Girl Climbs On Mao Zedong Statue, Angers Many Chinese


From Tianya:

Today! Just today! Make us forever remember this humiliating day! An incredible scene at the “Window of the World” in Changsha, Hunan, where a young girl climbed atop Chairman Mao’s shoulders to take a photograph. The broad masses were angrily indignant and condemned this. Amongst them was an ordinary commoner who said:  “Too shameful, actually climbing on top of Chairman Mao’s head to take a picture!”


Comments from Tianya:


Why doesn’t God let people make a statue of him? Because he cannot guarantee every person’s loyalty/respect! I suggest erecting statues be forbidden in the future.


This is no big deal…just think of her being on her grandfather’s shoulders!


Post-90s generation behavior, so shameless, so disrespectful.


Mao Zedong was always the people’s son, and he advocated serving the people his entire life.  An ordinary girl willing to climb on his statue to take a picture is a little improper, but I believe Mao Zedong’s soul in heaven will be extremely happy,  as it is serving the people.


This kind of behavior at least is disrespectful to our predecessors.
I cannot believe there are actually people speaking for this girl.


It is a result of society progressing. If we went back to the 60-70s, she would definitely have been shot!!!


So ridiculous, even this is considered “national humiliation”?
The Great Famine in the 3 years after the Great Leap Forward where millions of people died, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
The 10 years of chaos [Cultural Revolution], the national economy went backwards decades, the people were destitute, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
The Tangshan Earthquake, we saw with our own eyes over 100,000 people die, yet he refused other country’s help, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
All of you “worthy progeny,” save your breath.


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I support the “lou zhu.” As the statue of the New China’s leader, it should receive the protection it deserves! Moreover, that girl went too far!


There are many different ways of showing one’s love, so there really is nothing to debate about.

I respect Chairman Mao.


If this were the Cultural Revolution, I bet this girl would no longer be alive!
If this were North Korea, the great North Koreans would have chopped her into meat paste!
In China, a bunch of xxx say to kill!
If in America someone were to do this to Washington, how would their people react!


What he [Mao] loved most was women riding/getting on him…


I most despise this kind of people, climbing onto any statue they see, not the least bit cherishing public property.
The park we have here has statues for the 12 signs of the zodiac, and everyday they too have people climbing on them. Now some are missing arms and legs.


Then what about those who use money with Grandpa Mao’s head printed on them to go buy groceries, use the toilet, even to go whoring, what crime should they be accused of?


Isn’t it a very intimate/close thing to take pictures while on top of Grandpa Mao’s body?
How come so many Chinese people like to think of it is being…shameful?


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We cannot blame a little kid. Moreover, he [Mao] was once a person, and according to Chinese people’s thinking, he has already become a ghost. Think of when he was in power, only he alone was able to eat enough to be full while the rest of the people were so hungry yet could not even say they were hungry. That present society is so messy has also to do with him, no morals or legal system. We are ordinary people, no money to spend, no food to eat, and no matter what, that is a statue, no big deal. Do not use Cultural Revolution thinking to look at the world.


Maybe it is I who have been brainwashed too severely.
Maybe it is because society now is too lenient.
But I still feel angry.
Uncontrollably angry.
Chairman Mao is someone I respect, so I believe that girl doing that really hurts my feelings.
It is just like “fensi” seeing their idol being insulted (maybe this analogy is unreasonable).
Even if you believe Chairman Mao is not worth your respect,
I still ask that you please respect those of us who do respect Chairman Mao,
because to me,
that stone is not just stone.


I truly feel sad that someone who sacrificed his entire family of 6 people for the people has his post-death statue climbed on be a mental retard. Even more sad and upsetting is that there are even more mental retards actually saying it is good!


Seeing this many people replying above, their responses so awful, it makes me suspect humanity. [They are] simply worse than animals.

Those professional Mao-haters, give it a rest, okay? Your souls are too dark and too ugly. You guys are just like mice, like ghosts, only able to stay in the dark corners and make disgusting noises, an entire lifetime staying only in the dark. Compared to you guys, that ignorant girl is nothing much! I will pray my entire life that God will give you the most vicious curse, so that you will spend your entire life as a ghost and not a person.


