Germany Cucumber E. coli Contamination, Chinese Reactions

A farmer in Malaga, Spain shows his cucumbers.

From NetEase:

Contaminated “killer cucumbers” have already caused 14 deaths in Germany

Cucumbers “contaminated” with E. coli (EHEC) continue to spread in Europe, as Sweden, Denmark, England, Italy, and other countries have reported infections and suspected cases of infection. Up to now, there have been 14 people who have died from eating the contaminated cucumbers, and about 1000 people infected.

A biologist dissects a cucumber in Germany.

May 30th local time, inside the regional office for agriculture, fishing and food security in Rostock, Germany, a biologist dissects a cucumber. As a result of eating contaminated cucumbers, the number of people who have died from E. coli infection has already reached 14, and at present the epidemic is still spreading.

Cucumbers for sale in a store in Germany.

May 30th local time, stores selling discounted cucumbers in Leipzig, Germany.

Reinhard Burger and Ilse Aigner at a press conference in Berlin.

May 30th local time, German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (right) and national disease control and prevention center [Robert Koch Institute] chairman/president Reinhard Burger hold a press conference in Berlin, releasing information to the public concerning killer contaminated cucumbers.

A farmer in Malaga, Spain shows his cucumbers.

May 30th local time, a Spanish Malaga farmer holds up his cucumbers. The cucumbers produced there are believed to have been contaminated.

In Germany, a tomato is being tested for E. coli contamination.

A medical worker in Oldenburg, Germany prepares tomato samples to confirm whether or not other vegetables have been contaminated by E. coli.

E. coli cultures in a Petri dish.

Hanover, Germany, a laboratory worker holds a Petri dish containing E. coli bacterium.

A German patient suffering from E. coli infection undergoes dialysis.

Hamburg, Germany, a patient who consumed contaminated cucumbers is in a hospital undergoing dialysis treatment.

E. coli bacterium under a microscope.

E. coli under the microscope.

Comments from NetEase:


Come sell it here, we’re not afraid, Sudan Red, melamine, drainage oil, no stress [worries, problems]!


A piece of news concerning unsafe foods abroad, how rare and novel.


Every so often a deadly virus appears to test humanity’s ability to survive. Consider it a reaction to humanity’s destruction of the natural environment~

网易江苏省连云港市网友: (responding to above)

German people’s immune systems are so poor, truly the decline of imperialism, let’s applaud!


Will there be a problem if [cucumbers] are inserted?


Sell them to us, we’re already immune to everything.


Those farmers must’ve came to China to study abroad! Either that or they have relatives in China…


Maybe caused by not wearing condoms?


Europeans’ immune systems are indeed very poor. For Chinese people, this kind of cucumber, whether to eat or to use [for other purposes], is very safe.


If [these cucumbers] were brought to China, there wouldn’t be a problem. Chinese people are already used to peeling cucumbers first before eating them. How can one eat fruits and vegetables these days without first peeling them? Laowai still haven’t developed this habit, so let this be a lesson for them, and see if they’ll make the same mistake next time.


I just want to know how they deal with incidents where people’s lives are endangered or lost. Does anyone know?


German woman says: Sigh! These days, even cucumbers aren’t safe——–


What’s regrettable is that even now they still forbid traditional Chinese medicine from entering their land, so serves them right.


Maybe it was a cucumber used down there by a woman, first “eaten” by her “mouth” down there, and then eaten by her mouth up there, that’s definitely going to be contaminated. German experts are too useless/disappointing, not even knowing this cause/explanation, still analyzing this and analyzing that. Bring it here and let our leaders tell you what’s going on, our leaders really know how to use them [cucumbers].


Do a check, could it have been imported from China…?


[This] is completely different. In China, it is chemicals and man-made additives in food products by unscrupulous businessmen, whereas abroad it is contamination, not people adding E. coli to food products, unless China’s unscrupulous businessmen were exported abroad, which would be the end of the world. If these unscrupulous businessmen of China were really exported abroad, then 2012 really is about to arrive.

Now that cucumbers have become dangerous… Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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