Girl Catches Lovers in Garden at Night, Takes Photo, Both Men

Two homosexual Chinese men caught having sex outdoors at night.

On Sina Weibo:

@奘七七: Just went to a convenience store to buy batteries and discovered people in the garden of the community next door conducting field operations [having sex outdoors] and just as I was taking a photo, my mobile phone rang… what’s worse… the photographed were two men!

Two homosexual Chinese men caught having sex outdoors at night by passing netizen.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


My god, talk about the first time where with a photo there is truth! 吃惊书呆子


Heavy/strong taste.


Aaahhh! I’m dizzy from vomiting.


Fuck, so the person who photographed me was you…? You just wait…




I want to say: What are you doing buying batteries so late at night…? I think I’m being dirty.


Your luck is incredible. 嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻


There are still a lot of people who find gays disgusting, so you posting this photo without adding a mosaic [censoring, blurring] amounts to indirectly exposing them, it’s better to be merciful/exercise discretion.


Exactly, this is so wrong, how can you post it on the internet… not the least bit of respect for others…!!!!


Your behavior is too shameful. 鄙视


Seems like they were caught… What will happen next… everyone think…


Niubi, even this [having sex out in the open] is okay, and to even be caught on film by you…


These two brothers [guys] must’ve been scared horribly. Next time, it’s better to avoid doing this kind of unethical thing.


LZ hasn’t falling into enemy hands? You all can go be gay, and leave behind the pretty big-breasted women. 花心


These brothers are going to be famous 哈哈哈哈 The legendary “Field Operation Brothers”, am I right!!?


Look at that guy’s expression, Qiqi, you better be careful.


Completely cannot understand this… so disgusting.

Have you ever caught anyone conducting field operations? Have you ever been caught conducting field operations?

Field operators. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • omg!!! this is what happens when your go aborting millons of female unborn little ones and your girls are running off with foreigners.

    • its all good massive Chinese homo rape of all the worlds white men and black men is coming your way

      • SuperHappyCow

        ofc, chinasmack’s obsession with black men not even past the 2nd post this time

    • Brett Hunan

      This happens in places with plenty of available members of opposite sexes, too…

      • .. how how exactly such places tend to have plenty of available members of opposite sexes beats my imagination.

        • Jeff

          nolly, gay people like those of the same sex.

          I’m gay, I’m Chinese, and I like men. Your comment is extremely ignorant.

          • Kukuku

            How is life different as a gay man in China? How do you find a boyfriend?

          • Jeff

            There are many gay Chinese dating websites.

        • kilroy238

          So are you a troll or are your really this fucking stupid?

      • Couldn’t agree more Brett. Went to a BBQ of a Credit Suisse banker the other Sunday at “The Sail” in Singapore. He and surrounding friends were all gay. Nice chaps, but as you say, even if surrounded by stunning women, they will remain gay. Cheers… P.S. Trolls, I was with my GF.

    • 骂人的是孙子

      yeah that’s totally how homosexuality works, good thing you have a PhD. in human sexuality/evolutionary biology

    • Jahar

      This happens when people feel they need to sneak around to make love, and society has no rules about what you can take pictures of, and what you can do with them. At least blur out the faces. You might be ruining some people’s lives.

      • BigJ

        sneak around????That’s not sneaking around at all hahaha. Just get a hotel room. What is cost for a chinese to get a hotel room????A bowl of rice and a cup of hot water???It’s super cheap. This to me look more like a drunk spur of the moment thing from 2 gay guys.

        • eddie9684

          guess he didnt mean sneak out only, some ppl get excited by the idea of getting caught…

          well in the end they did

  • k

    well china does lack females….

    • Chris

      Yep. That’s right! Homosexuality is a exclusively Chinese phenomenon. I mean, I’ve NEVER heard of them over here in the good ol’ USA. ‘MERICA!


      • Bryan

        What you said! I would only like to add that I think this whole thing is so fucking stupid, and I feel stupid for reading it. It’s complete bullshit. It was all staged for Weibo, or whatever, posting. Bullshit, and who cares?

      • Harland

        You win the “First totally irrelevant injection of America into a thread about China: total fucking ignorant dumbass” award. Congratulations!

      • k

        …..i meant that jokingly….0_o

      • k

        Ok I think I have a solution for all the Chinese men who wont be able to find a woman soon….see China has too few women and too many men, Russia has too many women and too few men…and they are like practically neighbors, Sooo chinese men should hook up ith russian women…think of all the cute half asian babies :)

        • linette

          I have no objection to that.

          russian communist marry to china communist. Long live communism!


          • Communism = Collectivism. The West = Individualism. Just produce initially a grade VIII violin or piano……using force……then they become composer of great rock songs like E.L.O. (Electric Light Orchestra). This solution – joking apart – can and does work.

        • Tengu

          You think the poor Chinese dudes could handle the girls from Moscow, Kiev or Odessa?

          They make the girls from Shanghai look like farmers.

          Be a great story line:
          “Guy from Urumqi takes a train to Odessa…”

        • Ryo

          I really don’t see a shortage of women here. If you got game, you can easily score here. But I still like your idea!

    • El Puma R.


      China doesn’t lack much except clean air, women who are respected, and men who know how to treat them.

      • linette

        El Puma R.

        I am tired reading your racist victim mentality comments about China people. If you have a hard time meeting good china people it’s because you are in the wrong area. You need to move away from those rude money worshippers and go teach in a small villages. You will find much nicer decent kinder people there. And if you don’t like China women, don’t look at them. Don’t talk to them so you don’t have to deal with them. Only deal with the women from your own country. Bring her over to live with you in China. It’s not that hard. I am sure your country all the women are respectable. I wish you much happiness and stop generalizing the whole china population.

