Girl Struggles To Raise Money For Own Heart Operation

From Mop:

One RMB—Hope to Catch the Last Bus of Life


Starting from today, I’ve decided to sneak out of the hospital, walk onto the streets, and give every passerby one yuan. This one yuan is meant as a receipt for borrowed money. I hope I can find people who are willing to help me.

Dad, mom, please don’t cry. I know you’re scared that I might have an accident, because I could die any moment. Ya Nan, don’t cry either. I thank you for giving me this idea. I didn’t think I would actually follow through with it.

We all need to face life with a smile. I hope everybody who sees my post will be able to smile like me. I know you are all people who are passionate about life.

My name is Xiao Juan, I’m almost 18.
My ID card number is 362426199111081828, cell phone number is 15913121266

I was born with a congenital heart disease. Right now I’m at the Guangzhou Military Hospital. There are 7 days left. If I can pay the fees in full, then I will be able to complete the surgery before I turn 18, otherwise I will have missed the best time phase for the surgery.

If I can’t pay for the fees, then I won’t have the opportunity to undergo the surgery. I’m not afraid. I will still face life with courage like the rest of you. And face the future…though I don’t know if I will have one…

Follow-up post:

As a matter of fact, most people just ignore me, and would not accept the money I attempt to give them. I see suspicion lining their eyes, suspicious that I am a fraud. Although I feel very upset, I really want to be able to have this surgery.

This woman stopped, took my yuan, and looked at the words on the back. Then she took about 100 RMB and threw it at me, before starting to lecture me: little girl, I know you’re not for real! But I’m still giving you money because I just came back from praying at the Buddhist temple. But your actions are wrong. People should live honestly. You can’t earn a living off of swindling. Are you from Henan?!

Hearing this, I couldn’t control my falling tears. I did not know how to reply and could only answer: Sister, I’m from Jiangxi.

Actually, this woman is a good person…


Follow-up post:

I’ve already said, we are posting this on Xiao Juan’s behalf. I posted this with her friend Qiqi. We are all members of Mop!

This is not a fraud. We want to draw attention through the internet.

I’m an ordinary person, one of the people helping Xiao Juan to type and post. We are not so-called internet pushers, we simply want to help a girl that needs to be helped, and hope that she receives attention.

As per everyone’s requests, we will make her medical and family situation records public:


Some comments from Mop:


Be strong! Don’t cry!

I’m tearing up~~~~

This post should be on the first page!!!


I just texted them, and got Xiao Juan’s bank account number. Will transfer 100 RMB when I get off work. (I’ve also very poor, I can only show my support.)

Though it’s against her wishes, I will publicize her bank information.

[her bank information]

I know you probably won’t believe me, but those who know please confirm it for me!

I don’t have a camera and so I can’t show you a photo of the text message. Sorry!

Hope Xiao Juan gets well soon!


Will this post be hot?


I will pray to the Buddha for you from Beijing.

Good sister, I donated money during the Sichuan earthquake. Then I found out it was a scam. I swore never to donate again.

Hope you get well soon.


The latest update from the QQ group.

There is already around 40,000 RMB transferred onto Xiao Juan’s account, enough for the surgery.

If the surgery is successful, another 30,000 RMB is needed for hospitalization fee during the observation period.

There are 40 57 pages of comments; of support, debate of whether this is a fraud, and people trying to get money to her. There are also some more posts by the OP regarding the details of her illness and the people she met on the street.

Here are some videos:

Here are some more photos:









090806 UPDATE:

Follow-Up Post 1:

Although I don’t have the strength to answer everybody’s phone calls, not to mention all of your text messages, but I’ve saved everyone’s texts. Sometimes I’m very tired and my vision’s blurry so that I can’t see the cell phone screen clearly. Sister Zhou would help me record every message. For every unanswered call, if I can successfully complete the surgery, when I can move my hands, the first thing I will do will be to tell everyone who’s called or texted me. In the case that I don’t have a chance to respond, I will ask Zhou to thank you for me, thank all of you who’s cared about me. Wherever I am, I will wish you well…

Follow-Up Post 2:

Reporting on the current status of the fundraising, after receiving help from Kuai Le Dian Charity Website, we have all the fees needed for the operation. Additionally, the website insisted on giving us almost 20,000 RMB more, in case the costs rise during the operation.
This attests to the risks of the surgery, which has us worried…
Thank you, Kuai Le Dian for such thoughtfulness!!!
This is the receipt from the hospital, please review.

Hospital Receipt

Follow-Up Post 3:

After seeing so many netizen’s support, encouragement, and concern, we are all very, very moved. According to the doctor, Xiao Juan has Tetralogy of Fallot, and her heart has four defects. Patients like her usually die before turning 3, and Xiao Juan is undoubtedly a miracle! Now with the netizen’s care and support, we have raised enough money for the operation within a day! The netizens have created another miracle! Xiao Juan is a lucky person, God is merciful, and we have saved a beautiful and young life. We’are all tearing up after reading your comments full of heartfelt emotions, and I hope netizens can maintain this kind of sincerity and caring for others in need! Xiao Juan will undergo surgery this Friday. The operation has very high risks, and the surgeon is under a lot of pressure. Let us pray for her together! On Xiao Juan’s behalf, thank you all!

Local paper picking up her story
Local paper picking up her story
TV program also picking up her story
TV program also picking up her story

As of now, Xiao Juan has received a total of 45,000 RMB from the charity website, Kuai Le Dian, and more than 67,000 RMB from netizens. She has already closed the account set up to receive donations. She doesn’t know what to do with the extra money and would like to return it to the donors, but many didn’t leave any contact information.

Latest Comments:


Ai, there are so many swindlers in society, not to be stingy about money, but who’s got time to confirm if this is real…


Wish you well…your surgery’s tomorrow right? Be strong…


Very happy to know that there’s enough money. So many friends praying for you, the surgery will be successful for sure. Add oil!


Xiao Juan, keep the extra money. You still need money for treatment after the surgery. Hope the operation is successful!! Get well soon!!


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