Girl Falls Through Sidewalk in Xi’an, Rescued by Taxi Driver

A Chinese girl suddenly falls through the sidewalk in Xi'an, China.

A Chinese girl suddenly falls through the sidewalk in Xi'an, China.

The below video is currently one of the most discussed videos of the day, with 180,000 views since last night and 600 comments. A similar video uploaded 6 hours ago has an additional 200,000 views and 700 comments. The popularity of the video is partially attributed to the similarities between it and a similar event that occurred in Beijing earlier this month in which a woman was killed after a sidewalk collapsed into a pit of boiling water.

Video From Youku:

Girl Suddenly Falls Into Deep Pit, Taxi Brother Wordlessly Saves Her

Two days ago we heatedly discussed [the story of] a Beijing woman scalded to death after falling into a pit of boiling water. The result of that was the responsible party paid the woman’s family members a sum of 1.2 million RMB in compensation. Recently, in Shaanxi Xi’an, yet another girl dropped into an open pit. But this time, the fate of the girl was completely different. At the time of the accident, a kind-hearted taxi driver Wang Wei happened to see her fall. He immediately stopped his car, jumped into the pit, and saved the young girl.

Wang Wei
Below was very deep, altogether six or seven meters deep, the girl at that time was just laying on the bottom. Luckily a few feet below was a power line, I held onto it and went down.

Chang’an District Taxi Cab Supervisor:
This guy [Wang Wei] normally is a man of few words, for instance regarding saving this girl, the taxi owner spoke even asked him, and he said it was just something small, not a big deal.

Wang Wei
Her school is thankful, her parents are also thankful, anyway there were so many people, I was rather embarrassed. Actually this incident was just, in my opinion, just helping someone. When I finished helping I just left. It was nothing.

A copy on YouTube:

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Comments from Youku (1 & 2):


A rare good Samaritan, learn from him!


I think aside from focusing on the heroism of Wang Wei, the media should pay attention to why such a level road would suddenly give way into a pit? If this is caused by the inadequate work of the city road department, then shouldn’t they be investigating into whichever person is responsible?


Once again proving: Walking on the street listening to music or talking on the phone leads to tragedy!


My gamertag is “Walk Outside and Fall into a Pit”; I think it suits her better.


Fuck, are animals in the city setting traps for humans now?


This society still has good people.


Fuck, what kind of lousy street is this, why has Xi’an had so many collapsed road surfaces in recent years? People don’t even dare go walk on the street…


This is garbage engineers’ garbage engineering, it’ll kill someone! The leader of the work unit responsible should go to hell!


I want to know, if this girl had died after falling in, who would come forth and pay for it [be held responsible]?


According to authorities, the investigation concluded that the street was constructed by temporary workers. Therefore, it has nothing to do with China’s Ministry of Transport [which is responsible for roads].

番薯加芋头 (responding to above):

Another expert comes out, says the road has no problem, that the girl was too heavy, that she collapsed [the sidewalk], just like cars collapsing elevated highways.


Who set up this trap pit? Fucking scoundrel, the pit has no cover, letting people see it first they can avoid it, why put such a thin piece of concrete over it? Is this not purposefully trying to hurt someone? Repulsive construction workers!


Brother Wang, you are a good model for us Chinese! I will learn from you, and at the same time wish you a safe/happy life!

What do you think? Do you dare walk on sidewalks anymore?

Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

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      • ed

        relax fatass.

        that video was just weird that shit collapsed like a trap door

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        Provide proof you really own such a chair, otherwise what you write is just bragging.

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          • Alan

            Man, I’m trying to care but I just ate a whole roast chicken parsley and onion gravy and I’m sooooo full, but I still have a can of Pringles calling for me.

            You are not then Canadian, are you?

          • Alan

            Fucking Orwellian dystopia is up North.

            More tripe from the so called Canadian.

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  • The Enlightened One

    Seems a bit weird…

    Not to say this story isn’t true but why is it whenever there is a story in China about a huge accident and nobody helps…

    A few days later another story is posted with almost the EXACT same situation and someone quickly helps and it is handled much better?

    It this a way the government is trying to educate people?