        • hoppy1


          I think you may have failed to see the meaning of El Puma R’s post. He does not say that China has no respectable women. He says that the women in China are not respected and Chinese men don’t know how to treat a woman with respect. It’s still a generalization for sure, but one with almost the opposite meaning to how you understood it. You are right though about teaching in small villages. I find it the same in many countries, the further you get away from the big cities the nicer more people start to become. Not that there aren’t nice people in big cities, it’s just that in smaller cities, towns and villages people are more concerned with each other’s well being and make an effort to be friendly.

        • Linette This comment has thrust and guts. GO GIRL! I AM IMPRESSED WITH THE ENERGY!

    • patko

      How you doin..

  • Alex

    Pretty much a non-article. Nothing really to discuss and nothing insightful from the chinese posts.

    • UpRising

      …but they were both men!

      • Phill

        and your point??? LOL

    • Brett Hunan

      It also could be a hoax. Who knows if this person really caught two guys doing it in public?

      • Nick in Beijing

        I’ve seen dudes rubbing each others junk in public. There is even a park here in Beijing which is nicknamed the gay park, because of all the after-hours romparounds that are supposed to go on there between dudes who are hard for each other.

        • grovesman

          “romparounds”…you mean reacharounds? heh-heh-heh

          • Nick in Beijing

            Heheh… I’m sure there’s plenty of that going on.

      • Tengu

        He was making sure the ginger root was inserted correctly, just being a good friend…

        • Brett Hunan

          I had just started juicing my apple/carrot/ginger drinks again…. damnit Tengu!!!!

    • If this image was a result of activities in your garden, with gentle stream, tomatoes growing, and a beautiful panorama over sleepy unoccupied rolling hills, you would probably be calling the Police.

    • Xiongmao

      Sure, for us foreigners it’s nothing (and I can’t help feeling a bit sad for the poor guy being outed like that) but in China this is still taboo and extremely weird for many segments of the population. Anyway, I think the photographer has earned himself/herself a couple of bitch slaps for posting it. What an inconsiderate, selfabsored bastard.

  • Looks like Jin’s vacation in Thailand is going swimmingly.

    • Bo Xilai For Emperor

      LOL…good one…Is that Jin with Hongjiang? Hahahaha….hahahahahha

    • linette


      You are so funny whisker. :)

    • Dr SUN

      LOL, no wonder Jin & Hongjiang are staying quite on this.

      • Dr SUN

        * quiet*

      • I thought Hongjian is female? I mean in the biological sense.

        • mr. wiener

          Maybe she has a strap-on, probably a big one shaped like a tiger tank with a revolving turret and coaxial machine guns. I fear for Jin’s Fulda gap.

          • Poor guy, baring the full brunt in the battle of Hongjian’s prosthetic Bulge.

          • Bearing*

          • sern

            baring works too lol

    • mr. wiener

      Hope he has some energy left for Noosa heads.

    • BigJ

      yeah that is too funny :)..

    • grovesman

      LOL…you’re killin me…

    • Some hooker’s probably juicing him cowgirl style as we speak. Or he’s morphed into American Guy.

  • GhettoBoy

    China has gender discrepancy. MOVE ALONG. . .

    • BigJ

      Well true they do….but these guys are just gay.I’ve fucked tons for girls in china. There are girls all over the place willing to have sex for nothing. Just go a bar and see what happens. Maybe chinese guys don’t get that treatment but most white guys do. I don’t even need to go talk to girls, they come to me. And willing to do all kinds shit. Don’t go to the bar to find a girl friend…..but if you want to have sex, then that is the place to go. This may come off to some as bragging….but im just making the point that is not becouse of lack of girls that people are gay.

      • Nick in Beijing

        — This may come off to some as bragging….but im just making the point that is not becouse of lack of girls that people are gay. —

        Good point. China has tons of gay men. Whether or not many are *really* gay can be called into question, but it is fashionable to at the very least appear gay here, and i personally am good friends with two gay couples. Nice folks, and not all that uncommon.

        This is definitely a non-story.

      • Gianna

        Oh phlease, spare me your bragging. Wishful thinking much?

        • BigJ

          It works both ways. You ever see a white girl a chinese bar???? She gets more attention/looks then the chinese girls, if the girl is pretty. The difference is chinese men a usually scared of white girls and wont dare talk to them.And if they never acted like that and went and spoke to the woman then you would have the same result that happens to white guys. It’s not that being white is better. It is just we are exotic to them. If you put an asian girl in a bar full of white people, what would happen?? She would be miss popular.

          • BigJ You are definitely right. My mum and dad live in a high-class town in the UK and HK-heritage men with blonde women are a common sighting. These Chinese-heritage chaps have the confidence to chat-up and wrap-up a great relationship (quickly producing Eurasian kids – good). Cheers dude.

      • linette

        I don’t even need to go talk to girls, they come to me. And willing to do all kinds shit………….

        Those are not just girls. You mistaken. They are inexpensive prostitutes. Not the expensive ones. They want you to pay for their drinks. They will fxck for a drink. Those China prostitutes do it eveynight at the bar with all different men. Nothing to brag about getting services at the bar. Now other people will know you have a hobby of getting sex from cheap prostitutes. God knows what kind of disease you carry and spreading.

