Girl Escapes Boyfriend’s Abuse, Covered with Infected Cuts

A 16-year-old Chinese girl in Fujian covered with cuts and bruises from over 1 month of abuse at the hands of her 29-year-old boyfriend.

A 16-year-old Chinese girl in Fujian covered with cuts and bruises from over 1 month of abuse at the hands of her 29-year-old boyfriend.

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16-year-old young girl viciously abused by boyfriend for over a month, her body as if cut by a thousand knives

Her past working as a “princess” [KTV hostess] arousing her boyfriend’s suspicion; He used metal rods, butchering knives and other things to hit her, and then dragged her to wash her wounds with hot water; This perverse man was arrested late last night.

Upon seeing Xiao Ping (pseudonym) at the Quanxiu police station, this journalist nearly couldn’t believe his eyes: This 16-year-old young girl had bruises and cut open wounds on her face and four limbs. She opened up her shirt on one corner and her entire back was as if it were cut to pieces, with scabs covering the wounds, all black, with almost no complete piece of skin left.

The person who caused all of this was her sick boyfriend Huang X.

Beginning on April 25th, Xiao Ping was trapped in Huang X’s Quanzhou city Manhattan apartment, suffering inhuman abuse for over a month. Xiao Ping says Huang X would beat her at least once every one or two days, not only using belts and metal rods but also butchering knives. Deviant Huang X would even drag the just beaten Xiao Ping, dripping in blood, and force her to take a hot water bath/shower.

Last night at around 11:30pm, police arrested Huang X, and charged him overnight.

Tragic: A body with “thousands” of cuts

A back nearly without any skin left

Xiao Ping’s wounds are frightening, with police and other people at the police station not daring to look directly. Many people commented, “like suffering raining knives”.

Her forearms and legs, apart from some lacerations/cuts, are mostly covered with bruises. Her face also has six to seven open cuts, the longest one being seven to eight centimeters long, deep enough to see the muscle. She lifted up her sleeves, and her arms looked as if they’ve been wildly cut, the wounds having already scabbed over, with innumerable small cuts.

The police officer who escorted Xiao Ping to have her injuries determined saw that the entire situation was even more frightening. “There are basically wounds over the entire body apart from the front chest. Basically you can’t see any skin on her back, it is basically all scabs from wounds,” said this officer.

Even through her clothes, this reporter could still see the dark blackness that covered her back.

At the police station, Xiao Ping kept leaning forward on the desk, to avoid having her clothes stick to the wounds on her back. Even when walking, she could not extend her two arms fully because just trying to extend her arms would result in severe pain from the not yet healed wounds. And while descending stairs, she could only take one careful step at a time.

Around dinner-time yesterday, the police brought her hot food. She hastily drank half a bowl of hot soup before putting down the soup spoon and suddenly screamed in pain. Because of too many wounds, many of them already infected and inflamed, she suddenly developed a fever at night and kept saying she couldn’t continue with recording her statement.

A 16-year-old Chinese girl in Fujian covered with cuts and bruises from over 1 month of abuse at the hands of her 29-year-old boyfriend. Here she rests bent over a desk at the local police station.

Suspicion: Girlfriend was “princess” [KTV hostess]

Man’s evil acts because of suspicion

Xiao Ping is from Hubei province. She says she came to Quanzhou over a year ago and has worked as a “princess” [KTV hostess] at a hotel in Fengze district. After the Lantern Festival this year, she met Huang X through a friend, and became boyfriend-girlfriend.

Huang X is from Hunan province, and is 29 this year. Xiao Ping says Huang X doesn’t normally work, only goes around playing cards with friends, is a thug/hooligan/punk.

Xiao Ping says Huang X treated her quite well at first, but because of the nature of her work, Huang X had always been very suspicious/insecure, being very sensitive whenever she received calls or played with her mobile phone, often questioning her about who was calling and the link.

She says Huang X’s personality is very stubborn, that despite her multiple explanations, Huang X would always persist in thinking there was something wrong with Xiao Ping [that she was up to no good].

However, what Xiao Ping never expected was that Huang X’s suspicions and stubbornness would get worse and worse, and later unexpectedly loss all reason. Finally on April 25th, her nightmare began.

Evil: Beating with butchering knives

Forcibly washing wounds with hot water

Xiao Ping recounted that around 3pm that afternoon, Huang X physically hit her for the first time because of a friend’s phone call and a trifle.

“First he punched my face, and when it was swollen, started beating my arms and legs with a metal stick.” Xiao Ping says that after being violently beaten that day, Huang X still forced her to go out with him to eat with his friends, but upon returning home was locked in the room. Afterward, Huang X would beat her at least once every one or two days, each time becoming progressively worse and more cruel, “have to beat her until she ‘admits she has a problem’.”

During this over one month long period of beatings, the instruments Huang used included belts with metal buckles, ashtrays, even a butchering knife he brought from his hometown. Xiao Ping says his wounds on her back are from Huang X using the back of the butchering knife to smash off her skin. Even more cruelly, Huang X even forcibly dragged a Xiao Ping covered with wounds from head to toe to the bathroom where he used hot water to spray her open wounds.

Xiao Ping says that there were several days where the apartment’s water was stopped, Huang X would take Xiao Ping to a hotel on Quanxiu Street and get a room where he would again beat her. He even had to pay several hundred yuan after staining the bedsheets with blood.

Xiao Ping says the first time Huang X injured her, he even took her to the hospital to be treated once, but afterward, Huang X would just bring back some gauze and let Xiao Ping bandage herself.

During this time, even though Huang X said she could go, even having her call someone to pick her up, he actually wouldn’t let her leave. Xiao Ping says there were two times where Huang X even packed her things and escorted her out the door, but at most she only made it several hundred meters on foot before she was dragged back.

A 16-year-old Chinese girl in Fujian covered with cuts and bruises on her face, arms, legs, and back from over 1 month of abuse at the hands of her 29-year-old boyfriend.

Escape: Facing death threats

Escaping after being held for over a month

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Xiao Ping says because she was afraid of being beaten and wanting to appease Huang X, she even voluntarily gave him her private savings and told him her ATM bank card password. To her surprise, Huang X withdrew the 6500 yuan from her account and still didn’t stop beating her.

To remove Huang X’s suspicions, Xiao Ping was very careful with everything she did. Worried about making Huang X unhappy, she no longer even dared to touch her mobile phone.

During this time, she even suffered “death threats” from Huang X. Several days ago, Huang X had said to her that if she dared to escape or call the police, he could kill her. It was also because of this that she didn’t call the police before despite having there having been opportunities to do so.

It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon when Huang X suddenly once again mentioned letting Xiao Ping “escape her misery”. However, this time, Huang X first left the apartment, perhaps to go “play cards or go see other girls”. It was only then that Xiao Ping promptly collected her belongings and fled the apartment, contacting a normally not very close friend for help.

At this friend’s home, Xiao Ping was ultimately persuaded to go to the police, and for the first time call to tell her parents. Her parents hoped she would return home as soon as possible.

At the police station, the escaped Xiao Ping told this reporter, “I wish I could kill him (Huang X)”.

Arrest: Late at night past 11pm

Sick man arrested outside his home

Xiao Ping was sent to the hospital for a diagnosis and treatment, and according to the preliminary examination, about 50% of her body is covered with wounds, most seriously on her back. Furthermore, one side of Xiao Ping’s pelvis is fractured, presumably caused from being trampled/stomped on.

Yesterday afternoon, Xiao Ping’s experience thoroughly shocked the Quanxiu police station’s police officers. The police officer who handled her case said that looking at her scars, his heart was filled with dread. “We must catch this guy.”

Afterward, the Quanxiu police station filed the case under suspicion of intentional injury [assault and battery] and, led by the station chief, opened the investigation. Last night at around 11:30pm, police carrying a photograph of Huang X (provided by Xiao Ping) arrested him at his apartment. At the time, Huang X, who lives on the 9th floor, was just about to go out.

Huang X is relatively thin, over 1.7m tall, and has a clean and square appearance, dressed in a flowery shirt and flip-flops, with long hair. When this reporter saw him at the police station, he was expressionless. After preliminary interrogations, Huang X confessed to abusing Xiao Ping. Police charged him that very night.

Huang, the 29-year-old boyfriend who imprisoned and abused his 16-year-old girlfriend for over a month in Fujian, China.

