Girl Shows Off Being Driven to Hot Springs in Police Car

The woman sitting in the police car with Wang Pengfei.

The woman sitting in the police car with Wang Pengfei.

From QQ:

Man Suspected of Using Official Car for Personal Purposes After Girlfriend Shows Off Him Driving Her to Hot Springs in Police Car

December 16th night, a “happy” weibo microblog post posted online by a woman showing off her Sanyan police officer boyfriend Wang Pengfei and her went to dinner and hot springs driving a police car drew a great deal of attention from many netizens. On the afternoon of the 17th, found out through investigation that there is indeed a police officer named Wang Pengfei in the Sanya City Public Security Bureau Political Department. And as identified by Wang Pengfei’s colleague, the man in the weibo photo was indeed Wang Pengfei himself. This picture [above] is of the photo the woman posted online.

The photo posted online by the woman.

Just as the “girlfriend who ruined the police” showing off on weibo was feverishly being discussed online, at noon on the 17th, the Sanya Public Security Bureau publicly announced that it would investigate, and if there was any violation of regulation and discipline, it will be severely dealt with in accordance with policy. However, the announcement did not confirm the identity of this man. This picture is of the photo posted online by the woman.

Wang Pengfei's name tag.

According to the information revealed on the internet, Wang Pengfei was a section member of Sanya City SWAT Team Division No.2. In December 17th afternoon, reporters of had saw Wang Pengfei’s name tag in the office of Sanya City SWAT Team Division No.2, but there wasn’t any Wang Pengfei’s picture hanging in the office. Recognized by a staff in the office, the man posted on weibo by the “girlfriend who ruined the police” was indeed Wang Pengfei. Currently, Wang Pengfei hasn’t gotten married yet, and has been transferred to Sanya City Public Security Bureau since November 21st. This picture is of the photo posted online by the woman.

Wang Pengfei's officer card. reporters found Wang Pengfei’s officer card on a desk in the Sanya City Public Security Bureau Political Department.

Sanya City SWAT Team Division No.2.

Information publicized on the internet show that Wang Pengfei is a member of Sanya City Public Security Bureau No.2 Riot Police Squad. On the afternoon of the 17th, reporters approached this squad for interviews.

A board showing each Policeman's whereabouts.

In the office of the Sanya City Public Security Bureau No.2 Riot Police Squad, the whereabouts of Wang Pengfei was indicated to be out on official business. His colleague claimed that Wang Pengfei had already been temporarily transferred to City Police Bureau.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯长沙市网友 牧云清歌:

Don’t not fear an adversary that is like a god… fear a girlfriend that is as stupid as a pig.

腾讯四川省网友 月下清影:

People nationwide should thank women like her, they are a part of anti-corruption efforts! They should be rewarded!

腾讯百色市网友 775785389:

Hehe, a xiao san?! Investigate! He’s screwed for sure!

腾讯网友 win: (responding to above)

That little policeman brother isn’t married yet, okay? Though this girlfriend of his isn’t a xiao san, she’s definitely stupid!

腾讯网友 – ゝ肖某某〃:

As a woman, I just want to say: Don’t come out and show off if you don’t have the brains! Marrying a woman like this can only be a disaster that destroys the family! Screws over her husband!

腾讯唐山市网友 肉山大魔王:

I believe things like this, when looked at nationwide, are as many as the hairs on an ox. Sigh~~~

腾讯网友 戏 說: (responding to above)

But here, a nao can posted it online.

腾讯内蒙古网友 我丑的要命:

This stupid man got himself involved with a baneful beauty. Haha, your wife loves showing off and flaunting too much. This brother has bitten off more than he can chew. Better hurry and get a divorce, you mustn’t stay married to this stupid wife. She brings harm to the husband. Just look at her appearance, it’s the face of of a woman that will bring ruin to her husband. Whoever marries her will be screwed, and seriously screwed at that.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 冰鱼:

No wonder China’s “three official public consumptions” [expenses by government officials/employees] is so high, it has all been squandered like this by these people.

