Girl Runs Away with Wandering Singer the Day Before Her Wedding

For love, A Ke and Hu Li choose to lead a vagrant life.
For love, A Ke and Hu Li choose to lead a vagrant life.
For love, A Ke and Hu Li choose to lead a vagrant life.

From QQ:

Girl Falls in Love with Luzhou Wandering Singer, Runs Away the Day Before Her Wedding

On Zhejiang TV’s May 18th episode of “China’s Dream Show”, a love story told by a couple of vagrant lovers from Luzhou moved many people.

When A Ke was about to leave, Hu Li cried, her insisting on going with him.

A Ke told Hu Li that they wouldn’t be able to make enough money on the road, that she might not be able to eat well or live comfortably. Hu Li patted her pocket, “I still have over 1,000 yuan with me.”

And so, their wandering because of love began—-

May 18th, Zhejiang TV’s “China Dream Show”. Zhou Libo: “Love and bread, which one’s more important?” A Ke: “Love is the most important!” Hu Li: “Love is the most important!” As soon as they had spoken, thunderous applause erupted. A Ke and Hu Li are a couple of lovers from Luzhou. For love, A Ke took Hu Li away the day before she was going to get married to another man, whereupon they continued his life as a wandering singer [busker].

For the first time, in front of an audience, the two lovers shared their love story…


He chose to become a wandering singer because of his love for music. At the same time, A Ke also hopes that during his constant travels, he can find his father, who had left to look for work and gone missing.

29-year-old A Ke is a guitarist. Luzhou City Longmatan District Luo Han County is his hometown. During the Spring Festival of 2007, when he was still a senior student at Lanzhou Jiaotong University, A Ke began his career as a wandering singer. A Ke says he had become a wandering singer when he wasn’t trained for it. In university he was thermal energy engineering major, which had nothing to do with music.

He chose to become a wandering singer because of his love for music. At the same time, A Ke also hopes that during his constant travels, he can find his father—-the year A Ke took the Gaokao university entrance examination, his father left town to look for work, and was never heard from again.

In 2007, A Ke left Luzhou with his guitar, traveling by foot, bicycle, train, and other methods to begin his life of drifting and singing. Every time he reached a city, at night, A Ke would go to crowded underground passages or pedestrian streets, and his art to pay for his traveling expenses.

During this period of time, to A Ke’s surprise, throughout all this, he didn’t find his father, but would encounter the most important girl in his life. That day was 2007 June 30th. That day was also A Ke’s graduation day, but he didn’t go back to college to participate in the graduation ceremony.

That day, A Ke was in Wuhan, singing.

The Encounter

After treating a homeless little boy to a bowl of hot dry noodles, A Ke went on singing. The whole thing was witnessed by a girl. After listening to “Starry Sky”, she put some money into his guitar bag.

2007 June 30th, on the pedestrian street of Wuhan’s Jiang Han Road, A Ke was singing Xu Wei’s “Starry Sky”: “…no matter how far we are, as long as I softly call you, you’ll come to me no matter what, my girl…” This was the second day of A Ke’s arrival in Wuhan, and from 9pm to 9:30pm, A Ke earned over 30 yuan altogether. While A Ke was singing, a little boy stayed by his side. The little boy told A Ke that he ran away from home and it has already been a day since he last ate. A Ke decided to buy the little boy something to eat.

After he treating this little boy to a bowl of hot dry noodles, A Ke continued with his singing. The whole thing was witnessed by a girl at the side of a flower terrace. This girl happened to be Hu Li. That year, A Ke was 24 years old, and Hu Li was 20. Hu Li had just quit her job in a clothing store, and was taking a walk outside.

After A Ke finished singing “Starry Sky”, Hu Li came over, and put some money into his guitar bag. After that, two of them struck up a conversation. First they chatted on the pedestrian street, then by the shore of Yangtze river. A Ke told Hu Li about his life as a wandering singer, and played the guitar for her. An old woman came towards them, hoping that they could buy something from her. A Ke bought Hu Li a bottle of soft drink.

From then on, every day when A Ke was performing, Hu Li would come keep him company. She even bought a blue guitar, and was going to learn how to play it from A Ke. In Wuhan, A Ke stayed for 20 days. For wandering singer A Ke, this was obviously unusual. Before this, A Ke usually only stayed three to five days in each city. When A Ke felt he had to leave, Hu Li cried. He Li told A Ke that she must go with him. A Ke told Hu Li that they wouldn’t be able to make enough money on the road, that she might not be able to eat well or live comfortably. Hu Li patted her pocket, “I still have over 1,000 yuan with me.”