Comments from Sohu:

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胡七七 [搜狐广东省广州市网友]:

Should’ve left the first time he hit you, still sticking around is you asking for it. It’s not that others don’t feel sympathy for you, it’s what were you thinking?

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

He’s already beating you like this and you still don’t leave! Just asking for it!

半个灵魂982236 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Deserved it.

o越位o [搜狐浙江省温州市网友]:

Kill this animal! Motherfucker! Girls, you yourselves need to open your eyes, don’t make friends/get involved with punks and thugs!

隔岸荒岛843491 [搜狐北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Give it a rest, this is simply a prostitute with a pervert, that girl isn’t anything good either [isn’t a saint either].

诺曼底的小兵 [搜狐广东省茂名市网友]: (responding to above)

The girl isn’t a saint? All she did was work as a KTV hostess before.
So she’s a hostess, and even if she had been a whore before, so what? Don’t look down on prostitutes, at least they’re relying on themselves to make money and make a living; at least they aren’t pretentious, not hiding that they’re after money. At least their souls are innocent/clean, unlike certain corrupt officials, who pretend to be righteous on the surface but are worse than whores in their bones.

邯泽 [搜狐河北省石家庄市网友]:

Ignorant young girl, a sick old man. The most lamentable thing is the young girl’s parents. A 16-year-old child, and you’re okay with letting her go out into the world to work? Do you know how messy the outside world is? A child kept at your side will not go astray. And she was out there all alone!

融会贯通655960 [搜狐山西省网友]:

The girl needs to reflect on herself, while the guy would be a danger to society if allowed to remain in this world, just execute him!


Why is it that someone like me can’t find a wife, yet that kind of violent psycho still has women following him, simply unbelievable.

深圳典籍笔记本电脑厂家 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Deserved it. Already knew he was a punk and thug and you still got involved with him, didn’t you bring this upon yourself?? Find a man with a normal job to be a boyfriend and the chances of something bad happening would be much smaller. You were asking for it.

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

I don’t understand girls these days, this is indeed looking for trouble. He’s 29 years old and you’re only 16 years old, do you have a brain or not? Your parents brought you up for nothing, you deserved it. The police station is a total mess too, instead going to treat injuries, they’re taking down her statement.

搜狐手机网友 [搜狐网友]:

Yes, she was asking for it, but this guy deserves to die!

Comments from NetEase:

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呱呱不呱 [网易四川省广元市网友]:

The girl, 16 years old, no education, already working in society, her parents don’t care, society doesn’t care, the relevant departments responsible for supervising minors are even more nowhere t be found. For today’s China, I only have one thing to say: What the fuck.

騎在淫龍背上的女人 [网易天津市网友]:

16 years old and already out working as a KTV hostess. These two people are both geniuses, truly a match.

黑木耳收割机 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

“Xiao Ping says Huang X treated her quite well at first.” Haha, you enjoy my concern, I enjoy your body, that’s all there is to it.

狂语 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

“…is 29 this year. Xiao Ping says Huang X doesn’t normally work, only goes around playing cards with friends, is a thug/hooligan/punk.”—— So how did he manage to attract you? Talk about fate! Or just a stupid girl?

jiangcheng20100 [网易安徽省芜湖市网友]:

Brilliant, don’t sentence him, just castrate him!

yunanjing [网易安徽省合肥市网友]: (responding to above)

Wrong, we should tell him to use the same kind of methods to go deal with those corrupt officials.

龙德云 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

There are more and more sickos these days, I suggest we reinstate the 10 Tortures of the Qing Dynasty to increase deterrence! A deviant like this guy should be castrated and given death by a thousand cuts~

84706668 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

There’s something wrong with this girl’s brain.

网易山东省青岛市网友: (responding to above)

Exactly, getting a boyfriend at 16 years old, suffering misfortune was inevitable!!!

空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

First send her to the hospital to be treated first, right? Why make her give her statement first?


Cheap cunt! [a girl looking for trouble, tempting fate]

江蘇37度5設計事務所 [网易江苏省盐城市网友]:

Fuck, this society has all sorts of people.

What do you think? At what point do you blame someone for the misfortune they have suffered?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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    • Jeff

      I can’t believe some of the comments above blaming HER. Some people just don’t understand life.

      This dude deserves hanging.

      • Ryo

        How is it NOT her fault? Quote form the article: “suffering inhuman abuse for over a year.”

        Ok, first, you failed to notice the “boyfriend” is maybe a little insane… maybe he’s a good actor? But I know certain girls are very attracted to these “bad boy” types. Fine…

        First beating… ok, maybe he’s just upset and over reacted…
        Second beating… hey, maybe something is not right… maybe I should get the fuck outta here…
        Third beating… Damn, I just LOOOOOOOVE him too much to leave… *$%)@&)$&)@&$@

        That’s the thinking of someone that deserves it.

        • jon

          It’s not her fault because she is 16 years old and not even allowed to vote, drink or drive.

          It’s her parent’s fault.

          • fredf

            Vote ?
            In China ?
            What ?

        • KDog

          People who’ve undergone hideous/tough/abused childhoods sometimes can’t help looking for abusive relationships. Its a terrible truth. Some people can rise up out of the ashes and get on with life, some people become destructive. It is her fault, but then again its probably really not.

        • Josh

          Are you retarded? She’s 16 and maybe you don’t remember but 16 year old girls don’t know shit. It’s very easy for naive girls who don’t have any relationship experience to think, “this is the only man i’m ever going to get, he’s so perfect besides that insano shit, i better stay with him.” It gets even worse if the guy happens to be threatening her.

        • Archie

          No. Nobody “deserves” to be treated like that at all. Ever.

          Maybe she was asking for it by not getting out of there soon. But because she did not get out of there sooner, definitely does not mean she “deserves” it.

          • The Dude

            No woman ever deserves this kind of treatment or any other kind of physical abuse.

            No 16 year old should be expected to be able to make rational decisions in view of men. That’s why it’s mens responsibility to not go with a girl this young.

            The parents needed money, and she felt responsible to make it, and so ended up in a KTV.

            Disgusting parents. Disgusting ‘cultural’ idea that your children must ‘pay you back’ in some way.

            Modern day culturally accepted Chinese slavery.

            That’s all that can be said.

  • Oh my fucking God…

    Seriously unbelievable on three levels:

    1) 16 year old kid isn’t in school and is working as a hostess which is like 1cm from being a prostitue in most places

    2) This thing kept it up for over a month? Didn’t he see the injuries he had caused? Didn’t he see the pain and fear she felt? Why? Seriously, why?!? Cause she had a social life?? Didn’t he also have a social life???

    3) so many people are decring the girl as stupid or looking for trouble. How clever were they when they were 16? How many of them still had their mommies and daddies to wipe their asses everyday and tell them how precious they are? How many of them made perfect choices even though having the foundation of a family and others to fall back on?

    How repulsive. Those scars will heal amd mostly fade with time and luck, but she’s not going to be able to have a normal relationship in the future. Bruises heal, mental scars don’t.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Dunno. When I was 16 most of the girls I knew would have slapped the shit out of a gay if he so much as raised a knife to her.

      Blame the parents, blame the concepts of innocence in Chinese society. 16 years old is not a porcelain baby doll, certainly old enough to work, but where the fuck were her parents? Probably sitting their stupid asses on the couch and using the meager income she made themselves.

      The girl is an idiot though. The first time the dude raised his hand against her she should have ended the relationship, and if it continued then a call the police wouldn’t have been amiss.

      Kids in China aren’t educated how to take care of themselves, that’s what it all comes down to I think.

      • Nick in Beijing

        Guy, not gay. My mistake.

        • leon


      • LeBateauPolice

        “Kids in China aren’t educated how to take care of themselves, that’s what it all comes down to I think”

        so true! sometimes i could get so angry at Chinese parents for their educational mindset. Treating their children as objects without a free will, justifying this behaviour by pointing out that Chinese society is so hard and therefore their children absolutely need their help. They consider their paternalism as love and later expect their children to thank them for that and care for them in the old age.
        Seriously, many Chinese parents just don’t understand what children really need.
        I’m not saying every Chinese parents are like that, i also know others, but the average are just like that.

        • linette

          …..I’m not saying every Chinese parents are like that, i also know others, but the average are just like that.

          Most of these Chinese parents are not very educated themselves. They were treated like that also when they were a child. It’s also the fault of the public school system. They need to educate kids about drug use, sexual diseases, domestic violence…etc..