    • Notorious

      Enlightened, I think it is a good example of showing balance. That there are both good and bad people everywhere. Bad outcomes and good ones two. The bad should not always be held up as an example of things going wrong, but that good things happen too, but are often overlooked. I think an example of more good things will make people want to do more in society.

      • Interested

        Northen culture is quite different from Southen one. North vs South playing out in all over world like Italy, USA, even Germany.

      • Capt. WED

        Notorious, YOU ARE GAY!!!


    • anon

      I thought someone did help in the Beijing incident? It’s just that she was already horribly burned.

      Abnormal phenomenon tends to capture our interest and leave a vivid impression so we tend to notice similar incidents more in their wake.

      Chinese government PSAs don’t have such high production values.

    • TheBigWhite

      Nah, the chinese watch the news to and shame themself into heroes.

    • StupidAmerican

      I’d say you’re right unless the engineer on record or foreman of the work crew were punished. Also, the men in green are here to help you.

    • Stu

      First one wasn’t that nobody helped. It was that she fell into boiling water.

      Actually, this is one situation I’d be careful about getting involved in. How do they know the rest of the pavement isn’t about to collapse?

  • jeffli

    Ladies, take note……This taxi driver is a real Man!
    Driving along minding his own business he sees this girl just disappear into the ground.
    Not knowing whats down in that hole he just goes down there to help. He doesn’t know he is risking his life or not.

    Now this is China, this is hero culture! Pity there aren’t more like him.

    • Notorious

      Definitely a good man. And he’s modest in not wanting to draw attention to himself.

    • anon

      Actually, there are plenty more like him. They’re just unsung because the circumstances of their actions weren’t caught on film or involved something as odd and unexpected as the sidewalk suddenly opening up underneath you.

      He’s a good guy and deserves praise, but this video is viral probably not because of his actions but because of the fact the poor girl was caught on camera literally falling into a sinkhole.

      • Alan

        There are two reasons, as a foreigner, I would never help out in this instance.

        1) Who would pay my hospital bill should anything bad happen? Let’s say I broke my leg, got overcome by fumes, and by sheer luck a chinese person called for help, I’d still be stuck with an ambulance and hospital bill.

        2) To add insult to injury (number 1) the girls family might say i injured her trying to help, or even pushed her down the pit, ta ma de lao wai, and I might have to pay them some cash.

        So, sorry to say, but I would never help out, not while there is no such thing as a good samaritans law, that applies equally to foreigners!

        • pada

          The story of a boy in Manchester left untouched for 10 minutes after fainting at a train station tells us China is not the reason for not helping out or not being sorta samaritan.

          • typical_knee_grow (aka Boonie_Hat)

            oh look, the blacks didn’t help. I am so surprised! /s

            [Note: Please do not use multiple identities.]

          • coala banana

            “if the same would have happened here” is a BS argument, since its just a similar fake reproduced incident, NOT involving the same people ! BS ! and not useful at all….

        • Patrick

          I’ve helped out a couple of times and been prevented a couple of times. I may be an idealist but I do believe that “doing the right thing”, “is the right thing to do”. That being said my wife often says “ta ma de lao wai”, though admittedly, often it’s affectionately.

          • Agreed, I always help whatever the situation. It’s an instinct, see something? Help.

            Simple as that. Of course, my wonderful chastizes me for not thinking of my safety first but admires the results.

            I think it has something to do with the constant influx of heroes in literature, film and tv that I’ve absorbed over the years.

            good on Wang for stepping up like a BOSS.

          • Alan

            What you say is noble, but unfortunately doing the right thing in China,well, it may lead you to lose your job, or end up bereft.

            This is not a place where tall poppies or standing out from the crowd is tolerated.

            A chinese taxi driver rescues the girl, without any harm to her, all is well.

            White hairy laowai goes down there, cash signs start spinning in the family’s eyes, and it could be a dozen chinese peoples word against yours.

            No, no, any idealism or nobility I had before I came to China has long been beaten out of me after getting my fingers burned on numerous occasions. Nothing we do is really appreciated, and they just see us as arrogant and interfering.

            What is chinese, stays chinese, in my book.

            Recall the case of the west lake heroine? How many other people jumped in to help her swim to the side of the lake…not one? But plenty of idiots taking photos and finding it entertainment.

