Girl Catches Lovers in Garden at Night, Takes Photo, Both Men

Two homosexual Chinese men caught having sex outdoors at night.

On Sina Weibo:

@奘七七: Just went to a convenience store to buy batteries and discovered people in the garden of the community next door conducting field operations [having sex outdoors] and just as I was taking a photo, my mobile phone rang… what’s worse… the photographed were two men!

Two homosexual Chinese men caught having sex outdoors at night by passing netizen.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


My god, talk about the first time where with a photo there is truth! 吃惊书呆子


Heavy/strong taste.


Aaahhh! I’m dizzy from vomiting.


Fuck, so the person who photographed me was you…? You just wait…




I want to say: What are you doing buying batteries so late at night…? I think I’m being dirty.


Your luck is incredible. 嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻


There are still a lot of people who find gays disgusting, so you posting this photo without adding a mosaic [censoring, blurring] amounts to indirectly exposing them, it’s better to be merciful/exercise discretion.


Exactly, this is so wrong, how can you post it on the internet… not the least bit of respect for others…!!!!


Your behavior is too shameful. 鄙视


Seems like they were caught… What will happen next… everyone think…


Niubi, even this [having sex out in the open] is okay, and to even be caught on film by you…


These two brothers [guys] must’ve been scared horribly. Next time, it’s better to avoid doing this kind of unethical thing.


LZ hasn’t falling into enemy hands? You all can go be gay, and leave behind the pretty big-breasted women. 花心


These brothers are going to be famous 哈哈哈哈 The legendary “Field Operation Brothers”, am I right!!?


Look at that guy’s expression, Qiqi, you better be careful.


Completely cannot understand this… so disgusting.

Have you ever caught anyone conducting field operations? Have you ever been caught conducting field operations?

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