Good Samaritan Helps Lost Boy, Accused of Child Trafficking

Good Samaritan Helps Lost Boy, Accused of Child Trafficking

A 22-year-old car mechanic in Wenzhou was attacked by the relatives of a two-year-old boy he heard crying in the middle of the road outside his workplace. He asked the unaccompanied child if he was lost, but the child just continued to cry, shouting “Daddy”. Upon offering to take him home, the boy nodded instantly. Leading the way, the mechanic then ran into the boy’s family. Suspecting him to be a child trafficker, they grabbed him by the throat, kicked him to the ground, and then dragged him to a shop door, upon which the boy’s mother approached, ignored all explanation, and yelled that she was calling the police.

Source: Netease

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  • 囧。

  • Edward Kay

    Heck! If some kid suddenly comes and hold my hand I should:
    A) be nice & offer to help?
    B) protect myself & shout for help?
    C) help myself & make some $?

  • ChinaPrat

    Pfffff. Shoulda known better…. Chump.

  • Answersunknown

    I used to come here daily for the daily translated story and comments. I even discussed parts with some chinese friends since it offered direct translations of each. I really enjoy it. You changed the types of stories and while I was disappointed I didn’t complain. I still visited.
    I didn’t complain about that but I am going to complain about the following:
    Today I visited on my cell phone and got a popup in chinese and then a warning of infection. I obviously exited as quickly as possible only for it to start downloading an apk file from On my lte connection it hit 60% in no time. I was lucky I locked it into airplane mode and managed to disable it prior to executing the potential ransomware… Don’t know if I’m comfortable visiting on my cell phone anymore since I rely on it daily from planning, to contacts, etc

  • Mihel

    The kid should be accused of man trafficking.

    • helsic

      hahaha funny