The Saddest Young Girl of Qi Xi Jie, Chinese Valentine’s Day

Young Chinese girl crying on the street, begging her boyfriend not to leave her on Chinese Valentine's Day.

Young Chinese girl crying on the street, begging her boyfriend not to leave her on Chinese Valentine's Day.

This past Monday, August 16th, was Qi Xi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day). What did you do?

From Youku:

The saddest young girl on the streets during Qi Xi

A copy on YouTube:

If you cannot see YouTube videos because you are in China, you may need a VPN service.

Comments from Youku:


Valentine’s Day I spend alone, yet those with girlfriends do not cherish them! That guy might as well just castrate himself!


To say something mean—–This girl isn’t that good looking = =汗


Is there true love these days? Fuck it. Friendship. True love is always built on an economic foundation. Girl, be stronger, quietly learn how to live as a single so you can live more carefree in the future.


搞笑搞笑搞笑 Laugh~~~It is just getting dumped, is all that necessary? Aren’t you women supposed to be very strong/tough? Just open your legs and you’ll have another. Faster than changing clothes…


It seems that men are still in the majority on Youku. Expert assessment complete.


That there can still be a scene like this in such a materialistic world is truly…commendable.


Pull yourself together, be stronger, even without a guy you live very well.


It can’t be worse than me seeing him holding hands with his new girlfriend…stay strong…it’ll get better soon…


I’ve been dumped by girls innumerable times, sigh…
so much that I now no longer feel anything.


无语无语无语Is that necessary? Is behaving like this going to bring him back????? 无语无语


Sigh, poor girl, come! I will take good care of you. 难过


I feel the comments are always more interesting than the content of the video.

Don’t cry. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • aberid

    sorry to say this guysss……..first!
    poor gal

    • Fauna

      I should find a way to count how many times each person is first.

      • GP

        And then stop them from commenting for that many days.

      • Fauna, please do not feed the trolls… remember the +/- fiasco?

      • Add in a comment system that bubbles highest rated comments to the top, like how they work at

  • Kam

    Getting dumped on Valentine’s day is never easy.

  • FoB

    this and “Chinese Schoolgirl Begs For Love Outside Boys Dormitory”

    is a good sight to see because i thought something like this wont happen since chinese’s girl are so materialistic now.

  • What she’s crying out is not sadness but, loneliness…

  • Keius

    You know, getting dumped has never really hurt me. Why would you want someone that dislikes you enough to dump you on Valentine’s Day. Her BF obviously intended to hurt her. It’s upsetting when i’ve been dumped in the past and i think on it alot but it’s not like i’m wallowing in sorrow and crying. Get over it fast and move on.
    Anyway, it’d be different if, say a girl honestly loved me and i loved her but, i get stupid drunk, bang someone else by mistake, she finds out, and then dumps my ass. Now, that would kill me.

  • Alex

    The saddest part here is that there’s somebody next to her filming all this…

    • Welcome to the Human Condition… we love to share a video called loneiness, but it is better than crying alone.

  • Dd

    How can we use words to describe “love”?

    Beauty is found inside, and with that comes love. Everyone’s mum’s are beautiful, why? Because mum’s give unconditional love. Clearly this girl had found internal beauty…

    Beautiful or not beautiful [quote 七子音符], she’s crying her heart out… This is so sad…

    • Buckets of Tuna

      I just vomited my coffee out of my nose and back into the cup.


    • Dd, I sure hope you’re a woman or gay because your vagina is showing. To prevent further blather from you I have a simple but effective plan for you.

      Please follow these simple steps:

      1. Walk to the filthiest body of water nearest you (canal, lake, sewage treatment plant, etc…).
      2. Tie a few cinder blocks to your legs.
      3. Throw yourself in.
      4. Wade around until the weight of the blocks pulls you under causing you to drown, which, in turn, will cause us to rejoice at the fact that we will never have to read your drivel ever again.

      The above was written assuming Dd is a man. If, however, Dd is a woman, I only have this to say, wake up, get a grip on reality and stop living in a haze. How old are you, anyways? Fairy tales are just that, Fairy Tales…

  • tIg

    love is something can be everything also it can be notjing
    maybe you get used to having him do something else
    to forget him begin you will feel hurt but this is real life
    oh maybe i am a wonder hehe

  • tIg

    love is something can be everything also it can be nothing
    maybe you get used to having him do something else
    to forget him begin you will feel hurt but this is real life
    oh maybe i am a wonder hehe

  • Zebadee

    I usually spend a very romantic Valentines Day …

    – cleaning the floor, the bathroom, and the kitchen.
    – washing and ironing clothes.
    – Tidying the living room.
    – microwave one of those ‘meals for 1’

    Have done for 23 years and it’s never bothered me. In fact, it’s become so normal why would I be stupid enough to think the routine would change?

