Government Official Misses Flight, Smashes Departure Gate

Chinese government official Yan Linkun loses control and vandalizes a Kunming Changshui International Airport departure gate after missing his flight.

Chinese government official Yan Linkun loses control and vandalizes a Kunming Changshui International Airport departure gate after missing his flight.

The following airport surveillance footage of a Chinese man losing control and vandalizing a departure gate at Kunming Changshui airport in China has over 1 million views and 2800 comments spanning 95 pages…

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Suspected CPPCC Member Smashes Kunming Changshui Airport Departure Gate Due to Missed Flight

Recently, the internet exposed a Yunnan province Shizong county Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) member smashing a departure gate after missing his plane. Today, the Shizong county CPPCC office responded, confirming that the person seen in the video is CPPCC Shizong county 8th committee member Yan Linkun, and that Yan’s act of vandalism was the act of an individual. With regards to this, the Shizong county CPPCC supports the airport security’s lawful investigation and handling of Yan’s behavior.

Comments on Youku:


Martial arts master!!!


I recommend everyone ding [upvote] this up, don’t cai [downvote]. This is their inherent nature [referring to government officials].


How come there’s no more at the end? Were there no police to come put a stop to it???


95% of the people have not seen a ballot in their lives. Where did these scum come from?


Via money and connections, you don’t even know this? Time to make this more well known.


What the fuck is the security guard on the side doing? Haha.


Is the security guard paid just to watch the show?


A bunch of airport security just standing on the side watching. The Heavenly Kingdom sure is incredible!!!

Age、: (responding to above)

Of course, with this kind of thing, security check personnel weren’t going to handle it anyway. What if the guy goes crazy and starts attacking people. The airport isn’t going to compensate their workers much in medical expenses, so ultimately the one who suffers is yourself.


Those people wearing hats in the end, are they airport security or what? Not a single person went forward to stop it. And with the child there with his parents doing this, I bet he’ll act like this in the future too.

363600926: (responding to above)

Exactly, those in the end should be security guards, are they all useless?

Age、: (also responding to 上流农民)

Those are the safety/security check personnel, the security check personnel aren’t responsible for this, so they can only wait for the police to come.


This isn’t the first time something has happened at this airport.


I don’t get what’s happening, what’s the situation?


If this were in the United States, he would’ve been shot dead on the spot long ago!!


A good opportunity to be upgraded ruined by the airport, could he not be angry?


Airport passengers produce geniuses…


The quality of the glass door isn’t bad, eh?


What a pro. Qoo12Qoo12Qoo12 Bet this is going to be harmonized as well~~


You thought that was your private plane? Where you could be late and have the plane wait for you?


What a strange country, where airports don’t even have police.


The characters [attitudes] of Kunming Airport staff is not good. My impression after having been there twice.


With this, do you say it is the airport or the person who is in the wrong?


I’m guessing it was definitely the airport’s fault, otherwise the passenger wouldn’t have been so out of control, and no one stopping him…is because they don’t have the confidence of being in the right.


Two children, violation of the One-Child Policy?


The police should stop it. Afraid of him knowing martial arts? If you can’t stop him, then get ten of you against one of him…


CPPCC member what? Whoever picked him is whoever should be responsible [for this]. That said, I’ve never even heard of his name before.




Now he’s definitely not going to get where he wants to go, acting all tough and mighty… Either way, however much he breaks is however much he’ll have to pay, and he may even be detained/arrested…


Nobody stopped him? Probably thinking they can get a new one [computer]. Then when getting the receipt, they can add an extra 0.


Haha, how is that door so strong? Can’t be broken in?


It’s fast-forwarded a bit… feels a bit like a Charlie Chaplin silent film.


Recently, the “Yunnan province Shizong county Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) member smashing a departure gate after missing his plane” exploded online. The Yunnan province Shizong county CPPCC office issued a response on the 22nd that through confirmation by the Shizong county CPPCC office, the person in the video is CPPCC Shizong county 8th committee member Yan Linkun, who is currently the vice-chairman of the Guangdong Fengle Group Yunnan Mining Limited Company.


His wife and child also participated in the smashing, so you know this family has already gotten used to doing whatever they want and getting their way wherever they are from. Sad.


You yourself were late thus missing your plane, so what does it have to do with anyone else? Garbage.


Those security guards should be fired.


Give sister [referring to self] an AK-47. Sister will go spray them, just like CS 1.6.


The customer is god. If your airport dares to not board God for departure, how can you blame others for smashing you?


You’re just stupid. A country has its laws. A business has its rules. They’re already no longer boarding people, yet you insist on boarding? If you’re god, then sorry, this is a god-restricted area.


Would you dare do this in America? You’d be immediately shot dead.


How come we don’t have any guns, tazers, and the like…?

Mrchi: (responding to above)

Even if they had them, would they dare use it? These things are only effective when used on the lowly people [not government officials].


The security guards were hired for nothing.


Though it’s wrong, but the way certain businesses — especially monopoly businesses — handle thing is also indeed often maddening. Actually, it’s also because the person in the video is suspected of being a CPPCC member [government official]. I bet if it were an ordinary person, the people who would be against [his actions] would definitely be much less than this.


Men who bully women, aren’t men!


Simply being a cock. If you don’t have money, then abide by the [stated departure] times. If you have money, then go buy a private plane, you cock.


I truly hope this kind of garbage will behave this way when they go to American airports, and best if they also don’t understand English… heh heh.


Is security not going to deal with this situation?

Angel№神话: (responding to above)

It’s not that they don’t deal with it, it’s that no one dares to deal with it.

What airport temper tantrums have you personally witnessed?


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