Girl Posts “Cute” Photos Seeking Boyfriend To Love Her

Chinese girl holding a lobster at a restaurant.

From Mop:

“Am I cute? Posting daily life photos looking for a boyfriend to love me”

Here to post daily life photos, hope to find a boyfriend to love [dote on] me.

Chinese girl posts her "cute" daily life photos.

Chinese girl posts her pictures seeking a boyfriend.

Chinese girl standing beside her red Ferrari.

Chinese girl beside her red Ferrari.

Chinese girl holding a lobster at a restaurant.

Chinese girl wearing sunglasses pouting her lips for the camera.

Chinese girl holding a bouquet of flowers inside a car.

Chinese girl taking a self-photo on the street.

Chinese girl reclining on a sofa.

Chinese girl wearing a cap.

Chinese girl wearing earmuffs.

Comments from Mop:


Old ladies simply should not pout their lips to be cute like children, gross.


I personally believe louzhu and cute are not the least bit related!
Should change to another adjective! Absolutely no ill-intent!~~~~


Can’t afford to [financially] support.


What price range?? I think I can love you for one night.


Yet another mental retard.


With my qualifications, I would definitely 疼 [love] you! In fact, I would make you very “疼” [“pained”]!

[“疼” means both “love” and “pain”.]


A Ferrari and lobster you already have…actually, you are already very blessed.


Over 30-years-old.


Too frightening, lou zhu! You really have nothing to do with cute. Usually, you won’t be able to find on Mop a boyfriend who can afford to love you…


Obviously a whore.


Nouveau riche girl?


Change a different person to love you every day.


With the 5th picture, I can see that the LZ can really eat…old me can’t afford to support that.


Not a single photo without makeup!!! Not truthful!!

Liu Xiaoqing is 50, yet still able to make herself up to look like 18!


You are not cute, but you are very lovely!~


No 兴趣 and at the same time, no 性趣 either.


Can’t say cute…

But you can be a lover…


I can’t afford to love you, but I can afford to look at you!


I can afford you, but still wouldn’t choose you. In our circle, you’re only average…


Hey, my driving skills are very good.


I personally believe the louzhu used to be a whore, and now is pretending to pretty and pure hoping to find a stupid young guy. Spreading syphilis, AIDS, and other similar viruses is her real goal, evaluation complete!!


Brother will take care of you, but you [financially] support brother.

Looking for people to love them. chinaSMACK personals.

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