    • kaneshiro

      i’m sorry, you remind me of someone who lives aa life like that….

      she cries alone usually… and doesnt open up to sad

  • ard

    Be strong sister ! Do not loose your dignity in public and buy a cucumber… You will see things much better tomorrow ^_^ !!!

    • Cardaver

      I read a story about a girl who microwaved a cucumber as a sex toy, and then it exploded while she was using it and burned her down there… forget if it was true or not

      • Skeleton Man

        That’s why I don’t trust the microwave.

  • Of Canada

    Hard for me to watch that video. I saw something very similar in my own girlfriend. Was enough for me to take her back. Cold hearted guy to break up with her by phone on that day. Chinese girls take love very seriously. Actually they have a lot to lose if they lose certain boyfriends. Most chinese guys only go for the fresh virgin girls for marriage.

  • eattot

    sometimes when we do something stupid not because we are stupid just for we are still too young to understand.
    after several years, i am a bit heartless now. cry for men? hahaha, i will never do that any more. nobody deserves that.
    love myself, love my life. that’s more important.

    • Bando

      yeah, i suppose you have to learn to love yourself before you can learn to love someone else. even if people call you selfish, at least you know that your own happiness is your own responsibility, not for someone else to burden.

  • This is truly very sad. When a woman loves a man she does so completely, and yet when a man makes up his mind he does so completely as well.

    Here’s my movie pitch: because this is China, there is more than one immoral person in China walking by and willing to take a video of this sad scene. These movies are uploaded to the internet, and then someone edits these all together to make a movie short complete with voice-over narrative and music. Eventually the ex-boyfriend sees this two days later (because the internet works fast) and realizes the folly of his ways, and then rushes to the airport a la Ross and Rachel on Friends and Liz Lemon in 30 Rock (though a train station is more Chinese/romantic). What’s waiting for him there? More camera phones for the climatic ending.

    Internet, you’re welcome. Now get to work.

  • her

    Chinese people care too much about love. They act as if they’ll die without a boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s pathetic and funny, considering Chinese people don’t know what “love” really is, imo.

    • her

      There is a basis. Obviously I have reasons for thinking so, or else I wouldn’t have said it. Would I?

      • LDL

        omgosh! you are so wise! whats ur definition of love then u tard? just bcoz u dont know how to treasure it.. doesnt mean u can make fun of it…

  • BalaBala

    I thought it ironic that China went from a ‘National Day of Mourning’ to a ‘National Day of Love’.

  • Jordan

    And this is just for a boyfriend…. Imagine what she would have done if it was her husband.

    • LDL

      well.. lets hope that by that time she d understand theres better things to cry hard for in life..

  • Bando

    Love is just mother nature’s way of tricking people to getting together so they procreate and carry on the survival/scourge that is humanity.

  • That is pretty heartbreaking. Poor girl.

  • poor girl! Guess this is the first time she’s realised adult life isn’t the fairytale she thought it was…

  • 250

    The things people film these days. Makes me think that the last thing i might see will be a camera lens recording my dying breath.
    But on a lighter note, my last word would be ‘Cut’.

  • Dildo Baggins

    Who ever filmed this and put it on the internet is a serious douche. Karma dude.

  • Ted

    I went through that… Sigh. My heart goes out to her.
    Don’t think I am capable of love now. Just lots of meaningless sex. :)

  • Peye

    This girl is not playing with a full deck. Sitting on the ground by a tree where little doggies pee and some people spit. She needs to take a lesson in personal hygien. Perhaps her boyfriend noticed her strange behavour and thought better pull the pin now before things get too serious.

  • Peye

    Typo correction: Hygiene

  • Chiang Brothers

    I felt like this girl twice in my life. It was miserable shit. That was back when I was really High School. I was an idiot and didn’t know much about much.

    You should go through life knowing you will have multiple sex partners every so often and accept that nothing lasts forever. People get crazy and you gotta move on. Plus, you always want better for yourself anyways don’t you?

  • Manu

    junsan886 said :

    ` Is there true love these days? Fuck it. Friendship. True love is always built on an economic foundation. `

    You mean, in China ?

  • Rick in China

    Guys: set the expectations lower from the start, don’t try too hard to be a fake-ass lovey dovey douchebag if you’re not a lovey dovey douchebag…that way when it comes time to end it at least the girl knows what’s coming, and you don’t have to deal with bullshit like this.

    That which I like least in this world is a whiney bitch. Not sure if I’m alone here.

  • chen

    搞笑搞笑搞笑 Laugh~~~It is just getting dumped, is all that necessary? Aren’t you women supposed to be very strong/tough? Just open your legs and you’ll have another. Faster than changing clothes…


    What an insult to women. This is one of the reasons I look down on Chinese.

    • Rick in China

      Because other cultures are so embracing and supportive of women liberation?

