Governor of Japanese Broadcaster NHK Denies Nanjing Massacre

Nanjing Massacre Memorial, 300,000 dead.



From NetEase:

Foreign Ministry Criticizes NHK High Official’s Denial of Nanjing Massacre: A Challenge to Human Conscience

Question: According to reports, Japanese Broadcasting Corporation [Nippon Hoso Kyokai aka NHK] board member Naoki Hyakuta claimed during a speech on the 3rd that Chiang Kai-shek tried to propagate in 1938 that “the Japanese military committed the Nanjing Massacre” but but the various countries of the world ignored this because the Nanjing Massacre simply didn’t happen. After the war, the Nanjing Massacre appeared like a ghost during the Tokyo war crimes trials and this is because the America military wanted to counterbalance its own crimes. What comments does the Chinese side have towards this?

Response: The Nanjing Massacre was an atrocity committed by Japanese militarism during its invasion of China, with irrefutable evidence, that the international community has long ago accepted. That an extreme minority of people within Japan attempt to erase, cover up, and distort this period of history is an open challenge to international justice and humanity’s conscience, can be traced to Japanese leaders wrong path of reversing history, and should arouse high vigilance in the international community. We solemnly urge the Japanese side to squarely face and deeply introspect on its history of invasion, appropriately handle the problems leftover from its historical legacy with a responsible attitude, and use practical action to gain the trust of its neighboring Asian countries and the international community.

Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省南京市网友 [land2020]:

The high-ranking Japanese military officers who committed the Nanjing Massacre and the defeated Nationalist high-ranking military officers who fled should both be punished!
They together caused the “Nanjing Massacre”!

蔣故先總統經國先生 [网易福建省泉州市晋江市网友]: (responding to above)

Fucking bullshit, and you even display a Nanjing IP! Without the Nationalist army, your mother would be speaking Japanese now~

繁星耀海 [网易天津市网友]: (also responding to land2020)

The Retreat to Dunkirk that was previously praised, should they have thanked the Germans for not massacring the French?
The thinking of an idiot!

flkllsf [网易宁夏网友]:

Many of our officials ride in Japanese cars, use Japanese products, yet are always mouthing off about how Japan challenges humanity’s conscience. In the face of the countless dead ancestors who resisted the Japanese and the innocent dead common people, where is your conscience? What a joke!

重拳 [网易河北省保定市网友]:

Japanese textbooks certainly don’t have anything written about the Nanjing Massacre, and therefore later Japanese generations are unable to accept this history. The United States and Taiwan should make public to the whole world the documents of the Tokyo trials and China trials, to make everything clear to all.


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