Girl Proposes At Wuhan University Cherry Blossom Festival

A Chinese girl stands on top of her car, a Volkswagen Polo, with a bouquet of roses in her arms, preparing to propose to her boyfriend, during the Wuhan University Cherry Blossom Festival in China.

A Chinese girl stands on top of her car, a Volkswagen Polo, with a bouquet of roses in her arms, preparing to propose to her boyfriend, during the Wuhan University Cherry Blossom Festival in China.

From Mop, VOC, NetEase & Sina:

Beautiful woman surprisingly proposes at Wuhan University [Sakura] Cherry Blossom Festival, boyfriend without house or car actually says “no”!

Brother [referring to self] can be said to have seen it all, now truly anything is possible. Yesterday in a fit of mental retardation, I accompanied my girlfriend to Wuhan University to see the cherry blossoms [sakura]. It was a sea of people so crowded I couldn’t move, and was likewise not enjoying myself. But I saw an extraordinary marriage proposal, the scene appropriately spectacular and shocking. No more talk, brother will now post the photos.

Isn’t this rather out of the ordinary, do you see? The one proposing is the girl. This girl looks quite good, and the car that she’s standing on seems to be her own, and there are also roses and large signs, so high profile, so brave! I wouldn’t dare making such a scene, just look at how many people are on the side looking on.

Everyone know what this brother said? At the time I was right next to him, and could hear everything. He said: “I can’t accept your proposal!!!” Fuck, so cruel for the proposing beauty, having involved so many people to make everything so romantic, only to be rejected, truly tragic.

However, don’t curse yet, because there’s more. Hehe, this boy said: (I’m just relating what he said, which isn’t as sentimental/moving as he was) The one proposing should be me, but I don’t have anything right now, so I don’t dare to ask for your hand in marriage, nor do I dare to get married to you, so how about you give me three years, wait until three years later when I’ve made money to buy a house and car and then I’ll ask for your hand in marriage and at that time, you must say yes to me.”

So, that was it, and it was over, just a show, but who would have thought that my silly girl would be so incredibly moved that she had to say that her husband must be romantic like this when proposing before she will marry him. My god, isn’t that setting me up? I was already planning on proposing this year, thinking I’d just buy a ring and get down on my knee and it’d be enough, but now brother has a lot of pressure.

A young Chinese woman holding a bouquet of roses, her friend arranging a sign that says "Marry Me" on the windshield of her red Volkswagen Polo.

The Chinese girl at the Wuhan University Cherry Blossom Festival waiting to propose to her boyfriend.

A crowd gathers to watch a Chinese girl propose to her boyfriend at Wuhan University during the annual Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival.

The girl's boyfriend begs her to step down from roof of the car.

The boyfriend gets down on one knee saying that it is he who should be proposing but that he needs time to make money to buy a house and car for her.

A crowd at Wuhan University looking on at a boy rejecting a girl's marriage proposal.

A crowd of onlookers at Wuhan University watching a Chinese girl proposing to her boyfriend under the romantic cherry blossoms.

Comments from Mop:


There truly are all sorts of people in this world.

Men and women have reversed roles, with the women now proposing to the men.


Society’s demands on men are becoming more and more harsh,

demanding that the man have a car and house, how can those who have nothing dare to propose?


Only under romantic cherry blossoms can such a romantic story happen.


Marriage is pure and noble,

Don’t mix the material and money into marriage, otherwise marriage is devalued/cheapened.


This girl seems to be very pretty,

it can’t be that she can’t find someone to marry, right? Doesn’t China have a male-female gender imbalance?


Faint, the girl is already doing all this and this guy actually isn’t willing?

Truly asking to have his ass kicked.


Could this girl be a wealthy second generation?

To actually drive a car over to propose?

This is a bit too ridiculous/strange.


Does anyone know about how women proposed to men in the last century back during the 60s and 70s??

Old Grandpa Mao encouraged people to have more children, but now we regret it, it isn’t good to have too many people…

everywhere polluted…


Truly bizarre/extraordinary, I really can’t figure out why this guy would refuse.


Such a beautiful girl proposing to marry,

and there is actually someone who isn’t willing? Is person mentally retarded?


Could this incident be a publicity stunt for Wuhan University’s Cherry Blossom Festival?

How come it looks so fake?


This guy really truly is one of those people who don’t know how good they have it.

Doesn’t he see all the guys around him who are already just itching to have a go [at her]?


What this man did is give us men face/make men proud. To stick to one’s principles is the right thing to do.


…An advertisement for the [Volkswagen] Polo?

Comments from VOC:


Today I have seen an extremely brave girl.


Why is the girl standing on top of the car?


No house no car and she still wants to be with him, haha, there really aren’t that many girls like this.


Maybe this is the true love the legends talk about.


Better quickly make money, [because] there aren’t many girls like this, [and] only with money can you have true love.

A girl romantically proposes to her boyfriend at Wuhan University during the yearly Cherry Blossom Festival.

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