            Good samaritan law first, then I might consider changing my views.

          • Patrick

            @Alan, I’m not new here, I understand the risks and the why. I helped an old man that fell from his bike due to heat exhaustion. His eyes were glazed over and was bleeding from the face. I cleaned him up and bandaged him (wife had a wet toilet and bandaids on hand) then quickly lost myself in the crowd once someone finally elected to watch the old guy. Yes it could cause trouble, but I have to say I really would feel worse if I hadn’t done something.

        • Notorious

          sometimes its best to do the right thing first and worry about the consequences later? I’ve been in situations, where I’ve seen a gang of teen thugs about to beat one boy and yet, I have stood up to tell them to stop it and that they won’t fight anyone as long as I’m standing there. This, enabling the “victim” to get on his bus safely. These teens might easily have turned their rage to me, but if I see someone in trouble I feel compelled to speak up or help out. Even if I see someone’s pet running lose in the street, I may stop my car to retrieve it and put in a safe area. If I cannot, I call the police to ask them to remove the animal. A woman’s car once stopped in front of mine on one of the coldest days of the year, I not only pushed her car using my own vehicle (from behind) but took her and her kids to their destination. I try to be safe, like I would never help a stranded man with a ride in my car, but otherwise, I help first, ask later.

          • Alan

            I’m not new here, I understand the risks and the why. I helped an old man that fell from his bike due to heat exhaustion.

            @Peter, I didn’t mean to imply you were new mate, sorry if my post came across that way.

            Just in general this is a society where if you help, you are interfering, and it is liable to hit you in your wallet. F***** up I know, but that’s just me.

            Thanks for your comments!

          • Patrick

            It’s ok – but it’s Patrick mate. No worries I got your sentiment. The Chinese have a saying – take my blood. That’s the most they could and would get from me. To date no foreigner that I’m aware of has been really nailed for this and to be honest I believe the Chinese government could not handle the loss of face that would ensue if a major network covered such a story. That doesn’t mean there’s no concern, or that we’re invulnerable, but I believe the risk is less. I could be wrong.

    • Made In World

      Right on! And it’s too bad so many Chinese women prefer corrupt, abusive, unfaithful, bastard rich guys then commoners with good hearts.

      • Notorious

        @Made in the world, not sure what you are referring to, but if a man takes a wife just because she’s beautiful, then a woman should take a man just because he is rich. A superficial man deserves a superficial woman.

        So if you can only love a pretty woman, how are you different from a woman who can only love a rich man?

        If a man is judging me or only likes me because of my appearance, I will only care about what he can do for me.

        If he likes me because of my heart, then I will like him for his.

        • Made In World

          You obviously have not met my wife.

          I’m in so much trouble for that one!

  • Notorious

    This is really scary, to think that walking down the street can kill a person. Like there aren’t enough things in the world that can harm you besides walking.

    • Alan

      Indeed, but note in Shenzhen there are really deep and fast flowing storm drains under the streets, no coming back from a fall into those alas:(

  • diverdude

    his head looks like a giant watermelon

  • alex

    Haven’t quite mastered the pavement, yet soon they’ll be building our cars… scary eh.

  • diverdude

    Song of the Article:

    Free Fallin’

    Tom Petty

    * advance apologies to kedafu :-p

    • Respect to your choice comrade, but I have a different suggestion.

      “Holding Out For a Hero”
      Bonnie Taylor

      Tell me that song doesn’t instantly turn you into a white knight with shining armour…

      10 CENTS!!!

      • Castro

        word up! comrade~

  • Gay Azn Boi

    For some reason I lolled so hard when she fell. Glad to know she’s okay though.

    • Made In World

      I gotta confess, I had a similar reaction. One of those “Oh my God!” snicker “I hate myself” moments…

      It was very Wile E Coyote

      The government should learn from this. They can use this tactic to eliminate dissidents and political foes!

      … man I gotta learn how to video edit, I’ve got some great ideas for some clips based on stories I’ve read here.

  • waihang

    have to praise the taxi driver though he got for a second a bit brainless leaving the car on spot instead of driving to the side… I will give him +1/2

    lucky little girl she didn’t get cooked like some another Beijing woman few weeks ago

  • Peter Barefoot

    Again? What the hell is going on?