Running Away from Marriage

Her parents had scheduled Hu Li’s wedding for the tenth day of the new Lunar year, she told A Ke in a text message. On the ninth day, A Ke rushed to Hubei where the two met, rented a van, and fled.

After leaving Wuhan, A Ke continued his vagrant life. However, he was no longer alone. On the road, the two of them have been to Ezhou, Lushan, Jiujiang and Nanchang, one after another. The night they arrived in Nanchang, they had no money left. Seeing Hu Li’s face covered with sweat, A Ke knew that Hu Li was hungry. However, Nanchang’s underground passages prohibited playing instruments until after 10pm at night. When 10pm finally came, A Ke earned 10 yaun, and he immediately bought Hu Li some bread, a pineapple, and a bottle of water. After finally persuading Hu Li to eat the food, Hu Li suddenly took half the bread and stuffed it into A Ke’s mouth…

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In 2008 September, A Ke brought Hu Li back to Luzhou. He didn’t find his father, and his mother had remarried to another man. A Ke rented an apartment in urban Luzhou, near Ma Shaqiao, found a job in a bar, and settled down.

In Luzhou, the two of them lived for two years, until fall of 2010 when they once again left Luzhou and went on drifting and singing.

Hu Li’s home is in Hubei Jianli County. A Ke has previously went to pay his respects to Hu Li’s parents. Although he had bought gifts, as a wandering singer, A Ke didn’t leave a good impression on Hu Li’s parents.

2Spring Festival 2012, A Ke continued singing for a living in Changsha, and Hu Li went back home to Jianli. However, on the fourth day of Chinese New Year, A Ke received a text message from Hu Li, “My parents have found me a marriage partner, I’m going to get married on the tenth day of this month…” A Ke rushed to Jianli right away. On the ninth day of the new Lunar year, the two of them met in Jianli, immediately rented a van and left. Because the bride’s side broke off the engagement, Hu Li’s parents paid the groom’s side 30,000 yuan in compensation.

Hu Li says that was the most difficult moment of her life. On one side was her parents, and on the other side the man she couldn’t be without. “Because of guilt, after leaving home this Spring Festival, I haven’t gone back to Jianli.”

The Future

A Ke says he must be diligent in busking, and when things are slightly more financially comfortable, he’ll open a small clothing store, to sell clothes by day, and still be able to sing by night.

On set at “China Dream Show”, A Ke and Hu Li’s love story moved the audience. The distance between them and their dream—-to hold a dream-like musical wedding–was another step closer.

With regards to what has happened, A Ke has begun reflecting upon it, “The thing Hu Li’s mother is worried about most is that I’m financially unstable, and wouldn’t be able to take good care of Hu Li. Now I have begun slowly saving up some money. From Monday to Thursday, if I’m lucky, I can make 200 yuan every day. From Friday to Saturday, if I’m lucky, I can make more than 300 yuan. We’re trying our best to save as much money as we can, on one hand, to make up for the the cost of breaking off the marriage. And on the other hand, when we become a little more financially secure, we want to open a small clothing store, selling clothes during the day, and still being able to sing at night.”

As A Ke’s good friend, Luzhou Longmatan District teacher Tian Zixing has born witness to the many twists and turns that A Ke and Hu Li have been through over the past 5 years. “A good result, that’s my biggest hope!”

As for the dream-like musical wedding of their dreams, Hu Li and A Ke have already figured out the opening remarks they want to make [at the beginning of the ceremony], “28, the number of the cities we have been through; 20, the age when I met you. We’ve gone through 6 guitars, and sang 829 songs in 156 underground passageways. 48 times we’ve been chased away, and 387 kuai and 5 mao is the most amount of money we’ve ever made in one day. A 45 square meter rented apartment is the small home we currently live in. Over 247 phone calls, my mom has asked me to leave him, telling me not to believe in love…” Over the past 5 years, Hu Li and A Ke have been drifting because of their love.

And during their wedding, the two of them also wanted to sing the song they wrote together, “Look at the stars, look at the moon, they are the song you wrote for me. Where is the wind? Where is the water? Are you still there? My love, don’t be sad, it matters not, though muddy is the road. As long as you give me your heart, we’ll have a happy life…”

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯成都市网友 愤怒的公牛:

To this girl’s fiancé, I’m sincerely glad for you, it’s fortunate you didn’t marry her, otherwise, who knows how many “green hats” she’d make you wear [how many times she would cheat on you] in the future!