        • BigJ

          You’ve never had one night stand before??? Is it so hard to belive that some girls just like to have fun for a night with no string attachted??? They don’t want anything except fun for a night….Does that somehow bother you? Why all the hate?? Most are university students who use me to practice their “English” back at their place. I do feel like im just a toy to these girls. It’s makes me sad. I have feeling too and they don’t care about them…..they just use me to their own ends….:(
          P.S Linette I left my shirt in your meen apartment. I will pick it up next time around :) bye bye baby cakes:)
          P.S.S sorry for that last comment….I just had to say one thing bad to you since you said something bad about me:) you still alright in my books:)

          • Yesway

            ” Linette I left my shirt in your meen apartment. I will pick it up next time around :) bye bye baby cakes:)”

            You are passive-aggressive, not to mention childish and unoriginal.

          • BigJ Chinabounder is back in town I see from your posting!!! Welcome back dude!!! Prostitution and/or Promiscuity, without the Problems of Love or Pregancy!!!

        • Instead of “+1” I will act as a British M.P. Here, here!

        • Silent Observer

          Tell’em Linette. I agree, you are exactly right. I hate when Westerners here brag about how much chicks they screw in public. Keep that convo quiet with your friends and your self…don’t talk so publicly about it. The balls on you man

      • BigJ I presume you don’t have an 8″ penis. If you did, generally you would be considered a “keeper” and your days of promiscuity would turn into love and marriage. Just sayin’.

        • BigJ

          I’m too young to settle down:)

  • so weird, hahaha…

  • Ruaraidh

    Just going out to the shop late at night for batteries, stumbling on two guys bumming. Then taking a photo and having the phone ring at the same time (still late at night). Going on to upload the photo online… Aye, seems like a totally legit, normal unstaged response.

    • OK, so there was that sad suicide in the USA where the Indian guy eavesdropped on those gay guys – that was shit. But: 1) Gender imbalance in CN exists; 2) These are rude and happy gayboys who couldn’t care less – exhibitionists in fact; 3) Generic “looks” of the guys making out, and the anonymity of 1 billion+ population, means these guys are unlikely to be singled out and castigated; 4) Recipient of doggy-style is doing darned good job of appearing to be a female apart from the giveaway CARGO PANTS.

    • mimomimo

      It seems fake. Utterly fake. The guy is turning round facing the camera, not because he heard her phone ring but because he posed.
      Why would you take a picture of 2 people having sex anyway? If I spotted that, I would panic, and tip toe away for fear of looking like a pervert. But no, this woman decided to take a photo with her flash on. Why would 2 people also chose to have sex in such an open space too?

      • mimomimo. This is called Gay Pride. Please refer to Sydney, Miami and San Francisco stuff.

  • Webster0105

    what a total bitch :/

  • 我不责怪他们。爱是无限的。哈哈〜


    • 你在开玩笑吧 哈哈哈哈

    • Dan

      Why do you have a picture of a cock being mutilated in your gravatar profile? lol

  • hooots

    This. This is why I love chinaSMACK.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    lol great picture. what a sorry pathetic piece of trash that took it. good picture though. carry on fellas.

    • linette

      What’s the big deal? It’s just two male bitches having fun in the public. lol…just kidding. Those two should get a room. That’s indecent exposure in public. That stupid girl should either call the police or look away. Not take photos and post it. So crazy.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    why is the girl buying batteries in the middle of the night? I suspect she has a toy she wants to play with.

    I wonder how those guys struck up a conversation.

    • vince

      must have gone something like this
      man 1: yo
      man 2: sup
      man 1: my dick
      man 2: awww yea

      what this girl did by uploading the picture was certainly a dick (excuse the pun) move

      • Matt smith

        Nice, I bow to your dialog skills :P

        • vince

          Heh thanks, you are far too kind ;)

      • jeffli

        Chocolate starfish poking.

        IELTS or TOEFL

        Mr. T Says
        ……………”grrrrr yeah! c’mere mofo! give ya a six!”
        George Michaels
        ……………..” Ya gotta have faith….. a five”
        Rebel Colliver (gay porn*)
        ……………….”yeah! nice ohh yeah fuk yeah give it the seven”

        dansing with the chocolate stars!

  • Dat Ankle

    That guy looks pissed that shes interrupting… I cant really say whether its rude or not that she took a picture since I would do the same thing but its a little rude to post it on the internet.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      why would you want to take a picture of people making love? that is between the lovers and no one else. we are truly in the times of big brother. someone is always watching.

      • grovesman

        While I tend to agree with you, these guys WERE having sex outside! Now I realize these guys probably couldn’t go back to either’s apartment, but they could have found a more discrete place. Unless, of course, part of the thrill of the moment was the possibility of being seen (been there and done that with my ex-wife…heh-heh-heh).

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I would have watched but i would not have shared with the world. i would have kept it with just the three of us hahaha

          • grovesman

            LOL Nanny…I like your style.

          • El Puma R.

            lol, take the picture and shout ” I own you, beyaaatch”

          • Kukuku

            Take picture and shout: Internet!

      • Jeffli

        ***”why would you want to take a picture of people making love?” ***
        They are not “making love”
        He’s being f***ed in the a**e!

        click zzzzt. where is my kodak land camera!


    I’d love too see the expressions on the faces of all these prudish young Chinese girls….LOL!!

    • Jeffli

      They love watching gay porn!

  • Joe

    I don’t think this is 2 men. I think this guy is just going in from the rear.

  • grovesman

    Theme Song for this article:

    Frank Zappa – I don’t remember the title clearly but it goes something like this –

    Ram it! Ram it! Ram it up the poop shoot! Corn cob, fist fuck!

    • Zappa Frank

      thankyou, i appreciate.

    • mouse

      “Broken Hearts are for Assholes”

      • grovesman

        Thanks Mouse.

