Giant Mushroom Over 100cm Wide Found in China, Reactions

A giant mushroom found in Hezhou, Guangxi, China.

A giant mushroom found in Hezhou, Guangxi, China.

From NetEase:

Hezhou, Guangxi: A Giant Wild Lingzhi Mushroom Appears, 107 cm in Diameter and Weighing 7 Kilos

HEZHOU, Guangxi (January 5, 2015) — Wei Fangning, manager of a local specialties shop, in his shop showing off the gigantic wild red mushroom. This Lingzhi is oval-shaped, 107cm in diameter at its widest point, and weighs 7.45 kilos.






Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:124.42.*.*

This belongs to the state/government!

网易北京市网友 ip:123.124.*.*

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll hand it over to the authorities quickly. He can still get 500 RMB and a certificate. Otherwise…

[Note: Like above (and below), this comment alludes to past stories of the government claiming rare and valuable objects found by citizens and given the finder a token reward.]

虾鸡吧烤 [脑洞全开]:

I want to eat it and become immortal!

豬兒蟲1 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

If I eat it will I fart and become immortal? Hands off, that belongs to the state!

板正小青年 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Don’t move, put it all down. Ignorant rabble, this belongs to the government. We’ll give you 100 kuai, remember to be grateful!

教你反超 [彩虹糖]:

LD [“lingdao” or “leaders”]: Little Li [referring to an anonymous subordinate], get your hands on that Lingzhi. Tell them it’s national [property]. I want to use the Lingzhi to give a porn star a shower, if you know what I mean.

顶天立地一板砖 [网易北京市网友]:

Wild [mushroom]? Don’t fucking move, that’s national [property]!

网易贵州省贵阳市网友 ip:1.204.*.*

500 RMB and not a cent more!

清风泛舟 清风泛舟 [榜上有名]:

Lingzhi is lingdao‘s [like above, a pun on the word for “leaders” using the same “ling” character in “Lingzhi”] little brother. Thank you for your hard work, the nation is grateful. Put the mushroom there and you can be on your way.

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Written by Tony Flannery


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