Fuzhou Woman Viciously Beats Man After Minor Accident

Fuzhou woman beats man after minor traffic accident.

Crazy woman lands a right hook.

From Mop:

Shrew openly beats honest man on the street for minutes, just because she was knocked over

At the Sinopec gas station on Yuefeng road in Jin’An district of Fuzhou, a man on an electric scooter accidentally hit a middle aged woman carrying a box of takeaway, the woman was knocked to the ground, the takeaway spilling everywhere. Angered at this, the woman in question threw insults and blows his way. The man accepted both without a fighting back with words or blows.

The man, silent throughout, made passers by think that they were a quarreling couple, and that he, the husband had recognised that he was in the wrong, and was accepting his punishment. After realising the truth, they started to intervene, saying “He’s already acknowledged that he was at fault”, “you aren’t injured either, you can’t keep hitting him”…

But the woman would not listen to reason and, getting angrier, raised her umbrella and brought it down upon the honest man’s head, then picked up the scattered plastic boxes, raised them to the his face, and screeched, “Eat it! Eat it! EAT IT!!!!” but the poor man kept his mouth shut under this barrage, and never once returned fire.

Then a surprising thing happened: from the crowd, angered by what was happening, a single leg flew out, kicking the woman’s left thigh. At the same time,  another leg shot out from behind her, landing on her calf. The crowd helped the honest man pick up his scooter, and made a “human wall” between the woman and man. The honest man left the scene on his vehicle as fast as he could, leaving behind the embarrassed woman, and the rowdy street then returned to normalcy.

Don't let me catch you making trouble again.

Comments from Mop:


Good kick!


Did this really happen? Chinese society [Original Chinese is 私会, a pun meaning “selfish society”] still has people who will intervene when they see injustices??


…What an honest guy…


That kick was well deserved.


She wasn’t afraid of getting hit back…?


I feel like hitting her too~


Smacking people is good for health.

Boy and girl with surprises for each other at sunset.


There’s something wrong with that woman.


Good men don’t quarrel with women.

December 13 UPDATE: Here is the video. Will it change your opinion of the woman? — Fauna

Eat it. chinaSMACK personals.


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