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I strongly suggest the Public Security Burean give these two people the death penalty as counter-revolutionaries! They have deeply hurt all of China’s 1.4 billion people’s feelings. If they are not killed, it will not be enough to calm the public’s anger! If they are not killed, it will not be enough to put right the people’s feelings!

And for those people who insult Chairman Mao, have you ever thought how you could have been born without Chairman Mao? Without Chairman Mao, could you have gone to school? Without Chairman Mao, could you be able to afford a computer? Without Chairman Mao, could you be here freely expressing your views?

Think about what it was like when the KMT/Nationalists were in power and how many people with lofty ideals were convicted by the authorities for their statements, dying violent deaths? How many patriotic stutents were brutally surpressed by the authorities, their blood spilled on the streets? How many of the ordinary common people’s food supply was appropriated, with them starving to death?  And also how much of our wealth was stolen by corrupt officials, all squandered?! Today’s wonderful life, are we not to cherish it?

Some translated comments about this topic by Chinese netizens on NetEase are available at Global Voices Online.

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Written by Fauna

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  • The Grudge


    Blessed are the people whose leaders can look destiny in the eye without flinching but also without attempting to play God.

    • Stirkly

      Without attempting to … have you no idea about the human ego? Don’t feign ignorance.

      I mock your statement fior its lack of insight and wisdom.

  • Interested Party

    Mao supports the people.

  • Interested Party

    The Chairman supports the people.

    • Interested Party

      Sorry for double-posting. Really slow connection…

      Curse you ‘The Grudge’ for pipping me.

  • lenovo

    wow, looks like I am the first here!

    Well, I am kind of a fan of Chairman Mao. You can easily condemn what he has done wrong in the culture revolution. But I will still rate him as the greatest Chinese during the last 200 years because of his ambition, perseverance, fantasy poems, beautiful handwriting and motive to encourage all Chinese. I still believe all top Chinese leaders wanted to build a strong China after hundreds of years of foreign invasion and colonization.

    Anyway, I really don’t care if the girl climbs on the statute. Think in this way, if you don’t like a person, would you climb on his statute and take pics?

    Another funny reply I found

    holycrap, where are the agents/commarades from the China security office? So many spies from Taiwan here!
    Shut the door and unleash the dogs!

      作者:LDL998 回复日期:2009-02-20 15:54:30 

    The fans/agents of CCP(China) and the fans/agents of Democracy(Taiwan/US) both suck.
    作者:小分队v 回复日期:2009-02-20 16:28:21
      wt素质一代不如一代 jy水平一年不如一年啊 感慨下

    Tianya is now occupied by foreign agents…
    作者:愚民拍案 回复日期:2009-02-20 16:31:17 


    There are lots of posts using dirty words to assult mao, you can use google translate to view them

    • kodi

      If it holds true that Mao is the best Chinese of the past 200 years, then every Chinese should kill themselves now. I consider Mao the dumbest Chinese of the past 200 years and I don’t believe he should even seriously be compared to contemporary chinese people unless you are comparing him to a corrupt official.

      Sun yatsen and Jiang jieshi were easily the best Chinese of the past 200 years. People who at least had education and did not allow 30 million people to starve to death because they had some sort of moral sense and an idea of right and wrong. Mao is so great that he decided to either kill or dumb down all intellectuals in order to make farmers rule the country! Do farmers rule the country now?

      History is harsh in that the successes of a person are always subject to the magnitude of his/her failures.

  • The whole “humiliation” meme is so tired.

    For the record, I would let her climb my statue.

  • Joe

    The collective case of Stockholm Syndrome is a wonder to behold isn’t it?

    • Haruspex

      Well said…

    • Sean


  • ST

    tendao_hk nailed it with the comment: “So ridiculous, even this is considered “national humiliation”?” and then pointing out the famine that follwed the Great Leap and the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. I suppose it’s not surprising that this sort of comment comes from someone with “hk” in their name… I’d be even more impressed to see a comment like this from a mainlander (though I suppose the 90’s generation doesn’t really know very much about the bad parts of those periods… or they think it is “anti-China” propaganda)

  • VeerLeft

    Oh mercy meee… the humiliation!!!!
    As a kid I rode on my fathers shoulders…and when I have a child I hope to do the same. Should I ever have a statue made of me, please put your kids on my shoulders, put your girlfriends on my face and take all the damn pictures you want!