腾讯攀枝花市网友 零度体温: (responding to above)

Her running away from the marriage is because there was no love. Her fiancé was introduced to her by her family, they didn’t know anything about each other at all. Maybe, for you, you don’t know what love is.

腾讯网友 等青春散场:

Hate this kind of person. If you want to pursue love, then don’t use matchmaking. Nobody minds you seeking your own happiness, but why drag a fiancé through the mud? On one hand you prepare to marry someone, on the other hand, you run away with another man, what is this?

腾讯网友 李子:

I saw that episode, too moved to say anything. Bless them.

腾讯成都市网友 ~:

Whether it’s good or bad, we don’t have the right to judge~

腾讯天水市网友 木偶的枫:

Love without bread can’t go far!!

腾讯攀枝花市网友 零度体温:

Being able to persevere like this really isn’t easy, so I wish you guys the best. As for those who say bad things about them, you are pathetic. Perhaps through your whole life, you won’t know what love is, and only know about personal benefit!

腾讯天水市网友 木偶的枫:

2B youth!!!

腾讯泸州市网友 一切***OK:

If you love each other, you should cherish it. Work hard to make money, and live a good life. After all, wandering about isn’t the solution [can’t go on forever]. As you become older, your child will come to this world one day, and you all need a stable home. Bless you.

腾讯网友 黑色的签笔:

Although not so rational, still let us wish them the best. Put yourselves in their position and think, if your other halves were to suddenly become poor and blank, would you immediately find someone else?

腾讯绵阳市网友 綠茶:

Once that hobo makes her pregnant, she’ll definitely regret it.

What do you think? Have your parents ever disagreed with your choice of spouse or significant other? What did you do?

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Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Joe

    How romantic!

    • staylost

      Who is more romantic lover in your eyes, A Ke or Li Xingong? Both are pariahs of the current materialist society of China, willing to go to all sorts of lengths for their love that normal people keeping the pace of society might find unbearable, illegal, or immoral.

      Too bad Li Xingong isn’t from Zhejiang or else he might be able to make the TV show with his “dreams”, but at the moment ranking Party Member Li can’t travel! Such a shame.

  • 印度杰

    Love really exists , God Bless Them

    • mr. wiener

      Musical sofa!
      If Comrade Kedafu has no better suggestion I would suggest this article is tailor made for:
      “The Gypsy Rover”
      Traditional Irish folk song, original author unknown.

      • Joe

        Willy O’the Winsbury came to my mind, but Gypsy Rover is more accurate. Also see Gypsy Davy by Woody Guthrie.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          The guy did end up working in a club so how about
          50 cent – in da club
          just a thought (more of a joke, but still a thought)

          On another note, when will chinese girls stop being force fed husbands. Cook your own dinner for christ sakes; tradition aside, these people have no clue how to stand on their own 2 feet.

  • Dr SUN

    Damn talk about losing face, her family must be hopping mad.

    A wedding to pay for, no red bags and one pissed off grooms family.

    • Dutchy

      Good lesson for the Hu Li’s parents: you should not interfere in the lives of your children after they become adults. They arranged a groom (maybe better fitting to their ideas), got burned and are stupid enough to pay compensation (that in itself is already an entirely laughable idea….the groom or his parents are equally foolish to engage in something outdated as arranged marriage).

      • bobiscool

        Who says your new ideas are better?

        If she didn’t want an arranged marriage, she should’ve denied it before everything was settled. After it has been decided by both sides, you can’t just skip out on the agreement. Love isn’t a valid reason to make a person do bad things.

  • D. Tective

    They should have a crackdown on these homeless vagrants travelling around China! Driving local wages down, robbing our locals, abusing our girls, and spreading illnesses around China… what good are they?

    • Dr SUN

      Heard he’s pretty good on the Guitar and even better in the sack.

      ………LOCK UP your daughters !!!!!!

      • lonetrey

        Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife!
        (And hide your husband)

        • Cuz they rapin’ ever’body out here.

