Girl Posts “Cute” Photos Seeking Boyfriend To Love Her

From Mop:

“Am I cute? Posting daily life photos looking for a boyfriend to love me”

Here to post daily life photos, hope to find a boyfriend to love [dote on] me.

Chinese girl posts her "cute" daily life photos.

Chinese girl posts her pictures seeking a boyfriend.

Chinese girl standing beside her red Ferrari.

Chinese girl beside her red Ferrari.

Chinese girl holding a lobster at a restaurant.

Chinese girl wearing sunglasses pouting her lips for the camera.

Chinese girl holding a bouquet of flowers inside a car.

Chinese girl taking a self-photo on the street.

Chinese girl reclining on a sofa.

Chinese girl wearing a cap.

Chinese girl wearing earmuffs.

Comments from Mop:


Old ladies simply should not pout their lips to be cute like children, gross.


I personally believe louzhu and cute are not the least bit related!
Should change to another adjective! Absolutely no ill-intent!~~~~


Can’t afford to [financially] support.


What price range?? I think I can love you for one night.


Yet another mental retard.


With my qualifications, I would definitely 疼 [love] you! In fact, I would make you very “疼” [“pained”]!

[“疼” means both “love” and “pain”.]


A Ferrari and lobster you already have…actually, you are already very blessed.


Over 30-years-old.


Too frightening, lou zhu! You really have nothing to do with cute. Usually, you won’t be able to find on Mop a boyfriend who can afford to love you…


Obviously a whore.


Nouveau riche girl?


Change a different person to love you every day.


With the 5th picture, I can see that the LZ can really eat…old me can’t afford to support that.


Not a single photo without makeup!!! Not truthful!!

Liu Xiaoqing is 50, yet still able to make herself up to look like 18!


You are not cute, but you are very lovely!~


No 兴趣 and at the same time, no 性趣 either.


Can’t say cute…

But you can be a lover…


I can’t afford to love you, but I can afford to look at you!


I can afford you, but still wouldn’t choose you. In our circle, you’re only average…


Hey, my driving skills are very good.


I personally believe the louzhu used to be a whore, and now is pretending to pretty and pure hoping to find a stupid young guy. Spreading syphilis, AIDS, and other similar viruses is her real goal, evaluation complete!!


Brother will take care of you, but you [financially] support brother.

Looking for people to love them. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • Chunghwa


    • Chunghwa

      yatta, missile launch successful

  • She has only a rock lobster, probably from Australia, not a real lobster with claws. Nothing else is strongly indicative of wealth, she probably just ambushed a Ferrari owner in a parking lot and asked him for a minute of posing time with his car. All things considered she’s probably just another plastic surgery enhanced 30-something whore trying to get attention.

      “We were at a party
      His ear lobe fell in the deep
      Someone reached in and grabbed it
      It was a rock lobster

      We were at the beach
      Everybody had matching towels
      Somebody went under a dock
      And there they saw a rock
      It wasn’t a rock
      It was a rock lobster

      Motion in the ocean
      His air hose broke
      Lots of trouble
      Lots of bubble
      He was in a jam
      S’in a giant clam

      Down, down

      Underneath the waves
      Mermaids wavin’
      Wavin’ to mermen
      Wavin’ sea fans
      Sea horses sailin’
      Dolphins wailin’

      Red snappers snappin’
      Clam shells clappin’
      Muscles flexin’
      Flippers flippin’

      Down, down

      Let’s rock!

      Boy’s in bikinis
      Girls in surfboards
      Everybody’s rockin’
      Everybody’s fruggin’

      Twistin’ ’round the fire
      Havin’ fun
      Bakin’ potatoes
      Bakin’ in the sun

      Put on your noseguard
      Put on the lifeguard
      Pass the tanning butter

      Here comes a stingray
      There goes a manta-ray
      In walked a jelly fish
      There goes a dogfish
      Chased by a catfish
      In flew a sea robin
      Watch out for that piranha
      There goes a narwhale

      here you go guys for the MV in china~

    • Gromiko

      1. It is probably a rock lobster
      2. The lobster is probably from Australia
      3. Probably did just take a photo with a friend’s car
      4. Probably late 20, early 30ish
      5. Plastic surgery enhanced? Probably not…. Unlike gooks who require surgery just so they look ‘acceptable’, Chinese don’t suffer generally from flatfaced, mongolian eye syndrome. HAHA :)

    • Frijoles

      She’s probably just another plastic surgery enhanced 30-something whore trying to get attention…

      Oh, okay so you’re saying she’s Korean..?