    The hope lies in the fact that some Chinese are blatantly honest and objective, even in the face of their conditioning (brain rinse).

  • assos

    It’s only a statue for crying out loud!

  • badboy

    She can sit om my shoulders ( or face ) any time she wants to !!
    She’s a babe !

  • Peteryang

    when a little girl sits on you, it means she loves you. nuff said.

  • Mike

    Alot of these people don’t have a clue about what this statue is or where it is. It’s not one of the monumental revolutionary public sculptures in some square or martyr’s park, it’s a replica, it’s new, it’s commercial, it’s in an amusement park!

    One of the Chinese posters asked what would happen if this happened to a statue of Washington. If it was a public statue, a work of art, the security would likely be too tight and if it did happen, the person might even be arrested. If it was a replica sculpture in an amusement park, the staff would stop her, ask her to get down, that simple. People would think she’s an idiot but that’s it.

    On a side note, one can’t compare Washington and Mao. Mao Zedong was a brilliant leader, a maniacal dictator, socialist revolutionary, and perverted old man whose mistakes cost millions of lives. George Washington was a brilliant leader, successful farmer, and reluctant president, who never killed his rivals, destroyed centuries of culture, or f-d things up in general like Mao eventually did.

    • Jay K

      @ Mike

      well said, i totally second the comparison of Mao and Washington as your response tot hat Chinese poster.

      Im sure I’m going to get flamed by some for saying well Washington wasn’t a good person also he did this, he did that, and rightfully so you are. In the end however Washington killed less of his people in comparison to Mao

    • Green

      I totally agree with you. Nicely put.

    • too yellow

      “George Washington was a brilliant leader, successful farmer, and reluctant president, who never killed his rivals, destroyed centuries of culture, or f-d things up in general like Mao eventually did.”

      You need a good text on French and Indian War, and Indian policies (including those that sided with the Americans) during early days of the United States (including Washington administration)

      • jamar

        Ahem… If you want to bring that into the picture then China is just as guilty if not more.

  • Celkian

    We Americans still have a fairy tale view of our founding, even if every one of us goes through a school that lays out a more realistic history. Its just peoples nature. However when i see the Chinese or Russians struggling to venerate Mao or Stalin it makes me realize how lucky we are. We get to venerate our founders without some very horrible stain to work around and with their foundations still standing and ideals still shared.

    • omg

      You’re joking right? They endorse a document and declaration to give freedom to every man but they all owned slaves. Until after MLK did the constitution become fully recognized.

      • matt

        stalin had over 6 million people murdered. the rest of the world (including china still to this day) practiced slavery. we were at the forefront of religious and political freedom. our transgressions have been minor compared with those of other nations.

        • omg

          Your transgressions are ‘minor’ if you read whitewashed history books. Toppling elected democracies in South America affected millions of lives, when was the last time any American learned how many Filipinos were killed when you colonized them? How about using chemical weapons such as agent orange in Korea and Vietnam that leave babies born deformed to this generation. Hardly minor transgressions.

      • yan

        Yeah, but Americans also know about this. They generally know America’s history when it comes to Native Americans, blacks, and other minorities.

  • @ Mike
    Couldn’t agree more.

    @ Interested Party
    Dude, check out the latter of Jung Chang’s books and get a clue.

  • BOb

    you can take the girl out of the country

    but you can’t take the country
    out of the girl

    Mao would be happy to be SO close to A YOUNG GIRLS THIGHS ONCE AGAIN

  • tibetman

    I like the boots. They look real.

  • weedgirl

    Fauna only translated pro-mao posts out of over 1000.

    • MJ

      Then you can translate some for us…

    • I do not think I only translate “pro-Mao” comments. There are many anti-Mao comments above also.

      Also, I am not going to read and translate 1000+ comments. I am not that crazy.

      • omg

        weedgirl wants more pro-mao posts so she can make her comments.

  • Green

    Which happens all the time.

  • Green

    I think that people need to stop being so nationalistic. Get over it and start living your life. Look to the future, not the past. He is not one to be revered at all. Remember the good things he did as well as the bad things. Many bad things.

