Girl Refuses To Give Seat To Disabled, Slapped By 100 RMB


From Tianya:

These two days, on various major BBS discussion forums and websites spread an incident: on a public bus in Qingdao, a 20-year-old girl refused to give a disabled elderly her seat, drawing the scorn of those around her. A male passenger took our a 100 yuan note and furiously used it to slap her cheek: “100 yuan bill is your’s, will you give up your seat, will you give up your seat…” This incident incited netizen discussion, with everyone looking at it differently.

The topic poster explained how the entire incident unfolded. One day around noon, a lame elderly that appeared to be over 70-years-old boarded the Qingdao 60x route bus. At this time, the bus was full, and the old man struggled to crowd his way to the elderly, weak, sick, disabled reserved seat. A girl that appeared to be 20-years-old was sitting there, her two eyes watching out the window.

At this time, the bus driver announced: “please voluntarily give the elderly, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant a seat” and several middle-aged men also told the girl to give up her seat. However, she refused and yelled back: “So many seats on the bus, who are you to tell me to give up my seat?” At this time, a man wearing a suit, in an old Nanjing dialect, reasoned with her: “because your seat is the seat reserved for the elderly, weak, sick, and disabled!” Upon hearing this, the girl’s turned her head around and ignored him. This man was furious, pulled out a 100 yuan cash bill from his pocket, and used the banknote to slap the girl’s face: “You give up the seat and the 100 yuan money is your’s, will you give it up, will you give it up…” The girl angrily jumped up and had an intense quarrel with this man, but was strongly pulled out of her seat by this man, and the surrounding passengers unanimously cheered.

When the bus arrived at the next stop, the purple-faced girl got off the bus, muttering “hope your entire family dies” and similar things, while the middle-aged man helped the lame elderly man sit down on the seat.


Comments From Tianya:


Feels like a publicity stunt.
Not giving up one’s seat is not strange.
Someone criticizing her is also not strong.
But using a banknote to slap someone…

Sounds like controversy for the sake of controversy.


Although that girl was wrong, hitting someone is even more wrong, right?

However, I truly have never met someone so lacking in character.

Generally when riding the bus, as soon as there is an elderly, people will voluntarily give up their seat.


This girl is too shameless! When a disabled elderly boards, one should automatically give up their seat, but this kind of behavior and this kind of person only makes people BS her! However, the action of the middle-aged man using money to slap her is also definitely wrong. That kind of girl is a low-morality type, you can criticize, but you cannot become physical and even less use this kind of insulting action.


Whether or not one gives up their seat is a morality issue, everyone paid their money.
That man’s actions is already a legal issue, a personal insult!
The news also did not make it clear. The bus does not only have one old, weak, sick, disabled reserved seat, so when the young person was not willing to give up her seat, why did no one else on the reserved seats get up to give up their seats? Seeing a disabled person yet waiting for him to crowd his way to the reserved seats before raising the request to give up a seat? All of the people in front pretended to be blind! No one on the bus was a good person, only willing to criticize others! That man was especially a SB, and that girl should have called the police to sue him!


Under the circumstances of not knowing whether that girl was not feeling well, what I do know about this incident are two things.
One is that no one on that bus gave up their seat for that disabled old man.
Two is that a middle-aged man used a banknote to slap a young girl’s face.


Maybe this girl does not feel well? Usually there are three reserved seats on buses for the old, weak, sick, and disabled, so how come they especially picked this young girl’s seat?


The girl is pretty selfish, the man is pretty perverted.


Yes, she should have given up her seat to the elderly~
But it is also possible that girl was sick or pregnant~~


I just question this title. Why emphasize the sex/gender? I feel there is sexism in there. It is as if women are all more selfish, brainless, and need men to educate them.
Shameless man, and thinking he is a defender of moral values, even more shameless.


I do not know what would be good to say. I once sat on the old, weak, sick, disabled reserved seat, and seated around me were all men. A pregnant woman who looked to be 6-7 months came aboard. The ticket-seller told me to get up and give up my seat. Faint. At the time I was three months pregnant, felt especially wronged, and told my husband when I returned home. My husband was angry. Actually, that others cannot tell I can understand, but they only dare to “pick the soft persimmons” [pick on the weak, pick the easy situations]. BS.

Comments from


I support this girl who did not give up her seat. Why should anyone be asked to give up their seat? It is not as if they did not pay [fare]. This man is no better than a pig or dog. If it were a big and powerful man who would not give up his seat, I bet this man would not even dare to say anything. This lowly man is just a paper tiger. Moreover, why should we give our seats to those old people? Are old people supposed to be allowed to take advantage of their seniority? These old people do not know how to take the taxi? This man has never met me, and if he had then he would have been in trouble, I have practiced Sanda and Taekwondo for many years, and would easily beat him.


Giving up your seat is a kind of voluntary action, not forced. Not giving it up is a morality issue, not a legal issue; but hitting a person is not the same, it is a legal issue. In the end, even if the man was trying to do the right thing but used an improper method, then the person who was truly wrong is still that man.


One hand clapping makes no sound, impulse is the devil! Makes sense! 魔鬼


The girl not giving up her seat is a problem of her morals, but it is not the man’s place to teach her a lesson. Really going too far.


This girl probably lacks a little proper upbringing, and maybe she was not comfortable or convenient for her to get in and out, so everyone should be a little more understanding to each other! As for this man, not only does he absolutely lack proper upbringing, he also broke the law! He was bullying a weaker smaller person under the pretense of doing something just/righteous! He is even more shameless than this girl!


Well slapped, I do not understand what that girl was thinking not giving the old man the seat, with that many people present and still sitting there, simply lacking awareness and shameless.


If she would not give up her seat, then you should have given up your seat. She did not give up her seat nor did you give up your seat, so how are you different from her? If her strength was bigger than your’s, should she have pulled you out of your seat to give it to the old man?


That man’s actions was seriously too disgusting, who does he think he is? The police? The messenger of justice??? In fact, he was just a hooligan. If everyone was like him, what would we need the police and judges for? And society will become muddled as well, strongly despise!!!


If I were present, I definitely would have hit him so that he would be on the floor looking for his teeth. What kind of ability is bullying a little girl?


Please note a fact: the seat the girl was sitting on was the “old, weak, sick, disabled” seat, of course she should have given up her seat. If it were any other seat, then it would be another matter!

Other netizens on Tianya proved that this story is old and from early 2005.



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