    • lonetrey

      2012. The world has started splitting apart.

  • eight

    why did he have to go all way round the back couldn’t it have been quicker around the bonnet

    • Joel

      I wondered this too when watching, and concluded it’s probably born of driving as a profession. When getting out it’s safer to get in the habit of going around the back because if you forget to take the car out of gear you’ll be run over going around the front.

      • anon

        That’s possible. A simple explanation in my mind is the angle of the exit and door which directs you backward thus discouraging you from hooking back around the edge of the door to go towards the front. That’s just me thinking about the path of least resistance and your explanation may be more true.

  • Brett Hunan

    Official statement from Beijing incident:
    “Now, that walkway was perfectly safe until people decided to start walking on it. Damn, people wont stop walking on stuff. The streets, stairs, paths, and even sidewalks. Until every Chinese stop walking we cannot assume this will be an isolated incident.”

    Official statement from this incident:
    “Told ya.”

    • Notorious

      I wonder why cars don’t sink into the street, then.

      • Made In World

        Do a Google search for “China highway collapse”… there’s a few pages

        I posted a longer reply but it didn’t take, I guess…

  • typingfromwork

    No big deal, eh? Fucking baller.

  • mankouzanghua

    I saw this and was wondering what people here would say, and I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised.

  • Jeff

    I’m impressed a Chinese person stopped to help another person in need!

  • [email protected]

    Christ! what was the footpath made from? Mud? looked like a small cavernous void only inches below her feet. She wouldn’t have weighed a lot either. Someone should lose their job for this. Oh wait, the worker was probably untrained. unskilled, non-certified and not formally contracted anyway. Hmm, well then someone should be hired for doing this!!!… and then fired…!!!!

    • Patrick

      It looks more than a few years old. But your logic is sound – proceed.

    • Dat Ankle

      Im starting to wonder how long that sheet rock of a sidewalk lasted without someone falling in before.

  • Alanood Burhaima

    ~~Learn from the taxi driver’s good example XDDD
    *sings in Lei Feng’s song tone*

  • chris

    Should have let them both die so we have 2 less chinese in the world

    • pada

      You are the most honest of all Westerners who voiced from the innermost thoughts and feelin and showed the truest colour. You know I hate hypocracy. :)

      • Notorious

        Pada, this guy has made these comments on the last four or five topics. He is just trolling and his comment is no where close to how people feel. All of the garbage people talk about China here on this site I never hear about Chinese people in America. Maybe people are polite when they are not on the internet.

        • terroir

          Whether or not “Chris” is a Chinese troll trying to paint foreigners as “baddies”, 怕打 has accepted this invitation to paint himself and all of China as victims. Don’t legitimize pada’s need to gain power by playing the victim by accepting his words as tacit. Is “Chris” right, and so then is Pada right?

          This all plays to Pada’s passive-aggressive abilities. He’s all of angry, indignant, and yet victimized and impotent. Pada’s bottom line is “We are poor Chinese victims who are right! You are terrible foreigners who are wrong!”

          I know cb wants to keep talking to you, but I wanted to get a word in edgewise..

          • Notorious

            Trying to understand the your comment, Terroir – you say Pada “wants” to believe westerners have an anti-chinese agenda, and that Chris’s [trolling], is legitimizing this point of view. yes?

            You are saying that he is manipulating me or that I am unwittingly playing into it?
            Maybe so. I just cringe when people say that, since I live in the west and yet, I have never seen any anti-chinese agenda by Americans.

          • pada

            胎里儿,Just grant you flashing attention-whore one minute:

            Even if your wish came true to wipe out whole Chinese population, you’d still have to live with about 2 billion Muslims on the same planet all your miserable life. Whenever thinking of that painful fact, I laugh out real laud :)))

        • mankouzanghua

          Actually that’s pretty interesting. There was a guy in the 30s who had the same idea and made a famous study of it.

          Aptly summarized on Wikipedia… “LaPiere spent two years traveling the United States by car with a couple of Chinese ethnicity. During that time they visited 251 hotels and restaurants and were turned away only once. At the conclusion of their travels LaPiere mailed a survey to all of the businesses they visited with the question, “Will you accept members of the Chinese race in your establishment?” The available responses were “Yes”, “No”, and “Depends upon the circumstances”. Of the 128 that responded 92% answered No. The study was seminal in establishing the gap between attitudes and behaviors.”