    • omg

      I think as long as political culture is played up by people, governments, whomever; nationalism is definitely not going away. Chinese nationalism is a brewing pot that although limited is expanding geometrically everyday.

  • infly

    Can I climb on the lincoln memorial and take some fotoz?

    • Somethin Somethin

      I vaguely remember someone of fame waking up after a right pisser in Lincolns lap in a movie or somewhere else.

  • It’s more a question of why would someone climb onto ANY sculpture? It’s just crude public behavior. If it was a real work of art, the artist would certainly be pissed off.

  • 大国崛起2009 — Is this guy being sarcastic?!

  • Bravo

    Mao got off lucky, in the UK he would have had to settle for a traffic cone. But then again, the UK doesn’t erect statues to people that waste its own people!

    • omg

      Just statues of people that would easily have been tried for crimes against humanity considering the shit that those British heroes pulled off.

  • KTR

    disrespectful? Doesn’t anyone remember how many people died under mao’s great leap forward? How much hardship people had and how many families were torn apart?

    People today don’t follow Mao’s teaching’s, it’s all about money and economic power nowadays, in a communist country where all should be equal, many are more equal than others!

  • who seriously gives a crap? it is the girl being just a bit of a weirdo climbing on a statue. nothing to do with mao zhedong

  • Peteryang

    let me conclude this matter for you, all of you, listen up:

    when a little one fears you, he or she stays away from you.

  • 卓卓

    Mao is China’s great leaders, we all respect him.

    I admit that China’s education in certain areas are not in place of.

    Such a thing happened, we are also very sad.

    However, as a country with a population of 1.3 billion, and we are working to improve.


  • Mike

    I wish people wouldn’t rag on Fauna. She has created one of the best, most popular China News blogs and the people who criticize couldn’t do any better and probably couldn’t translate their way out of a wet paper sack!

    • Fike2308

      I think Fauna is awesome!!

  • Hammy

    If Chinese people think this is a big deal, then this is. If they think it’s humiliation or whatnot, then it is. It’s their own country/culture and they can decide how to react to everything in their own way. I would hate it if people try to synchronize everything with foreign worlds and looking to them to see how to react. That would only show lack of confidence and inability to make their own decision.

    Also, whether or not Mao was a good leader play doesn’t matter. This is an act of disrespecting big part of Chinese history. Mao was a great figure and shaped modern China. He did more than anyone at redefining China.

    • Peteryang

      Well said, but in reality I find most Chinese are obsessed with comparison, especially with western world. And as you said, that exhibits unconfidence and insecurity in their moral underpinning.

      But I don’t agree with your second paragraph, what shaped the modern China is the historical reform, not Mao.

    • Peteryang

      You can say that Mao laid out the foundation, but the actual “shaping” took place as a result of the reform.

  • Its hard to see whether she is a supporter or a critic :)

  • Jim

    Turnabout is fair play – Mao climbed on enough young Chinese women, particularly from the PLA dance troupes, over the years, the mucky old bugger.

  • fl1999

    I noticed she dresses better than shopgirl, for probably less than 1% of the cost, she should be features in her fashion blog.

  • Fl1999: You and I are finished!

  • Peteryang

    wow shopgirl iz da saixay.

  • Panda

    She can climb on me anytime.

  • Mike

    Everybody chill…. it’s in an AMUSEMENT PARK!!! This is AMUSING, not insulting.

    Oh and Shopgirl is f-n hot!

  • Josiah

    Mao is still so respected in china?

    And why do these chinese netizens think that girl should give a damn about their feelings? Stop trying to play the victim card, its pathetic.

    To the guy who asked what americans would do if someone climbed on washington, I suspect most would not give a shit.

    • Kellen

      i would definitely not give a shit.

    • Fike2308

      It’s funny to see how many Chinese people assume that the rest of the world thinks like them!

      Like if something makes them angry (and a lot of things seem to make them angry) they assume that people in other countries would have the exact same reaction.

  • fireworks

    I don’t think the chick means any harm or insult to HUMP mzd on the shoulders.

    Its the old timers who can’t climb or are jealous that MZD can still attracts pretty lass.

  • Mao’s princess

    I would climb on that man’s lap anyday. He is a genius strategist with a sense of humor.