          Again, China system created and run by these Chinese garbage officials and rich people in power is making me sick…where is my vomit bucket.

          • LeBateauPolice


            I didn’t want to blame the parents alone, of course they have their reasons and it’s under change, but that doesn’t make their ignorance towards their children and reality better.

            and you are blaming the school system? partially you are right but much has been done in the fields of sex eduaction/drug use etc. but guess why it’s so hard to realise the requiremnts of the education ministry. Bingo! The gros of Chinese parents don’t want their kids being taught about this stuff, they sometimes go mad if this kind of class is introduced at school. Besides that it’s a given fact that this kind of education better should be taught by parents, has a more valuable learning effect than by some random teachers. as you can imagine these topics are usually no-talk areas within a family, completely ignoring the reality.

          • linette


            sex eduaction/drug use etc…alll that should be openly discuss with kids. You are protecting them by educating them. The parents need to be involved and be educated too. They should have parents night at school and send home booklets with pictures….yes. pictures speak thousand words.
            Girls need to understand protection and what to do after rape. Do not be ashamed. They need to seek help. Should be free in the hospital. There is a window for pregnancy prevention. They give high dose estrogen within 72hrs after assault. Parents need to be supportive and educated too.

            This poor 16 yrs olf girl was so scared to look for help. Her friends have to convince her.

          • Dr SUN

            for once I agree with Linette, so many Chinese men are lowest scum that like to abuse women and run this country.

          • jin

            so many white men are the lowest scum that like to abuse women and say they love them. this happens every single day in america. grow up racist.

          • moop

            let me guess, single?

          • mr. wiener

            Unfortunately I don’t think you can point the finger at any one racial group and claim they have the copyright on being abusive scumbags. Social conditioning, culture and the enforcement or non-enforcement of laws make it easier for monsters like this to operate in some countries, but they do exist everywhere.

      • linette

        Nick in Beijing

        ……..When I was 16 most of the girls I knew would have slapped the shit out of a gay…..

        You are a Canadian dude. Canadian chicks and American chicks,they will kick the motherfxxkxx up in the face.

        • Nick in Beijing

          I am American, not Canadian. Innocent mistake though. Anyway you are correct about flying feet making contact with the faces of mother fuckers.

          • Small Bean

            Uhm what about all the bad guys who beat their gf/wife in America/rest of world? I hear and read the same thing from them..
            1. he was so nice at first
            2. he beats me because he loves me
            3. i can’t leave him because he loves me so much and he is a nice guy when not beating me…
            4. etc

          • david

            true. happens here too i guess.

            rhianna didnt leave chris brown until a lot of public pressure

            btw, why did chris brown beat her?

      • linette

        Nick in Beijing

        ………..Kids in China aren’t educated how to take care of themselves, that’s what it all comes down to I think…….

        This part I agree 100%

      • donscarletti

        Dunno. When I was 16 most of the girls I knew would have slapped the shit out of a gay if he so much as raised a knife to her.
        Yes, slapping a man and hurling torrents of verbal abuse work well, unless you’re dealing with the sort of man who would cut a woman and had a knife. At that point, slapping him is probably going to get her more abuse.

      • Ray

        That is some brave 16 year old girl you know, would you slap some adult that is in their 30s when they holding a knife to your skin?

      • Stacy

        LOL at the typo!

        I second your point! OMFG, forget about laying a hand on me, if a guy so much as even threatens me, I’d hit him across the face, and get a restraining order against him. Believe me, the police will side with me. Put a knife on her? Jeebus, should have just taken his penis clean off while he’s asleep, since he clearly doesn’t deserve one.

    • moop

      yeah, she’s going to hae to deal with serious ptsd and god knows what else

      • matt

        if she lives, those infections look nasty

    • Alan

      For once, E, I agree with you. Has time stood still?!

      This punk ass motherfucker would think twice about taking on a guy yet he feels is a big man to torture a girl….hope he gets locked away for life.

    • linette


      I agree 100% with you.

      This pretty sum up everything about this article.
      ……..Ignorant young girl, a sick old man. The most lamentable thing is the young girl’s parents. A 16-year-old child, and you’re okay with letting her go out into the world to work? Do you know how messy the outside world is? A child kept at your side will not go astray. And she was out there all alone!……

      She was so naive and gave him her account. Tells you she is just thinking like a child.
      Her parents need to be sent to institution for probation or something for family counseling. Like WTfreak?? So many people have kids but don’t parent them. The men want to fxck and the women want to give birth, but none of them want to parent the child. So please get yourself sterilized.

    • Andrew


      Everyone should click this link to see what an ugly pasty fatty you are. Your Asian who^e looks fine, though, is she tight down there, as they say about Asian women?

      • Alan

        @ Andrew: He is uber proud of his blog, even if noone is reading, don’t post links here, you will increase his ego and grandiosity complexes.

        And you mentioned his wife, hell will hath no fury on your soul from goateed one, he will never let it go, he is so defensive about her.

        But yeah, your right,everyone should click to see his blog and see how he really is, it’s the internet after all right, freedom to browse and all that?


        • Little Wolf

          Jeez Alan…what the fuck is wrong you? I never read a grandiose comment from Elijah, only sensible and and without malice except when shit-heads make entirely pointless cheapshots at his wife. I’ve come to enjoy our exchanges here and am really disappointed to see you align yourself with a fuckwad like Andrew.(posting 4 times to look at Elijah’s blog is Luka Magnotta-type creepy) Why does it bother you so much that he cares about his wife? At least he’s got the balls to post his own photo.

          Hey Andrew, let’s see your pic. You must be a real George Clooney.

          • Alan

            eez Alan…what the fuck is wrong you? I never read a grandiose comment from Elijah, only sensible and and without malice except when shit-heads make entirely pointless cheapshots at his wife. I’ve come to enjoy our exchanges here and am really disappointed to see you align yourself with a fuckwad like Andrew.(posting 4 times to look at Elijah’s blog is Luka Magnotta-type creepy) Why does it bother you so much that he cares about his wife? At least he’s got the balls to post his own photo.

            Sorry, admittedly a tad hungover, and none too pleased about being roused from a warm bed at 7.40 on Saturday morning. Few coffees and an aspirin letter, I’ve got my head back.

            I don’t know andrew, your right.


          • Little Wolf

            It’s ok Alan…we’re still forum buds. Anyway, with Elijah leaving and all, I suggest we focus burning on Brett Hunan and mr. weiner…THE SMARMY BASTARDS!

          • mr. wiener

            I’d like to see you try Diminutive Dingo.

          • Brett Hunan

            lol i’m too easy of a target

        • mr. wiener

          Seconded LW.
          Maybe I’d not go posting a blog on relationship stuff, or getting matching tattoos , but anyone who dissed my good lady wife would be [trying] to pick their teeth up off the floor with broken fingers.
          Andrew, who the fuck rattled your cage?

          • @ Little Wolf and Mr. Wiener:

            Most people wouldn’t do a relationship blog or get matching tattoos and that’s fine. My wife and I do and have. There’s nothing there to be ashamed of, although she does add and remove photos of herself as she changes her fashion, but all women have a streak of vanity in them, helps them stay beautiful I suppose. I’m not so concerned about how people look at me, that or I haven’t really changed appearance-wise much.

            As for the link the thing has provided, it’s actually the best article on there cause Canney and I wrote it together and it applies to pretty much everyone who wants a good relationship. So yes, please click it, see who has their head up their ass and who doesn’t.

            Anyways, forget about the retarded stalker troll(s). They’re not worth the electron’s required to carry their ‘comment’

          • Notorious

            Elijah, it seems like you are always defending your relationship. You and your wife seem like you have something special and worth cherishing. I wouldn’t worry too much about what others think or say or write. When you open even a tiny piece of yourself to the world — well the world does with it does and it’s never any good. Your blog will serve as good memories for the two of you in the future, so all I can say is keep doing what you’re doing, you never know who is reading and silently relating (because they too share similar relationship), and enjoying them.

          • Alan

            Anyway, with Elijah leaving and all, I suggest we focus burning on Brett Hunan and mr. weiner…THE SMARMY BASTARDS!

            Fair enough LW. I will give E a break for now, I can even forgive his retarded comments, even though I feel they are in poor taste. I know how stressful a move can be for I am currently in the process of moving to Macau.