          Obviously attitudes toward Chinese had to have been heaps worse 80 years ago, but still. What this suggests is that we might not know so well what people actually think about other ethnicities, because they might not say or do anything about it (except online, anonymously). This would be exacerbated in the PC climate of the US.

      • a little advice to you guys: chris is not western in skin color. Most likely Indian Hindu, Malaysian, Pollack,Uygur, Hungarian or Korean living in the USA. It is my experience that the most ardent anti-Chinese people who love to use the word Chink so much don’t really come from western countries anymore.
        just watch

    • 大海

      I’m guessing American?

  • andywattbulb

    what is up with these holes?

    • The Shadow Knows

      You know, I am beginning to think everyone who falls into those holes must be virgins…to be missing a hole that large, c’mon!

      • The Shadow Knows

        ooops, wrong joke…brain fart!

  • Jess

    The pavement looks thin, how do they support it if its hollow underneath?

  • Dat Ankle

    Watching her fall through that hole scared me, the last thing youd expect is to fall into a sidewalk. Thank god someone helped her though, and that nobody is badly hurt.

  • Alan

    Fucking scoundrel, the pit has no cover, letting people see it first they can avoid it, why put such a thin piece of concrete over it? Is this not purposefully trying to hurt someone?

    From the above comments.

    See, in Hong kong, they put up barriers and lighting and warning signs around such things, so people are more than aware there is a big hole or somewhere they should not be walking towards ahead of them.

    H + S overkill perhaps, but safer than dropping into a pit.

    • Little Wolf

      You mean like that taxi driver with 4 passengers in Hangzhou that drove straight off the end of the freeway overpass under construction without even a single fucking orange cone or attempt of any kind of barricade?
      Yeah…that always happens in the US too. I’m sure someone can find a link.

      • Castro

        I was in HZ when that occurred.

        …beyond scary

      • Alan

        Effing hell, that is shit scary.

        Got a link to this one guys?

    • Jon

      This reminds me of a joke. An American (or Canadian or German or whathaveyou) arrives in Beijing after a long flight. Walking up to his hotel, he falls into an open pit in the sidewalk. After getting out, he rashly exclaims, “In my country, dangerous places are marked with a red flag!” A passerby remarked, “Didn’t you see it when you first entered the country?”

  • Dconn

    I am a former concrete construction laborer, and they should in theory have a large metal net wiring going through the concrete. The metal acts as a “skeleton” ,so that the concrete has something to stick too. Similar to how muscles stick to bones. When the concrete goes back inspectors and see the rust coming up through the concrete than they know to take steps to repair that section of sidewalk or concrete slab. Yes , it cost a little more ,but its better than killing or injuring someone. The name of the company should or those involved should be made public, to act as a deterrent for future events.

    • Brett Hunan

      I also used to assist a well know mason in the Tri-state area (Ny, NJ, and PA). There should also be dirt beneath the concrete. ;)

      • Dconn

        yes Brett, rock, sand or compacted dirt metal mesh net than poured cement

    • Alan

      Do you mean rebar as we call it in the UK?

      • Brett Hunan

        No rebar is for building structures and foundations for structures. Just plain metal mesh wire. Like a heavier guaged chicken wire.

      • Dconn

        no. rebar is to big for sidewalks, but its the same idea

        • Alan

          Thanks for the info, my mistake.

  • cc

    How come there is a camera conveniently placed over the exact spot where she falls into the whole. This is a set up.

    • Notorious

      Cameras are everywhere nowadays. I teeter between wondering if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. In this case a good thing because someone could possibly be held accountable for the sidewalk. maybe they’ll reinforce the rest of it. The way the child fell through was very scary. I’m glad she made it out alive.

    • terroir

      I usually call shenanigans. I’m that guy.

