Google Leaves China, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Chinese girl lights candle outside Google China's Beijing office.

Yesterday morning, Google announced that they have closed and are forwarding users to This is of course big news but the news has been very carefully controlled.

From NetEase:


The reason I like Google is because I can search related information, can access many foreign material for reference.
Here I must mention Baidu. Baidu’s search is indeed not that good, but Baidu Zhidao [similar to Yahoo! Answers] is very useful~
But forcefully and maliciously installing IE plugins/software, I hate! (I usually just use Baidu to listen to music.)
Now there are only these two search engines. One has left. Us Chinese netizens have no choice/can do nothing. We can only use Baidu(The things you can search on Yahoo and other search engines are not really to my liking).
Just looking at the present. Google, I want to say to you, I used to really like using your search engine.
But you want to treat a purely commercial incident as China-US relations political weight. Then that is you being wrong.


Google is only a company, it has no right to make irresponsible remarks about China’s affairs. Those who can observe China’s laws, China more than welcomes, but those who cannot observe, please find another place to go, we definitely won’t force you to stay. During this Google incident, Google has clearly overestimated itself, thinking it can hold hostage the governments of both China and America, only regretting that in the end it “tried to steal the chicken but lost the bait” [started out trying to hurt others but ended up being hurt], and allowed itself to dejectedly be swept out the door.


Search on Baidu and it is full of advertisements!!! FK!


Well done, government, those in support, ding me!


Google in China is just a small company. No matter how bad Baidu is, its market share is still 76%.
That failed Google was forced out by other competing companies shows that Google is not good enough/cannot succeed.
Google insisting on finding a reason for its failure is what I despise the most.
With this kind of company, forget failing, even if it died no one would sympathize!


If you need anything, please Baidu it! To be honest, Google’s search function is indeed better than Baidu! Because the stuff you can find is indeed much more abundant than Baidu, but [I am not saying this] to glorify Google. If Google wants a place within China, then it needs to respect and observer China’s laws when doing business. Foreign companies that don’t respect China’s laws and culture leaving, well that is inevitable. At the same time, I hope Baidu can improve on the search front!


If it is going to leave, then leave cleanly. Kick it thoroughly out of China.


I personally believe that Google, you as a company, here doing business, you must observer China’s laws. Moreover, you also should not find fault with China’s political issues. Doing this will only make us dislike you guys even more.


Google’s decision this time is a failure, with Google exiting the market as the only result; Hong Kong is likewise China’s territory, and Hong Kong’s legislature also wants filtering, because what is not allowed domestically cannot be allowed in Hong Kong. I have already uninstalled Google from my computer. I support the government’s decision, and the government cannot possibly give in…


I just know that on this piece of land that is the mainland, any media company, whether internet or newspaper, cannot be independent, because the Party manages the media.


Google is simply insulting us, repeatedly saying it will withdraw from China, but now running to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also China’s. This is truly insisting on being shameless. Without you, Chinese people will live on as usual. With you, it is extremely annoying. Hope you will never come back.


Google, I used to always use you, but you have too TMD disappointed me. Get lost, I will go use the slightly more garbage Baidu.


With netizens from all around the country, how can all the speech and slogans be so similar/consistent? Oh, right, I had forgotten that there are also foreign comrades and many international friends.

Slogans, anyone can shout. Shouting back and forth and the nationalism comes out.


Mainlanders, congratulations, you can no longer use Google. It is so dark there! With any bad thing so easily searched out, I recommend that you guys just go ahead and shut out the outside internet, and establish the world’s largest LAN.

Google China's Beijing office, with a People's Republic of China flag in front.

Many Chinese netizen comments have been deleted or hidden and most comments that remain visible clearly support the government or are critical of Google. You can see this in the translated comments from NetEase above.

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On KDS, a popular Shanghai BBS discussion forum, I was able to find some comments in support of Google or critical of the government before they were deleted. KDS moderators first deleted posts with many replies before deleting the smaller posts with fewer replies. Many posts were deleted while I was still collecting comments from them.

From KDS:


First, I don’t believe the what the ZF says, and this has nothing to do with whether or not I like Google, it only relates the ZF‘s behavior. Next, I like Google, because the value of their first page of information [search results] is higher than Baidu. I am a consumer, don’t care about whatever dog fart politics, nor would I think of everything from a political perspective, but from a consumer’s perspective, I like Google, and no longer having Google I think is really regrettable.


