Ginseng Wholesalers Modify Plants to Deceive Ignorant Buyers

Ginseng Wholesalers Modify Plants to Deceive Ignorant Buyers

During the travel-frenzy of “5-1” Holiday, many Chinese like to purchase local products from the places they visit, assuming the products are both cheap and high-quality when purchased in the same place they are produced. Some sellers, however, are aware of this phenomenon and purposefully set up traps for travelers who often have more money than sense. In one instance at a local product market in Harbin, wholesalers were purposefully modifying ginseng to appear older, which commands a much higher price, tricking buyers into spending more.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    A time honored tradition anywhere that tourists with fat purses have gathered.

  • DD Bear!

    everywhere the same!

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