          • @ Notorious:

            Cheers for the virtual fist-bump.

            Not really defending my relationship.orpartner, there’s nothing that needs defending. That’s just the mindset that a few (one) retarded stalker troll(s) are trying to impose. I know my relationship is the best thing in my life and my wife is the best person in my What value can anyone else have compared to that? Would I seriously start evaluating my life and life choices because someone launches a cowardly attack from behind an anonymous pseudonym?

            Anyways, I happen to know that people have immensely enjoyed that article and view it as a positive influence on them amd their relationships. Many of those people have told me that directly. If I get a dozen people who feel the need to tell me how much they liked, then I can easily discount the angry and jealous trolls and imagine the vast silent majority who have enjoyed it as well.

            No, for me the thing that is far worse than someone attacking a woman they’ve never known to get to me, is how non-sensical amd hypocritical things become. For example, someone might say that my comments are retarded and serve no point, then continue on to make several random guesses or judgements about me or my wife or our relationship. How does it serve any point? How is it clever as opposed to retarded? Or they might say that I’m a racist china basher but then be racist in the same article.

            The list goes on pointlessly and only succeeds in being labelled”trolling” so that in future encounters I can just shake my head with pity.

      • eattot

        just ignore him.he needs attention so much,this guy or couple is crazy.
        even i do not think my fiance is handsome,still much more better than him.
        they are just a very average couple need attention.
        i do not see why they are so proud or wanna show off all the time.they need attention to proof how much they love each other.
        but we do have some saying about this kinda persons:

        • Eattot the retard with yet another nugget of gold.

          • Alan


            In North America mental retardation is subsumed into the broader term developmental disability

            So even if Eatot,me and others are what you claim, and we are not, your term is offensive, just like your hate/racism to mainland chinese is offensive.

            Elijah, will you ever learn? Seems your move home to the true north with the eternal love of your life, has made you no happier and you still have hate for china and her females in your heart. Very sad.

            100 canadian says you will still be trolling from Ottawa, first thing on your mind, as soon as the flight has finished taxi-ing on the airport runway…..

          • el negro pedro


            Lord, I just read your “relationship” advice column: you’re one sad motherfXXcker and my suspicions about what kind of “man” you are were correct. Talk about Foreigner in China cliche. You’d be in Websters my man.

            As for your “model” wife….interesting taste you have. I wouldn’t have used the word “Model”. Unless There was a “before” before it.

            So apparently you’re moving back home? She’s going to leave you as soon as she gets residency for someone better. You’re just a stepping stone to a better life for someone who saw a opportunity and took full advantage =(

            You spent time in China, you should’ve figured it out by now. If it’s too good to be true…

          • Little Wolf

            el negro: We all know that lust fades and every romance is eventually doomed. I think, in this day and age if you can manage a few happy years together, you’re doing better than most people. I’m confused though as to why everybody is giving Elijah such a hard time. And amazed when people bring his wife into it.

            eattot: You have said nice things about your fiance on this website several times and nobody has ever given you shit about it and that includes Elijah. I think most of us are happy for you that you have somebody you care about and would never accuse you as seeking attention.

          • el negro pedro


            Every other thing he says is complaining about China, or about how great his fucking wife is. This guy is unbearable. He brought up his wife, fair game.

            But also he called me a wu mao ultra nationalist as a knee jerk reaction to a comment I made about how cliche it was for foreigners to have Chinese gfs (which it is & without attaching a value to it.). This idiot for all his yapping is just as ignorant childish and mindless as anyone he’s ever railed against.

            How about he learn some fucking humility? Instead of writing a blog as he were a fucking boss, about how to land a GF, as if anyone needed this fucking spacetrip’s advice (TAKE A SHOWER, DON’t HAVE ROACHES, Fuck for 45 minutes!) why not write “I’m lucky that someone married me even thought I’m a fucking cunt”.

          • Little Wolf

            negro: I see your point and I suppose you had a good reason to be pissed off. Actually, I never read his blog so I can’t really say anything one way or the other.(I’m not the romantic type)
            He did bring up his wife first but a few people have been really cruel.
            I suppose we are all different things to different people. I have seen Eli get snippy once in awhile but I generally see him as a decent enough guy. You see it different. Either way, I appreciate your response.

        • Alan

          Well said, eattot. And you are much prettier than his mixed wife, he also won’t be able to accept that. To me a pure han girl is much prettier than his apparently non Chinese/half Japanese wife.

          In turkish to describe them:

          Zenginliklerini göstermek, ölür. Daha hızlı bir sevgi göster!

          • The Dude

            Something wrong with ‘mixed’ is there? Did she have a choice on the matter?

            Bit of a ‘purist’ are you?

            Feel free to replace the word ‘purist’ for racist.

            Dude, you’re always up Eatots ass since day one when you arrived here. If you wanna bang her, get it over with and ask her… don’t slam another human being as being ‘less’ because they are from mixed ethnic origin and because you want to roger some girl you don’t even know.

            If you did some research into the subject you’d find we’re all a mixture of something. There is no pure, only the illusion of such based on selective time frames of human existence.

          • Alan

            Something wrong with ‘mixed’ is there? Did she have a choice on the matter?

            Bit of a ‘purist’ are you?

            Feel free to replace the word ‘purist’ for racist.

            You misunderstand. E is the racist as he says his wife isn’t half chinese, but half taiwanese. Much like he says HK is a country.

          • mr. wiener

            Actually I think E said Canney is mixed as she is half Japanese, half Chinese. Neither the Chinese nor the Japanese would have any problem with saying they are different ethnicities so calling her mixed is a non issue.

          • Alan

            Actually I think E said Canney is mixed as she is half Japanese, half Chinese.

            When I had the temerity to mention half taiwanese, he got all on the defensive and said she is not even half chinese at all, but asian of japanese and taiwanese ancestry.

            He hates hearing the C word, don’t you know?

            In E world, Hong Kong is a country, Taiwanese people can’t be considered Chinese, and even mentioning wifey is insulting her.

            At least, he will be able to get proper meds back in Canada, and his spiteful trolling may cease, but I won’t bet on it.

        • Alan

          I’m confused though as to why everybody is giving Elijah such a hard time. And amazed when people bring his wife into it.

          @ LW:

          You are one of the sharper tools in the shed. Cb,Andrew, Eattot, myself and others have always beaten on him….perhaps Elijah should know the answer, which is deep inside himself, and take down his blog, that would certainly make his life easier as it is the source of so much antagonism towards him, and thus his own unhappiness.

          He has abused Eattot, on at least one occasion as I can recall, but not others so I will give you that one.

      • whiskersthecat

        The only issue I hold with this blog is the Evanescence that invaded my ears until I was able to scroll down the page and turn it off. The goatee, too. Early 2000s ended about seven years or so ago. The article itself is probably pretty important to you and your lady, and that’s cool. I can live with that. Since you guys are just blowing sweety pie honey bunches sugarbutt smoke up each others assholes with this blog entry, I shall lower the power in my Criticism Blaster to stun, and only call it “gay”.

        This has been my professional opinion. What many of you may not know about me is that I am a world-renowned personal blog critic. This comes free of charge as I like to give back to the community from time to time. Carry on.

        • Alan

          The only issue I hold with this blog is the Evanescence that invaded my ears until I was able to scroll down the page and turn it off. The goatee, too.


        • Alas, Evanescence is a passion my wife and I share even if it’s guiltily sometimes. I encourage you to skip to the next song, I’m rather eclectic in my tastes, so I’m sure there’s something there you’d like. If not, try the jukebox on the lower left corner for a bigger selection.

          As for the goattee, you speak heresy good sir!!! Started growing when I was 13 (only kid who had any facial hair before was the uber-jock who was a foot tqller than me) and I’ve had a full goattee since I was 14 (first in my whole grade and the grade above). It’s been a bit longer than 2000 I’m sorry to say… In any case it’s better now, since my wife forced me to shave the moustache off and keep it under 2 inches long.

          Appreciate the opinion, even if it’s wrong cause you like totally don’t even know and also I disagree with you. You probably write for some newspaper I don’t like cause I’m smarter than it and if it’s another outlet, than the same thing applies and I don’t even care anymore, so there!

          How did a thread about a severely battered underage girl get turned into a discussion about my facial hair and personal blog again?

          • whiskersthecat

            Well, gosh, I can’t even be mean to you if you reply in a humorous way. I’m a terrible anonymous hateful comment poster.

