Fuzhou Woman Viciously Beats Man After Minor Accident

Crazy woman lands a right hook.

From Mop:

Shrew openly beats honest man on the street for minutes, just because she was knocked over

At the Sinopec gas station on Yuefeng road in Jin’An district of Fuzhou, a man on an electric scooter accidentally hit a middle aged woman carrying a box of takeaway, the woman was knocked to the ground, the takeaway spilling everywhere. Angered at this, the woman in question threw insults and blows his way. The man accepted both without a fighting back with words or blows.

The man, silent throughout, made passers by think that they were a quarreling couple, and that he, the husband had recognised that he was in the wrong, and was accepting his punishment. After realising the truth, they started to intervene, saying “He’s already acknowledged that he was at fault”, “you aren’t injured either, you can’t keep hitting him”…

But the woman would not listen to reason and, getting angrier, raised her umbrella and brought it down upon the honest man’s head, then picked up the scattered plastic boxes, raised them to the his face, and screeched, “Eat it! Eat it! EAT IT!!!!” but the poor man kept his mouth shut under this barrage, and never once returned fire.

Then a surprising thing happened: from the crowd, angered by what was happening, a single leg flew out, kicking the woman’s left thigh. At the same time,  another leg shot out from behind her, landing on her calf. The crowd helped the honest man pick up his scooter, and made a “human wall” between the woman and man. The honest man left the scene on his vehicle as fast as he could, leaving behind the embarrassed woman, and the rowdy street then returned to normalcy.

Don't let me catch you making trouble again.

Comments from Mop:


Good kick!


Did this really happen? Chinese society [Original Chinese is 私会, a pun meaning “selfish society”] still has people who will intervene when they see injustices??


…What an honest guy…


That kick was well deserved.


She wasn’t afraid of getting hit back…?


I feel like hitting her too~


Smacking people is good for health.

Boy and girl with surprises for each other at sunset.


There’s something wrong with that woman.


Good men don’t quarrel with women.

December 13 UPDATE: Here is the video. Will it change your opinion of the woman? — Fauna

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  • Justin

    First, finally. what a bizznitch.

    • Justin

      I’ll also say Jesus said “A kind word turneth away anger.” Motherfucker was WAY off.

      • fabulous

        And then Gandhi said “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

        • Peter

          Hahaha – hysterical

      • David

        Yeah…pretty sure Proverbs said that, not Jesus. And if it holds 99.8% of the time, does that other 0.02% qualify as “way off”?

    • Justin

      actually on second thought, there might be more to she story. Maybe she was having a really shitty day and to make up for it, she was planning on treating herself and her family to a really nice expensive dinner from her favorite restaurant and some putz smashed into her, spilling it everywhere so she went ballistic. Happens to the best of us.

      • whichone

        Yes that could have happened, but there is absolutely no evidence to support it, one could just as easily assume the opposite – that she just finished viciously beating a kid and ordered takeout afterwards to replenish her strength.

        Based on what was seen, just an angry, self-centered person who was taught a lesson by the public.

      • fabulous

        People’s reactions are usually a sample of what they are truly like. When something unexpected happens a person usually runs on autopilot and the true personality breaks free.
        This is the same as when a person gets drunk.

      • jin

        yeah and maybe shes being such a crazy bitch that her husband and children dont want to talk to her. soo shes super stressed and then exploded.

        • fabulous

          Possibly. We’ll never know.

  • En

    Wow, excellent comment:

    Did this really happen? Chinese society still has people who will intervene when they see injustices??

    I have never seen it in 4 years.

    • Jay

      I haven’t either, in a full 10 years of living in NE China.

      • jin

        soo you havent seen it in 10 years but you didnt help them either in 10 years? doesnt that just make you the same?

        • fabulous

          That’s not what he said.

          • jin

            he didnt say but he lived there for 10 year, and i dont think he tried to help people when they are beaten or something.

          • fabulous

            You don’t think he tried to help people when they are beaten or something? What makes you think that?

        • some

          You are Chinese, right? He did not say what you pretend to have “understood”.

