Governor of Japanese Broadcaster NHK Denies Nanjing Massacre

Nanjing Massacre Memorial, 300,000 dead.



From NetEase:

Foreign Ministry Criticizes NHK High Official’s Denial of Nanjing Massacre: A Challenge to Human Conscience

Question: According to reports, Japanese Broadcasting Corporation [Nippon Hoso Kyokai aka NHK] board member Naoki Hyakuta claimed during a speech on the 3rd that Chiang Kai-shek tried to propagate in 1938 that “the Japanese military committed the Nanjing Massacre” but but the various countries of the world ignored this because the Nanjing Massacre simply didn’t happen. After the war, the Nanjing Massacre appeared like a ghost during the Tokyo war crimes trials and this is because the America military wanted to counterbalance its own crimes. What comments does the Chinese side have towards this?

Response: The Nanjing Massacre was an atrocity committed by Japanese militarism during its invasion of China, with irrefutable evidence, that the international community has long ago accepted. That an extreme minority of people within Japan attempt to erase, cover up, and distort this period of history is an open challenge to international justice and humanity’s conscience, can be traced to Japanese leaders wrong path of reversing history, and should arouse high vigilance in the international community. We solemnly urge the Japanese side to squarely face and deeply introspect on its history of invasion, appropriately handle the problems leftover from its historical legacy with a responsible attitude, and use practical action to gain the trust of its neighboring Asian countries and the international community.

Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省南京市网友 [land2020]:

The high-ranking Japanese military officers who committed the Nanjing Massacre and the defeated Nationalist high-ranking military officers who fled should both be punished!
They together caused the “Nanjing Massacre”!

蔣故先總統經國先生 [网易福建省泉州市晋江市网友]: (responding to above)

Fucking bullshit, and you even display a Nanjing IP! Without the Nationalist army, your mother would be speaking Japanese now~

繁星耀海 [网易天津市网友]: (also responding to land2020)

The Retreat to Dunkirk that was previously praised, should they have thanked the Germans for not massacring the French?
The thinking of an idiot!

flkllsf [网易宁夏网友]:

Many of our officials ride in Japanese cars, use Japanese products, yet are always mouthing off about how Japan challenges humanity’s conscience. In the face of the countless dead ancestors who resisted the Japanese and the innocent dead common people, where is your conscience? What a joke!

重拳 [网易河北省保定市网友]:

Japanese textbooks certainly don’t have anything written about the Nanjing Massacre, and therefore later Japanese generations are unable to accept this history. The United States and Taiwan should make public to the whole world the documents of the Tokyo trials and China trials, to make everything clear to all.

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Written by Fauna

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  • YourSupremeCommander

    What atomic bombs? That never happened either.

    • Ruaraidh

      Not an atrocity because it didn’t happen to China.

    • Wodowsan

      Great Reply.

    • DenjinJ

      More like “the nukes were necessary to end the war.” (Spoiler: That’s an idea that came after the fact.)

      • Dark Night

        More like, “the US should have dropped a bomb in Tokyo.”

        • moop

          the fire-bombings were actually more deadly. lets not advocate for dropping nukes on other peoples. everytime i see the chinese scream for japanese blood it makes me wish macarthur had got his way. see what i did there?

    • moeimoei

      How about building a shrine for those who proposed, planed and executed the atomic bombs? after all, w/o them, all the Asians would be speaking Japanese now, no?

  • arterius2

    /sarcastic yea and Nazis also never caused the Jewish massacre…

  • the ace of books

    Oh god, this again? Nationalistic historical revisionism is one of the most painful brands of stupidity out there, and believing blindly in textbook history, rather than overwhelming international evidence, is just hideously uncritical and narrow-minded.

    (And the Ace’s usual caveat: this goes for all countries, not just the one under discussion in this post. It’s just that the Japanese brand of this has always pained my sense of sensibility, as it were.)

  • YourSupremeCommander

    You snooze you lose.

  • CheddyZeddy

    so what should be done? everyday its the same thing over and over again “Nanjing Massacre “Nanjing Massacre”
    Give it a rest already.
    China also says nothing happened in Tianmen Square yet so many innocent people were MASSACRED.
    Grow some balls and accept what happened and move on

    • YourSupremeCommander

      “China also says nothing happened in Tianmen Square” – Sure buddy.
      Don’t be a lying douche, prove it.

    • SzMach5

      What first should be done about this is that these high-ranking Japanese officials need to stop denying history and to stop revising it in their textbooks.

      Otherwise, this type of thing will pop up again and again in the future which, in the process, deteriorates relationships between these 2 important countries.