      This is one of the reasons I look down on Chinese.

      This is why I look down on you.

      • Manu

        We can discuss about the condition of women in western countries, and compare it to the situation of chinese women in China…

        Are you sure you want to do this ?

  • William Dan

    This is not an uncommon site in China I have noticed. Some girl on the sidewalk publicly crying or yelling like a child over some romantic situation. Some times there is a girl who is either crying or looking pissed off with a guy standing next to her waiting. She is sitting ot squatting. I ahve gone off to eat and when I return 30 minutes later they are both still there, the pouting girl and the guy (by now holding her handbag). Very childish ways to behave in public.

  • Elvis

    China Smack. Making money from other peoples misery. Congratulations.

  • The title should have been “Yet Another Pathetic Young Girl of Qi Xi Jie, One of the Many Chinese Valentine’s Days”.

    Honestly, though, how else would this girl react after growing up watching the numerous idiotic, dehumanizing Chinese soap operas that all have the most inane and unrealistic story lines possible. Almost all Chinese girls aged between 15 and 35 believe in a perfect first love and they are so daft that they act like the girl in the video when things don’t go as in those shows. I have lost count of how many times someone has said “Happy Every Day!” to me. NOT EVERY DAY IS HAPPY, MORONS…get used to that.

    To further my point, let’s look at the equally dehumanizing Chinese music that drones on and on from every station…it is all about love, romance and happiness…never is there anything about how crappy someone feels or how crappy their situation is…never! It has the same effect on these people as those mind-numbing shows.

    Seriously, how else would she react? She can’t form opinions and make up her own mind and take her life in her own hands…she should dump the guy and go out, party and find another guy. Who knows, maybe she’ll find someone who is alot better than the guy she’s crying over.

    I think that if a person can make you act like a complete basket case on a filthy street in public, you should dump them and move on because they are obviously not doing you any good.

    • JS

      Completely agree that the TV shows and sappy music creating/manipulating many people into believing their oversimplified and everlasting version of love is what reality should be like.

      Sad to see anyone so distraught. Poor girl, happens to all of us at some point.

      As they say, living well is the best revenge.

  • Jimmy

    really? there’re people sad enough that they tape this for 2 minutes? Get a life LOSER!

  • bimingtan

    what a pathetic cunt. pick your dumb ass off the ground and be a human fucking being. the end all of human existance is being able to carry oneself with dignity through the indignities that befall us during our lifetimes. there are billions of people on this rock. for a slug scumbag this girl is willing to act like a lowly slug herself, writhing and crying on the ground. pity humanity and pity the Chinese race for such behavior.

    • mat baron

      I’m a Filipino and i am very sorry for what the hostage taker had done,
      and for those who are taking pictures in front of hostage taking,
      i think that they don’t know what they are doing,
      it’s not only a drill but it was real a real nightmare.
      but now a know that they are ashamed and asking for forgiveness,
      i know that this kind of tragic moment is so hard to forget,
      no one wants this to happen,
      we also care for those people who died so bad in the hands of terror,
      now we’re putting our foot at the same shoes that you are wearing right now
      and it felt so bad it hearts me so much,
      i feel pain like the pain you’ve caring,
      it’s not the color that matters but a life that we’ll miss.
      may God bless all those soul and may God rest them in peace.

      peace be with us

      • @Mat Baron:
        What in the name of fuck are you talking about? Take your head out of your ass and realize that YOU ARE IN THE WRONG THREAD…this thread is about a pathetic Chinese girl and her retarded actions…not about the equally pathetic Filipinos taking pics of themselves in front of a hostage scene…
        Geez, I was told that Filipinos were in no way as retarded as the Chinese…I guess my info was wrong…

    • cum

      haha how does this website attract so many shitty people

  • karze

    Poor gal. She should remember that he is not only guy in this world. There are 3 billion males in this world.

  • John

    I don’t get this. China has more men than women. She’ll find another guy in a heart beat that would be more than her previous bf.

    It should the guy who is crying in China since there are many who are alone. Learning to be alone one of the best thing one has to learn in life.

    I can honestly say that women don’t know how to be alone. It has been so easy for them. Men on the hand are expert at being alone.

  • John Wayne

    Poor girl ; ( She is so beautiful and her innocent heart has been broken. So sad.

  • Asgaya Waya

    Chinese or not that just ain’t right. I may be a laowei but I am speaking to every decent guy out there if you ever see some guy pulling a stunt on his exgf like that seriously hunt his ass and break his %%%%s no girl ( I don’t care how bad they might be or how annoying or whatever) deserves to be dumped like that, and if those are your reasons for dumping a girl then be a man and do it in person and do it in private so at least she can still have her dignity. Don’t be a coward and do it on the phone and make her into a public spectacle. Woman are the best things that could happen to us guys so that also means treat them like treasures. CAN I GET AN AMEN