          • 安健

            You don’ have to come and confess, we lookin’ fo’ you
            We goin’ finnnnnnnd you we goin’ finnnnnnnd you,
            So you can run an’ tell dat
            Run an’ tell dat
            Run an’ tell dat
            Home, home homeboy

    • tai wai

      The Ministry of Public Security must clean out domestic garbage, arrest wandering thugs and protect ignorant/innocent girls, with Luzhou City being the disaster area. Behead the snake heads, the unemployed Chinese who sing to make money, trafficking in people, misleading young girls and encouraging them to run away!

      • jeffli

        what are you talking about?

  • Alex

    Well the guy is super lucky that she did that before the wedding!!!

    Imagine it was after.

    Anyways…from 7 years being in Beijing…I see shit loads of cheating all the time, I’m my country haven’t seen that much(and I say SEEING, not hearing about or reading internet posts about it). Seems like these situations are commonplace.
    Anyone with similar/different opinions?

    • Kaun

      Well it seems pretty normal that if your marriage was a business transaction that you might not like your partner at all. And that’s when you goto one of the local duck bars and get your há licked.

  • Notorious

    If you can find someone who genuinely loves you then marry for love. It’s truly a unique and blessed thing to have, because not everyone is so fortunate.

    • staylost

      Yes, but how do you choose between all of them?

      • Notorious

        if you are fortunate enough to have more than one person who loves you, pick the one you love in return. Know why this person loves you, and if the reasons seem superficial (appearance, wealth, etc), then that person isn’t for you.

  • Little Wolf

    My own marriage was similar to this. I had just got a job and was living in my car and I met my wife on a Friday night and she was quite impressed with the Little Wolf lovin and proposed to me on Sunday night. We got the blood test and the marriage license in the next coupla days and got married the following Friday. My company lost my first paycheck in the mail and refused to issue a new one(they wanted to see if it would turn up in a day or so) and so my wife had to pay the 5 dollars for the judge and we found a couple of empty beer cans and pulled the pop-top rings off to use for wedding rings. I didn’t know we needed witnesses and got 3 people off the street and they kindly pooled together 50 bucks to get us a room for the honeymoon night.
    I pretty much got my shit together after that.
    And though she regards me as Satan’s toe-jam now, we did last almost 12 years which is not bad considering how we started off.
    My own theory on marriages is…. the length and happiness of the marriage is relative to the cost of the reception and the number of ice and butter sculptures(the kiss of death)

    • grovesman

      An enduring marriage is the triumph of habit over hatred.

    • h3ll

      I liked this story much more than the posted one.

    • linette

      That is a good story.

    • Fred

      This is more worth it than the original story

    • Little Wolf

      Thanks for the props, people. All I can say is I was 21 and she was 18 so we had no idea that there was anything abnormal about getting married after a 1 week courtship. But the longshots always pay off the highest and we do have a daughter that still keeps us bonded despite the divorce. I should add that I was also a guitar player (still am) but this was pretty much the biggest sore point between us. As a hopeless romantic myself, I wish this Chinese couple the best of luck. But my own experience tells me the musician thing will eventually bite them in the ass.

      • linette

        I agree too, there are many people who loves music but don’t devote all their time into it. You can have a normal job and still work part time playing instruments somewhere. I play piano and I play for the church for free. I will never devote all my time on it.

        • tai wai

          He’s devoting all his his time to wandering. His love of music just allows him an excuse to do this.

          All that is gold does not glitter,
          Not all those who wander are lost

          • GJ

            As beautiful as it that is, they may still face the reality of needed to find the basics: food, shelter, *clean* water, etc.

            In today’s world, these sorts of relationships, as I have seen from some of my own friends, do not last for long because of these real-world needs.

            The world wishes it could run on love, but alas, it needs food, water, and some form of currency to keep things going. -.-

        • Brett Hunan

          Ah, it must be your church where you learned to argue rationally and sophisticatedly. I get it now.

          • mr. wiener

            You gotta have faith. If you have faith you don’t need logic.

          • linette

            Brett hunan mr. wienere = two a55 wipes

          • mr. wiener

            You praise god with that mouth?

          • Little Wolf

            Take it easy….she was insulting mr. wienere

          • Brett Hunan

            Actually, linette, I’m American. But close enough, right?

          • linette

            Gee Brett Hunan , how I am not surprised. You do domonstrate quite a few irritating trait of a typical self righteous American. Mr.know it all. And keep your friend MR.weiner there on a closer leash.