腾讯网友 凌扬Great:

So when we encounter official cars like this, do we still give way???
If you want us private cars to yield to you, you should first behave yourselves.

腾讯网友 雨过无尘:

Forget that she’s ugly, the important thing is that she’s also this stupid.

腾讯中山市网友 熟悉的陌生人:

A fuss about nothing! In China, this is very normal/common.

Comments from NetEase:

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戴表自己 [网易上海市闵行区网友]:

Truly a good police officer of the people. Even while playing around with girls, he doesn’t forget his job. Learn from Political Department comrade Wang Pengfei.

haveoneleg [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Ruined by the cunt~~~

haveoneleg [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

Rolled over the boat in a ditch~~~

夏小阿碗 [网易江苏省镇江市京口区网友]:

Send these jinxes to the leaders, and the whole nation’s ordinary common people will cheer.

指那拆那 [网易广东省网友]:

There are women who ruin their dads, women who ruin their sons, women who ruin their husbands, and women who ruin their boyfriends.

滑衫轮贱 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Yet another contribution [to society]!

网易浙江省温州市网友 ip:218.73.*.*:

Zi Gong [one of Confucius’ disciples] asks about governance, says: “As long as there’s enough food, enough war preparedness, and people’s trust, it’ll be enough.” Zi Gong asks: “If one of the three has to be eliminated, which one should it be?” Confucius says: “War preparedness could be eliminated.” Zi Gong asks again: “If another one has to be eliminated as well, which one should it be from the remaining two?” Confucius says: “Eliminate food. Everyone will die eventually, but if the people’s trust is withdraw, there is no place for a foothold.” Yet we ask a rhetorical question, our great Qing Dynasty has both army and food, yet they need us people to spontaneously go expel the great invaders and return us our land. Who would serve this kind of Qing Dynasty? Who would trust it? (Episode 38, Huo Yuanjia, Cheng Yee—Kin [a famous Hong Kong actor] version)

等下一界 [网易美国网友]:

A girlfriend who ruined a police offier, so hilarious.

闵冉 [网易美国网友]:

So ugly!

地平线拐角 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Her boyfriend must feel he was screwed over.

An update on Sina Weibo:

@网络新闻联播: Woman Shows Off Her Sanya Policeman “Boyfriend” on Weibo: Police Officer Involved Suspended – A woman recently showed off her Sanya Public Security Bureau “boyfriend” driving a police car to take her to dinner and hot springs on weibo. The Sanya City Public Security Bureau announced on the 18th, through verification by police investigation, confirming that the photo of the officer card posted on weibo was possessed by Sanya City Public Security Bureau police officer Wang Pengfei, and he himself has admitted that he knows the girl. At present, the Sanya Public Security Bureau has already suspended Wang Pengfei from his post, and he is to be investigated by the organization.

Screenshot of the woman's weibo.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Guest

    They drive so far.. get it? :)

    • Irvin

      women never gets it.

  • Kate

    I don’t get why this is a big deal? All she was doing was riding in his passenger seat, I’ve seen usa cops with passengers in their patrol car.

    • linette lee

      Are the USA cops allowed to use gov’t police car for personal use? Like driving family members to hot springs or to do grocery shopping? I’ve also seen USA police driving friends to store, but could be coworkers. Who knows.

      • MrT

        me and buddies back in the ole days Blighty used to get picked up by a certain high ranking police officer and given a lift home from the bars/clubs on a weekly basis.
        No Twatter back then so no uproar!

      • The Acidic Hasidic

        No but they do. Its part of the perks of the job.

        Nobody really cares about this.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Not sure why it’s such a big deal, though I can understand that it’s a tasteless thing to do.

