Gaokao University Entrance Exam Stress Relief In China


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It is almost time for the “gaokao” [university entrance exam] and yesterday morning and the third years [final year of high school in China] at our school had a pledge ceremony. Afterward, the third year students began to throw their exam papers, their books. At first people tore them into pieces, later they were throwing entire sheets and sheets, and even later they were throwing bundles and bundles. It was spectacular. It was a release from the stress of the third year.

I am just a first year. If our our school’s seniors can get a better score, then they would have done so many exam papers justice.






A video:

Comments from NetEase:


If only we had such a thing to vent when we were about to take the “gaokao” in our day!


This might end up being a problem for those who fail the test! Books gone, study materials gone, all need to be acquired anew, it will be such a hassle for them! Haha


1 word describes this bunch of students: waste
Trash all over the ground, who will clean up after them except the poor old janitor. Scum~if they are unable to bear the pressure of the “gaokao”, they will not be able to accomplish much in the future.


You know what pressure is now, yes? You know how frightening it is now, yes?
This is the reason why some people because of the “gaokao” can go mad.
China’s education system.
Can we stop people from going mad just for positions? Can we stop people from losing their rationality just for fame and fortune?


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Children that have been tortured by China’s education system, you have suffered…


Hahaha, very interesting! May you guys get a good score!

Sigh! When can we free ourselves from China’s education system?


I remember my graduation from university to be similar to this, throwing away all my books and things while leaving, like a kind of venting/release.


They are not bad, but when we were about to take the “gaokao,” aside from the desks and chairs in the classroom, anything that could be thrown away was thrown away. Afterward we however regretted it, and voluntarily went to clean everything up, recovering whatever could still be used, hehe, this was 7 years ago, hahahaha!


Fuck [wow], so spectacular!
Actually, I rather envy them, since they have finally endured three bitter years of high school and reached the end, so nice!
I am just in my first year, and must continue fighting.
May our senior schoolgirls get a good score on their “gaokao”!


Those critical people, you understand bullshit. This is a kind of venting/release, a way of adjusting one’s mood.
Criticizing China’s education system all day, why don’t you suggest a better education system then?
Are you thinking of saying America’s education system is better?
American undergraduates on the night before their tests, both boys and girls, run around in their underwear, even completely naked.
According to your reasoning, what bullshit can they accomplish if they cannot even bear this bit of pressure/stress?
Actually, every place has their own education system, so do not blindly criticize ourselves.
Those who had received China’s traditional education are already taking on the important task of building society. Have you discovered some major problem in all of these people?

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