            I remember my first goatee back in high school (back in 99 or some shit). I looked ridiculous because I was still trying to hold onto the grunge era. Sort of. I toyed with the idea of making you feel better by linking to a photo of me with the ridiculously giant handlebar mustache I had for 9 months, but then I realized that would require me showing my face on ChinaSMACK.

            I actually did use to write for a newspaper (again, in high school, and yes you should hate that newspaper because it was very small town and corny), but it was a local newspaper and I wrote about car accidents and the like. The only similarity here is that the sounds of Evanescence’s music and of children burning to death in a mangled ’94 Toyota 4Runner are completely indiscernible to my ears.

          • Alan

            Appreciate the opinion, even if it’s wrong cause you like totally don’t even know and also I disagree with you.

            As you come from Canada, please use the queens english.

            Nothing more lower class than using USania euphemisms, as in that sentence, e.g:

            What you wrote about whiskers is wrong cause you like totally don’t even know her dude!

            Thought you were meant to be this highly paid writer type guy? Anyway your arrogance to her, to mask your own insecurities and your poor choice of music on your blog, isn’t fooling anyone, you will always be posting on here, because you can never be truly happy in yourself. Keep that pretty wife chained up on arrival in Ottawa, she might just think going back to HK is better or marrying a less vertically challenged and obese canadian guy.

            Hop to it, ace.

          • whiskersthecat

            You seem like you’re really mad. Mad enough to make a “name” on ChinaSMACK based on how mad you are about this one guy.

          • Notorious

            yuk. people can be such douchebags.

          • ElijahlovestofuckCuntney (aka Andrew)

            Boy, why this serious?

            This is ChinaSmack. We flock here to condemn douchebags. Of course there are enough for us to spit on, are there not?

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple identities.]

          • mr. wiener

            @Andrew, AKA whatever.
            Am I detecting a note of petulant jealousy that the delectable Canney is attracted to Elijiah and not yourself?
            Maybe he has something you don’t…maybe several inches more than you don’t. Oh, and a personality that is not permanently set on “douchebag”.
            This crusade of yours is unseemly. You do NOT mention other people’s partners\family on here as a way of getting at them otherwise you expose yourself for all to see as a bag of dicks.

          • Meh, can’t be bothered anymore.

            This place is worse than a troll den, it’s a breeding ground.

            Can’t say anything though or you’ll be feeding them. On the other hand, if comments like that are allowed to stay, then it really sets the standards and tone of the site.

            Oh well,just need to look at reality to see whqt’s real and important: real loving wife who’s a singer/model or this troll den?

          • Alan

            Oh well,just need to look at reality to see whqt’s real and important: real loving wife who’s a singer/model or this troll den?

            So you see back in a week or so after your move to Ottawa then?

            Same bat time, same bat channel:)

          • Little Wolf

            Shit…..I can’t even grow a mustache. I think it would look badass if I shaved my head and grew a Fu Manchu……if I could :(

            On the plus side, I’ll never go bald.

          • mr. wiener

            I had the “grizzly Adams” beard for a while there, but I was worried about getting beard hairs in the food [I’ll wear a hair net, but I draw the line at a face net].
            Plus it itches like mad in summer and you get dandruff on your face. I’m back to the European man-whore look at present.

            Back to the topic at hand, it would be nice if ChinaSmack did a follow up on this and many other stories, What happened to that poor girl who was set on fire by her arsehole would-be suitor? Did the armless girl find a love match? and is that creepy rapist guy with the hongbao toting parents making new friends in jail?
            I’d love to find out about these stories guys….pretty please?

          • Yeah, sometimes I regress to full Grizzly Adams style when I can’t be bothered to shave for a couple of weeks. I go through razors like drinking water, blades get dull pretty fast cause I’m a hairy bastard (except my back thank God, can’t stand back hair…).

            But like Little Wolf, I’ll never go bald at least. Thick golden hair bitches!!! And a chest that would Disney’s Gaston blush with envy hahahaha.

          • Little Wolf

            I agree with weiner and Eli. This site is fairly lax and Fauna is quite tolerant of letting people speak their mind no matter how asinine they can be.
            It’s bad enough the amount of people that say things to people they would never dare to say to their faces. But that’s not going to change anytime soon.
            I think we can all agree that insulting any innocent as a way to flame on the real target is the epitome of chickenshit. That includes wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children, dogs, cats and goldfish.
            People that make cheapshots under another alias are the biggest chickenshits of all and how anybody can get any satisfaction from doing such a thing completely escapes me.

            I like a good flame war as much as the next guy, I just think people should be creative enough to flame without resorting to such shit-head tactics.

          • Alan

            But like Little Wolf, I’ll never go bald at least. Thick golden hair bitches!!! And a chest that would Disney’s Gaston blush with envy hahahaha.

            Your belly isn’t so impressive alas. Might be time to skip those heinekens and spend more time making hay with your asian wife….

          • Dr SUN

            Good luck in your future Elijah and to your pretty wife.

            btw I like your goatee (ps don’t take that the wrong way)

          • mr. wiener

            And from me too mate.

    • Raggamuffin

      Your trying to use rational to reason with the irrational. If someone is capable of administering this kind of beating, asking if he could see her pain and fear is irrelevant…. and in his mind’s eye, of course he’s allowed to have a social life… reasoning with this kind of a beast with every day rules and common sense will lead you nowhere.

    • Alan

      That’s just the mindset that a few (one) retarded stalker troll(s) are trying to impose.

      Keep believing the world is against you.

      If a few posters on a forum about china irk you so much, god knows how you can ever get by in real life….criticism is part of life, and you are just going to have to deal with it, like we all do. Difference is I don’t fire racism your way, nor insults about the disabled or those with mental problems… CB said, seems insecurities will follow you for all your life.

      Hope your mum has internet in Canada, because I know you will be totally lost without your virtual sparring on these boards.

  • Brett Hunan

    I dont know if I could ever understand why people stay in abusive relationships… I mean, I get the reasons that psychologists give, but they just dont add up for me. Anyone on the “in” in China know if there are support groups for girls who have suffered this kind of tragedy?

    • Nick in Beijing

      There is the All Women’s Federation of China, I think they deal with abuse victims, but I’m not sure to what degree

    • Kim Lee

      There really aren’t any organizations to help.Even if the few that exist in big cities have limited ability to help, they mostly exist to raise awareness of women’s rights. The women’s shelters in Beijing have NEVER had a single occupant ( perhaps that they require permission from danwei among other things being a reason) The sad truth is that she is lucky that she wasn’t married to her boyfriend or the assault would have been classified as domestic violence, for which there is no criminal punishment. Even now, that her boyfriend has been arrested, what will she do? How can she pay for medical care?Where can she go for help?
      Sixteen is really, really young. I know people like to say “she should have left the first time he hit her” but no one ever says where a girl should go once she leaves

    • Lydia

      I stayed for the money.

  • eattot

    omg!i hate women beaters,anyway!
    women should try to live out men,sometimes.

  • Capt. WED

    what the fuck.

  • Thor

    Let’s face it, people : girls love this kind of lowlives, because “they ooze manliness” I suppose. Nothing ever changes, it’s been like that for ages and it’s still going on. How would you explain, otherwise, that 1 woman out of 10 is beaten by her husband/companion even in the West. The “nice guys” are never the ones that have the most success with girls/women. The rude boys always win in this competition, unless they go a bit too far and end up in trouble like this one.

    • eattot

      and yes,men love whores and sluts.all the same.
      no matter how good their wives are.

      • dim mak

        Not true at all honey

        • linette

          It’s true for the most part. Unfortunately..hahaha…
          I think for the most part people don’t care about the personality. They just want good looking girlfriend or boyfriend. And someone rich. A bxtch or a55hole don’t matter. hahaha….

          Me..I don’t want to have anything to do with bad boys. I want a good educated reponsible man that is not too ugly. He doesn’t need to be rich.

          • dim mak

            See I think people like that just dont have a lot of sexual experience. Why else focus on the looks? When I was younger I’d judge partners by how sexy they are, but after fucking with so many people it’s become less important, and I now care much more for compatibility than looks.

      • Notorious

        agreeing with eattot. women love bad boys, men love shallow whores who look good on the outside but nothing on the inside. call it even.

      • Bruce Tutty

        As the old saying goes, most men and woman want the same thing…a saint in public and a sinner in private.