    • x1sfg

      Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem, except he was supposed to be on duty. It is unprofessional, but still not newsworthy. LEOs have done worse in any country

      • lonetrey / Dan

        oh! Thanks for the clarifications; the news article indicated that the reporters went to the police office to look for the Mr. Wang Pengfei and found the schedule as showing him out on duty, but I wasn’t sure if that meant he was out at the time the reporters came to investigate, or if he was on duty when the photo was uploaded to the weibo blog!

    • vincent

      I believe the reason is that he was using a police car for personal purposes that has be be against regulations.

  • Ha… I was just scrolling down to comment “so what,” and in only 5 comments I’ve been beaten to it. Its bad form by the police, but… not really worthy of chinasmack.

  • linette lee

    The china gov’t worry about their officials using china police cars for personal use? How about them worry about their gov’t officials stealing millions from the people of China to buy BMW and mercedes for personal use.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    It’s just a Chinese thang

  • For y’all who don’t see what the big deal is: this is a blatant case of misappropriation of government resources. While it doesn’t seem like a lot to just get driven around in a cop car, the key word is “blatant”.

    While the Chinese traditional custom is to be modest, there is another side to “success” – that it’s only worth having if you can show it off. This raises her “rank” in society and gives her “face”. As seen in countless other posts, people do this again and again – and yet meet similar circumstances (see the Red Cross fiasco of last year).

    This time, the internets has irrefutable evidence from which they can aim their thunderbolts. It’s not the crime so much as the righteousness with which they can persecute as well. See? They even have a picture of a bulletin board with blue magnets on it. We’ll crush them!

    Also: whole lotta Yoko Ono-type hate in those comments. Haven’t seen such misogyny from the Sino-web in a while.

    • Kate

      Well by the looks of both of them, they certainly could use a new face!


    • erguotouplease

      you are absolutely right ! i think people are so pissed not only because of this misdeed that the dude use the patrol car to impress his girl and the future in-laws; but the fact that his gf is stupid and dumb enough to post the obviously wrong action on internet expressing how awesome it is to be in a patrol car , how cool my bf is, i am so happy while you suckera are never gonna get this in a million years… well to me she is just getting what she asked for ——-attention !

  • Jay K.

    How the hell is this guy a member of the SWAT. The dude is a fatty, I’m not saying im mean and lean cuz I’ve become quite the fat ass myself since being in China. But I have a good friend I’ve grown up with all my life, and yes he is a SWAT member in some NY Police Dept, and he is in great shape and @ 6-2 210lbs not to many can jack him. This dude get in because he is good at aiming his penis at the right old female officials?

    • You know what they say, the penis mightier than the sword.

      • lostalien

        and they also die

        die by the penis

        • Bill Hicks: “Lady, your kid isn’t special, I have wiped out entire universes with a dirty gym sock!”

      • donscarletti

        To prove this point, I challenge you to a duel, me with a rapier, you with an erection.

        • Germandude

          The circumsision of terroir.

          This weekend, on HBO.

          • It’s not HBO unless the mano-a-mano between ‘Onscar and I is accompanied by Little Finger’s monologue to his sex workers who are getting it on as part of the exposition.

        • Seriously, can we stop with with all the “rapier jokes”? I thought the ones tossed out by Tosh were edgy enough.

    • x1sfg

      SWAT, even in the US, come in all flavors. NYPD or other NY agency standards are not that excruciating. I hate to admit it, there are fatties in US SOF (JSOC, SF, MARSOC, SEALs, Rangers, AFSOF) as well

      • Special ops guys get fat for a different, more legitimate reason though–the shock of readjusting to a normal diet after months of SOF training diets.

        • x1sfg

          After schools like itc, brc, otc, sere, bud/s, and Ranger School, yes. But that’s not the reason for a lot of them. Some of us SOF let ourselves go at E-8, CWO4, or at O-5, esp if they’re in the schoolhouse. It is saddening

    • YourSupremeCommander

      see my post above

    • starsky

      most chinese non-military defense is like this which is why the uygurs were able to massacre 400 chinese in 2008

  • Rick

    How is anyone that lives in China surprised by this story, except that it is a story?

