The Saddest Young Girl of Qi Xi Jie, Chinese Valentine’s Day

Young Chinese girl crying on the street, begging her boyfriend not to leave her on Chinese Valentine's Day.

Young Chinese girl crying on the street, begging her boyfriend not to leave her on Chinese Valentine's Day.

This past Monday, August 16th, was Qi Xi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day). What did you do?

From Youku:

The saddest young girl on the streets during Qi Xi

A copy on YouTube:

If you cannot see YouTube videos because you are in China, you may need a VPN service.

Comments from Youku:


Valentine’s Day I spend alone, yet those with girlfriends do not cherish them! That guy might as well just castrate himself!


To say something mean—–This girl isn’t that good looking = =汗


Is there true love these days? Fuck it. Friendship. True love is always built on an economic foundation. Girl, be stronger, quietly learn how to live as a single so you can live more carefree in the future.


搞笑搞笑搞笑 Laugh~~~It is just getting dumped, is all that necessary? Aren’t you women supposed to be very strong/tough? Just open your legs and you’ll have another. Faster than changing clothes…


It seems that men are still in the majority on Youku. Expert assessment complete.


That there can still be a scene like this in such a materialistic world is truly…commendable.


Pull yourself together, be stronger, even without a guy you live very well.


It can’t be worse than me seeing him holding hands with his new girlfriend…stay strong…it’ll get better soon…


I’ve been dumped by girls innumerable times, sigh…
so much that I now no longer feel anything.


无语无语无语Is that necessary? Is behaving like this going to bring him back????? 无语无语


Sigh, poor girl, come! I will take good care of you. 难过


I feel the comments are always more interesting than the content of the video.

Don’t cry. chinaSMACK personals.


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