Girl In Sichuan Abandoned In Store

A three-year-old girl in Sichuan was on a walk with her parents when she dropped and broke a cup from a store. When the store requested that her parents pay 25 RMB as compensation, they believed that the store was “forcing them to buy it”. Soon after, the father spanked his daughter, said “I don’t want the cup, I’ll just give you my daughter”, and simply left with his wife. The store called the civil police who got in touch with the parents, but they were unwilling to come and pick up the girl, saying that they’d like to teach her a lesson. Because the girl was already separated from her parents for nine hours, the police were forced to personally bring her home. Netizens cursed the parents in a rage, one said that they are “rich car-driving pretentious bastards” but still can’t pay 25 RMB and hit their child, he then called them “fucking trash”.

Source: Netease

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  • Christophe Pavillon

    The poor little girl will have a terrible childhood with parents like that. They should not blame her. They should blame themselves : they are not able to teach properly to their young kid how to behave in a public place. Animals.

  • WghUk

    Fucks sakes China!

    • mr.wiener

      I would say FFS , but about these parents, not so much China …They can be seen as an example of the weird toughlove/willful neglect that a minority of Chinese parents practice , but not of Chinese parenting as a whole.

  • how strange!
    raising a kid costs too much, they even do not wanna pay for 25 for that???

    • mr.wiener


      • what face???
        they are just too ridiculous!
        they treat this girl nice, can see from her clothes. maybe they just can not stand being kinda blackmailed.

  • Foreign Devil

    The outrageous thing here is that the child has been returned to her negligent parents. Put her up for adoption to US parents so she can have a much better life.

  • vonskippy

    What type of petty ass store tries to charge for items broken by a baby/toddler/child? It’s called the “cost of doing business”.

  • tanmikel

    I would like to fast forward to the future and watch this girl abandon her parents at another supermarket

  • biggj

    And the parents of the year award goes to…..

  • Suju Queen

    What the hell is wrong with the parents ?