There are only two types of people who will be happy: 1, wumao , 2, Baidu.


With regards to Google withdrawing I do not feel any happiness, but instead feel that it is very regrettable. Google’s product is the various types of information you can search, and inspecting the product before it leaves the factory to see if it is acceptable is a very normal thing. The information that can be found on Google are not just those sensitive words that must be filtered. If you like to use Google to search for scientific and technical information, what impact does filtering out those sensitive words have?


It is obvious through use that Google’s [search results] value is higher than Baidu. Baidu is really too lousy.


Wumao wishes Google would make a row every month.
1. Always material to write about.
2. “Fees” have caps and are disbursed monthly, benefits can be maximized.
3. If a LAN is really established, then many people will probably lose this job.


Wumao are rampant, they better secure their overtime pay. What we need is the truth, how are sensitive terms defined? What will not die is whatever TG [The Government] says, that everything that it does not like are sensitive words, keeping the people in the dark. 

Google refuses to eat shit anymore, leave a table with Baidu, Soso, and Sogou (Chinese search engines).

[Translation: “Too fucking stinky! I’m not fucking eating with you guys anymore!”]


Compared to Google, Baidu is simply garbage.

Only knowing how to take money and put advertisements, with all the search results being advertisements for garbage.

The principle of web search is that what you searched for is what is, so manipulated search results is simply garbage.

We can all think, we don’t need other people to tell us what is right and what is wrong, we can collect information from various angles and judge for ourselves, only those people who have done guilty things would screen/filter information.


Google will forever be in my heart!


The absolute most basic point, competition is good for consumers. The more intense the competition, the more benefits for us, and the service we get more thorough.
Whenever something no longer has competition and becomes a monopoly, then we suffer.


Actually I am not indignant, only that us not being able to engage in normal internet activity after a certain government attaches some labels to mainstream large websites one after another, I can’t help comforting myself as well as feeling threatened. With the speech we have nowadays, what’s wrong with this??


Google is the world’s top level creative company, Baidu is garbage.


Can search engines only be used to search for anti-D [党, dang, the Communist Party] and sex?

Don’t you know that I use Google everyday to search for many technical data? Why don’t I use Baidu? Because I can’t find it on Baidu. Or the information I find requires that I spend more energy to sort through.


I seeking true search results, and hate those manipulated Baidu search results! It is painful right now, having to wait and see [what happens next]…


At the critical moment, Hong Kong shows where it is superior. Hong Kong people are so lucky.


Many of the documents in my dissertation were found on Google Academic Edition [?], and this too was something my mentor recommended to me. The ZF doing this really hurts those of us ordinary common people who do not care about politics.

A Chinese woman walks past the Google China sign.

It is important to say that many comments (before they were deleted) that support Google did not support Google’s decision to leave China. Many Chinese netizens disagree with the government’s censorship but do not agree with Google’s actions and feel that Google leaving China is a very regrettable outcome.

From KDS:

The news about Google on Sohu has nearly 600 responses all cursing Google, with not a single one in support of Google. We cannot help but admire our Party’s superior technology and the people’s high degree of unity. The consequences of Google’s exit are evident.


Wumao need to eat too, right?


The era of the internet black society has come.


What I care about is how many posts have been deleted.


You can randomly comment about the Google incident in the comments for other news items, and then it will definitely be a mess.


On one hand saying our internet is free, on another hand wanting to filter information,
this is already shameless to new level.


Upon checking the backend, several dozen IDs are all from one IP.


It isn’t just Sohu, various major websites are all like this. The problem is that YP have all be brainwashed or is it that the wumao has collectively come out?


Sina and Sohu’s comments you actually believe/trust? IQ… [don’t be stupid]


I changed my signature on Kaixin001 this afternoon, and now it won’t show anymore.
“Farewell It is now already”

Many flowers placed on Google China's sign in Beijing.

From KDS:


Ding LZ, GG [谷歌 gu ge, Google] is too useless, not worth being respected, not helping anyone, its words even more fake than the ZF.


Don’t rush, it is now the Chinese Communist Party’s move in this chess game, Google already made its move.
It is too early to say who will win and who will lose.


A company wanting to fight a country, is there a possibility of success?


Google should be even tougher, if they are leaving China then they shouldn’t let Chinese people visit/use any Google services, including GMail.