        I have no love of anything as damaged as a whore.

    • Alan

      The “nice guys” are never the ones that have the most success with girls/women. The rude boys always win in this competition, unless they go a bit too far and end up in trouble like this one.

      I agree, until those women decide to find a nice guy to marry, and they are all gone, having grown impatient. Or worse the former nice guy has now become a jerk, after having his fingers burned one too many times…..

      • eattot

        hehe,maybe your right.
        but my fiance is a nice guy,honest and good temper.

    • Bruce Tutty

      This is a myth…Nice people have as much luck with others.

      The idea is to have a personality, and the young and ignorant will mistake bravado for actual talent.

      But if you are happy and know how to be confident, and aren’t afraid of the opposite sex like many ‘good’ guys are, then there’s no problem getting a nice girl.

      Don’t use this old moral line as an excuse for your lousy conversation skills!

      • Joe


      • the ace of books

        “The idea is to have a personality, and the young and ignorant will mistake bravado for actual talent.”

        顶顶顶!We have a winner!

      • Alan

        Don’t use this old moral line as an excuse for your lousy conversation skills!

        To whom.

        Truth is truth, nice guys finish last. Deal with it.

    • Almond

      lol the ‘nice guy’ thing huh? Nice people are nice without expecting anything in return. Girls aren’t puppets or games that you’re nice to until sex tokens fall out. Being nice doesn’t mean you deserve sex from whoever you want no matter how they feel. I love how girls are blamed when the meet a bad guy but guys are consoled when they meet a bad girl. “Oh it’s okay, she was crazy.” No one says “Oh must be because you’re too shallow, too stupid, too naive. You were asking for it buddy.”

      • Eggplanter

        Whoa, whoa – this comment is way too sensible and well reasoned for China SMACK.

      • the ace of books

        I would like to award you an internet-high-five for this comment.

    • Dat Ankle

      Too much generalization for me to agree. Not all girls fall madly in love with women beaters, not all “nice guys” never physically or mentally harmed a girl, and not all “bad boys” harm women as well.

  • Chinese Psychiatrist

    All men know how to spot a wife beater, but somehow some women are unable to do so, or, what I suspect is that those women are attracted to wife beaters. There are many more nice guys than are violent ones, but the nice guys are not attractive to those women. Why would those women look for a nice and easy life when they are given the choice to get into trouble? I believe those women are the way they are because of evolution. Those women have fantasies of being raped and beaten deep into their reptilian brain. Sick and sad reality…

    • jeffli

      Chinese Psychiatrist you are F%%%ED in the head!

      The guy is a mental case, (he may even have already killed someone) he is definitely heading that direction.

      This is heavy extreme torture! (makes Japanese and Cubans look like members of the tickle club.)

      Just give me 30 minutes with this bastard dog. He will think it was an eternity and will never beat another person again! Oh no I won’t kill or torture him. I’ll rip out all his bloody teeth! and then some!

      The guy is a real pussy, can only belt women.

    • Notorious

      chinese psychiatrist, everyone knows that abusers are typically very charming people on the outside, but corrupt and mean on the inside. they are very good at masqerading and keeping up appearances. this is why most people are shocked when they learn someone is an a buser. they think, ‘That guy? He’s so nice, so hard to believe’.

      their nature does not come out until much later, just as the article suggested. it’s easy for a young woman not to recognize a psychopath such as this since she is not one herself. how will she kn ow what a psycho is supposed to be like? They don’t wear it on their sleeves.

    • Dat Ankle

      Where did you get your degree at, the dumpster dump near a toxic waste power plant?

      • whiskersthecat

        Now why in the world would a psychiatry degree be in a dumpster next to a toxic waste power plant? And why would there be a toxic waste power plant anyway? You speak in riddles, sir.

  • Jf

    Burry this piece of trash that gives law abiding Chinese as soon as possible

  • Brian

    The girl is a victim. No matter what her past. No one should be treated that ways. Even a dog does not deserve this cruelty. I do not what kind of society of living for these people mentioning that the girl deserved this. She is a human being and she deserves better than that. How do you feel if she were your daughter or your sister ? The guy deserves a life term prison and locks with the most barbarian criminals. Let them tortured and sodomized him every hour.

  • cody

    This is why Chinese women want to date foreign men.

  • Notorious

    I don’t understand why this is the girl’s fault. An animal should not even be treated with such cruelty.

    The man is a monster. If he is released from jail, we will likely see a story about her again either dead or something horrific happening to her from his vengeance. they need to move far away.

  • dim mak

    Too much victim blaming -O-

  • Bruce

    this guy is mentally abnormal.this girl is unfortunate.but she deserved it.above all,the girl must be given some proper treatment.besides maybe she need a shrink.

    • She deserved it? You are sick.

    • D. Tective

      I don’t even need to look at your horrible English to know you are Chinese. I can just see you support the beating of the girl… and idiots like you wonder why there are Chinese girls who hate Chinese guys. Not all Chinese girls, but enough to make people like you be ragingly caveman-like.

    • bomber

      I suppose she ‘deserved’ it in the sense that a clueless moron walking around in the jungle ‘deserves’ to get eaten by a tiger.

      She’s a child. This kind of thing could happen anywhere, however it says quite a lot about your primitive culture and mindset that you would blame the victim. Go back to the farm.

      • Stacy

        I think you guys should take it easy on Bruce. The girl could have left, it’s not like she was locked up 24/7. She chose to stay for a month, and receive such treatment from her boyfriend. She knew what she was doing.

        Child? 16 year olds are mentally capable of making decisions for themselves. Stop making excuses for her. I do feel sorry for her but she contributed to her own abuse.

  • Winterbitten

    Poor girl, she didn’t deserve this.

    Oh and Sofa

  • Winterbitten

    poor girl

    comments not working?

    sofa no comments

  • fredf

    Far too much victim blaming.
    She is just a 16 year old girl, and we do not know her family situation.
    What if something like this happened to your daughter or sister ?
    I really do not understand any of the people blaming the victim.

    • Notorious

      fredf, do you know if it is true that chinese youngsters are not legally able to marry until 20 or 21? I read that somewhere. If they are naive for that long I am not surprised. I can tell you at 16 I was still young, going to the mall, playing around in makeup, etc and not thinking about boys until I was eighteen – an adult and even I didn’t kn ow anything then but having fun. So I can see a young naive girl not understanding the VICIOUS nature of an adult man.

      • fredf

        “22 for males, 20 for females.”

        • Chinggis was here

          Yeah, I agree, I don’t understand why that girl is being blamed either. I’m not sure why the legal age of marrige, in China, matters? The age of consent in China is 14. I guess that’s so the businessmen and party members can still have their fun.

          “In the People’s Republic of China the age of consent for sexual activity is 14 years, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation.”

          This story is truly disturbing.

  • Bruce Tutty

    I would say that all those above that said she deserve to suffer the same fate, but i really don’t think they are worth the effort.

  • mrnightcat

    I know the above comments are likely cherry-picked, but…

    Those are the most sickening, ignorant and inhuman comments one could say about a girl who suffered horrendous abuse.

    • Nyancat

      ^ hear hear i second that.

  • What exactly is the point of the poster asking the question at the end there, “At what point do you blame someone …”

    You never blame the victim of abuse. And even asking this question is legitimizing the idea that there’s is more than one answer to it.

    Providing the selection of comments is a good representation, it just shows that sexism and violent attitudes towards women are rampant in China. It does not throw up the question that their point of view might by legit.

    Shocking that it was posed by Fauna, who I believe is a woman. It’s a real pity that this blog throws up all kinds of serious issues and yet none of the writers are intellectually equipped to frame them properly.

    • anon

      Actually, the point is quite valid and frankly realistic.

      Think about how many people (including myself) say its partially China’s own fault that it was exploited and invaded by imperialists.

      There’s a reason why we have phrases like “looking for trouble” or “asking for it”, because so many of us do think certain situations involved the victim not being prudent or responsible to themselves. I don’t think saying the victim deserves some blame means the other person is blameless. It just means that sometimes you have to watch out for yourself because others may not do it for you.

      I think the moralizing at the end is ridiculous on your part. Most of the comments above are the most popular comments from their respective sources. She would be remiss if she didn’t translate them because procedurally they are assumed to be representative of something. You see the same sort of comments on portal sites around the world. These attitudes and knee-jerk reactions are unfortunately more common in the world than you’re letting yourself believe.

