Future Police Officers Sleep In Politics Class

Future Chinese police officers sleep in class.
From NetEase, “Shocking Scene in the Classroom of Police Officer College“:

The Politics class is just an empty shell, why bother wasting people’s time by having the course!
Some meaningless classes are just like this!
Wasting taxpayer’s money!!!

We really need teachers with character to come teach the Politics class. It should make children want to participate in politics, make them care more about politics, and not just be about dry, abstract concepts. In ancient China, the emperor’s teachers all taught politics, but I don’t think the emperors and princes were sleeping while their teachers taught class!

Hehe, it is the same here in our technical college, except we need to take it every semester!! What more, if you do not test well for this kind of class, you cannot graduate. It is even more important than courses for our major.

Comments on NeEase:

Heh heh, politics classes are all like this…

Serving the people is so tiring, take a rest!!

Haha…It reminds me of the time I was in the politics class…but you guys are even more “niu” [daring] than us, you have more people sleeping!

For the teacher to teach the class like this, you must admit: even this is genius!!!

LZ is a country bumpkin who studies in a country bumpkin police officer school. Every police officer school is like this. Don’t make a fuss here.

If an “A-movie” was on, they wouldn’t be asleep!

Politics class is necessary for everyone to learn, how can you say it wastes time and should be canceled? It’s your own problem if you can’t stand it, do not accuse the class of being boring.

What is politics? Haha, it’s useless, and it would be better for every one to NOT learn it.

If you are Chinese, then you must know politics. Actually, what is understanding politics? It is letting people appreciate GCD [gong can dang, the Communist Party] for being consistent, wise, and great, and saving people from misery. Had we known earlier that they would cause China to turn out this way, would we have chased the GMD [guo min dang, KMT/Nationalist Party] away?

Times have changed, but the class has not. So it turns out like this.

This person running the class is a Hypnosis teacher teaching a hypnosis class. Looks like he is pretty effective!

This teacher is a genius, he can cure the entire world’s insomnia! Hurry and go apply for a patent, this is also a contribution to humanity!

If this is not fake, I admire that teacher, very committed.

I see a reflection of the time when I took politics class.

The politics class is an important tool for the GongChanDang [Communist Party] to indoctrinate the thinking of “flowers of the motherland” [Chinese children and young people]. Anything can be canceled, but this class. Ever since we were small, why is it that every time we see a domestic war movie we think the KMT/Nationalists are the evil bastards? This is because of the GongChanDang. Actually, whichever party in a country is powerful, that party rules. There is no good or bad. For the ordinary common people, what difference is there between who rules? Politics is just a game, depending on tricks and lies.

Does any one still believe this political stuff??? So fake even kids cannot be tricked, who wants to learn it!!!

One of them isn’t sleeping, human flesh search him out!

Damn, police are police, even when they are sleeping they are more orderly/organized than when we were in school…

Motherfuckers, let me explain something, this was us in the middle of resting.
Everyone has misunderstood, our class resting, you guys should not understand incorrectly!
It was a break, not in the middle of class!

One look and you know it is China.

I have called the police twice, and both times I was told by the police department that they do not have enough people and funds to investigate.. Now I know he was speaking the truth!!!

Wow, there was one guy listening to the teacher’s lecture. That guy will definitely become chief in the future!

What are you guys talking about? This was obviously the class break time, do not always be so cynical! Be more optimistic [believe the good in things]!

I’ve seen very good politics classes both in college and on TV. There are two reasons for this scene: One is the content and form of the class really needs to be updated, but another reason is that students’ attitudes. I believe these days many people immediately discriminate in their hearts when they hear they must take politics class, and first impressions are strongest. How can we blame everything on the first reason? In ancient times, the classes princes took were not necessarily interesting, but they knew they were the successors to the throne, and had a sense of responsibility. But us? Other than criticizing this phenomenon, should we not offer more feasible recommendations?

I am a student who just graduated from a police officer college.
Take a look at our daily schedule and I trust you will understand the reasons for what is happening in LZ’s picture.
6:15 Get up. (Usually one needs to get up at 6:00, to avoid being late)
6:20 Get ready for morning excises. (Usually roll call 6:16. If one is not present or late, points would be deducted and extra exercises are added for the weekend. Even after graduating, we still shudder when we hear “extra excises in the weekend”)
6:25 Morning excerise starts. (Actually starts at 6:22, the team leader needs to say a few words). Morning exercise routines: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 3km run. Tuesday and Thursdays: formation exercises.
6:55 Morning exercise ends. Rush to the cafeteria to fight for “baozi” (a Chinese bun with fillings)
7:10 Come back to dorm, and make bed. The blanket needs to be folded into a “a Tofu cube.” If the blanket is not folded like a cube of Tofu, you have need to fold it again on the training grounds in the afternoon before coming back.
7:35 Pre-class assembly (Nothing important, the leader needs to say a few words).
7:55 Enter classrooms and prepare for class.
8:10—12:10 Morning classes.
12:10—13:00 Lunch. Nowadays the food is expensive and there are so many people.
13:00—14:30 Mid-day break/nap. Usually get up 14:00 to take care of personal things, clean and tidy up, and before heading to the training grounds, there is another roll call assembly.
14:45 Pre-class assembly. (the leader has to talk again)
14:50 Get to classroom and prepare for class
15:00-17:10 Afternoon classes.
17:10-18:30 Dinner/Supper. Dinner/supper break is longer, so the cafeteria is not as crowded.
19:00-19:30 Promptly arrive in the classroom to watch “xin wen lian bo’ [a CCTV news program], cannot be absent.
19:30-21:00 Independent study. (No walking about during this time. Cannot bring laptop to the classroom to go online. There are serious consequences for getting caught.)
21:00-22:00p.m. Get ready to go to bed
22:00-0:00 Send text massages in bed [probably to friends or girlfriend] (No electricity at night in the dorm)
0:00-6:00 Sleep.
6:00 Get woken up by someone. Get dressed and brush teeth in the dark preparing for exercises.
6:15a.m. Fluorescent lights turn on. A new day starts!

From Money to Friday, if one leaves campus/school without permission, there will be severe consequences if caught.
On Saturday and Sunday Saturday 6:00-19:00 we can leave campus at any time, but must be back by 19:00 for roll call, otherwise there will be severe consequences.

I felt I didn’t go to a college, but to a prison. I didn’t have much personal time!

Comments on Xinhuanet:

Politics class spends all day talking about how how communism is great and capitalism is evil. Are students idiots? Of course nobody will listen/pay attention.

I think it is not true! This might be another Tiger Zhou! Think about it! These people are to be the future elites in charge of society!

They were taking a nap, the teacher just came earlier to get ready for the class!

“The hooker last night was energetic” was not something I said. It was something I overheard from a JC uncle taking a refresher course at my school when I was at the Ningbo University guest house/hotel.

This is just like the emperor’s new clothes [king’s new robe, Andersen’s fairytale], every body knows the truth, but no one wants to say it out loud.

I had never liked politics class all the away from middle school through to college. My high school politics teacher had said that they would all be laid off if the politics class was not a required course [every one needs to take it to pass the exams]. In my college, politics class was always the most skipped class. It purely wastes the tax we had paid for schools to give shitty classes like this.

Sleep tight, my little treasure!

They have worked so hard!

China’s political textbooks are very fake, so students all know that even if they do not listen, it is no big deal/loss.

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