      • hilariouscoppers

        ^ WIN.
        a little predictable, but irony is delicious.

      • hilariouscoppers

        ^ WIN.
        a little predictable, but the irony is delicious.

      • Leo

        Le sigh.

        Se’s just asking if she’s cute, not asking you to start talking about her vagina.

        Yet again, so much sexist wank in these comments by Chinese netizens.

  • dongshizhang

    the headline should actually be chinese prostitute looking for attention…

  • Name (required)

    Not pretty that’s all I have to say.

  • Chester

    Bend them over, they all look the same.

  • Zardoz

    “Nuclear launch detected” the only way to be sure!

    Zardoz – The Gun is Good. The Penis is Evil!

  • Fundefined

    The last picture reveals her age. The discoloration of her lower left cheek is shows she’s no spring chicken.

  • Anon

    o__O Could be a trap!

    • Chunghwa

      China: second only to Thailand to the world’s most deceiving traps.

  • doyant

    i think she is very beautiful ,i’d like to know where is she living ? would she like to meet with me ?

  • Shade

    Wow, so many harsh words about a person you know nothing about. Shame on you.

  • SoloUpOkay

    mE LUv U lONG tIMe?!?

  • I think the car is meant to be a signal about the kind of cars she expects boyfriends to have. Probably belongs to one of her boyfriends.

  • of canada

    The girl is pretty but I can tell she is very self absorbed and high maintenance spoiled by daddy single child. . will probably always talk about herself and never ask you how your day went. . . and will expect you to spoil her with gifts.


    Good for a one night stand though.

  • HaamSapTjai

    Where is the coverage of the protest in Guangzhou, that one about protecting the Cantonese language. I’ve been waiting for days.

  • Captain Slow

    regardless of her estimated wealth and age, her shallowness and existential emptiness is what’s saddest.

  • Alex

    She looks good, but she looks like a high maintenance spoiled girl and I kinda doubt that it will be easy for her to find somebody to support that kind a lifestyle, especially since she lives in China, where are millions of cute girls.

    But I kinda doubt that she’s the one that posted this pics on the forum.

  • EnglishPRC

    Women are like cars: we all want a Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon.

    • 机器猫

      Speak for yourself. I’d take a Saab wagon over a late-model Ferrari any day. Ferrari impresses the wrong kind of girls (vintage exempt).

      There are much cheaper ways to get laid anyways.

  • Enki

    Really average looks… how come uglier and uglier girls expect to be trophy wives these days?

  • Zebadee

    I would love her! I think she’s quite cute!

  • doyant

    hey guys ,i don’t need her car nor her money ,i need her ,since i have been in china i couldn’t find a gf , and i found chinese girls r really nice and cute

  • John

    Too materialistic and looks bitchy. What value does cuteness have?

  • Zardoz

    When I buy a car, I take it out for a test drive first. Does she offer the same?

  • Supreme_Leader

    Where are the pictures of her kid that she had accidentally one night with a patron of the Karaoke lounge where she works, who said he loved her, and he’d leave his wife for her, so they had that one special moment in the bathroom stall, straddling the squatter, for 2 minutes, and then…

    • doyant

      r u sure about what u r telling ? do u know her ?

      • superoo… sup?

        What? You didn’t hear?

  • FYIADragoon

    Anyone who’s actually been around a woman can see the obvious use of makeup to cover up an ugly face. She’s probably like a 5/10 without the cosmetics. Looks like she costs as much as a 9/10 would though. Not a healthy combination.

  • ninman

    What do you expect? This isn’t news, this is totally normal. I’ve been to the parks in Shanghai and seen hundreds, yes hundreds of women looking for husbands.

