Government Website Hacked, Official Now Sexy Girl

From Sohu:

The morning of December 5th at around 9:23, Jingchu News received reports from netizens, the website of the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce was hacked, the profile page of government leaders was replaced by a sexy lady wearing revealing clothes. This reporter immediately contacted the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce, where a staff member expressed that they just received notice from the provincial Commerce Bureau that some web pages were hacked, and presently they were trying their best to contact the company responsible for maintaining the website.

At 9:23 am, this reporter logged on to Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce website and saw that the column introducing the Bureau leader had impressively turned into a bikini-wearing “AV idol,” while Bureau leader’s statement was “to drink for my girlfriend’s birthday”. These two columns were the most popular this week, collecting more than 9000 clicks. At 9:28, when this reporter tried to log on again, the website was already unable to load.

At 9:36 am, reporter contacted the office of the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce, to inquire about whether the bureau knew that the website had been hacked, the receiving party stated that they just received the notice from the Hubei Department of Commerce and are already handling the technical matter, presently doing their best to contact the the company “Jingchu Time/Space” responsible for site maintenance. Finally, this staff who declined to give his name hoped that this reporter would “not report this news, we will quickly resolve this problem.”

The reporter did a search on the company responsible for the site maintenance for the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce–“Jingchu Time/Space”, and found two similarly named companies. Jingzhou City Jingchu Time/Space Technology Corporation is the local Jingzhou division of the Beijing Time/Space Technology Corporation; while the other company is just Hubei Province Jingchu Time/Space Technology Corporation, without any further information.

As of 9:45 when this reporter was filing this report, the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce Bureau leader’s profile page had not returned to normal operation.

Comments on Sohu:

The sexiest female leader in history, ding.

What happened? Did the Commerce Bureau open a massage parlor in their basement?

Actually this is what the leader wants in his heart!

The hacker has good taste.

Today’s leaders are not as good as bikini beauties, because those beauties are exploiting their own resources, depending on selling they bodies for a living; Leaders squeeze/exploit other people’s resources, depending on selling their dignity for a living.

The problem is that those young ladies are probably more committed to their work and more honest and trustworthy than him.

Strongly support!

The chief is very pretty!

Must be the chief’s mistress!

Very yellow very violent, haha

Lose face for us Jingzhou people.

A righteous hacker!!!

Hacker brothers keep up the good work, great job. I support.

The leader picked up a hooker and did not pay, so now they are coming after you!

Comments on Sina:

Heroic behavior, satisfies everyone.

A prostitute ultimately looks better than a beast.

The company that does web maintenance lacks technical skills

The leader says: I apologize, I put the wrong picture up, this is the picture of my ‘fifth mistress’.

Let’s keep the prostitute on there, she is cleaner than the leader!

The reporter is so shameless, they said not to report, and you still report it. Do you think this is something to be proud of?

Is this to boost site traffic?

Very good, very harmonious.

Where did the web police go?

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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