Giant Anaconda Dies Eating Porcupine, Netizens React


A giant anaconda in South Africa has died after swallowing a 30 lb porcupine. When the snake’s corpse was opened, it was revealed that its organs have been severely damaged by the quills. Many of the top comments have noted the ignorance and greed of the snake. One of the most popular comments with almost 9000 likes likened the ambitious snake to Japan.

Source: qq

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  • Eric Rodgers

    its funny that the Chinese likened it to Japan. Wait and see when your country built on corruption, scandal and destroying the environment will get you in 50 years. Chinese have no innovation and copy business models and products from around the world, mix it with cheap labor and no environmental control = future disaster. Lets talk about the analogy of the snake in the not so distant future.

    • lacompacida

      This is quite unfair. Though China is now rotten from the core with all its important organs rotted out, but China did not swallow a porcupine whole. All the rotting are self inflicted.

  • Amused

    Poor porcupine. All the dead snakes in the world won’t help him out of there.

  • mzungu

    And I guess the dead porcupine is China.

  • Jahar

    It was a python, not an anaconda. Nice translation. These mini-stories keep getting better.

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