      It’s true that I am mistrustful of the Chinese media, and that I have accused many stories of being ‘conspiracies’. This looks very set up. For example:

      * what is the point of such a camera? If it’s taking a video of the crosswalk it’s not doing a good job.
      * While the taxi driver is always looking for new customers and scanning the streets, it’s funny how he notices “fall girl” well before another pedestrian on the road walking immediately behind her in full view.
      * If one tiny girl can fall through the pavement in that one spot, then logic, physics and probability suggest that many, many people standing in that same spot can/should take the plunge. The firemen brought in ladders to lay on the ground, but that’s later.
      * Six meters is about two/three stories, and yet after a fall like that the girl is fine. Maybe it’s because she was wearing the fireman’s helmet?

      But. I won’t call shenanigans this time. While this story suggests that if you fall through a hole in the ground in China then someone one will save you, this story also suggests that there are holes in the ground. Unseen, invisable holes that could kill you at any time.

      Yep. That placates the public.

      • Notorious

        Terroir, that’s exactly my point. What would be the point of making Chinese engineering look even worse, by showing a child (a lightweight child) falling through very thin pavement. There is nothing to be gained here but criticism.

        • terroir

          terroir’s point is his own, thank you very much; you’re welcome to it after terroir is finished with the soap/apple box.

          Anyways, if you’re wondering about the logic of Zhinese proper-Gandalf, you’re probably overthinking it. Attempts to sway public opinion has in the past has had events where:
          * directly telling reporters, people who write for a living, to write good things about China (to mind, 2008 Olympics and the recent London Book Fair)
          * the umbrella brigade who come out on the anniversary of the Tian Ammun Anniversary
          * suicide attempts foiled by a pretty female police officer. In makeup. And heels.
          * any picture with Wen Jiabao in which he is the very center of each diorama composition and can be plainly seen laughing or crying, whether he is in hospital or amongs the commoners
          * oh yeah a wumao army that is estimated to be 400,000 strong. They have a guidebook, natch

          Don’t underestimate a huge organization with an unlimited bankroll who have different priorities than you and who’s biggest fear that drives everything they do is “Don’t screw up”.

          As such, some very weird things can happen as a result, perhaps even this weird story. Who knows.

          • anon

            1. Watch the YouTube video which has the full screen of the video. When it cuts to the girl falling in, we only see one side/corner of the full screen but before you can see that the surveillance camera appears to be mounted on a building overlooking an entrance way similar to the one across the street. It is common and thus most likely the camera is for monitoring that entrance way. Less likely but possible is that the camera is monitoring the crosswalk for traffic purposes.

            2. The second girl arrives long after the driver had seen the girl disappear into the ground. He had driven past her quite awhile back. In the full screen of the video, the taxi was even past the street cleaner when she falls in and thus he had a full unobstructed view of the fall.

            3. You have no basis for probability here since you have no idea how much foot traffic is in that area or when the conditions of a hole existing under the concrete existed. There was another report that indicated that there were caution markers around the area, that it was being fixed, but that the caution markers were not adequate and thus it was no surprise that someone distracted on a cell phone could miss them and walk into the area. A bigger question exists for why they covered the hole in the first place. One possible explanation is that they didn’t want to leave a hole open for people or water to go in (the road is mostly dry but there’s ample evidence of water runoff down the bricked entrance to the still wet gutters.

            4. Both the taxi driver and the girl emerged with firemen’s helmets. It isn’t difficult to deduce that they were given to them after the firemen arrived to provide a bit of safety when climbing back out. Standard practice. The depth of the hole does suggest there should be greater injuries until you consider what the hole may be like. The smaller a hole, the more likely you’ll scrub fall speed from hitting the sides and its unlikely the hole has a smooth surface, so there’s even more probability that she bounced off the sides as she fell to the bottom. She didn’t just free fall into a smooth bore shaft, and we don’t know what the bottom is like, whether it has a mound of soft dirt or debris to further cushion any fall, or is solid granite or a bunch of spikes.

            It’s a bit disingenuous to say you won’t call shenanigans when you already have. From my observations above, I’m not inclined to call shenanigans. Of your 4 points, the first one was probably the most potentially damning of the video…if it were true.

          • terroir


            Go go aphophasis

        • coala banana

          they did it cause of the same reason you believe in vampires and ghosts and believing that putting your fingers into a certain position at a job interview could get you a higher salary. The same reason why you believe in miracles and thinking about yourself that you are a strong women with a strong character. Its called: Irrationality!