  • Sea_Horse_Mirror

    I’m pretty sure the plain lack of girls don’t turn guys gay (unless you’re a horney teenager in an all boys school, then arguably you’re horney and not that gay). Otherwise how do we explain gays in every country on this planet?

    • Zappa Frank

      in fact there’s no relation.

      • mr. wiener

        Unless it is the prison definition of gay: “I’m not gay, but the guy I fucked last night sure was”.

    • Justin

      Actually, according to massive surveys on sexuality like the Kinsey report, there are often high incidences of homosexuality in places where people live in conditions where they are isolated from the opposite sex (prison, all-boys/all-girls schools/ the navy/brokeback mountain). But that’s not to say that that is the only cause of homosexuality. According to Kinsey, most people are a little gay. His scale of gayness placed most people in the center of not being either one way or the other. Fully gay and fully straight people are outliers, and most people are potentially gay under the right circumstances.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        i think anybody can be gay, we are just socially preconditioned to view homosexuality as terrible. i could carry on an emotional relationship with a woman but physically, i think of other women’s vagina’s as disgusting so i would not be able to engage in girl to girl sex. a woman can look sexy or attractive to me as long as her genitals are out of view.

        • Jeffli

          nothing so lonesome and drear than having to look at a “badly packed kebab”.

      • Harland

        The Kinsey Report was discredited a generation ago. Shocking that people are still referring to it as if it contained a shred of truth. Kinsey was a creepy freak who made up much of his “data”.

        • Justin

          By discredited, I assume your referring to the challenging of Kinsey’s sample selection based on volunteer bias, namely that the type of people who would volunteer to discuss taboo subjects don’t account for a normal cross-section of the population, so that 25 percent were or had been prison inmates and 5 percent were male prostitutes.

          However after scrubbing the data of these samples, the results came out more or less the same.

          From Wikipedia:
          In response, Paul Gebhard, Kinsey’s successor as director of the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, cleaned the Kinsey data of purported contaminants, removing, for example, all material derived from prison populations in the basic sample. In 1979, Gebhard (with Alan B. Johnson) published The Kinsey Data: Marginal Tabulations of the 1938–1963 Interviews Conducted by the Institute for Sex Research. Their conclusion, to Gebhard’s surprise he claimed, was that none of Kinsey’s original estimates were significantly affected by this bias: that is, the prison population and male prostitutes had the same statistical tendency as those who willingly participated in discussion of previously taboo sexual topics. The results were summarized by historian, playwright, and gay-rights activist Martin Duberman, “Instead of Kinsey’s 37% (men who had at least one homosexual experience), Gebhard and Johnson came up with 36.4%; the 10% figure (men who were “more or less exclusively homosexual for at least three years between the ages of 16 and 55”), with prison inmates excluded, came to 9.9% for white, college-educated males and 12.7% for those with less education.[6]

        • Justin

          Also, I did a quick search of the net to try to find some sources of scholarly articles that discredit Kinsey’s work and all I turned up were articles by the conservative think tank ALEC, Judith Reisman, another conservative crackpot who supports abstinence only education and compares homosexuals to Hitler Youth who are actively recruiting children to be gay, and then there is the Beverly Lahaye Foundation, established by the wife of Tim Lahaye, author of the Left Behind series.

          These are people who don’t believe in evolution or global warming, yet you are going to rely on their “science” to form an opinion. I admit I found some things that are highly unethical and disturbing, such as the use of pedophiles in his study, but don’t you think pedophilia should be studied rather than just punished? If researchers can identify a genetic component to pedophilia, much as they have recognized a genetic component to psychopathy, then maybe they can treat it before it manifests itself and spare future generations of children from abuse.

        • Kinsey? Freud? Bloody amateurs! Shocking that people are referring to these two charlatans! Kinsey mentioned that different races attract, e.g. white expats and local Asian ladies…… Bahhhhhh… Rubbish…… Freud covered societal taboos in different geographies…… Bahhhhhh… Rubbish, all of it…

    • Jahar

      Tell that to prison.

  • tai wai

    Huh. Kinda quiet in here. Oh, well, I’ll give it my best.

    This is yet another corruption of China due to Western media and influence! Homosexuality was invented in ancient Greece, and was amplified by Americunts and Eurotrash, just like all other sexual perversions.

    And now Chinese are copying, trying to be “cool.” Western culture is disgusting!

    • Nanny Hiccups

      tai wai, just out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity? Or country of origin?

      • tai wai

        East coast suburbia, born and raised
        With “foreign” kids I spent most of my days
        Chillin out, maxin, relaxin, all cool, but
        Dealing with rich yuppie WASPS at my school

        Years went by and I had to pay the bills
        But working an IT job left me unfulfilled
        My boss started acting like like a big vagina
        So I thought, nah, forget this, yo Holmes, to China!

        • Nanny Hiccups


          • linette

            Why worry so much about no wife? So China have a shortage like how many… x amount of millions of women? But many men marry and then divorce. So who needs a wife for long term? If China men have the urge for sex just go to prostitutes. Or just use toys. They are cheap. Use condoms. If they want kid just adopt. So many homeless kids. China should start brain washing them into this kind of practice. To control population and help to adopt orphans.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            i wonder why the men don’t just marry the prostitutes.

          • Nanny Hiccups In Singapore it is relatively common for Senior Citizens whose wives have passed on, to marry a PRC prostitute from the Geylang red-light district. They get them certified STD-free first of all, then go for it! Cheers!

          • jeffli

            ***If China men have the urge for sex just go to prostitutes. Or just use toys.***

            Some stupid TV reporter ate my sex toy! Her excuse – “I thought it was a mushroom!”
            My reply to the female TV reporter – “back to the village with you ‘dear'”

        • Nick in Beijing

          Golly that sounds so familiar to me.

