Girl Leads Guangdong Protest Against Eating Cats


From Mop:

While working this afternoon [20 December 2008], I received a telephone call saying that a batch of cats were going to be shipped to Guangzhou, asking everyone to bring cat food, water, etc. and go rescue the cats. Even though we are Guangdong people [Cantonese] , we long ago despised those heartless Guangdong people who eat cats, these people having made all of us lose face. Cats, dogs, all are very kind-hearted, affectionate animals, and absolutely should not be eaten. Moreover, eating cats or dogs is not healthy and not hygienic, none of them having been inspected by the Food Safety Administration, so who knows why these damned people would go eat them. Today, we want to go stop these cats pitiful fate, using all of our power to go save them.

Pictures from GZCat Blog: (over 1500 comments)


9:30 at night, the friends of cats gather at Guangzhou Train Station.


“angle” [common misspelling of “Angel”] is a very compassionate little MM, only 17-years-old.


The water and food that everyone brought for the kitty cats.


Television reporter interviewing us.


Homemade cat-friends signboard.


Please do not eat cats and dogs!


Cats are our friends, not food!


The police will not let us gather.


After looking at our fliers, they left.


Entering the train station to find the cat shipment train.


Uncertain which end the cat shipping train is at, everyone split into two directions.


Seeing the animal shipping train, “Angle” and I dashed over to it.


So many so many train cars.


“Angle” cannot find the train car shipping the cats, very dejected.


Have not seen the cat shipping train car.


Disappointed “Angle.”


Train manager staff says: There have been shipments of cats before.


Netizen provided picture of train station cat shipment car.


Poor kitty cats piled layer upon layer.


Kitty cat’s expression is so sad~ What are you thinking about, my poor kitty.


Poor kitty-cat~ you must be thinking of escaping these crowded cages of death.


These cruel people treat kitty-cats just like this.


Please spare them, do not eat them!

Comments from Mop: (over 1400 comments)

If they were serious, they would not eat anything with a face, on one hand eating mutton and on the other hand discussion how to stop others from eating cats, NB people.

You people, with your so-called compassion, why do you not go help disaster areas or with Hope projects?
You people, with so much time on your hands, why do you not go study hard or work hard?
You people, with such an intense sense of justice, why do you not go crack down on crime or prevent corruption?
A 17-year-old MM as the leader? Have you graduated from middle school yet?
Only knowing how to blindly cause disturbances!
If you saw someone stealing a pursue, robbing, or bullying others, would you go stop them?
You guys have too much time on your hands, do not use your hypocrisy to show off your guys’ compassion!
You not eating cats does not mean you are great and pure!
Although I have never eaten cat meat, I never felt that cats cannot be eaten. After seeing this post, I decided that I must try the taste of cat meat in the future.

Would it not be easier to just kill all Guangdong people?
Wasting all that energy just to go stop a train…

SB250, if you have the compassion, go be concerned about the disaster areas, okay?

Kitty cats are so cute, how can you manage to eat them?

Who will come rescue our cute pigs?!

Pigs, my poor pigs! You cruel people! How can you do this to pigs?! I call forth all Moppers who love pigs to also come surround and forcibly stop trains! The big pig rescue operation/movement!

I do not promote nor am I against eating cat, but when a few people stopping others from eating cats I bet the pigs, cows, and sheep all feel puzzled.

When sleeping at night, do not TMD swat mosquitoes. Such false kind-heartedness.

The reason humans raise animals is to resolve the problem of finding food. When food became sufficient, it gave rise to pets and related things. So, eating cats is actually not a problem, not worth going against or worth supporting. Treat it as normal. When a cat is your own pet, take good care of it, but when it becomes food, it is also not worth fighting against.

If she brings it home, would she be able to raise it? Where would she raise it?
If you do not cull cats [for epidemic prevention], they will the same as mice as a source of disease.

Those people who eat [cats] will all get their just deserts. I support that young girl’s actions, but depending on just her efforts as one person simply will not change much. If the government does not care, our concern as ordinary people is not much use. Cats have souls, those who eat them will get retribution…

The main thing is that their way of eating cats is too cruel, so I suggest killing them more quickly [humanely]. Boiling them alive…too “KB” [恐怖 = kongbu = terrifying]!!! Kill them quickly like the way pigs are killed, then eat them~~~cows, horses, pigs, sheep, which of these are not known as humanity’s friends? So why do we not see people go rescue them?! Unless you are a vegetarian, you have no qualifications to say anything.

Too cruel, can it be that they do not know ecological balance?

Either you buy them and take him home to raise, or you shut your mouth and quietly stay at home.

NB people, you guys pay so much attention to a single cat’s fate, yet there are so many homeless bums on the streets of Guangzhou, so many laid-off unemployed workers, but do you pay attention to them?!? Stop pretending like you guys have so much compassion. Remember, that is not called compassion. When you do not even go pay attention to human conditions, do not tarnish the word “compassion!”

I agree with most of the above people’s views, this MM is indeed a S…B…, with nothing better to do.
You see so many pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, they are also pretty cute animals, so why do you not also go stop their [shipping] trucks/trains? Is it only because cats and dogs are a bit more cute?
Also, do not compare cats and dogs with humans.

You guys probably have never raised cats before~~underestimating their reproduction abilities…if people do not eat them..they will eat people into poverty…even though I do not eat cats and dogs…

There are no Guangdong people who do not eat [cat meat]!

To protect these little animals only depending individual people’s strength is difficult to implement/realize~
I hope everyone can unite together to fight against this kind of disgusting behavior!
Poor cats and dogs.

Specially set up a cat-raising factory/farm, that is specially responsible for raising cat-meat.
If you want people to treat eating cat meat the same as eating pork and beef, first set up a cat-raising factory/farm.

I do not like cats, I like dogs, hehe, but I too have never eaten cat meat, and feel it is pretty cruel. In the past, I had dog meat once, but after that, I have never eaten it again. It is too too too cruel, and I could not swallow it. They are all the same as humans, have thoughts, have brains, and have souls. I am truly afraid they will come find us after they are dead [as ghosts]~

Only those who have seen dogs and cats being killed believe it is cruel.


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