          While that is common in china and the gov here for good reason underestimate their own citizens, they still play in a different ballpark then you, cause you add to the Irrationality a high portion of Reality Loss !

          So having said that, you both have a lot in common , but are still so far part from each others when it comes to doing stupid things. “They” (to their credit) have at least a target and agenda, while you are just plain naive and dumb, and what is even more worst: you don’t have any excuse for that ?!!!

  • coala banana

    typical chinese propaganda set up ! what a joke !

    look, no traffic, no other people walking there. I am sure that someone else has passed and stepped on the same area before, but it needed a young lightweight girl for the plates to give up ? Look at the section where they “rescued” her, the area bellow is to a much bigger extend hollow then it appears when she fell in, looks like a fucking big cave. The camera is fixed pointed to this particular section and the taxi driver drives in a particular speed and with perfect timing focusing on that something WILL happen.

    I am sure they blocked the road to shoot this scene, put just one street cleaner there and let 2 people walk on the other side of the street, but none of the site where the girl is. I call that BS.

    This guy is NOT a taxi driver, he looks and behaves and talks more like a police officer then a taxi driver.

    Over the last 7 years i have seen this all over again, each time something really happens where chinese people react like ignorant retards, some time later they improvise a similar incident with one or more heroes. Don’t tell me you guys forget the incident where the little girl was hit and rolled over again and again and all the passersby refused to help her. And then a few days later another incident (covered here) where it was obvious that the video was manipulated and cut in a very amateurish way, proclaiming heroic chinese citizens helping in solidarity.

    From my point of view just a cheap commie propaganda trick, not even executed in a professional way, but hey, it works, look at the chinese netizens reactions ! seems like everyone would like be become a WangWei !

    Cant believe people still fall for that shit !

    • Boonie_Hat

      >Cant believe people still fall for that shit !

      ahhh! a little long but nice set up for the pun!

      • coala banana

        its interesting to observe how many people really believe that !

        falling unprepared 2-3 stories deep not knowing how deep she will fall ? and then came out with he rucksack on walking like nothing happened…she could even climb 6 meters up on a ladder…?

        I am sure that half of the western “hidden” camera shit, and half of the “funniest home videos” crap, could do a better job making it look more authentic, then the chinese gov propaganda department did…..they should consult some pros ! or not since it looks like it works pretty well, even most westerners believe this shit !

        • anon

          Your wishful thinking is overwhelming your rationality. You would’ve done better if you were really setting up the pun.

    • Loopins

      Anyway if you look at 0:33 showing the girl its a much closer zoom than later at 1:22. This means someone is controlling the camera. Why would they have a camera on that specific point? It’s not protecting anything. I agree it’s a con.

    • waihang

      typical lack of a sharp eye, the video is clearly cropped out and that can be seen by the increased pixelation/coarsnes is still intact from the original video.

      Why is the camera there, look at the very beginning of the video, you see the round stones pillars about 30 cm high on each side, left side 3 pieces, right side 2 pieces, and the stone plates on the ground between the stone pilars are of different pattern, a fish net pattern, this tells me the camera is probably set up in front of a gate.

      Look at the other side of the street, is not very clear, but it looks like similar, and there’s a gate too.

      From 1:24 the girl walks away halting on the right leg, she is clearly hurt in the leg.

      Coala banana you’re out of your mind with your logic in this compartment!

      • coala banana

        me being “out of my mind” has saved my life a few times, let me survive 7 fucking years in fucking China, and made me a lot of money. You can believe what you want, but i know that something is wrong with this shit ! I know this bastards well enough to know how they set up their small BS stories and propaganda….as we can see it works with most of the people, but not with me !

  • Boonie_Hat

    I guess it’s time go “Boondock Saints” and start carrying a rope in China.

    • Notorious

      love that movie. but for what?

      • Brett Hunan

        One of the funniest parts of that movie was the importance of rope…. Im guessing he would use it to save people who have fallen into a hole, as opposed to hanging from an air duct shooting bad guys.

  • s.pockets

    Fallow up story; taxi driver was sued by the girl.

    • Alan

      ROFL, indeed, that is why I made the comment the girl’s family could have accused him of pushing her down there, or molesting her or something. Sick I know but such is the desire and lust for money here, it would not surprise me in the least.