          Replace WASPS with Mormons, Mexicans, and Native Americans, and replace East with West and we are on the same boat.

    • grovesman

      Homosexuality was invented? So someone was sitting listening to Plato or some such and thought, “Hey! What if I get two men or two women to have sex? People would be knocking down my door to get a piece (no pun in…ok…yes pun intended) of this new invention!”

    • Nick in Beijing

      Good hell Tai Wai. I know you’re taking the piss here, but you just sounded EXACTLY like one of my students. Middle aged woman who insisted for the longest time that China DOES NOT have gay people. She then took a trip to Brighton in England and saw a gay pride parade going on there, and after she came back she was in a state of shock at having witnessed real life gay people. She then started noticing them everywhere in China.

      First she was totally freaked out by it, complaining and berating China for being so immoral, but now she’s done a total 180, and I think she is crushing on some of the girls in her class.

      She definitely wants some college girl to lick her split, and she is getting worse and worse at hiding it.

      • mr. wiener

        Once your “Gaydar” is tuned there is no ignoring it.

        • No point in trying to calibrate your Gaydar in Brighton or Sydney. The radar will be unable to see whether it can detect lower percentiles.

      • Cracking story Nick (pardon the pun). Relevant of course, because we’ve got the Barbie & Barbie situation in Taiwan right now (if CS don’t post this story today, I’ll be surprised…)

        • mr. wiener

          The “les-bi-friends” thang? Old news, I think they’re only copying the Japanese.

          • Cheers for that Mr. Wiener. I shall wind my neck in. Aesthetically, that pleases me, that this les-bi-friends concept is trundling south… :-)

        • El Puma R.

          yeah I live in changchun and over here they are self-proclaimed the gay capital of China. I’ve seen lots of perfectly beautiful girls dating boy-looking girls.

          I would like to ask them… If you don’t like boys, then why do you date someone who looks like a boy? Some locals have told me it’s just fashion, and lack of real men.

    • El Puma R.

      homosexuality was not “invented” . Man you like to point your finger as much as Chinese people.
      Homosexuality is a choice, even sometimes they are born with this choice.

      Western culture is disgusting? Man you are clearly one of those people who nobody likes. quit trollin’

  • the ace of books

    “Oh look! Sex! I will put it on the internet! There’s not nearly enough sex on the internet!”

    • the ace of books I think sex needs to be divided into pornography, which is 95% hardcore, and the written word. In terms of the latter people can read it on public transportation. chinaSMACK is SOFTCORE pornography, in terms of these guys erecting and connecting. May or may not shock people depending on setting… Cheers dude…

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Wow….I’m finally back….haven’t been on this site for months…

    Anyways…no one should be surprised at this. People hook up outdoors all the time – gay or straight. I guess it’s just a lot more difficult in China where it’s crowded and there are a lot less privacy.

    I’ve hooked up many times with guys in the public. Personally I prefer the bathroom stall or empty staircases.

    And to the Chinese netizens, what era do you live in? Gays are everywhere nowadays. Get used to it.

    • jeffli

      nice photo doode!

  • Aldo

    So now we know why Jin wasn’t busy trolling on here that evening!!
    He was very busy getting his butt trolled by his “husband” and doing a splendid job of being the real-life bitch that he obviously is.

    The sad thing is, with decades of gendercidal murder of hundreds of millions of females and the worshipping of boys being the centre of the universe as far as Chinese families go, the Chinese are now only just waking up to the realization that their precious boys aren’t going to have any girls to shagg or marry and will have to start probably start marrying the boy next door — cos their ain’t gonna be too many girls next door left! 
    The dumb-fucks went and aborted so many girls that the projected ration for 20-something men in China by the year 2014 will be ….wait for it…..
    1000-men for every one girl !!! — YIKES!!— if this quoted demographic projection is true (and I have heard quite few very clued-up people quote this ratio and say its very true if you do the math) then Chi see folk ought to get used to seeing Chinese men poo-pushing each others buttholes all over the place …..any time of the day….it’ll become as common a sight in China as spitting or taking a piss in the street, just one other thing Chinese men will do in public.

    All those unborn girls, infant girls and yes, sadly, even young girls of all ages…have met their deaths in numbers that would stagger most and could only be close to an estimate somewhere in the hundreds of millions over the course of the last 25 years…if not much, much more — 
    — this photo really  is the future for most Chinese men as a result of their parents selfish actions —
    You see, up until only recently, with the rise of many Chinese women in the workplace who are earning big bucks and many earning just as good a salary as their useless, spoilt male counterparts plus also that nowadays a Chinese gal has become a rare commodity in high demand with an ever growing short supply (all boils down to business!) — daughters aren’t looked upon so derisively and as such a bad bet these days by their Ma and Babas like they were were in the days of yor when they were just a plain financial burden to bare for their parents!
    A daughter would cost the parents money to raise, money to feed and also some limited money to give her a  limited education which they would begrudgingly spend  for their schooling — but all this outgoing cost and then off she would go and marry a dude and they would score a few bucks in return “Li-Jin” like a dowry and that would be all the return they would see financially for their investment because their daughter would then, more-or-less,  disappear to look after her husband’s parents and family right into their old age, — you know nursing, cooking for feeding, wiping their asses (cos in China this is how “aged-care” has taken place) they wife would take care of her husbands family– cast in stone almost..and not only in the physical sense but also in the financial sense…
    Sons take care of their parents financially and the Son’s wife takes care of her husband’s family — daughters marry someone else’s son and that’s the last you’ll see of them as far as help and support goes
    — so Chinese parents living under the “One-Child-Policy” would shit themselves because they would think “ahh who the fuck is gonna wipe our asses and take care of us in our old age???”
    “if we only allowed one child — an we have daughter– then we fucked!!”
    “we gonna be living on the street, wiping our own asses”
    “must have son — son is great!! — also having a boy means you have very healthy sperm too (what you didn’t know this? It common Chinese fertility  knowledge!! If you have a girl the. Your sperm was t up to scratch on the day you shot your load!! — such a loss of face for a man to have a girl!!
    You can join the dots as to why so many innocent lives were taken just because they were girls over the years from this — and I’m not making this shit up either!
    Times have changed now and I’ve seen the most fantastic change in parental perception of girls taking place ….although it still has a long way to go…