          • mr. wiener

            Not wanting to hump your leg any further [I’m fussy about that] , but couldn’t you argue nicely? The lack of logic I can forgive, but it’s the total: Me! Me! Me!, Listen to me I’m always right!! Not listening to your argument La! La! La! can’t hear you ,got my fingers in my ears!! thing , that really gets me down.
            My suggestion [feel free to reject it] is that you learn to compromise, listen to other peoples opinions [don’t have to accept them, but politeness is nice] and get that huge fucking chip off your shoulder, we could use the wood.
            Otherwise piss off back to koreabang. WWJD?

          • linette

            mr. wiener when was I not nice? Why? Was I too rough on you? You don’t like it rough? Yeah..go hump somewhere else. This is not Koreabang.

          • mr. wiener

            The inner child in me is in the corner crying as we speak.

          • linette

   sad. I hate to see a grown man cry.

          • mr. wiener


  • XiaoHei

    To the guy: You can still pursue your love of music by staying at home and completing your degree. Where does it say that you need to live the life of a homeless guy to pursue your love of music? Maybe you confuse your love of travel? You still have a chance to find a job and play guitar to your wife in the evenings when you return home.

    To the girl: You seem to fall in love easily and make hasty decisions, just like you decided to marry a guy you didn’t like in the first place.

    • linette


      I agree with the guy part. You don’t need to live life like a homeless person just because love for music. I also feel that he loves to travel that’s all.
      That girl she was being arranged for marriage. It wasn’t her decision. She doesn’t love the future husband.

      • Joe

        I’m SURE this guy isn’t homeless. He’s most likely living off his parents, and travelling around the country, staying in youth hostels. There are tons of Chinese guys like that. Dali and Lijiang are full of them. He’s doing what he wants to do, and if things work out don’t for him, he’ll just have to fall back on his thermal energy engineering degree.

        • linette

          Living off his parents? Don’t sound too good.

          Romance is lovely but reality will hit them hard if one of them get sick and no money to pay for medical bill. You need a steady job with steady income to support your family. Singing and traveling is very romantic but don’t do it for too long.

          • Joe

            That’s what I mean, the guy’s back up plan is he can be an engineer. He won’t have a problem finding a job later.

          • tai wai

            Yes, one shouldn’t be romantic for very long. It’s not normal. It’s not pragmatic. It’s just not the Chinese way.

  • Robert

    Others are always jealous of those that have the courage to follow their hearts.

  • Young Man

    Arranged marriages are barbaric anyway.

    • Dat Ankle

      Theyre only barbaric if the girl does it against her will or something like that, I know a couple whos parents arrange their marriage and they are fairly happy with their choices.

      • El Puma R.

        yeah ! ’cause they’ve agreed to be enslaved in the first place. That, added to the fact that they’ve been taught (forced to think) it’s the right thing to do. Whoever enjoys such kind of lifestyle is no more than a submissive ignorant piece of trained useless flesh. The whole thing is barbaric, man.

  • typingfromwork

    At first I was like “this is gonna be another story of a naive young girl who’s going to have reality slap her in the face in a couple of months time”.

    But then I read the whole thing and theirs is such a touching story. True love does exist in this world.

  • Harland

    So, what’s the over/under on the life expectancy of this relationship? Five years? How long until she realizes she sacrificed her youth to a loser? Women do get wiser with age, you know.

    “He thinks she won’t change. She thinks he will.”

    • Alan

      If he is and and always be a loser, fair enough, I agree with you. But he is still young and everyone has to start somewhere.

      Avatar actor guy was a “loser” before getting his lucky break, now he is probably a millionaire with more on the horizon. This guy has a good 10 years on him….

      Nothing against you, just saying.

    • lonetrey

      So, what, she needs to get smart and start playing her life “the right way”? I’m just saying, while not really the best way to start out your younger years, I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to stand doing things “the other way”.

      In the end, doesn’t it come down to whatever gives her peace of mind? (until her choice comes back to potentially bite her in the ass, but she can deal with it then.)

  • eattot

    Once that hobo makes her pregnant, she’ll definitely regret it.

    • Alan

      Once that hobo makes her pregnant, she’ll definitely regret it.

      Why would she?

      If your husband makes you pregnant, will you regret it?

    • El Puma R.

      Not you again! with your nonsense !

      Go get married with someone who doesn’t love you ! For the eyes of your society you’re nothing more than a cow. Just a piece of meat… haven’t you figured that out yet? Oh maybe that’s all you are. I agree with Alan, there’s no regrets in love. So you don’t really know what love is.