          I have never seen anybody helping in 5 years in China. Yet, I have helped when a little boy got his face destroyed by an angry man. 50 Chinese adults just standing around it and watching how the little boy cried and the blood from his face soak his shirt, with a heavy man sitting above him beating over and over. Had to be the only laowai in a packed subway train to kick that fat suckers head to make him stop. The Chinese didn’t even yell at him, not even their faces looked upset in any way! They just starred at the scene like cows.

  • John

    Crazy chink bitch. Kind of sexy, though ;)

  • anne

    Who’s gonna pay for her takeaway? I know she overreacted but he did knock her over on his scooter. How is he allowed to just ride away?

    • @@@

      i reckon. scooter drivers are douchbags, they’re all over the fucking road and the footpath.

    • b. prichard

      I’m fairly sure she lost any right to compensation when she started hitting him.

      • anne

        hmmm…. maybe she knew he wasn’t going to pay so her hitting=compensation.

    • jackbutcher

      he said sorry, she is not injured. her only loss is the takeaway spilled. why can’t he just walk away. maybe he should take her to dinner. like a date. and give her a fuck at the night for compensation

      • anne

        I WAS referring to her takeaway… saying sorry ain’t gonna pay for her meal. At least she didn’t pull the “omg you hurt me I think I broke a bone” route and lie on the ground pretending to be hurt. You get that a lot in China which is why people deny it’s their fault because the compensation people demand is really far fetched. (but then you offer to call a police or ambulance and suddenly they spring back up and walk off like nothing happened.)

  • song of the article,

    dont fear the reaper
    -Blue Oyster Cult


    • KT

      Now that is a bit obscure, plus great cover art.
      Ive sent you some kick arse music on fb.
      And fuck me. I spent over 5 years in Fuzhou, probably very close to this gig.
      What else can a poor boy say, except when you are in the fz traffic, it is take no prisoners and eat the wounded.

      • keius

        Traffic’s like that in almost all Chinese cities. Fuzhou traffic isn’t any different. My wife says LOTS of fatalities are the cause of pedestrian and car collisions….or scooter/motorcycle and car collisions. Car on car collisions don’t usually result in death due to the lower speeds in most cities. I can’t recall seeing many people using seat belts while i was in China couple years ago.
        I have NEVER seen anyone use child booster seats.

        Sometimes i wonder if the lack of traffic enforcement is part of China’s insidious plan for population control :P Or it could just be the casual attitude that life is somewhat cheap considering the surplus population.

      • I live in Fuzhou too – kind of surprised this isn’t happening every day with the way crazy scooter drivers ride. And it’s fair to say the most scary shit in China is a middle-aged woman.

  • Shanghairen

    Wow! The first scooter driver in modern Chinese history to admit he was at fault.

  • There are still a lot of honest people like him in China.

    Once again, she is another proof of the old saying that when a woman gets caught up in her emotions, she will lose all self-control.

    • whichone

      Confucius once said: “Don’t bite nails if scratch ass” – another proof not all sayings are worth remembering.

      • Confucius says

        Confucius says: ‘You confuse yourself”

      • This is too funny not to merit a response with LOL.

  • Mike

    What a waste of take-away…. >:(

  • anon

    LOL this comment made my day.

    • anon

      I’m referring to the first one by whichone.

      • whichone

        Thank you, I do what I can amidst intermittent bouts of retardation.

  • jersey guy

    No wonder she’s so angry. Look at her pants. She probably made them from the tablecloths of the same restaurant.

  • Chef Rocco

    Confucius says: Man who knocks off woman’s foods gets swollen balls.

  • eattot

    plus: i want to make some friends , if someone interested let me know.

  • mechanized

    need Video or STFU!

  • keius

    For a woman, attacking him might be a bad idea. He might be the violent type and retaliate. For some reason, these shrews in China never seen to consider that. Do that in Baltimore City and she’s just asking to get her face smeared on the concrete pavement.

    Be honest. What would you do if some ahole scooter driver ‘accidentally’ knocked your ass over and spilled all your food?
    If i was in a really bad mood, i might be tempted to mess the guy up some. And i don’t mean light slaps :P
    Or i might just take out my frustrations on his scooter.
    I can walk home without my food. And he can push his scooter home.

  • InstantNoodles

    Dunno about the lady, since we don’t know her full story.

