Girl Kicks Dog, Owner Bites Chunk Out Of Her Ear

Girl Kicks Dog, Owner Bites Chunk Out Of Her Ear

Girl Kicks Dog, Owner Bites Chunk Out Of Her Ear
A girl in Harbin kicked a neighborhood dog that would often bark at her, only to have the owner of the dog show up and scold her. This scolding became a physical fight, during which the dog owner ended up biting a large chunk out of the girl’s ear. Upon realizing that this was a bad idea, the dog owner grabbed her dog and ran away. Doctor’s say that the chances of fixing the girl’s ear is quite low. Netiens blame the dog owner, saying that she should keep better track of her dog.

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  • Foreign Devil

    At first I read it: girl kicks dog, dogs bites off her ear” it would have made a lot more sense than “owner bites off her ear”.

  • Necrogodomega

    Why keep track of the dog? The article didn’t say it was loose, only that it would bark, and if that girl is going to kick it, she’s probably not a nice person (though dogs sometimes just like to bark).

  • lacompacida

    Dog barking is rare and unusual in China, and hence the kick.

  • DD Bear!

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    live as animals!

    • Mihel

      Sometimes I hover the mouse pointer above DD Bear! post and expect to see the translation over the original text.
      Then I realise it’s the comment section.

      • DD Bear!

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        • Mihel

          I thank you for this unexpected explanation and insight of the world of prostitution.
          Is DongBei that place where weather is rainy and food is spicy?

          • DD Bear!

            who tell you this?
            rainy and spicy food is sichuan!

          • Mihel

            Nobody actually, I was trying to remember the name of this region with rainy weather and spicy food where girls are supposedly very beautiful. When you mentioned DongBei girls being prostitutes it made me think it could be it. Haha of course that’s a generalisation.

            I’m admittedly very ignorant of China’s geography.

          • DD Bear!

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          • Gerhana

            but Sichuan girls more pretty than Dongbei girls??? what about the Harbin girls

          • Gus Wang

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          • Haha

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          • jin

            More like she want a green card to laowai land.

  • Jahar

    “Upon realizing that this was a bad idea, the dog owner grabbed her dog and ran away.” Can you imagine this thought? “Maybe I shouldn’t be eating this girl’s ear.”