      God bless these two kids who have chosen to follow their feelings instead of their society’s backwards and materialistic traditions.

      • Little Wolf

        Hey puma! Eattot is perfectly capable of fighting her own battles but I’m telling you to fuck off anyway. Bullying a girl that is trying to express her view the best she can with her limited English is not going to win you any respect around here.

        Eattot don’t let these hamburger-heads discourage you or get you riled. Most of us like your comments even if we don’t always agree.

        • eattot

          your not henry????
          or do u know henry?

          • staylost

            Do you mean Hot-Air Henry? The fabulous cat from the children’s book series? He was my favorite animal friend in a book as a little little boy.

            I wonder if they have Chinese versions of those stories… Actually, I wonder quite seriously because I want to get some children’s books for one of my friend’s child.

          • Little Wolf

            Sorry Eattot, I’m not henry. But I could be henry if you want me to :-)

            Staylost: Hot-Air Henry? Sorry, never heard of him. I do have a copy of “Are You My Mother?” that I read on the can sometimes.

        • El Puma R.

          Little Wolf !
          Winning respect around here isn’t on my 2 do list… I have a real life to carry on with. Somehow you seem to be the only one who takes a stand for her… maybe you 2 lovebirds can fall in love and take off together, for the sake of true love… I admire your sense of respect, man, really… because I have a serious lack of it. Now on my part, I beg to differ. I’ve a great relationship with a beautiful girl who through the years has proven her family she’s not an asset, nor something you can trade for a couple of thousand RMB. I don’t owe shit to her parents just like I don’t owe shit to my parents, and yet they’ve managed to love me and respect me too. And it’s corresponded.
          I seriously believe if you don’t agree with the fact that many Chinese women have been and are being dragged down by their parent’s selfish, materialistic chauvinist and barbaric way of handling their own offspring just for the sake of vain wealth instead of EARNING something by themselves then , sorry buddy, you’re the burger-head who was a loser in his country and has been in china for 7 some years and can’t keep a 10 minute conversation with a local… Are you like this? I truly think not, you see Little Wolf, I can’t make assumptions over a few lines you wrote, nor call you names, because for me that would make my argument less valuable.

          Eattot’s english skills are not limited, might as well be underrated (by you). I believe that at some point in her life she could realize that true common sense and real human loveliness part from the point when you think about other people before you think of yourself. And a large percentage of Chinese people doesn’t seem to be gettin’ it right… hence the comments you see made by Chinese netizens, and so many other things you could see happening around here, everyday.

          I personally have despicable feelings towards whoever doesn’t support true feelings and the will to make things better. First they teach the girl to be selfish, and now they’re angry ’cause she thought of herself first! we have a saying in my country: “whoever gets burned with milk, cries when the cow shows up”

          You’re better than this, so next time take a stand for someone who’s better than you, man. I think I see enough xenophobia around here this days (which has made me set a date for leaving china for good) and I really feel disgusted when I see more of it around this website.

          I am willing to read your thoughts anytime without the need to be offensive. Take Care of yourself Little wolf, it’s a shady China we’re living in these days.


          • Little Wolf

            Wow…that’s alot of paragraphs explaining yourself for a guy that doesn’t give a shit about respect. Must have been holding those in for a while.

            But congratulations on the girlfriend thing and all.

          • mr. wiener

            hmmm…….I’m seeing some spaces between those words and exclamation marks, not all the time though, kinda like they’re trying to hide that habit..[CB?].
            Still I liked the saying about getting burnt with hot milk, funnier than crying over the spilling of it. For the lactose intolerant I’d prefer the story of the old bull and the young bull.
            I do like Eattot, but defending her is kind of like giving moral support to a socially awkward ninja.

          • Brett Hunan


            Interesting you noticed too. El Puma and Dr. SUN both do the spaces thing. I noticed about 2 weeks ago, but didn’t want to be the little boy that cried wolf after nailing him twice (maja and Bai Gwei). Not to mention the, not-often-but-maybe-too-often-to-be-coincedence, CAPITAL WORDS. El Puma is now talking about setting a date to leave China which is something cb claimed not too long ago, along with supporting eugenics which cb also did. Dr. SUN hasn’t said anything to convince me that it is cb, but the emphasis makes me wonder. Now both of them are talking to each other and I have no idea who is who anymore… I feel like I am in the Matrix and its deja vu over and over again.

            But, as long as I don’t get trolled like Dr. SUN tried to do to me a few stories ago, I don’t care enough to call people out anymore.