    But damn that man has patience. He may have bad driving skills, but he has earned some of my respect.

  • J

    I love it. That guy hit her with his car. He could have killed her. He deserves what he gets. Honest man, my ass!

  • This is a sad commentary on Chinese society. A large portion of the population here can’t resolve disputes peacefully. Chinese seem to default to screaming, lying, and making outrageous demands when faced with a dispute, regardless of who is at fault. The behavior of the crowd is just as common. Call the police?No. Urge everyone to calm down and find out what really happened? No. Instead crowds are more likely to take a side, based on scant evidence, and then start verbally and physically bullying the side they believe is in the wrong.

  • Bucket of KFC

    Poor fellow. Luckily some people intervened on his behalf. Jeez, that lady needs some help or something.

  • David

    Dear Chinese,

    Please stay in China and don’t move to the West. Your amoral culture and values are different from ours.

  • Rou Lan

    I am a foreigner living in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province for the last four years and I have to say I agree with this woman. Because Wuxi is the home to the manufacturers of many of these bikes, we have to contend with millions of them riding on the pavement everyday, leaving us no where to walk. They are also a hazard on the roads, especially for the buses because most of these people are rude and arrogant because they know they are not restricted by the law and can do whatever they want. I have also been knocked down from behind twice, destroying much of my monthly shopping. I think this guy should compensate the woman for her takeaway meal and learn to look where he is going in the future. When is some control going to be distributed on these bike riders who can buy a bike in the supermarket with their groceries and ride out of the store without any previous experience and be a danger to everyone. I even had one young guy riding his bike behind me on the escalator behind me and madly tooting for me to get out of the way. Where was I supposed to go, jump over the side. You don’t see such rudeness r and lack of consideration for other people in other countries.

  • aclcla

    I wanna see a VIDEO of this!

  • Jia jia

    Living in shanghai, you would almost expect a scooter to run onto you every where u go. I totally sympathxsize with the woman s pent up anger and the story show that victimizing one s self is the only way to get approval in china. People sided with the scooter guy who victimized himself even tho he did not bother to pay for her lost meal and will probably crash into the next person at the very next turn.

  • Dan Danger

    The woman was insane but why keep talking about an “honest man”… what the hell does that mean except an attempt to bias the article. People here on scooters are reckless and thoughtless and it is time more people beat the shit out of them for their rude and dangerous driving which shows no concern for people who are on foot.

  • obi

    hit a man that way. wowow that guy is cool. How dare u raise your hands on a man like that. She’s lucky, would beat the living daylight of her. Fuck head up for you dude…

  • kate

    i mean what can you do when you can’t sue. when i was on a bus in china the driver hit a drunken man on the street. he went down, cursed the man for being drunk, pat him on the back and off he went. good thing i live in america

  • Smokeyroooo

    Maaaaate… To all the people bashing on the guy for hitting her obviously don’t ride scooters.

    I can’t even count the times I’ve been riding along happily in a safe manner, then… BOOM! Suddenly there’s a retard cruising across the lane oblivious to the fact they are walking around a busy street in China. I don’t ussually hit them though because I’m always on the lookout for these retards when I aproach busy areas. Because the streets are never short of these retards walking around in la la land.

    BTW… what a biatch!

    • Surfeit

      Fuckin A!

  • shanghigh

    wow, scooter riders in china are so irresponsible. they ride on the sidewalk, don’t look out for pedestrians, speed, knock into people.

    yet when someone tries to teach these people a lesson, she gets called crazy.

    whether she ‘broke a bone’ or ‘lost money/her takeaway’ isn’t the issue. she was lucky to not have broken a bone, but who knows how bad the accident (or other ones like it) could potentially have been? people die in scooter accidents.

    where i come from, if you are caught driving wrecklessly you can be charged whether you hit someone or not. dangerous drivers here get off so lightly. its about time the pedestrians start fighting back!

  • Of course a guy who hits a woman on a motorized vehicle is honest. Look at the honest people who gave a rats sh!t when that video of a 3 year old girl getting run over by a truck was revealed. Of course in China it’s the child’s fault. They only reason the police said anything was because it caught the attention of the west.

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