      • Patrick

        Except for the video proof he only helped would be a bit daunting and would surely land them the worst of condemnations in China. Loss of face is really hard to live down ya know.

  • moop

    here’s a little tid bit from my attempt to eat dinner with my wife last night:

    me: 来一例烤乳猪吧
    server: 那个不能点, 要先订一只。
    me: 我只要一例, 我怎么会点一只呢?
    server: 您先要点一只才能点一例
    me: 我们两个人怎么能吃一只?你们的菜单写了能点一份, 谁愿意花600块钱订一全只烤乳猪然后再花88块钱买一例?
    server: 您先要点一只才能点一例


    • moop

      keep in mind their menu says one serving of sucking pig 88, also the prices for half and whole pigs

      • whichone

        LOL, that’s pretty funny. I never argue with waiters because I am afraid they will put shit in my food if I piss them off. If service is crappy, I just don’t leave a tip and don’t go back.

        I’m not surprised to see the hear the manager sticking to the same ridiculous excuse as employees, even if they think the employee is wrong. The manager sometimes puts up an unified front and disciple/scold the employee after the guest leaves, perhaps it’s part of hospitality industry standard or something.

    • Brett Hunan

      Lol While I admit it is funny, did you just want to have story time or is there some hidden relevance to this thread that I am missing?

      • moop

        just story time. figured someone might get a kick out of it

        • anon

          Sounds to me they didn’t have any individual servings left and didn’t want to potentially waste a new pig (anticipating that there wouldn’t be enough orders the rest of the night to pay for the pig) but went about it the boneheaded way. What restaurant was this? I’ll be sure not to go there if I’m ever in your neighborhood.

          • moop

            i talked to the manager as well, apparently this is normal for them. if i came in on saturday at noon it would still be the same. i had been there before, but never ordered it, because the other places you have to order it before hand, but they have it to where you can buy it by the plate, which is uncommon, usually you can only buy a full or half. it shouldn’t be on the menu if they aren’t going to provide it

          • anon

            Sounds like the manager’s an ass trying to avoid owning up to the obvious issue. I suspect it isn’t normal practice and they’re just doubling-down on a boneheaded excuse.

            The only way to know for certain is to go on a busier day like Saturday noon, afternoon, or early evening and try ordering the same thing (maybe you should have someone else do it, just in case they remember you). If it comes, then you know they were lying to avoid telling the truth about why they won’t serve it to you. If it doesn’t, then they’re just retards with their menu.

            Of course, that’s if you care to go back. I don’t typically go back to restaurants that feed me bullshit. Unless they’re really damn good otherwise.

          • moop

            yeah, i don’t remember the name of the place, but it’s the cantonese restaurant near the 七星园酒楼 on 八里庄路 near 东恒时代二期。 there is a qingdao seafood restaurant near there that has the best 疙瘩汤 in the city, but it’s like 5 times more expensive than normal, still good though if you like it (its one of the few chinese soups i like, most chinese soups are too flavorless for my taste). their fried squid great too. i don’t know if you live in beijing though, if you do then maybe this info is useful

        • terroir

          By Chinese definition, you were just served by the best waiter in China.

          By Western definition, you just got served.. twice.

  • h3ll

    I would not care less if this incident was fake or made to stop losing face. But the previous one where the woman was scalded to death disturbs me so much..thinking that sidewalks can collapse anytime…
    And blaming the temporary workers is so silly.

    • cc

      Just go get your spoon and enjoy the soup.

  • Made In World

    “Luckily a few feet below was a power line, I held onto it and went down.”

    If a _sidewalk_ is not safe enough to walk on, ya think it’s good to be swingin from a power line buried under said sidewalk?

  • Notorious

    lots of interesting articles about Ob Ialix and his son Ob augaug

    Now he’s accused of trying to wiretap Mr. president. Fauna let me know if this info affects your web site and i won’t like them.

    • moop

      i’m extremely confused

      • coala banana

        you don’t have to be, I too thought that her picture shows a real frog ! but its a real human, though the eyebrow looks ridiculous too ! bitchy style !

  • djaslkdasd

    she should have sued the city for money, stay down there until ambulance arrive.