            Eattot has become the butt of many jokes for not much reason other than it has kind of become some kind of a trend here at chinaSMACK. Sometimes she can’t articulate what she wants to say perfectly (like on the Yang Rui story) and people tear into her like she meant harm. If Mr. El Puma R. and others would just be more patient, LW wouldn’t have to bother trying to help eattot out. I guarantee I can find at least 10 recent posts where eattot wrote something harmless and got destroyed for it. I think all LW is saying, and I agree, is “cut eattot some slack”.

          • jeffli

            Hey El Pumada R. y con carne los trios ringbarcus!
            in a former net life were you ……. CLOACA ANADANA B.?

            or is he a marsupial relative of yours?

            Anyways………. aren’t we all getting a little too serious here.

            We’re talking about a young couple with “puppy love” let the m experience the world as they want.
            Maybe he will just up and leave her one day. Sp;it ups are happening anyway.
            Eattot ……….you are a nice lady but statistically the average Chinese woman will have a divorce by mid thirties, miss out on remarrying cause of peer pressure and the lifestyle of raising your child by your lonesome any way.
            I don’t wish it for you but statistics suggest this is a big risk for women now.
            So these kids are risking the same degree / no degree job /no job all are people with feelings and love to give.

            awwwww……c’mon guys and girls let the love flow for the sweethearts.

            cmon an smile with me
            (you too lil’ wolf show us your choppers)

            +ve vibes man…… Can you feel the love tonight~~~~
            And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love you oooohoooohoohohohohohohooooo (titanic emotions)
            cmon burst that dam let your emotions flow…. hug your teddybear or CB.

            peace and pure spiritual happiness to all living things,
            Ah Mi To Fo!

          • Dr SUN

            Brett, don’t try and bring me into your Troll hunt or Clone patrol, crusades.
            It makes you look a little stupid and shallow.

            The vast majority of your posts are pretty cool, cheap shots are not.

          • Brett Hunan

            Dr. SUN

            I just wrote I wasnt going to accuse you or “bring you into my Troll hunt or Clone patrol, crusades”… whats your problem?

            Even if I did, and I might eventually if you or anyone continue to show signs of being cb, I dont think it makes me or anyone else appear “stupid and shallow”.

            I didn’t take any cheap shots either, bucko.

          • mr. wiener

            Unless….Brett is actually CB in disguise having unmasked himself to gain everybody’s trust!! Man I gotta stop smoking, it’s making me paranoid.
            BTW I was just joking about El Puma being CB and Dr. Sun you have kept close doctor-patient confidentiality on any gynecological experiences you may have had and so are above suspicion.

          • Little Wolf

            le wienere….I think you’ve been watching too many Scooby-Doo cartoons.

          • mr. wiener

            …He would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those darned, nosy kids!

      • Dr SUN

        Just a heads up El Puma R.

        Just because you don’t like arranged marriage does not make it barbaric or backward.
        It has been and remains the norm in many societies since thousands of years ago.
        my wife’s parents are from an arranged marriage, been together 40 years, seem very happy.
        When your’e throwing stones in a glass house about marriage from a position of “marry for love” with it’s roughly 50% divorce rate you might get showed in glass, and there’s a lot of regret there.
        Remember arranged marriage is widely practiced in some of the countries with the longest histories, cultural maturity and lowest divorce rates.
        While marriage for love is practiced in many of the newest countries with the highest divorce rates.
        Both can work and both can fail, neither is 100% perfect .

        • El Puma R.

          Dr SUN You’re absolutely right and my statements might seem absolutist and totalitarian sometimes. However… which kind of marriage would you choose? Do you know that the divorce rates in china are over the clouds now, added to the fact that china already has the highest cheating rate? And that without thinking about how shameful divorce is for chinese people (specially for women, they are often seen as “bad women” for divorcing a man who was treating them like shit) and you see nobody talking about it ’cause it’d be a low punch to the industry… and money talks, baby (great song by AC/DC). I’ve discussed this countless times with local people. We western people actually see divorce as a sign of relief, which is accurate most of the time. However, Chinese women have everything to lose if they get divorced obviously because it’s the society they live in, also if they refuse to get married according to their parent’s own materialistic expectations. Accepting it doesn’t mean you agreed with it. Being crazy in love doesn’t mean you have to push yourself towards getting married without being sure of it, just like being poor doesn’t mean you have to get married to solve it. Heads up, USA (where marriage has been a booming business since the 50’s and keeps growing, and divorce it’s its counterpart, managed by lawyers, who get the rest of the profit) isn’t the rest of the world. Where I am from, conscience about marriage is something we are taught since we’re very young and our divorce and cheating rates are very low. We choose to move in together and see marriage as a project of life, family as an enterprise based on love, communication, understanding and improvement. You are totally right, man, neither is 100% perfect… so if there’s something people can do, that is USING THEIR BRAINS AND THINK before making mistakes. I think Chinese cultural maturity has gone over the board when RMB showed up…
          I’m against arranged marriages based on monetary outcome. I’d agree with eugenics, though… hehe.