Google: How much is an Avatar movie ticket?
Avatar movie ticket has increased in price, 120 yuan.
Google: So expensive, I won’t buy it.
Google: If you truly consider 120 yuan, then I won’t buy your movie ticket.
Google: No no, I still want to watch Avatar.
So are you going to buy or not?
Google: But with you selling at 120 yuan, I will still consider not watching.
Person in line: Are you TM going to buy or not?!
Mental retard: Well done! Forcing the cinema to lower from 120 to 100.


I see it the other way, Google’s move is too beautiful, how come I didn’t think of it!

Everyone think about it, transferring to Hong Kong, first, this place is still considered China, I think 90% of Chinese agree (10% mental retards don’t count), and Hong Kong, whether culturally, economically, or other aspects are all superior to the mainland.

Google being in this place that is still considered part of China where it can operate an unfiltered search engine without encountering the opposition of this part of China’s government, what does this demonstrate? It amply demonstrates that the filtering system is unreasonable, that all of the harmful information is simply not harmful to Chinese people, because if it were harmful to Chinese people, then why doesn’t the Hong Kong government blacklist them???

After everyone understands this problem, everyone should ask, why can’t we see the things those Hong Kong people can see??? Aren’t we all Chinese people???

Too beautiful! Google, you have once again made me admire you!


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See what Hong Kong people can see. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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  • germancockroach

    Chinese nationalists frothing at the mouth about Google, The U.S./West would do well to remember this:

    It is one of many examples of the shitty world the Chinese Communist party has created and allows the Chinese to exist in.

  • hsbc

    first first first

    • bs called

      you dumbass numbertard, I feel sorry for you.

      • Nah he’s right. Comments are indexed from 0, so technically he is first here.

  • GooGoo

    It is truly sickening that the Chinese government is trying to control the minds of its citizens by skewing the opinions online by deleting what it doesn’t want people to see.

    • germancockroach

      First of all it’s not the Chinese ‘government’. It is the Chinese Communist Party.

      Secondly, there’s no such thing as a ‘Chinese citizen’. If there was such a thing then things like “skewing the opinions online by deleting what it doesn’t want people to see” wouldn’t happen.

      • FuzzyPanda

        you guys are wasting your own time. Ppl in China ain’t complaining about being censored. WHY? It’s because that they usually wouldn’t search for English sites anyways. Then when it comes to Chinese sites, isn’t much different from other search engines in China. Then when it comes to youtube, facebook, etc, they’ve got their own internet companies. The last thing China needs is those BIG, Powerful American corporations to mess with the status quo and the harmony of Great China. They’ve got their own 5000 years of culture, therefore those Chinese leaders/elites do not need google to tell them what to do.
        So when it comes to leaving China, it’s completely google’s fault. By simply pulling out, google gave up “the fight for freedom of speech”. They are weak in a sense that they are only a profit driven, self interest based Corporation. They do whatever it takes to maximize their benefits, in this case, their public relations. This move not only hurts the Information Technology competition in China, it also undoubtedly contributes to the worsen Chinese-American relation.

        Being one of the top four sponsors to the Obama Campaign during the election, the company has close ties with the current US administration. This move can be seen as highly favorable towards Obama’s foreign policy. It also reveals the unprofessional business practice by google.

        A curtain is slowly emerging, and US once again tries to contain the fast economic development of China.
        But you’all know google/US government’s plot will only heard as a cat scream by this Booming Giant of the East, and the next 100 years belongs to China, just like the last 100 being the ones of the Americans.

        • CanadianInGuangzhou

          Funny, for a guy who can write english, you’re sure wasting your time earning your 5 jiao

    • Kai

      There are differences, but some perspective might be in order:

      The war on Wikilinks and why it matters

      The Pentagon report also claims that WikiLeaks has disclosed documents that could expose U.S. military plans in Afghanistan and Iraq and endanger the military mission, though its discussion is purely hypothetical and no specifics are provided. Instead, the bulk of the Pentagon report focuses on documents which embarrass the U.S. Government: information which, as they put it, “could be manipulated to provide biased news reports or be used for conducting propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, perception management, or influence operations against the U.S. Army by a variety of domestic and foreign actors.” In other words, the Pentagon is furious that this exposing of its secrets might enable others to engage in exactly the type of “perception management” which the aforementioned CIA Report proposes the U.S. do with regard to the citizenry of our allied countries.

      Censorship and propaganda is not about countries, but about sophistication.