    But perhaps with more butt-fucking boys spotted in the street, Chinese people might just get the picture a bit more and it might drive the message home (no pun intended) ….”drive the message homo” would be better.
    China really is gonna need more girls!!!!
    with all us muscular,”big-boned”  foreigners around who, for the most parts, know how to behave like proper men and not spoilt, little bitchy nancy-boys who can’t wipe their own asses and are used to getting their own way all the time ….. Things are gonna get more and more difficult for Chinese men 
    1000 to 1 odds … Better lube up boys !! 

    • Jeffli

      I predict that Transgender is on the rise in China.

      smebody has to fill the gap….errr hole……errrr vacancy…….errrrrrr well you know…make up the numbers so to

      For the two comrades in the picture I can only hope all were willing.
      pity the bugger doesn’t do “reach arounds? :-D
      I guess the girl could have lent a hand?

      (Chinese Deliverence? yeh boy squeal!)

    • the ace of books

      Unfortunately, there is no cure for logorrhea.

    • Capt. WED

      1000 to 1 ratios? Hundreds of millions? Please list the source.

      it’s common for some Chinese parents to prefer girls over boys because “they’re easier to raise”. I can’t deny there is a high sex ratio right now like 1.14, higher than a lot of country but not the highest.

      But a hundred million in 25 years. And your hatred for gays. All points to you are some christian fuck.

      • bigj

        Yeah 1000 to 1 in a bit far fetched.
        I did find some information on the matter from a chinese site.

        “The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicts that in the year 2020, China will have as many as 40,000,000 more men than women under the age of 20. That’s roughly the equivalent of the entire population of young men in the United States, or twice as many as in the three largest countries in Europe, all facing the prospect of being excluded from a society where having a family is a requirement just to “belong.”

        In 1978, China instituted its one child policy to address its massive overpopulation problem, and since that time, as many as 400,000,000 abortions have taken place. With Chinese parents’ strong traditional preference for boys, it’s not surprising that the vast majority of them were destined to be little girls. When nature is allowed to run its course, there are 105 boys born for every 100 girls, but in some parts of China, the ratio can be as high as 130-1 today. The abortion problem is just the beginning. Women are blamed when a “family raid” finds a violation of the one child policy. They are often dragged out of their homes screaming and forced to have an abortion, to set an example. If the midwife assists in giving birth when she finds a violation and the child is a girl, it is killed almost immediately, while a boy is often allowed to live.”

        And that is just under the age of 20…..So in total of all boys maybe 100,000,000 is not so far fetched.

        • Capt. WED

          the unbalance is high. Well China has a population problem. May seem kind inhumane but I agree with the policy. As for female infincides I’m sure it’s a big issue. I personally do not understand how someone can do that.

          I mean I seriously believe in the idea of “you reap what you so”. Basically sucks to be you HAHA LOL. I believe in evolution & dynamics of culture and society. As in if something bad happens maybe that will be a force for change either for good or bad. Society & culture has to bear whatever consequences of their actions.

          Maybe there is no coming back from failures.

          but who knows what the hell will happen 100 years in the future. 200 years. 500 years. 5000 years into the FUTURE! WHOA.

          • Aldo

            “maybe there is no coming back from failures”

            Words I’m certain your Mama and Baba have spoken about you for many years now capt.-fucking-epic-failure.

            “and who knows what the future may hold”

            True, we may not know what the future will hold, but we do know capt. what your hands will be holding:- your Chinese boyfriends cock in one and an extra big tube of butt-lube in the other.
            (although this may have already come to pass)

        • BigJ

          I think im in the wrong line of work…….instead drilling for oil in Canada maybe I should start importing girls to china from other countries. Think about if sold I sold girls to chinamen for $1 each…..shit, im $100,000,000 richer.:) “I would never really do something like that……well……umm…….yeah maybe not…..well…..unless….$100,000,000…….would be nice…..yeah I can’t do that” My momma raised me better then that. haha. I’m sure some chinese gangsters are way ahead of me on that.

          • BigJ

            Funny is to supply China with girls, the rest of the world be in the situation as China is now. ahahha

          • BigJ

            “Funny thing is to supply china with girls, the rest of the world would be in the same situation as china is now”.

          • BigJ

            Correction on my last post.”Funny thing is to supply china with girls, the rest of the world would be in the same situation as china is now”.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          well bigj, the probably is being slender with a thin body shape. if the women were fat, they could hide a pregnancy better.

          When I was five months pregnant with my youngest son when i finally confessed to the pregnancy to my exhusband (whom I was trying to leave at the time).

          So the thicker you are, the better you can hide such things. people will simply think you are gaining weight.

          • BigJ

            I’m sorry Nanny, What comment are you replying on? I don’t understand you’re response to what I said.