      I personally prefer that she NOT “frame” these issues. The point of this blog as we were told is that they translate and avoid commentary so we can make our own conclusions and not have them tell us what to think. If you want that, go to Tea Leaf Nation or any number of commentary blogs that will happily moralize to you and tell you what they think. I prefer that this blog stick to doing its best sharing with us what Chinese netizens themselves are thinking rather than picking and choosing what the bloggers prefer us to think about China and its people.

      The “intellectually equipped” insult was also incredibly childish on your part. I imagine Fauna is intelligent enough to recognize that even women blame other women for their mistakes at times, and often more viciously than men! Besides, she expresses her point of view in the comments. It’s good that she doesn’t in the posts.

      • Buffy

        Oh, women blame themselves more harshly. It’s a way of socially distancing your own behaviour from someone undesirable.

        Having a penis, I can ooze sympathy for her without anyone thinking I almost trapped myself in that position before.

  • Ailsa

    There is so much victim-blaming from the Chinese netizens, it really makes me shake my head.

    If this girl was a KTV hostess at 16, there was clearly something off about the upbringing the parents gave her. You don’t grow up in a healthy environment and then become an underage TV hostess with a boyfriend twice your age–this girl was clearly a victim of both her own family, her country’s laws (did her parents not report that she was missing?) and grow man taking advantage of a neglected child’s vulnerability.

  • mr. wiener

    Sad, just sad. Some “man” who can only feel good about himself when he is abusing a young girl, and she allows him to do it for so long…..*sigh*

    • ACE

      professing your actions? slashing a sausage would be fun and entertaining.

      • mr. wiener

        Not at all the appropriate time or place for your normal nonsense Ace, try and imagine if this poor girl was your sister of friend…a little empathy would be nice.

  • manquenom

    All of the victim blaming in the comments is truly appalling. Poor girl, I hope she gets some justice.

  • bomber

    Awful situation. A girl this age is still basically a child. The severity of the injuries is troubling, though this kind of thing happens everywhere. And tomorrow it will happen again, to another faceless, anonymous dullard, somewhere on this earth. I hope that one day females can be more defiant towards abuse and not grow to love it as they do now. This young girl no doubt still thinks her man really loves her.

    I can only hope that she will be able to recover her identity and move on with her life. As for the perp… The criminal justice system is tasked with punishment, not recovery. He will do his time and then come out and do it again. Same story different day / continent…

  • opinionater

    Beating women is not just an issue in China, nor is it acceptable.

  • tamerrick

    they should do to this guy what he did to her. scum.

  • D. Tective

    I don’t know which is worse: hearing about how disgustingly evil this situation is, or reading so many comments by locals who support (yes, SUPPORT) the abuse of this girl. “She deserved it!”, says one. “She is a no-good hooker, so what?”, reads another. I can’t believe how evil so many people are. She is not even an adult yet, and people are saying she deserved it? Sick. You people are just sick. I will never raise my child in this country.

  • fredf

    What the British-Egyptian guy did in Beijing was almost nothing compared to what this Chinese guy did to this Chinese girl.

    But, because of just a few minutes of a British guy harassing a Chinese girl many Chinese people want to start harassing and possibly abusing all foreigners.

    This Chinese guy abuses this poor Chinese girl for a month, and many Chinese people only want to accuse and bad mouth and blame the victim.

    Not all Chinese people are such hypocrites, of course.
    But, every time some ignorant Chinese peasant tries to tell me that the Chinese are better, it just makes me want to puke.

    • Zhuangzi

      That’s because many Chinese men believe they, and only they, have the right to harass and abuse Chinese women.

  • markx

    The worst people in the world are the manipulators and abusers. Somehow, they learn early in life just how to influence and control people. They instinctively work out their target’s weaknesses and work on that.

    Don’t blame the people who get trapped like this, blame the lowly scum who thrive on this sort of behavior and control.

    And make sure you warn your friends if you see it happening to them, because they seem not to see it themselves.


    Specifically related to the majority of above quoted Netizens: Fuck you Chinese!

  • Dr SUN

    Men want a slut and whore in their bedroom and a sweet angel wife in public, men are little more than worthless pieces of mostly limp ugly flesh, that hate women as the women are much more beautiful inside and out than them.

    • fredf

      Generalize much ?

      I agree with the “Men want a slut and whore in their bedroom and a sweet angel wife in public”.

      But, I love women for their inner and outer beauty.
      Life is so much better with a loving woman at my side.

  • Ami

    I know the internet tends to bring out the worst in and of people but these comments are psychopathic and sadistic!
    Shes 16 years old and even if she was older she wouldn’t deserve torture like that!

    I truly hope that in the average chinese person’s mind what happened to this girl wasn’t fair retribution…

  • kep

    I’m afraid most men cannot even begin to comprehend the life/experience of a Chinese female, or any female for that matter. Almost all females experience sexism/discrimination at some point in their lives. Over two-thirds of females experience sexual harassment at least once in their lives, often from people they should be able to trust.

    Imagine living everyday of your life where…. you are treated merely as an object of someone else’s desire; your personal experiences are constantly being dismissed or derided by others as “overemotional,” “bitchy,” “slutty,” “irrational,” etc.; your body is not your own but always on offer to others for judgment and ridicule; you cannot walk down a quiet street without a twinge of fear; society considers your main function as baby making (machine). If you can truly walk a mile in these shoes, then maybe, just maybe, you have a chance of understanding how a 16 year old with little to no education cannot leave an abusive partner, let alone have an ounce of self-esteem left to spare for attracting a suitable partner.

    How so many people can think a child/teenager DESERVES to be violently tortured says so much about the state of women in China…

  • k

    Maybe she didn’t leave because he threatened her life and he’s the kind of abuser that would kill. It isn’t the girls fault, she’s just a kid and a scared and not so bright one at that. If anyone is to blame its the parents of this girl who gave so little a shit about her that they let her go be a prostitute probably because a. She’s a girl and the Chinese don’t give a crap about what happens to their baby girls and b. It was easier to send her off to make money for them then for them to make their own money. This girl probably has a failed home life, she was scared. Had no where to go, he probably took her money, he probably broke her self worth down to zelch, and she had no one to turn to and she was also probably deeply ashamed about it all. This girl is a victim, the people blaming her are assholes, probably the same people who blame rape victims.

    • ScottLoar

      Correct. This is a 16 year-old child, barely in her teens, wholly dependent on others, and it was her misfortune to fall in with the very worst sort of man. She didn’t “deserve” any of this, and the man who took such heartless advantage of her should be publicly whipped. If in Singapore or Malaysia several strokes of the bamboo would surely and rightly be some small part of his punishment.

  • Dave

    It’s a very very extreme case. But I gotta say that abuse appears to be the norm in Chinese society. Bosses exploiting their workers, screaming and bullying them. Parents hitting their children (oops – sorry – “teaching them discipline/respect”), emotional and other abuse in marriage (such as Chinese women screaming at their husbands for “not being high status enough”) etc etc.

    I suspect a lot of these people have poop in their veins.

  • Shade

    I am shocked at the comments stating she deserved this. She is a CHILD and no CHILD deserves this. Everyone who said she deserved this should be ashamed of your selves. You are what causes the world to look low on China, you embarrass yourself and your country. He deserves death. The rest of you deserve her fate for those comments, karma will be your judge.

    • jeffli

      I agree with shade but death is too good for the bastard guy.
      lop his balls off – this should make him more docile.
      30minutes in a room with me.
      1hour in a room with 10 angry formerly abused
      and life in prison making alarm clocks and “entertaining” other prisoners.

      this guy (dog)will be a repeat offender if he is not treated appropriately.
      Like wild dogs after biting humans he thinks he can do it again. He will always target these children and young adolescents.

  • 草泥馬

    i am truly exasperated at that motherfucker , he is not a human being but a extreme bandit ! what should be given to him is death penalty , no mercy for him ! or more individuals will be hurt .

  • crazy been

    sick peace of shit

  • shocked

    Indeed I’m shocked at most of the comments. Jeez 16 is a very young age! and she might have her life threatened by the guy! She was clearly scared and even letting go of her money to make him let her go, to no avail. My own cousin is 16 year old too, and very much doing what teenagers nowadays do. Go to school, hanging out with friends, posts loads of crazy close up face shots in facebook, gossiping boy crushes and cute guys, still protected by parents and very much immature like a real teenager. This girl work at KTV by herself, date and trapped by an abuser, suffered inhuman abuse and still blamed by netizens. I wonder why her parents let her go off alone too. Sick.