    Washington holds no flame to Mao. Washington ignorantly advised us to avoid war with other countries. Mao knew better and became prepared.

  • TheOrz

    Mao Zedong was a douchebag. He ruined China worse than any foreign power could.

  • david paul buckley

    i get pissed and take photos of me scrweing a statue aall over chinba.

    wots wrong with these gooks?

  • smickno


    Mao was a strategist. I would not call him a great strategist but he did get his strategy right when he knew that to take over the country, he’d got to get the masses on his side. And at that time, most of the Chinese were peasants.

    After he came to power, he had no idea how to run the country. The older generation of peasants are still mesmerised by his slogans of equality and what not, and even while millions died and multi-millions were living in abject poverty, he was and still worshipped.

    It was Deng Xiaoping who saved China with his visionary leadership. Had Deng been like Mao, China would not be what she is today, and there will be no chinasmack.

    The only good thing I can say about Mao, after seeing his photos, taken when he was young, is that he was actually quite handsome. That is WHY this lass decided to sit on yeye’s shoulders. I bet she wouldn’t mind marrying him even if he were not Chairman Mao but just Mr Mao.

  • Mao’s princess

    China still manages to come save my day when Muslim women wish to rule my brain. I think China was on to advanced scientific concepts early on. (string theory?)

    And yeah, running and hiding may not be considered the best strategy in the world but saving your friends from a veil is noble.

    I wish capitalist pigs would come to some sort of agreement with maoist pigs.

    She looks young for her Mrs. degree…

  • smickno

    China was scientifically advanced in some lofty aspects, like making rockets, but very backward in basic day to day things. It was not until after Deng opened up the economy that real transfer of technology (and modern business management)came about. In SOEs where everything is centrally planned, well…forget about private enterprise, being an entrepreneur, human resource management, blah blah blah.

    Anyway, the girl is too young for Mao in his later years, even the ‘statue’ looks older than her. But she would definetly marry Mao in his much younger days. I am sure of it. Why else did she get so close to him (even if it’s only a statue)? hehe.

  • Surprise

    China is a fucking backward country, that will crumble into dust once the water dry up and the glacier can’t provide water to the yellow (muddy and radioactive) river. How funny it is, to see the gov in this country, creating mantras about “sustainable development”, when they rape the environment for profit and jeopardize the future of their own people.

    There’s no hope for this country. How the fuck do you think they will elevate 1.3 billion peoples to North American standards? It WON’T happen. The earth can’t take it. It will end up in pathetic wars over land and resources. China is a fucking cancer that needs to be controlled and eradicated. Last runner in the race as we say, it could have been another country, but sadly it is China.

    This place is fucking doomed. 10-20 years max. China will go down, as fast as it rose.

    I love Chinese people, but they are doomed to failure (as the CCP likes to remember the world with their catchy Chinglish pseudo mantras).


  • Surprise

    And remember how Clinton just came here, to sell you snake oil and ask the “kind” Chinese people to support the evil empire. It’s all a fucking joke. The US don’t give A SHIT about China, not an Iota of consideration. Loot and run. The hypocrisy campaign goes on and on. Selling hope to the world. In exchange of your soul and your very own future.

    • jin

      guess what? american owns billions of dollars to china.

  • Fuller

    @Mao’s Princess
    Advanced scientific concepts I don’t know about, but take a look at the Great Leap Forward and try to argue that China was “on to” basic scientific concepts.

  • Peteryang

    Mao’s failure was because he thought a country was to be “managed” like raising a child, so he liked to issue directives from his vision then sit there and hope everything would work out as he expected. And these directives were often laughable fantasies that exerted huge burden on the society.

    He probably never realized, not even in his later years, that the true power of society comes from division of labor and economic liberalization, that a government shall act only as a regulative entity and grant its citizens full freedom to create wealth under rule of law, with social justice.

  • Peteryang

    And luckily, the current government completely understands this crucial factor, evidenced from its report to congress. Despite overwhelming corruption and inefficiencies, China is for the first time on the right track of a sustainable society.

    and it’s poignant if you think about it, 5000 years of struggles, wars, poverty, starvation, we have finally come to embrace the simply truth.


  • FangYao

    Mao is a big lesson for china, it is a disaster for one person can have such strong power.