. Except on ocassion when people are stupid. Unmoderate me, I demand to be free! Power to the netizens! woop hoop hoop :o)

    • linette


      Freedommmmmmm….you sound like Mel Gibson.
      What so bad about being moderated? Try being banned. I was banned from koreabang site. hahaha. Some dude was trolling so I mega troll him back.

      • Notorious

        its terrible! Every time I am in a conversation I have to go to my aemail ccount and activate the comment. It makes me not want to post its so annoying. ANd heh, you are like me. When people get on my nerves or act stupid I show them how stupid should really act. lol

        • Alan

          It makes me not want to post its so annoying.


        • Sponge Monkey

          You’re a regular here. You contribute regularly. That’s too bad. It’s probably an automatic thing… if you post too much you get cut o—

          • Sponge Monkey

            And now I’m being moderated. Neat! It’s a little sucky but it’s kinda cool too. For example. I replied to a post that was a year old, and clicked “post comment” just as I noticed the age of the comment…

            But I was moderated, so I just deleted that email and no one will ever know what it was I said…

            In other notes, I really want to see Cheng Guan school fight :) I will be sending an email about my moderation and that. My moderation? My mother always told me to do things in moderation…. I wonder if this is what she meant…

            I’m so confused.

      • Brett Hunan

        Thats why you arent over there anymore…. well, youve certainly toned it down since then.

  • El Puma R.


    maybe it would be a good idea to have the option to rate the comments.

    • El Puma R.

      including negative rating like youtube =)

    • Sponge Monkey

      I sent you email yesterday, did you get it? (btw, another idea to keep the posts down would be to have accounts on here so I can PM rather than posting this on the site…)

      • El Puma R.

        Reading it!

  • chris

    to correct someone who posted before me, america is no longer imperialist, except durring the presidency of george h w bush. he was imperialist. but at the end of world war II in the pacific theater, imperialism died for america. china is imperialistic more then america, look at the war that never hit the news between a dispute of china and india’s border. fighting over just a few KM of land, stupid. also constantly trying to take back taiwan (formosa) when china had already let taiwan go on to be by itself. pretty foolish, just leave taiwan alone because most taiwanese i know hate the mainland.

    and now as to the young girl, i feel very sorry for her, however it is not a genetic mutation at all, just a genetic memory of our ape like past that was more dominant in the genetic code for her. it is a look into our past in a way. because it proves darwin was totally 100% correct, and the bible was not totally correct. but then must remember albert einstien. “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”

  • DRaY

    Wow… Fucked up for the kid. Her parents are real pieces of shit!!

  • Meh

    ”Little Monkey”? Seriously? What a cruel name to call a child. Fuck.

    • Nancy White

      I would adopt her..

  • Ming

    OMG this poor girl, has someone set up a donation account for her? surely this story should be forwarded to hospitals around the world and maybe some kind heart dr would offer their services for free to help her? i would be happy to pay for her flight to get there and back.

    • Little Wolf

      Wow…..what a guy.
      I, for one am very impressed with your ability to purchase airline tickets.

    • mr. wiener

      Linette found an account set up by the journalists that covered this case which look legit.[see above] I’ll probably cough up some dough myself as it would be better than a bunch of dum-arse laowai trying to negotiate the byzantine depths of the Chinese banking system.

  • Kevin

    I read in another article that Lili (whose name is Liu Jiangli) was diagnosed with hypertrichosis universalis which does not make sense. There are many cases around the world (especially in China) that are very similar to that of Liu that have previously been documented in the media and have had been diagnosed as other diseases. The first one is Cheng Junjie (also from China) who has a very similar growth all over her left arm. Cheng was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus, also known as hairy nevus syndrome at the age of nine years. Another girl from China named Li Xiaoyuan has similar growth covering nearly her entire back and abdomen. What makes Li’s case different is that the fur did not even begin to grow on her body until the age of six years. She has confused every doctor she has visited. In South Korea, a boy named Hoang has growth covering his shoulders, arms, back, neck, chest, and scomach. He was diagnosed with hypertrichosis at the age of twelve years. This does not make sense because in all of these cases, the hair has been growing on moles so the only form of hypertrichosis that occurs in moles is nevoid hypertrichosis. In China, a girl named Jiaxue has a growth on her body that is nearly a mirror image of the growth on Liu’s body except that Jiaxue’s growth covers more of her back, shoulders, chest, and face. At the age of four years, Jiaxue’s growth was identified as an atavism which is something that cannot be cured in the modern world. Finally, in the United States, a girl named Naomi Ovalle had a similar growth that covered her entire left arm and shoulder. Like Cheng Junjie, Naomi was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus. At the age of three years, Naomi received treatment and had the mole surgically removed. Naomi now lives a happy life with the nevus removed. I believe that every child that I mentioned including Liu should be diagnosed with melanocytic nevus because each case basically has the same concept of fur growing on moles. If one case is being diagnosed as many different diseases and the families cannot afford treatment, then something is obviously wrong with China’s Red Cross.

    • Hannah

      This is the most accurate post on here. As my post states, my little sister was diagnoses with nevus just weeks after being born. She was one of just a handful of cases in the US at the time and she has been healthy ever since the tumors were removed and cosmetic surgery and skin graffing have removed any “fur” or coarse hair. She is currently 15 years old and has had a stable, happy life and is loved by the community. I hope that this poor girl gets the understanding and support she deserves.

  • Sponge Monkey

    Here’s an update. Some of the users on the site have wanted to raise some money to help out Lily. We are currently looking into the validity of the banking and donation information. As soon as we have it verified, we’ve actually made a little website that will provide all the information on how to help out Lily. Sorry this is taking a while, but we need to make sure this is helping out the right person.

    Hopefully we’ll have the go ahead soon. Thanks to all that want to help!

    • mr. wiener

      thanks for doing the organising.

  • Cleo

    Walk up to Michelle Reis and ask her to bear the medical expenses. Or step up to Stanley Ho’s fourth wife after she wins another truffle auction and request that she help this child. Why else has the Chinese government via their HK avatar permitted the ongoing monopolies to go on in Hong Kong especially the real estate pyramid scheme?

    • Cleo

      Why condemn little girls innocent and simple enough to post photos of their overpriced handbags when there are seriously selfish people who could easily help such a needy case and we bow and scrape to them? What kind of communism IS this??

  • Peace

    poor child this can be treated though….careful wat u call the blacks u don know wats gonna get u

  • kc

    Wow, She is beautiful! A work of art. Ive never seen anything like it before but she is not repulsive but truly captivating.

    • Sponge Monkey

      She is beautiful, I agree. Her smile is that of innocence and youth.

      We’re not creating art though. She needs an education.

  • Sponge Monkey

    I’ll still be here. My sister in law is goin out there this week.

  • beijing dude196

    Feel so sorry for this poor girl.

  • Chinelo

    I think she’s a BEAUTIFUL girl. Look at her face. So vibrant and gorgeous. Her skin is otherwise flawless. I just hope she gets rid of this disease and can put this in her past.

  • Hannah


    My little sister Ciera was born with a very very similar condition if not identical. Her afflicted skin covers her torso from mid-thigh up to her belly button and before cosmetic surgery grew a rough type of “fur”. It is a genetic condition and by no means an infection or disease. Aside from the possiblty of tumors this young girl should be very healthy otherwise. It saddens me to see this and know how shes being treated and knowing nothing is wrong with this special girl.

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  • ggg

    i dont think shes ugly. why do people make fun her its just rude

  • i think its cool i’d like to be covered in fur

  • and im a furry