  • bobiscool

    I don’t know. I guess censorship isn’t right, but it isn’t as unjustified as you people make it out to be.

    Either way, I agree with the fact that google should stay out of the political game. America is just as rotten as China.

    • bleah

      Who is justified enough? When is it justified?

    • B. Prichard

      I’m not sure in which fantasy world it is possible to stay out of political games. To companies and individuals, the political environment is hugely important. And there is no way to stay out of it.

      Your ideas on censorship seem amazingly well thought out, though! Not allowing information to be disseminated because it reflects poorly on those in power is clearly justified.

      • Jeck

        It is very possible. For example, Google just asked the US government to intervene and pressure China to stop censorship. If they wanted to stay out of political games, they wouldn’t have made that comment.

        And please, please realize that Google censors in a number of countries outside of China including, US, UK, Germany, and France.

    • germancockroach




    • Jeremiah

      You ever been to “America?” I’ve lived in China, and the U.S., and I can promise you, the U.S. is light years beyond the P.R.C in every conceivable way.

  • chuck

    “Google’s decision this time is a failure, with Google exiting the market as the only result; Hong Kong is likewise China’s territory, and Hong Kong’s legislature also wants filtering, because what is not allowed domestically cannot be allowed in Hong Kong.”

    I find this netizen’s comment unbelievably depressing because I am sure that the overwhelming majority of Chinese believe the same thing.

    • bleah

      I wondered how much truth lied in this comment…

  • sad

    who will be the next ?

  • The more I read this website, the more I start to sympathise with the commies. You can’t really blame the PRC for censoring the internet, if the Chinese people ever had an accurate understanding of China’s recent history, there’d be a revolution.

    Many Westerners are naive, they thought that the Iraqis and Afghans were smart and socially sophisticated enough to have a democratic government, they were very wrong. Many naive Westerners still think that the Chinese are good enough for Democracy, when in fact they don’t deserve it, nor would they be capable of sustaining it.

    The Chinese people should continue to be treated like children, keeping the commies in power and leaving the national Netnanny up and running will keep the cheap, crappy consumer goods flowing into Korea and the West while preventing you from ever becoming our intellectual rivals.

    • bleah

      Blame the daydreaming do-gooders.

    • bulbir singh

      Quite agreed. Chinese people still at an immature level to grasp concept such as democracy. Better to go slow and steady or else end up like Indian democracy.

    • the peasant

      to a certain extent.. i kinda agree lol

    • gobblegog

      Your romanisation is wrong. You should either be “Poosan Playa” or “Busan Playa”. I know which one I’d suggest.

      • If you’ve got a fucking problem with the way I spell my name, you can take it up with Mr McCune and Mr Reischauer.

  • bleah

    The last NetEase commenter is from outside mainland?

  • dirtywhiteboy

    I don’t know if this will hurt or help China in the long run. On one hand, I think it will help China in controlling their population, a job that they are very good at. But at the same time, it will hurt China’s soft/brand power, when they can no longer distribute it through google to the millions of consumers out there. Either way, I will follow this closely to see how it develops.

  • bleah

    I say it again. Acting in such an unpragmatic way is simply irrational and not worthy such a big company.

    • St0815

      It’s not unpragmatic. It’s simply not worth it for Google to do business in China. The risk to their business model is far too great. Getting hacked, having their IP stolen, having their services (like gmail) compromised and losing credibility in the free world – this is not compensated by the relatively meagre returns the Chinese market will deliver.

      • paxman

        Are you kidding me? You think Google can’t get hacked if it leaves China?? All of this happened in America moron. And you are really showing your ignorance about the Chinese market, which is/was the fastest growing market in the world for them and is/was forecast to become their BIGGEST market in the future. Try thinking before posting for a change.

  • bleah

    This commenter is right:

    A company wanting to fight a country, is there a possibility of success?

    Foreign companies that don’t respect China’s laws and culture leaving, well that is inevitable.

    Hehe, Chinese culture.

    I am a consumer, don’t care about whatever dog fart politics, nor would I think of everything from a political perspective, but from a consumer’s perspective, I like Google, and no longer having Google I think is really regrettable.

    Consumerism at its best?

    • too yellow

      asked United Fruit, huge success.

  • lion

    WORLD EXPO ! When People visit from other countries
    everyone will see how closed China really is.