          Shit I gotta go to work, if I hadn’t, I’d love to discuss this all day with you guys =)

        • El Puma R.

          I shouldn’t talk so much. God forgive me for being so fucking sensitive in this robotic world. Live and let die.

      • eattot

        how do you know my fiance does not love me ?
        your very strange…i do not marry him for money,he is not rich at all.just a simple young guy…what the hell r u talking about?

  • glenn

    It’s romantic but I hope that they get to find real jobs before they start a family. Otherwise, they may not be able to provide for their children.

  • Cleo

    I’m really surprised that he didn’t reciprocate her love by settling down and sacrificing his dream to make her comfortable and secure the way many American style poor people in love stories work out. That is so strange to me. A Tree Goes In Brooklyn but NOT on the road, folks.

    • Dat Ankle

      Theyre probably not doing it the American way because, spoilalert, theyre not American.

    • rightran

      Maybe the lifestyle he currently living is one reason that attracts the girl. As mentioned in the post, the girl was gud at some music instrument, so should have some “unrealistic” thoughts about life.

  • El Puma R.

    A little ray of light in this dark society: Children looking for the love and freedom their parents never gave them… they truly deserve it. Seriously, Chinese people need to wake up. And for those haters that condemn the girl, they’re the ones wearing the green hats.

    • Dr SUN

      Going to have to call BS!!! on this how do you know their parents don’t love them ?
      You know them personally ?

      • El Puma R.

        Well.. If I’d put money over my daughter’s happiness then there’s clearly something wrong with me. But you’re right, I don’t know them.

        gotta go to workkkkkkk we’ll continue after 4pm !

        • rightran

          There is no doubt that the parents love their daughter, I don’t think they “put money over daughter’s hapiness”, its more likely that they consider that money would bring their daughter true happiness. Quite commonplace in chinese urban families.

          are you willing to marry your only daughter to a guy who can hardly manage even his own life?

          • El Puma R.

            Indeed… what my local friends tell me is that they must do it for their parent’s happiness… which is understandable for obvious reasons. But… is it that their parent’s happiness is totally shared with them.. or is it that they must suffer for their parents?

            Selfishness is quite a common act in every society so if they’re raised to be selfish, what keeps them from being disobedient with whoever they want to? it happens at every level.

            I wouldn’t like my daughter to marry someone who can’t take care of her. that’s why I will take care of my children so they know what’s good for them

  • bscalled

    this story sounds so american

  • Bunny99

    selfish and childish
    one will get dumped when the other grows up

  • crimsonarmor

    I think it’s all a story made up cause China always loves an old fashion love story. Look how many Korean TV shows are so popular in China and now here’s another story. Hey and they say there’s no creativity in China!

  • jeffli

    I hope the young couple find happiness!
    Have a look at all the people with money flash cars (smashed on the sidewalk – saw another smashed up BMW today)
    These richies are not happy, let the young have their fun a little bit.
    later they can settle down start careers and so-on.
    I wish them a wholesome happy life. Why not?

  • whiskersthecat
    • whiskersthecat

      My sentiments, that is.

  • althepict

    @腾讯天水市网友 木偶的枫:
    “Love without bread can’t go far!!”
    With all due respect, bread without love is tasteless.

  • ItsJustMe

    She’s more insane then him, he can offer her no future and she will be mother to a vagabond …. love is out there, but you must ALSO consider your future and the life of your potential kids.


  • fairytale

    What a moral girl <3 i admire her. Its a beautiful love story. He is a very lucky guy…i would love to be him but that would be lesbian-mean to say i wish i had such a person who cared for me as much. People's mind are filthy and materialistic, worrying about money and pushing away love for their benefits. Love is giving them happiness even though they are not in stable circumstances.