  • Bunny99

    It does seem like the bad guys get rewarded and the good ones get punished.

    I know a girl who had left her controlling rapist bf, several weeks ago, for a much better guy, then last Weekend her ex-bf met her at the VD clinic (he had given her a nasty disease and both had to go for treatment together) and demanded that she came back to him (hmm romantic). Later that night he found her with her new bf and threatened them both with a meat cleaver. The next morning he told the girl that if she didn’t marry him he would kill everyone involved.

    So what did the girl do? She married the crazy ex-bf! So the rapist gets the girl and the good guy is left alone.

    So many girls I come across are like this – amazing powers of self-deception. Don’t walk home in the rain – get into that “nice guy’s” BMW, the one offering you a lift – OK, but don’t be surprised when he drives you into the middle of nowhere and won’t drive you home unless you show him how friendly you can be! When you smile at a guy at work and he falls over himself to do you favors, of course you can’t turn him down when he asks you on a date, but don’t be surprised if he spikes your drinks with whiskey and tranquilizers and turns out not to be such a good guy after all.

    Girls – listen to auntie Bunny – the “good guys” who want to get you drunk really don’t love you (they just think you are a toy to play with until they get bored), but while you are dating them and finding this out, the really good guy who loves you will be gone.

    Seems like a no brainer, but apparently it is not obvious to so many girls.

    Oh, and guys who drive fancy cars around town – when they buy you expensive gifts it doesn’t mean you are special, heck, they’re buying these kinds of gifts for all ten girls they currently have on the go.

    Love and loyalty (real, not imagined because you think the guy’s hot and want and excuse to throw yourself at him) – that’s what a girl should look for if she wants to be happy in the future.

    Now, I am going to make some tea and feed my cats ;)

    • LeBateauPolice

      your story makes one really sad. it is inconceiveable how a girl throws away her life instead of seeking help/reporting the case to the police. her life really is done. i have a similar story, which made me speechless:
      I know a girl who once had a boyfriend, who turned out to be a rather simpleton, so she would break up with him. she soon found a much better fitting partner, who was a doctor. However, the old bf blackmailed her, that if she wouldn’t marry him, he would spread an old sex video of them. then she even talked to her parents. i dont know the real situation of that conversation, but in the end the parents tried to persuade her to marry that bastard (father was a high ranking cadre).
      I mean, since some years they are married, have a child, they are both unhappy, suffer several mental disorders, but it’s very unlikely that they will divorce.

  • Slob

    Any man, regardless of whose fault it is, that beats a woman is truly a pathetic fucker who deserves to have his ass kicked by his equally physical male counterparts. My mother always said “If a woman ever hits you, you have the absolute right to hit her back”. Sure, if a girl slaps you, slap her back. Did this poor SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL cut and bruise this fucking loser? Maybe she slapped him, so what? Dickhead tough guys like this would have their face mashed into the concrete if they ever came across people like myself. Look at the sissy – Retarded hairstyle, skinny as hell, leaves his shirt open like he’s a pimp.

    Pray the gods allow him to cross my path in the future.

  • Justin Thyme

    In any post like this you will a good percentage (though not all of course, thank God) of posters saying stuff like the victim deserved it. Even when the victim are kids sometimes. I have read these responses before many times. Once a woman cut her son’s hands off, and a couple posters said the kid must have done something to deserve it.

    There is a huge gulf here between basics ethics and morality and how to respond to acts of violence and cruelty against strangers. of course if the victim were a precious family member or close friend then it is another story. I believe many people here find it amusing to see this girl tortured this way and are beyond being able to muster even the most basic sense of human compassion.

    Again, that is not to say all. But those kind hearted ones are often victims themselves. Coldblooded reptiles really.

  • diverdude1

    so sad to see that. I sure wish there was some sort of women’s lib movement here in China like the US went thru in the 20th century. This child needs some sort of positive support structure to help her recover and move forward with her life.

    that male makes me remember how appropriate I find the Old Testament to be.

  • Xiongmao

    Man,, I’d REALLY like to see the Chinese in a better light but reading Chinese comments on everything from captured illegal fishing boats to cut up KTV girls just makes me sad. I sometimes just can’t believe how inhuman, selfish, judgemental, sadistic and full of schadenfreude the Netizens are. Seriously? They’re an embarrassment to China. How about getting a job instead of spending 14 hours a day at a 2 kuai internet cafe, drinking cheap beer and smoking shitty cigarettes? I almost wish someone would beat some sense into them.

  • 老外

    Nobody deserves to be abused. The commenters who blame the victim scare me more than the animal that did the abusing.

  • waihnag

    I didn’t know China is still practicing death sentence by thousand cuts.. right now chairman Mao has a perverted mischievous smile glued on his face in his grave.

    Whatever, the guy is suffering from an extreme control freak disorder, waihang shuo cut his dick of!

    • Zhuangzi

      Mao’s not in a grave; he’s in a mausoleum. But yeah, he did things far worse than this.

      • Zhuangzi

        He’s on display in a mausoleum, that is.

  • Foreign Devil

    A lot of callous comments by the Chinese people. She is only 16 years old. . just a girl. Girls make mistakes.. especially when they don’t have good parents to guide them.

    Looks like the evil bastard was trying to give her “death by a 1000 cuts”. He will probably get just a month in jail and a modest fine before they let him off.

    • Buffy

      Surely after he’s hit the media, giving him stiff sentence becomes a matter of faith.

      • Kim Lee

        I wouldn’t count on it, but will hope. I would also hope that her being 16 would make the crime more serious, but again it is doubtful. The concept that men beating women is natural and acceptable is really widespread here. Women who go to the police are often ignored or told to go home and “calm down”. Even female family members will sush you with “that’s how men are….” Trust me. I’m still married to one of the most famous wife beaters in China. Media can help raise awareness and get people talking, it doesn’t help bring abusers to justice.

        • Little Wolf

          Kimmor? Do you remember me? Dulang from the old TalkTalkChina blog? The guy that had to disarm a knife from my ex-gf 4 times and then got a Thermos full of boiling water dumped on my head? Maybe we should form a support group. (sorry, I shouldn’t make light of our situations) Hope you’re doing well. Regardez!

        • Foreign Devil

          ” I’m still married to one of the most famous wife beaters in China.” ?? what is the meaning of that? You are a woman married to a famous wife beater?? And still married?

          • anon


            Kim Lee is the wife of Li Yang, the guy behind Crazy English who also happens to be a wife-beater.

            Of course, its highly unlikely this “Kim Lee” is the real Kim Lee.

          • Little Wolf

            “Of course, its highly unlikely this “Kim Lee” is the real Kim Lee”

            I’ll take that bet!

          • anon

            Interesting. I guess it wouldn’t be the first somewhat known person to be reading chinaSMACK (there was Dashan, right?) but maybe you can contact Fauna and Kim Lee (since you seem to know her personally) to verify? I think it would be interesting. Wonder if we could get more information on the actual situation she’s in with her husband.

          • markx

            Fascinating if she really chose to remain married to the man, yet still refers to him as a ‘wife beater’.

            Perhaps not a marriage which continues via a spirit of forgiveness?

  • Dat Ankle

    The story made me vomit, the comments made me vomit even more. I hope this guy gets everything her deserves and more.

  • Nyancat

    Anyone here still remember sister feng? This is her day job in the US -.-

    • anon

      Interesting. A lot of people say all her shamelessness ultimately paid off in getting her to America. Didn’t she recently try to run the same publicity stunt as the original one that got her so much attention (passing out fliers listing delusional demands in a potential suitor?) but most people were already tired of her?

      • Nyancat

        I didn’t hear about that but this was a news article that is quite new so it might have taken place after her supposed second publicity stunt, so now she gives pedicures, oh well maybe she’s happy where she is, who knows. She did manage to make it to the US, so it shows she has determination to say the least ^^

  • [email protected]

    Let me try to get this right – The police took her in to make a statement, BEFORE she was given medical attention?????

    also, “Guangzhou Manhattan apartment” is an oxymoron if I ever heard one, like saying “This is a feces diamond”

  • bscalled

    castration is good for him – like when you neuter a dog