    Facebook is blocked try ren ren or kaixin
    youtube is blocked try youku
    twitter is blocked China will steal soon
    ebay is not popular try taobao

    • Patrick

      No to keep harmony the government (aka communist party) will just repeat what it did in Beijing. In all the surrounding hotels they will setup a proxy that bypasses the “Great Wall”. To be honest they know foreigners really only care if they can get to facebook, youtube and the other places. They probably also realize that foreigners are likely to be more pissed that the aforementioned sites are blocked not because of censorship of information but to cut out competition. Freedom is one issue but don’t mess with my capitalism.

    • too yellow

      twitter being stolen only after a few month it first came out, the most popular variation is Fanfou. Also it can’t be blamed, as at the time twitter does not support full Unicode or code pages. Cause all twits in GB code coming out as junk

  • (not) Cool Matt

    Lets face it. The average citizen would never agree to censorship of search results, facebook, youtube and so on. This isn’t about keeping the people “healthy”. It’s about prolonging the life of the government.

    Google did not politicize this issue. The government censoring the internet made it political.

    And so shameless before… Blocking without giving reason. Hiding and getting away with this crap for so many years. Now, thanks to google, these censors have to come out of the shadows and defend their actions.

    And what do these curmudgeons give as a reason? “They do it, so why can’t we?” Taiwan and Tibet are “core interests” of China but this issue…no way they will say “Censorship is a core belief of China” Because then they would actually have to defend the issue.

    Censorship is the law, but never talk about why it is the law. Because the law is bullshit. Even the ones who made it know it is simply for preserving the CCP. not to help the people!

    But you know what, google has uncensored results for days now, where is the revolution? Bunch of old men paranoid that their time is almost up. Well it is. Google isn’t making China lose face. China is. Google just makes China talk about it.

    Sorry, i know. im ranting. but im so tired of this bullshit. And you know Expo is coming. Lets see all the websites get unblocked while foreigners are here. Or will that only be in Shanghai this time?

  • blah

    Ya’ll too emotional and caught up in your convictions. Emotions never bring forth good results, look at how the war in Iraq started. Let’s think pragmatically, please. Not just is the government trying to protect itself, it’s protecting the strength of their country. Without a strong, central government what will happen to China? This will surely cause China to split and weaken and not be a big player in international stage. Sorry that I had to burst all your bubbles (directed at those who think democracy is best) but democracy doesn’t work everywhere so stop trying to turn every goddamn country into one.

    • Joe

      That’s such an arrogant response. “Democracy doesn’t work everywhere.”

      It works anywhere the people want to have liberty and a measure of control over their own lives. But the people have to want it.

      China takes great effort and massive expense to keep the propaganda machine moving. With mass media, television, Internet, Radio.. It’s much easier to distribute the talking points than it used to be, and make sure the people never realize how much they actually would want liberty.

      The Chinese government is very corrupt, very massive, and under the current structure you’re right, it needs to stay totalitarian with strict censorship and controls or it would be crushed under it’s own weight. Did you know there’s millions of government officials in China?

      So what? What if China should fracture, split, and become something new? It hasn’t been an easy ride for Russia but things improve, and they’re better for it.

  • DonHuerto

    look at the chinese sucker saying that google is useless, he probably can’t speak english or little uses computer to know enough how useful it is…

    • cdn icehole

      one’s intelligence cannot be determined by his / her grasp of the English language.

  • 88


    “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.“

    that is all I wanted to say!



  • ImmortalTechnique

    I absolutely agree. The west can’t expect every country to take up a democratic system. But it’s our system, and it works for us (er, sometimes), so leave it at that. They just want a world community that plays by their rules, because paying off dictators around the world is a hassle, expensive and looks bad to voters. Truth!

    • Foreign

      The west expects China to respect the human rights of everyone…

      • cdn icehole

        China (or any other non-western nation) expects “The West” to respect it’s own laws.

  • Shanghai Banana

    Does it mean that is now available for new buyers? What’s it worth?

    • cdn icehole

      LOL. I suspect that it’s more than what a normal joe can afford. Just because they are “leaving” doesn’t mean they will sell the domain name.

    • too yellow

      no google still owns the domain name, it just redirects to

  • Joe #2

    > Google Academic Edition [?]

    It’s called Google Scholar, Fauna.