  • May

    Looks like a bit of a retard to me

  • May

    I think possibly the lobster she is holding has more personality and brains than her… shame such a brilliant mind will go to waste… still refering to the lobster :-)

  • she’s obviously very lonely.

    doesn’t even have a friend to take pictures of her.

    my experience is once unmarried chinese people get into their late 20’s they don’t have a lot of friends. everybody gets married and has kids and becomes part of that world, and most people seem to have just held onto their high school and college friendships without really learning how to meet strangers or venture outside of their social circle.

    I always thought it was kind of sad, because it’s easy to make friends. so many people get married to their high school/college sweethearts (a practice i always thought was kind of stupid – dating is practice for marriage, and if you marry the first person you date how do you know they are right for you) I imagine it’s difficult for even moderately attractive women older than 27 to find boyfriends in china.

    also the chinese push-up bra technology is amazing. this girl somehow manages a hint of cleavage, but underneath she’s probably like a boy.

  • Chinasmack personals:

    Maxyin: I will let your tooth always expose in the sunshine

  • Richard

    Cute, but she appears very materialistic and what about the thing that is nearly every picture (the ring on the necklace around her neck). Is there a guy somewhere that the ring belongs to?

  • Ren

    It’s her right to do that.
    Anyway her make up is quite good.

  • lolz

    I saw this post multiple times already on mop. This is one of these posts that always gets the long threads, and thus gives the original poster tons of MOP points.

  • Player_0

    Cute, is that your Ferrari?
    Im sure your car would like my car too ^^

    Wanna race? :D

    • AreEss

      You really are a big tool.

  • Alibaba

    She’s pretty but damn! Posing with that pic that sports car, blows my smoke, nah girl, high maintenance problem, too materialistic. I see a problem in the future, if I was with you.

  • wushu720

    I would like love her but not sure about wife though. If not too slutty then hoolalla

    Hey any girl looking for a boyfriend in Sydney?
    Consider me too…..

  • njenge n

    here I am from Kenya.I will love you as you want

  • oh man i really lover you can i hook up with some girls like this in Sydney?

  • shanghai girl

    This should be embarrassing for a girl… to so blatantly display her willingness to please a man for fortune… I know some girls think and scheme this way, but it seems even more shameful to make it so public. She’s now no more than an escort…
    It seems far to many Chinese girls have only one dream or goal anymore: marry or be mistress to a rich man.

    • eattot

      do not be too harsh to a girl, sister.
      maybe her way is a bit stupid, but we all can see, she is pretty and rich. if a woman owns three things at the same time then she could be called perfect:beauty, wealth, wisdom. at least, glad to see that nobody is perfect.
      i guess most women dislike her mainly for jealousy.

  • Me


  • Jordan

    With that kind of a lifestyle, only a fool will take her. There are thousands out there that are prettier and younger.

  • Lu

    China is full of these wealthy (literally) rich young *lonely* girls. They live in a world of their own they will never get true love.

  • Kyle black

    You’re definitely cute! I would date you in a heartbeat!

  • Kairo
  • bimintang

    yes, but does she suck DICK?

  • bscalled

    in Asia they think a girl over 23 is old – if this girl was here in the US, she would be doing more than ok for herself in the dating game – maybe that’s why Asian chicks wanna come here. But once they get here they get all conceited because they get so much attention from guys.

  • Win

    you ain’t cute however I will love you for a whole week if you give me that Ferrari and Pay for every meal we have. definition of cute is people who look like Vanessa Hudgen, Kristin Kreuk. I think however someone is playing a plank on her, who the fuck would post pictures of themselve like this.

  • Jacob

    I will love her for a whole week if she gave me that Ferrari and Pay for everything I need, She ain’t cute, I do think that someone had played a plank on her here, putting her pics up and write a catchy heading as the topic. Vanessa Hudgen, Kristin Kreuk are people that I consider Cute and hot, not this bitch.

  • kate

    i don’t get the hate. shes pretty and ha s a very petite but s curved body. can use less makeup. this is minimal in western standards but chinawomen needs less. this is more than she needs.

  • michael

    obviously a lazy girl. let love find her… it isn’t a one-way effort

  • LK

    funny how ppl comment more on the lobster than the girl. lobster kinda irrelevant no?

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