            As for what you said some girls in canada can hide having a baby until the day she has the baby…… Is that cool??? maybe

            “The bigger the berry, the sweeter the juice”

      • Aldo

        You seriously can’t comprehend what you read can you?

        And where. The fuck did you pluck “it’s common for some Chinese parents to prefer girls over boys because they’re “easier to raise” —- besides your ass?

        “I can’t deny there is a higher sex ratio right now like 1.14” ……you do mean “male to female ratio” don’t you ? Or are you really that linguistically retarded …..and again, where’d you pluck this figure from…..besides your ass?…
        And then you completely back peddle over what you’ve just replied here with some of the figures that “bigj” has provided…..
        Leading me to believe Capt.Retard that your a prize cock-head!
        And I am not a gay hater……..I’m always civil and respectful of your Dad when I pass him and his “friend” busy in a doorway as I walk along my Hutong at night. I’m always nice to your Mum, now she’s had the operation and the graft has taken root and the stitches are out and the hormones tabs have got her a nice beard growing — I always say Hello to her and her boyfriend…..and as for me being a “Christian fuck” …well kind of, I mean if she’s a hottie and she’s a real cracker in the sack and she’s Christian ….then sure….you can call me a “Christian fuck”…..and if she’s Budhist …then ..and if she’s Taoist ,,then.go figure..
        — whereas I now got you figured as just a plain Dumb-fuck, capt.

        • mouse

          You sound really passionate about this issue, Aldo.


          Its 2012, just suck your first dick, get it over with, and just come out already.
          Seriously, no one cares nowadays. Its really not that big a deal

          So you want to get your butt fucked? Who cares?!
          Don’t be ashamed! Its fine!

  • Capt. WED

    This is a shitty thing to do to someone.

    Gay is semi normal now days but a lot of people still hate on gays, for many reasons; one reason could be that they’re secretly gay.

    This is evil pure…female wickdness HAHAHAHA YOu know what I’m talking about, some females are (CAN BE) pure devilness inside.

    • Aldo

      “This is evil pure…female wickdness HAHAHAHA YOu know what I’m talking about, some females are (CAN BE) pure devilness inside.”

      Ohhhhh yeah …hahahahaha …we know what you’re talking about Capt.

      Your Mama is pure devilness once you get inside her!!!!

  • Capt. WED

    Are there lots of BROS in China or what? All I see on this website are faggoty BRO types, that hate on gays, hate on Chinese people.

    • mr. wiener

      “faggoty BRO types, that hate on gays, hate on Chinese people.”

      You forgot to rant against Gaythiests and fagnostics. …..are you even aware how silly you sound sometimes?

      • Nick in Beijing

        Oh mr. weiner I actually busted out laughing when I read that. You slay me sometimes.

        • mr. wiener

          Probably not the best juncture to invite you to try my sausage.
          My wife actually had a Tshirt made up:”Ask me about my husband’s sausage!” …still too scared to wear it in public though.

  • andywattbulb

    Why is this news?
    “what’s worse… the photographed were two men!”
    Really how is this worse? Ow…that the girl probably unleashed chinese gay hating hell upon them. The lack of women is not what causes men to become gay. Whoever is claiming that is is total numskull.

  • Are we 100% sure that the recipient of rear-entry is a man? We cannot see the face 100%, and the arms look like those of a woman…

    • Capt. WED

      srsly sexpert? That a dude brah.

      • I’m not the only one thinking that one day CS will suffer a hoax. The arms, A-cup breasts, and face of the person bent over all suggest bare minimum that this is a man who is half way through a sex-change.

        • mr. wiener

          A bold claim. I would suggest a couple startled at night in a public park would usually be gay.And that is precisely what this misbegotten photo taking peeping-Tom woman intended.
          Unless drunk [or horny and kinky] most girls will force their boyfriends to rent a hotel room or wait till her parents are out. The other obvious place for straight sex would be the backseat of a car, but of course lots of people don’t have this option in China.

          • Cheeky peeping-tom must have ran off faster than Usain Bolt dude… Plus the giver must have been close to the point-of-no-return as I see no effort to disconnect. Absolutely agree re. Oriental females and privacy of intercourse. Mandatory.

          • Could be they’re just hardcore farmer migrant types. That would explain that guy being tanned and the one receiving, if it’s actually female, being so stout and wearing dirty man-pants. Also why they’re doing it outside. Too poor and too farmer to care.

  • Alexander

    That’s fucking awesome!

  • Northerner

    On a thread not a million internet miles from here we read that Chinese journalists at the recent Olympics (in which China came second to The USA and not really that far ahead of The UK) are all offended that they have been singled out by being asked to respect other people’s privacy when sticking their cameras in faces and it seems plenty of their countrymen sympathise with them and abhor this clearly racist stigmatisation.

    And yet Sino Weibo is all aglow with candid pictures of comrades in arms doing bit of uphill gardening by mobile phone flashlight.

    I think the story is very relevant and I applaud Fauna for posting it. Sadly it is not really telling us anything that most of us don’t already know.

  • Jack

    Bloody hell…how could you tell the one he was fucking is a guy? It could be a fugly 50 bucks whore!

  • Harland

    What do you bet they’re not doing it with a condom? They don’t exactly look like the “plan ahead” type. Here’s to your future, boys: A-I-D-S.

  • Mark ,

    How ‘Disgusting’


    two words: Brokeback Mountain…

  • TAKE5

    Is this Westerner influence?

    • The Truth

      In answer to your comment. No it is not westerner influence, this is typical China man, doing what comes naturally to a China man. Have you not noticed that the western male is much preferred by Chinese females. Now go play with one of your male friends in the park but be careful not to be caught.