  • Wago

    So apparently Sergey Brin was the brainchild behind Google leaving China (due to his anti-authoritarian ideals), while Eric Schmidt wanted to stay. Brin just about burned whatever’s left with the bridge to China with his WSJ interview…

    • aquadraht

      “Anti-Authoritharian”, ROFL, justs a rightwing dumbass. Google, the biggest data and privacy vampire of the world, happily channeling every bit to US government. Even the hack they took as excuse for their pullout was performed through the backdoor builtin for NSA and FBI, according to Bruce Schneier. No respect for privacy of their customers or even non-customers unlucky to be stored in the pal-lists of customers.

      Amusingly, China is the country where I can buy a totally anonymous CM or CU G3 or mobile access, whereas I have to register with ID and passport in the free West. Ok, there, the information is not censored, only the individual spied upon. Strange planet, where is the exit?

  • Jon

    Thanks for the post, Fauna

  • cdn icehole

    A very poor business decision. If you want to do business in any country, you must obey the laws of the host country. I hope the Chinese government (or whatever you like to call them) will win. Why? Because no corporation should be allowed to dictate policies of a nation.

    I believe that Brin, like most people that obtain great wealth in a short time, now believes he is God and untouchable. People like that frightens me.

    • Alikese

      He wasn’t “dictating the policies of a nation,” he disagreed with the policies of a nation, told that nation that he was unwilling to comply, and left.

      If I’m in a restaurant and ask for no mayo on my sandwich, they say they can’t do it, so I go somewhere else I’m not changing the menu of the restaurant, I’m practicing my freedom of choice, just like Google did.

      • Jean

        If you knew that they can’t do it why, do you still go and stayed in the restaurant???

  • James

    Have you guys ever thought google left not because of censorship?

    It just happens to make the threat of leaving right after the cyber attack?

    China government really not retaliating like it normally does?

    Trust me, its not over censorship. Google is a company, not a saint.

    • Foreign

      that thought crossed my mind

    Check this out its like Google saying “Suck it” to the chinese gov.

    Also in terms of the search i’ve not noticed any differences i think the only thing that has changed is instead of google filtering the chinese gov is doing it themselves. Which from a commercial stand point SWEET save money don’t have to pay people to sit in a room filtering stuff. Also google seems slower thats all.

    So whats everyone bitching about?

  • GloriousChina

    A truely stupid move from google. Half foot in half foot out. How they make decisions? with gamble wheel? I tell you, they truely look stupid now.

    Say leaving China now move to Hong Kong. It tries to insult the Chinese people saying Hong Kong is not part of China.

    I will go Bing now. Fuck google.

    • YEAH!!


      another comrade!

      glorious indeed!!!

      • Glorious China

        Yes, stand up and march on! I type “google sucks” on Bing search. So many more comrades join us.

        • Censorship

          Damn. I searched for the word “individuality” on baidu. nothing came up..

          • Glorious China

            I type in “greatest failure” and first on search was business leaders. Did not open link though.

          • 不错 G.C

            I feel the “red side” in you

            How about typing this in 谁敢诬蔑五毛党红旗,我们就一拳头把他砸到地底下去! -with a little help from the 铁人

            红段子 U later brother!

    • Gareth



      So you obviously aren’t interested in finding what you’re looking for then.

  • Rick in China

    The comic posted above is *awesome*. Props to the artist who came up with it and pubilshed.

  • OVriley

    The Chinese government censors the Chinese peoples’ information! Does no Chinese citizen care about that? The Chinese government hides events and ideas from its people. China’s government does also not care about human rights issues, which is why they tried to hack Google’s system to get into the activists email accounts. The hacking is what made Google angry, up until that they were fine censoring China’s searches. The Chinese government crossed the line first, Google called them out. It is so unfortunate the the Chinese people do not care/know enough to demand honesty from their government!

    Try searching “China human rights violations”

  • Morry

    It’s amazing how much can change in less than 2 years. Prior to the Beijing Olympics, China experienced internet openness like never before. Now, only months before another world event – The Shanghai World Expo – it seems that the reverse is happening.

    Michael Dell has also suggested moving all of Dell’s production facilities to India due to a negative FDI attitude in China. After Dell, no doubt many will follow. India is just itching to take the world stage.

