“Gao Meimei” Government Office Worker Shows Off Wealth Online

Another young woman causes a controversy by showing off her wealth on her microblog.

Gao Yue'er, a "Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office worker", who showed off her wealth on her Sina Weibo microblog.

From NetEase:

Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office worker shows off wealth on Sina Weibo

Summary: January 12th, the displays of wealth on the verified Sina Weibo [microblog] account of “Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office worker Gao Yue’er” attracted netizens’ attention. Gao Yue’er showed off the Chanel shoes, Cartier watch, Miu Miu purse, ’82 Lafite and other luxury items she had purchased while shopping. After this was exposed, Gao Yue’er quickly deleted her microblog posts as well as cancelled her verified identity status. In response to this, the Jilin Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department has stated that there is no such person at their Beijing Liaison Office.

A photo of Chanel shoes on Gao Yue'er's Sina Weibo account.

A photo of a Miu Miu purse posted by Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A glass of Lafite wine posted by "Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office worker" Gao Yue'er.

Exposed: Government office worker showing off wealth on microblog

Following Guo Meimei falling into the whirlpool of public opinion after showing off her wealth on her microblog, “Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office worker Gao Yue’er” also attracted the questioning of netizens for showing off luxury goods on her verified Weibo microblog.

January 12th, a netizen revealed on Weibo that “Gao Yue’er”, a “Jilin City Beijing Liaison Office staff member”, was at the moment showing off the results of her shopping in Macau, her luxury purchases including a 52,300 yuan diamond-encrusted Cartier watch, ’82 Lafite, Miu Miu purse, and Chanel shoes. After this netizens posted this, it immediately led to many netizens forwarding it. Many netizens jokingly called her “Gao Meimei”.

What was odd was that once she was exposed, “Gao Yue’er” quickly deleted all of her microblog posts that involved displays of wealth, changed the name of her microblog account, and cancelled her verified account status. In doing so, “Gao Yue’er” not only failed to quell the questioning, she attracted even more netizen attention to herself. Many netizens posted screenshots of “Gao Yue’er” microblog, showing that she often visited high-end places and drove an Audi sports car.

A playlist of various Chinese television news reports about this “Gao Yue’er” (aka “Gao Meimei”) incident can be found on Youku, such as the following which has over a million views 3 days after it was uploaded:

The above news report shares similar information as the above NetEase article. For example, it shows Gao Yue’er’s Sina Weibo profile page before and after, as well as the brands and retail prices of the items she showed off through photos posted on her Weibo, including one t-shirt that cost over 2000 RMB.

Jilin government officials deny that she is one of their people while Sina representatives say the documents she submitted for verifying her identity were discovered to be fake after an investigation, and they promise to improve their procedures for verifying the identities of account holders. However, netizens point out that Sina promised the same thing last year following the Guo Meimei controversy but a similar incident has happened again. Other netizens suspect Sina has been bought off.

Gao Yue'er's Sina Weibo profile page before.

Gao Yue'er's Sina Weibo profile page after.

Screenshots of Gao Yue’er’s Sina Weibo microblog account were posted on popular Chinese discussion forum Mop. Above, a before and after comparison of her profile photo, name, and verified identity status. She changed her profile name several times after netizens started taking notice of her. The three sets of numbers on the right hand side show the number of people she is following, the number of people following her, and the number of microblog posts she has made. You can see her followers increase and the number of microblog posts decrease with her deletions. Below, some of her self-photos before she deleted them.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

A photo of Gao Yue'er on her Sina Weibo.

Comments from Youku:


She can do whatever she wants, is having money and spending it however one wants a crime? Fuck, I’m also a poor devil but I won’t criticize others. If you’re poor, then work hard to make money. Steal or rob if you want, if you have the ability.


Yet another person who wants to become famous.


I really don’t understand something! So showing off some money and some purses is showing off wealth? I too can find some of these things and put them on a website! Does that mean I’m a member of the second-generation rich [the children of wealthy parents]?


Fuck, this ugly and she wants to copy Guo Meimei? At least Guo Meimei wasn’t ugly to the point where you couldn’t even look at her.


What value is there in reporting this kind of thing? There isn’t any freshness/novelty at all. After all the fuss and controversy, it’s still the same end result, what use is it? I really don’t feel any envy at all.


Big deal, what is there to show off>? Be careful of that Nanjing guy shooting you dead [referring to an armed robber currently at large and wanted in China]. The prostitutes in upscale clubs are no worse than you and your lousy crap. Some women have a bit of money and they lose composure.


China has a bunch of poor people. If you don’t show of wealth, do you show off poverty?! Only showing off wealth becomes famous.


Relax, trust in the strength of human flesh search. Within 2-3 days, this girl will definitely be exposed.


Forget it, its fucking just a Sina publicity stunt. They’re [Sina] all too eager for some people to go show off their wealth/possessions [on Sina Weibo], to get more traffic. Fucking disgusting, can’t compare to the penguin [referring to Tencent Weibo, a competing microblogging service in China, whose mascot is a penguin].


Sina’s stupid cunt employees will certify as verified the account of anyone who applies without actually verifying their identities… How about I go apply as some ambassador of a foreign country and you certify me? 2B.


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