Girl Climbs On Mao Zedong Statue, Angers Many Chinese


From Tianya:

Today! Just today! Make us forever remember this humiliating day! An incredible scene at the “Window of the World” in Changsha, Hunan, where a young girl climbed atop Chairman Mao’s shoulders to take a photograph. The broad masses were angrily indignant and condemned this. Amongst them was an ordinary commoner who said:  “Too shameful, actually climbing on top of Chairman Mao’s head to take a picture!”


Comments from Tianya:


Why doesn’t God let people make a statue of him? Because he cannot guarantee every person’s loyalty/respect! I suggest erecting statues be forbidden in the future.


This is no big deal…just think of her being on her grandfather’s shoulders!


Post-90s generation behavior, so shameless, so disrespectful.


Mao Zedong was always the people’s son, and he advocated serving the people his entire life.  An ordinary girl willing to climb on his statue to take a picture is a little improper, but I believe Mao Zedong’s soul in heaven will be extremely happy,  as it is serving the people.


This kind of behavior at least is disrespectful to our predecessors.
I cannot believe there are actually people speaking for this girl.


It is a result of society progressing. If we went back to the 60-70s, she would definitely have been shot!!!


So ridiculous, even this is considered “national humiliation”?
The Great Famine in the 3 years after the Great Leap Forward where millions of people died, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
The 10 years of chaos [Cultural Revolution], the national economy went backwards decades, the people were destitute, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
The Tangshan Earthquake, we saw with our own eyes over 100,000 people die, yet he refused other country’s help, that isn’t considered national humiliation?
All of you “worthy progeny,” save your breath.


I support the “lou zhu.” As the statue of the New China’s leader, it should receive the protection it deserves! Moreover, that girl went too far!


There are many different ways of showing one’s love, so there really is nothing to debate about.

I respect Chairman Mao.


If this were the Cultural Revolution, I bet this girl would no longer be alive!
If this were North Korea, the great North Koreans would have chopped her into meat paste!
In China, a bunch of xxx say to kill!
If in America someone were to do this to Washington, how would their people react!


What he [Mao] loved most was women riding/getting on him…


I most despise this kind of people, climbing onto any statue they see, not the least bit cherishing public property.
The park we have here has statues for the 12 signs of the zodiac, and everyday they too have people climbing on them. Now some are missing arms and legs.


Then what about those who use money with Grandpa Mao’s head printed on them to go buy groceries, use the toilet, even to go whoring, what crime should they be accused of?


Isn’t it a very intimate/close thing to take pictures while on top of Grandpa Mao’s body?
How come so many Chinese people like to think of it is being…shameful?


We cannot blame a little kid. Moreover, he [Mao] was once a person, and according to Chinese people’s thinking, he has already become a ghost. Think of when he was in power, only he alone was able to eat enough to be full while the rest of the people were so hungry yet could not even say they were hungry. That present society is so messy has also to do with him, no morals or legal system. We are ordinary people, no money to spend, no food to eat, and no matter what, that is a statue, no big deal. Do not use Cultural Revolution thinking to look at the world.


Maybe it is I who have been brainwashed too severely.
Maybe it is because society now is too lenient.
But I still feel angry.
Uncontrollably angry.
Chairman Mao is someone I respect, so I believe that girl doing that really hurts my feelings.
It is just like “fensi” seeing their idol being insulted (maybe this analogy is unreasonable).
Even if you believe Chairman Mao is not worth your respect,
I still ask that you please respect those of us who do respect Chairman Mao,
because to me,
that stone is not just stone.


I truly feel sad that someone who sacrificed his entire family of 6 people for the people has his post-death statue climbed on be a mental retard. Even more sad and upsetting is that there are even more mental retards actually saying it is good!


Seeing this many people replying above, their responses so awful, it makes me suspect humanity. [They are] simply worse than animals.

Those professional Mao-haters, give it a rest, okay? Your souls are too dark and too ugly. You guys are just like mice, like ghosts, only able to stay in the dark corners and make disgusting noises, an entire lifetime staying only in the dark. Compared to you guys, that ignorant girl is nothing much! I will pray my entire life that God will give you the most vicious curse, so that you will spend your entire life as a ghost and not a person.


I strongly suggest the Public Security Burean give these two people the death penalty as counter-revolutionaries! They have deeply hurt all of China’s 1.4 billion people’s feelings. If they are not killed, it will not be enough to calm the public’s anger! If they are not killed, it will not be enough to put right the people’s feelings!

And for those people who insult Chairman Mao, have you ever thought how you could have been born without Chairman Mao? Without Chairman Mao, could you have gone to school? Without Chairman Mao, could you be able to afford a computer? Without Chairman Mao, could you be here freely expressing your views?

Think about what it was like when the KMT/Nationalists were in power and how many people with lofty ideals were convicted by the authorities for their statements, dying violent deaths? How many patriotic stutents were brutally surpressed by the authorities, their blood spilled on the streets? How many of the ordinary common people’s food supply was appropriated, with them starving to death?  And also how much of our wealth was stolen by corrupt officials, all squandered?! Today’s wonderful life, are we not to cherish it?

Some translated comments about this topic by Chinese netizens on NetEase are available at Global Voices Online.

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