    • MrT

      Yes I was so shocked! I will leave China!

      • odelette

        i hate this kind of thing as well, im chinese, and some of government ppl really distory the a country’s reputation. i dont like them and i say it, but i still like the culture here.

        • MrT

          I like noodles.

        • BiffyClanger

          I thought corruption is part of the culture.

          • odelette

            of course corruption is part of the culture. the more ppl, the more difficult to let ppl follow the rules, the more corruption come up then

          • linette lee

            ………….the more ppl, the more difficult to let ppl follow the rules, the more corruption come up then………..

            The statement doesn’t make sense.

          • guest

            poetic words…

          • BiffyClanger

            I am not sure how much of this has to do with having more people odelette. I am somewhat acquainted with Chinese history and literature. Every other historical play is about some injustice done to the common-folk either through out-right abuse of power or corruption. I think corruption is culturally ingrained in China. It has to do with the hierarchical nature of Chinese Culture and society. This doesn’t mean I think this will always be the case.

          • Donde Esta Santa Claus

            more people does not mean more corruption, but corruption at the top trickles down. if you think the number of people in a country is an excuse for anything, then maybe you are being fooled by the people who benefit from the corruption

  • Slob

    Using a patrol car for personal use…that’s common and if they pay for the petrol themselves, I don’t see the big deal. If he’s using govt. resources to pay for the fuel, then sure it’s squandering resources. But, why worry about this and not the bigger issues? They’re poking at the sparks and ignoring the huge blazes that are burning this country to the ground. Limit their funding and punish anyone taking bribes more severely (prison, death sentences) , then let’s see how desirable it is to be working for the govt. I’m pretty sure the 100,000 people looking for 1 public servant job issue would drop to a mere 50 or so the way it should be.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Calm the f— down people, the dude is not on the SWAT team. Look at his ID card, he works as a clerk in the propaganda and “education” office of the Police Dept.

  • MrT

    Hot springs are hot!

    • Super Bunny

      people in my town take hot spring almost everyday

      • MrT

        you own a town? So great!

        I frequent a place with 10 or more hot pools with different herbs, fish and other fings in there.
        Sometimes I treat friends to a visit but not use a police car to get there but if I had a police car I would!

  • Leviathan

    “Don’t not fear an adversary that is like a god… fear a girlfriend that is as stupid as a pig.”

    Truer words have na’er been spoken

  • vincent

    Driving his girlfriend to the hot springs got him in hot water, oh the irony :P

    • Zhuangzi

      Ha! Good one!

      • vincent

        Thanks @11b503d912f1b14a3c9eb481f4043ccf:disqus :D

    • Dr Sun


  • Daniel Tynan

    I think Toronto has a Chinese official running our city. He doesn’t look Chinese. . but acts like a Chinese official. Recently he ordered a running city bus to dump all it’s passengers and go pick up the highschool football team he coaches. He does shit like this all the time.

    • ScottLoar

      “He does shit like this all the time.”

      Why does he still hold office? The Federal Bureau of Investigation went after Rod Blagojevich, former mayor of the city of Chicago, amassing evidence and carefully building a case that would stand up in the law courts, and down went Blagojevich, same for at least two former Illinois state governors found guilty of criminal malfeasance. Examples abound in other states and municipalities. For those of lesser or more public guilts an active press, opposition political party, and civic action groups are always ready to leap upon any transgression by a public official.

      I don’t think most people outside the US understand this at all.

      • MrT

        I didn’t understand any of it!

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Dude you better not be talking shit about Rob Ford. He’s the best mayor Toronto has ever had.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Dude, who gives a shit about Toronto, seriously? Oh, you do, sorry.

  • lostalien

    what , this is news? come on….

  • Gerhana

    El Che Guevara did not live long enough to see this. I am pleased he did not, it will spare him the loss of belief in his revolution and humanity. My Saint.