    • Mister X

      I read there are many Homosexual characters in Classical Chinese literature.
      Also many Chinese royals preferred men over women.
      Is this not true ?

  • ChineseFighter

    anyone who comment on this artical is gay.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      you do realize you just…


    • ChineseFighter I do prefer a slender hole with an appropriate grip as I only have a modest penis. However, I prefer pussy over purple starfish. Cheers…

      • cc

        chocolate starfish you turkey

        • Dude… cc… That Gravatar has to be one the best out there… A cute labial love-heart…

  • The Truth

    Nothing strange about this photo. It appears to be “two typical China men” indulging in their usual hobby. Show me a photo in which a pair of China men do not look like a couple of faggots and then I will be surprised.

    • DRaY


  • Boy, are those two going to get a royal bitching out from their wives! lol!

  • This girl should be a shamed of herself. Really! Is it such a big deal that two guys take care of their business in a park. I have had sex with girlfriends numerous times in a park for fun. These poor bastards are gay and have to hide it from their families and now they get abused on this site. This is so sad to ruin their life for doing what many of us have done and feel no guilt. Don’t bash the gays! Go get a man or girl and find your own park for christ sake!
    Cheap News play! There are better things to do with your time. This chic is a loser!

    • jeffli

      I think the girl who posted the pic could have at least pixelated their faces.

  • Mark ,

    When talking about gay men. Women always defend them saying things like he’s such a nice man, so clean. Oh yes! Would some one tell me what is so clean about a man putting his cock up another mans bottom.
    Of course this is a Chinese, thing we don’t have gay men in Australia.

    • Mark… When they are referring to cleanliness, I think they mean the fact that gay men in the West tend to “rotobrush” their arseholes out before jacking open the chocolate starfish and tunnelling vigorously. However, I’m not too sure whether gay rotobrushing kits are available in China…Cheers Mucker!

      • jeffli

        Now we know where stinky tofu “starter kits” come from .

        WTF? rotobrushing?

        whats wrong with a bidet, or a douche or god forbid an enema?

        But seriously looking at the muck on the streets and the kitchens etc. here you really think that guys arse sparkles? Who promised you a rose garden?
        You won’t find it in the backside of a local liumang thats for sure! hell ! some guys don’t even brush their teeth!

        WTF Dick North…. you want to start plugging shiny happy arseholes here? (REM cover your eyes.)

      • Mark ,

        Thank you for that. I think I lernt something I didn’t really need, but thanks anyway.

    • mr. wiener

      You obviously haven’t been to Sydney.

      • jeffli

        In Sydney there are lots of “shiny happy arseholes ”
        They are also known as Local and State government employees! lol

  • jeffli

    Any body seen Eddy Murphy’s stand up comic video RAW?

    Mr. T. : Hey bOy! looking good boy. grrrr. why dontcha c’mon over here and……….,

    • jeffli

      Well I can’t help but see the funny side.
      If I was caught outside screwing the arse off a mincy little Anhui lady, people would be referring to the movie “Meet the Feebles” Walrus screwing the skinny cat!

      Ah ya just gotta watch that movie lol

      • mr. wiener

        Some of Peter Jackson’s best work. Not as good as Braindead\Dead-Alive though.

      • Dude… A walrus shagging a cat bareback, like in this gross version of The Muppets, at least won’t result in pregnancy thank heavens… But then neither will homosexual penetration… Cheers! P.S. Are you China expats witnessing consistent use of birth control pills up in China? Contraception is a tricky business at the best of times…

        • jeffli

          Photo of these two guys show the practise(practice?) of what used to be commonly known as “Greek birth control”,

          Doesn’t matter who you’re rooting they all the same from the back…… tits and a tight box! hahaha ……

          sorry girls …….. but I hear all the guys laugh….aww c’mon dick you chuckled out the side of your mouth.

          I know what you’re gonna say about no tits and a tight box …….. don’t say it or “they” will get you!

          • jeffli

            another Peter Jakson Gem is “Bad taste”

            but I think feebles is better
            the elephant and the chicken have a baby – feathered elephant? how cool!
            but Bletch the Walrus …my god!

  • Dr SUN

    I think that photo is of Jin, passing a CPC promotional exam

    • Hahaha! Good spotting sir!

      • jeffli

        Theres one way to “enter the party” lol

  • Guy #3 “Guys, I can’t drill a pilot hole in your butts, because the batteries are exhausted on my vibrator, so I’m off to buy some batteries.” Guy #1 “Hey, no problems dude, we’ll just blow each other off and rim each other while you’re away…” Guy #3 returns from convenience store. Guy #3 Waaaaaah! You’re bottoming already! Guy #2 Yes and it feels r-e-a-l good. Take a photo of us for my new iPhone app…ARSEBOOK Mei wen ti dude!!!

  • NOYB

    What is wrong with the ‘girl’ who took the photo and then posted it??? Does she often take photos of people having sex? when she sees people in the dark she whips out her camera and takes a photo? Ignorant bitch.

  • bert

    I don’t care about who is gay but putting it in the butt is just gross whether it be male or female. That picture is disturbing. I hope there wasn’t any poop on his ding dong.

    • jeffli

      Of course not!
      But he found a “bunch of grapes” lol

  • Bill Stack

    two guys having sex in ur garden is a pain-in-the-ass

  • Snookys_snatch

    Hey..! That’s my husband…!

  • lishui

    Damn it, at least you should censor their faces. And you losers gay-haters shut up.

  • 0311

    Hongjian taking it again.

  • Aaliyah

    That is some fucjed up shit if u get caught having sex.😜😃