    • arterius2

      There is no point in covering it up, everyone in and outside China knew about Tianmen square, if questions were ever raised considering its existence, there are footages. Yes, they might not like to talk about it, but nobody is saying it never happened.

      • Eileithyia

        people in China doesn’t know about Tianmen Square.

        Mao Zedong killed more Chinese than how many Chinese killed by Japanese.

        • mr.wiener

          What you have said is true, but your comparison will not hold up because it was a foreign power that killed and raped in Nanjing.
          The Chinese [or anyone else in their position] can never forgive or forget that, even if they do use this to make political hay now and then.
          Baldy Japanese history revisionist above is just perpetuating this, and not doing Japan any favors by doing so.

          • Anon E Moose

            So if it’s a genocide that is only self-inflicted, then it’s OK ?

            Umm, all right…. That explains the other silence about China supporting the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

        • Wodowsan

          It is understandable why many Chinese will not know the facts of their own history, since the CCP purposely tries to erase the Tiananmen Square incident away, as if it never happened, and attempt to down play the number of deaths and lives ruined by Mao’s failed political policies and political purges,

          There are though no excuse for these ultra-nationalists Japanese in their denials of Imperial Japanese atrocities. Since the defeat of Japan, every year Japanese school children are taught of the war crimes committed by fascist Imperialist Japan. Many times Japanese heads of state have themselves admitted and apologized for the atrocities committed by their nation during the war.

          These comments by these Japanese nationalist foolishly just play into the hands of the CCP to help the Party flame hatred towards modern Japanese that did not commit the war crimes of their grandfathers. These idiots’ comments only give Beijing ammo to justify their own territorial expansionist desires, and help them to distract the Chinese public from their real and present day domestic problems caused by their own government.

      • xiaode

        The difference is, that if you go to TAM (or any other public place in China), rise your voice and shout how much you hate the Japanese… and how much you would like to kill them… The Gov-people come and put a torch and a weapon into your hands…

        If you go to the same place and only ask… carefully ask what happened here in 1989… you will end up in a dark cave and might never see daylight again…

    • dpark

      what do you mean “grow some balls” and move on? you do know that there are still people who were affected by the japanese in world war 2 that are alive, right? it really wasn’t that long ago. lol @ edgy teenagers

    • dpark

      also, chinese government =/= chinese people. a lot of chinese people don’t even know about tianmen.

      • reality check!

        Actually they do know something happened and they know it was bad, but when I asked about details on what they know… some will acknowledge people died, others would try to change the topic.

        Bottom line was everyone I asked when in Beijing knew of it.

        If you have questions on who I asked, I asked my staff and my colleagues in other departments (roughly 15 people in total). My company sent me to Beijing over 10 times in 2007 to build out an office… good experience, good people, ass hat government… I had to come with a side budget to get services installed “faster”…

        I never asked those who tried to change the topic, if they were concerned about repercussions because I never got the sense they were worried about the topic. I got the sense they just wanted to talk about more positive topics.

  • nqk123

    i think this much more about pissing off China than some others motive. it’s like a fuck you china

  • arterius2

    Just for a start, look up unit 731

    Maybe you aren’t aware of what the Japanese were capable of or the atrocities they committed during world war 2.

    • FYIADragoon

      Even better, look up the fate of the Unit 731 scientists. America sure is a moral bastion, eh?

    • niggaplz

      shinzo approves

  • FYIADragoon

    Pop music copied from the Japanese. Popular fashion copied from the Japanese. Japanese products. Anime. All these things heavily consumed in China.

    Look, if they have a grudge, that’s fine, but don’t half-ass it.

    And these crazies that deny the historical atrocities are the same as the crazies in China. Wouldn’t take it as a generalization of the country.

    Also, I doubt any of these FQ (aside from that one intelligent poster) realize that their beloved CCP are the ones who ran down the Nationalist Army that took the brunt of the defense against that Japanese. Must have really sucked to think you were bleeding for the motherland, and then getting bled to death by it as soon as you think you’ve won.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If you only knew that the Nationalist army got arms, supplies, money and support from the USA… ahhhhh… it all makes sense now dunnit?

      Without the USA, KMD would have been squashed like a bug by peasants with sticks & rocks long ago. See what happend as soon as the USA withdrew? Taiwan? Yeaaah… now you get it.

      • Dax

        And the Soviets never gave the Red Army anything!

      • FYIADragoon

        And Mao’s army were bitter enemies with the Soviets amirite? Just like NK’s autonomous uprising and Vietnam’s.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          No, they only started becoming bitter enemies around the time Americans started having secret talks with China. Before that it was more ‘live and let live’. Oh and ‘stop trying to steal my MiG fighter designs’.

