Goose Taped to Car Trunk on Road Home for Chinese New Year

From Sina Weibo:

@李维嘉: The owner of this car, when you’re driving at speed up to 100 km/h, have you considered how this goose would feel? When going home for Chinese New Year, have a safe journey!

In China, a goose in a box taped to a car's trunk.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Goose: I’m about to fucking freeze to death. [生病][生病][生病]


Goose says: Finally flying.


Goose says: Fuck, all this wind buffeting me had made me a stupid cunt. [doge]


Hey hey hey! I’m just a goose, not Chang’e spacecraft! Are you trying to get to the moon driving this fast?!!!


I’ve liked you for so many years now. I started liking you from when you were in junior high. Do you still remember that little beautiful boy who went to your classroom everyday to watch you in class? I had planned to confess my love for you after graduating from college, but now you’ve become a big star, with millions adoring you, so you’d definitely never notice little old me. But, I still hope you can see this and reply to me. So, everyone, help upvote this up. I want him to see it. [悲伤] Weijia is so handsome and so funny.


Li Weijia is going further and further on the skit comedy path…


Poor goose, to be tied to the truck like this.


Black swan. If you think about it, this is rather cruel [to be transported like this and ultimately butchered for a meal].


How are chickens going to look at geese now? How are ducks going to look at geese now? How are geese supposed to hold up their heads in the fowl world now? [害羞]


It’ll get car sick … I’ve taken a goose on a car ride before. [思考][思考]

Written by Fauna

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