  • Super Bunny

    this site is getting boring and nosy…
    why can not put on some real news???
    no more that boring jokes or songs…this kinda posts also not needed.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      No offense, but your comments are not needed either. I have not seen ONE grammatically correct comment made by you.

      • Super Bunny

        hahahaha, thanks!
        no more white dicks for u already???

      • Germandude

        Do you still think it’s correct to criticize somebody for not correctly speaking a language that is not his/her native one? The message came through, that’s most important.

      • MrT

        Wad dus “grammatically” meen?

      • moody

        Careful there, she might try to “dig your mother’s vagina with a dildo”
        or was it something else i don t recall

    • Rusty

      Real news are on Xinhuanet. Chinasmack is to generate traffic and make money at the expense of Chinese culture and Chinese people.

      • Dave

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, now they have Korean site and Japanese sites doing exactly same thing. I just love all the personal ads and the videos that pop up when you come to this site. LOL thing is probably a Chinese person owns this site. I always find it that Chinese people are always very good at making other Chinese people look bad for their own benefit. This typically doesn’t happen with Koreans or Japanese.

        • Rusty

          Yes she is Chinese and I am sure that her bio is right, that she did start the website to improve her English, but then success came and obviously financial security sounds better than integrity. Killing Chinese Culture Softly. Great title for a movie.

          • Justin

            Leave Fauna alone you toolbags. She has created this service that you are all using. And you’ve got nothing better to do than bitch about her “integrity”. Jesus. Get a life. Better yet, if you don’t like it, why don’t you pour all your time and efforts into a business venture, have it succeed and then some snotty little shits can come rip on you for a change.

    • moody

      Thank you Super Bunny for saying it.
      I hear nothing of the two expat girls who have been beat up , one last week in a taxi and one several weeks ago in a club.
      It’s out there on Chinternet so why no ?
      would bring you a whole lot of traffic , Kai, wake up

    • Jennster

      this site is always about some chinese local/state govt does something article that is why and then some music article. a lot chinese may relate to that but also a large amount don’t experience that and we don’t relate. it’s repetitive.

  • 平凡人

    She hates him, wants a break off but he refuse, thus she did this to get him out of his life. Either that or she is really stupid.

    • Ryo

      I vote for stupid.

      • 平凡人

        No prize for the right answer, you’re damn right. Hope she does not represent the majority.

  • Super Bunny

    hmm, some women just like to show off their happiness, especially love from man…
    maybe she just did not consider much just wanna show off…
    as most girls on my qq, either wedding photos or baby’s photos, they want other know they are happy and be loved…
    it’s the nature of women, just a bit silly.

    • linette lee

      In Hong Kong, when you see these china officials with their misses shopping in LV and prada shops bragging about their condos, the hk people usually make fun of them behind their back calling them thieves. “oh….the thieves/locusts are here shopping again after stealing money from China.” Nothing glorious about marrying to a china officials. Chinese from outside China usually just see them as families of thieves/locusts. These locust chinese officials love spending their corrupt money they stole from China people in HK.

  • [email protected]

    Classy! And he sure is a looker, they really suit each other. Miss Vacuum and Mr Bloat.

  • Jack

    Another Chinese whore with a corrupt grease ball Chinese man. It’s all too common in the land of Mao. (And people wonder why Chinese get no respect…)

  • No longer surprised

    So many people calling her out for being a dick… Not a single one noted her boyfriends dickish use of the car.
    “She will bring shame to the husband!”
    He’s a disgrace to himself.

    Not that this is a story. It’s shite.

  • Justin

    It seems like these little minor corruptions are blown out of proportion to make it seem like action is being taken when the big corruptions just go by on the down-low completely unnoticed.

  • geoff dolan

    What a load of crap. It’s “Grandpa Wen” who should be geting flak, not some jinnet and his mott cruising around in a squad car.F8ck’s sake, “Grandpa” was able to get the New York Times blocked cos his feelings were hurt by an article outling his alleged graft. Idiots

  • Jeff

    What would have happened if he was photographed with a Western female girlfriend in his car?