  • andeli

    The thing is that this hurts both China and Google, because from now on every foreign IT company will ask itself “is it safe to operate in China? maybe we should just expaned our business i India” In that sense China will have trouble getting to the next level in It’s economic development, there is no way FDI will flow into the Chinese IT sector as it has to the manufacturing sector and we all know how capital intensive this sector is.
    I am not sure Google should have made an ultimatum, they should have asked the government for a deadline (4-5 years) for increasing internet openness. If no one would agree to a deadline or if the terms of the deadline were broken, they would have a really strong case for leaving China. Now it just looks like they slam the door shut in anger– just not a good businees move anywhere.

  • SD

    I don’t necessarily support the censoring. I don’t feel it’s really necessary. However, it’s not a crime that deserves to raise absolute alarm, because there is nothing important that all Chinese are missing that supposedly all westerners are getting. People who keep shouting about freedom of information and democracy is becoming increasingly less coherent/rational and increasing making those things as an end in of themselves.

    People keep saying “hiding information”. But what information are you talking about? What information that Chinese people is not getting about China that Western people is getting? If the government lifts all censorship tomorrow, I don’t think the general public opinion will change by much (it can’t get much more negative), so what’s the point of advocating so hard for anti-censorship when people are already getting the “right” idea of the situation, unless you make “anti-censorship” and “freedom of speech” an end in of themselves.

    What should raise alarms is how these liberal ideals are increasingly accepted as “what must be” and “how everyone should operate under”.

  • SD

    Also, I want to add that Google is completely self-serving in this move. First, they can give no proof of what actually happened, in regards to the hacking, and whether it’s really from the government. Everyone is just taking Google’s word on it. Second, all this rhetoric about “bringing freedom of information for the Chinese people” is total bullcrap. These kind of buzz-word filled rhetorics are merely cater food for the young liberal western crowd that Google is trying to appeal to. Third, they probably wouldn’t make the same decisions if they are in Baidu’s position and their market shares are not stagnating.

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  • GodsHammer

    IIRC, it wasn’t about censoring search results it was about giving up I.P.s of users who searched certain things and about allowing/assisting in monitoring Gmail accounts for subversive content.
    This is a legitimate beef and if I had Google money i would not care. I’d make the point. Your 1 billion farmers and your hoarding of bonds does not impress us. NEXT!!!

  • Centrist

    Google is free to leave for any reason it wishes. I found Google in China useless anyways as every time I searched for images or news, I always ended up getting “This webpage cannot be accessed in your area”.

    • opensights

      Centrist: That was because it is passing through a dozen ‘Government filters’

    • Alikese

      Centrist: That was because they don’t allow “Donkey Midget Porn” on

      • opensights

        Centrist: Have you googled for ‘Donkey Midget porn’ and failed?

  • opensights

    I am sad that Google is gone, I found it most useful for the cultural stuff for researching poetry or literature, but more especially for finding foreign companies. However if my mail account is to be ‘spied on’ by some sweaty little governemt official then I will gladly do without it.

  • Babarossa

    Hong Kong is likewise China’s territory, and Hong Kong’s legislature also wants filtering, because what is not allowed domestically cannot be allowed in Hong Kong.

    Fcuk off! One country, two systems. no way we will put up with censorship like you in China. We won’t be treated like retards and pushed around by the government here.

    • Cool Matt

      Yeah, but 2047 is coming. Then Hong Kong is fair game. You guys better take care of things down there so it stays the way you say it is now.

  • Davionknight

    I like how the average netizens blames google for not complying with local laws and regulations when it was the chinese government who first intruded into google by hacking into its network.

    Censorship in china is simply at ridiculous levels. The chinese version of skype is also being monitored by the chinese government for any signs of dissent.

    • Jean

      Do you have any concrete evidence about that? I am sure that the U.S. does the same thing.

  • germancockroach

    Part of an article from The Guardian.

    Perfect example of how the hacks in the CCP operate. There is no ‘news’ in the CCP’s China.

    A document from the State Council Information Office – one of the government departments charged with keeping the country’s media in line at crucial moments – has been Obtained and translated by China Digital Times, a news site about China that’s run by the University of California Berkeley. It details the government’s , which it calls a “high-impact incident” and lists a series of “content requirements”.

    Here are some of the orders:

    1. Only use Central Government main media (website) content; do not use content from other sources

    2. Reposting must not change title

    3. News recommendations should refer to Central government main media websites

    4. Do not produce relevant topic pages; do not set discussion sessions; do not conduct related investigative reporting;

    5. Online programs with experts and scholars on this matter must apply for permission ahead of time. This type of self-initiated program production is strictly forbidden.

    6. Carefully manage the commentary posts under news items.

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  • ConsCarCdr

    Hi, I’m from China. I read some of these and I must say I’m yet to find a single pro-government comment that does NOT reek of 50 cents Party(hired propagandists). Maybe I’m wrong but I assure you the part of Chinese people whose opinions really matters, the intellectuals that is, are almost unanimously pro-Google.

    • B. Prichard

      Sadly, intellectuals seem about as popular in China as they are in the US.

  • morgan

    Question to all the Chinese people who are glad to get rid of Google due to it’s American influence…:-

    What OS are you using ??

    Is it perhaps created by an America company (windows..)

    Now that googles gone have fun with Microsoft (seeing as you love them so much) …..

  • morgan

    RE : “the intellectuals that is, are almost unanimously pro-Google”

    Is that because they are more intelligent ?

    Only stupid people use Microsoft products …

    (happily MS free since 2001)

  • dan

    Google leaving means chinese people have less product variety. But the real question to ask is whos to blame for Google’s leaving? The answer is google, as we all know it. When google entered China they promised to follow laws and now they broke it and politicalised the whole situation.

    Google is a business and should stick to what they do the best, which is business. People should understand that there shouldnt be any mix up between business and politics.

    Davionknight, there is no convincing evidences that chinese government was behind the attacks. Google is just using it as an excuse to politicize the whole situation. Google’s business position was not very good compared to baidu and google had a close relationship with US government. I guess they decided to help US government instead since they business in china was not very good and leaving china wont affect google that much.

    • cdn icehole

      “Google leaving means chinese people have less product variety”

      For now. In time, there will be someone else to fill in the void. For those that miss Google, they too will move on.

  • Google, goooogle – please don’t leave…
    I really need you for my blog :-(

    • Cool Matt

      Isn’t blogger censored too?

  • Spanky

    I was over at Zhongguancun on Tuesday night. More news cameras than netizens. However, seemed to be high throughput. Came back after dinner and couldn’t even see the Google sign anymore as it was covered by flowers.

  • wpeters

    Chinese folks have to realise that Google had no choice. Chinese military have absolute control, with that Google would have lost all its intellectual property to the government. Eventually the government would have taken over control of the company for its own evil ends.

    Well done Google, you have helped the Chinese people more than they currently realise.

  • Deacon Hermes

    Google is a Search company, not a Filtering company. They have every right to provide unfiltered results. The Chinese government has every right (philosophical arguments aside) to try and filter those results before the average Chinese citizen gets them. Google did nothing wrong here. The problem is that the Chinese government is living in the past, just like a lot of other governments around the world. Like mine. :)

  • Hongjian


    whats the damn ruckus all over here about google?

    just came back from china after half a year, and never had any problems with getting all the information i wanted, even without bypassing the great firewall (what I occassionally did, nevertheless).

    the main foreign media-sites arent blocked by the filter, and if you know where to search, you’ll find everything you need. the first line-of-defense of the firewall, is the language barrier anyway.
    crying intellectuals who can understand english will be able to get their shit in one way or another.

    that the party ‘wants to hide all information before the poeple’ is just plain wrong, since it is an impossible task to do – and they also never intended to do this anyway.
    The GFC is more of a dam, it holds back lots of water, but also lets some through. the party already knows, that anyone with sufficient englsih- and computing-skills can get anything he wants to read anyway. and those people intelligent enough to bypass the filter, will also be able to handle the shit they find, without jumping to conclusions and disrupting the political stability.
    only the braindead masses, who arent interested in highly political stuff anyway, are to be excluded from being exposed to too much unneccessary information beside their retarded QQ-chat and stealing veggies-game-thingy they play day in and day out – since, if shit hits the fan, these retarded plebs will be the ones, going to the barricades – just like the communists did, when lord chiang ruled the empire.

    so any ‘intellectual’ here, who claims to get hindered by the censorship, obviously isnt an ‘intellectual, and thus dont deserve to know the ‘truth’ because of their own stupidity.

    • maja

      still many english speaking, computer-savy young chinese are not interested in news, be it chinese or english… it seems to me that to lots of young educated people news is synonymous for fake and boring, even more that in most foreign countries.

  • fireworks

    Sogou and baidu will expand to fill up the space left by google. Baidu will be the top dog in the search industry.

    • Glorious China

      No Baidu will still be top, and Bing will take google’s place. It is a glorious opportunity for Microsoft.