        • KSC

          A bit of history here. Stalin never thought Mao could win so he was luke warm to support the Red Army. Thats one of the reason Mao broke with Stalin and created a China that would be independent. Thats why of course at the start of the Korean War, the Red Army was woefully short of everything and only had light arms and grenades. It was only mid way that Russia realises where their interest were and starting supplying heavier arms and planes. In fact there were skirmishes between the Red Army and the Soviet Union. On the part of KMT bearing the brunt of the Japanese attacks, thats not true historically too. In fact the US were very frustrated with the constant KMT retreat as the KMT was saving their arms for the conflict with the Communists. It was the communists who started the guerrilla warfare with the Japanese. Read US General Stillwell’s account in

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Dammit they couldn’t just let old wounds heal. They pick at the scab, then rub hot sauce in the open gash.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    It’s less at the number of victims as it is more at what HAPPENED to the victims.

    Not so much ‘people got raped’ but more ‘people got raped in front of their kids then had their throats slashed…for fun before said kids were killed for target practice’. I didn’t get that from an American source. That was a nazi source. If the friggin nazis are disturbed, something is really wrong.

  • Q Ball

    Also the Americans raped Chinese and Filipino prisoners of war because they looked Japanese and they could not understand their langueges anyway. It wasn’t really a liberation for alot of comfort women. Kinda like how the Russians raped Polish prisoners as they went for Berlin.

    • Germandude

      @Q Ball

      Thank you very much for posting this commentary masterpiece! You certainly made my breakfast more enjoyable and therefore you deserve an upvote. If only our politicians could learn from you and become more specific within their speeches, to bring their points across. Life would be easier.

      I liked your comment because with just 4 lines you made me think. First, I thought why you chose the design of ending your lines from long to short endings as in:

      “…prisoners of war because they
      …langueges anyway. It
      …like how the

      I am now sure that you did this as in: long-introduction, shorter analysis, spot-on conclusion and short summary (as in tl;dr).
      I find this style to be Kafka-resque and you certainly deserve the full amount in style-points.
      PLUS, you get the bonus point for creatively writing “langueges”, an artistic masterpiece, combining french, english and spanish spelling into one word which makes my mouth wet while reading.

      Wrapped in nice cover lies an investigative beauty from your side. It is common knowledge that US soldiers during WW 2 travelled the world for raping enemy’s prisoners of war. In fact, most soldiers complained that often, while doing so, their enemies interrupted them in their actions, which made those US soldiers very angry.
      And unlike Nazi warcrimes and Japanese warcrimes, US war crimes such as in your example are so well documented that people don’t need to bother anymore posting links for their statements. Why would you? Added to that, you can constantly watch the news to see Korean/Filipino/Chinese comfort women demonstrating against the US cover up policy on war crimes, while they cherish Japan’s honest way of dealing with the topic.

      So, yes. I am still stunned by your efficiency and sharp eyes and worry that my comment will not match your high quality criterias on postings.

      12*/10 (with *). I will share your comment with all my friends on facebook and ask them to further distribute it with the comment “You know the truth now, the Q Ball has been passed to you to fight for freedom of speech and correct history books.”

      May I have an autograph?

      • Surfeit
        • Germandude

          ??? Please help me out here. What’s your message to me with this?

          • Surfeit

            That you burnt him. You burnt him good.

      • mr.wiener

        What is the German for “Sarcasm that could cause 3rd degree burns”?

        • Germandude

          Keine Ahnung.

          • mr.wiener

            Dang! German has an economy of words, 2 words for this and 1 word for “joy from someone else’s pain”.
            A marvelous language.

          • Germandude

            haha, nope. Keine Ahnung = no idea

            I wanted to say that I have no idea what’s the german meaning of your sentence.

  • mr.wiener

    What a dickhead.

  • Zappa Frank

    i think this is indeed a good news for the industry of anti-japs tv series in china.
    Really, if it wasn’t for these kinds of declarations every now and than i think at this point japs and chinese may have let it go… and the tv series would have to invent something new for the first time..

    • Surfeit

      Man I love those shows. The lower the budget, the more slapstick the entertainment.

    • Fiona Wong

      Honestly I don’t think either side will “let it go” anytime soon. China and Japan have hated each other even before WW2.

    • bang2tang

      China need japanese as villain in their movies.

  • Cameron

    The whataboutism in relation to Japanese war crimes gets my goat. I fail to see what relevance the CCP or Tiananmen Square has to The Nanjing Massacre/Japanese atrocities WW2.

    This is about the fact that Japan’s attitude to Ww2 crimes of Nanjing, Unit 731, comfort women, bayoneting babies, abuse of POWs, general despicable behaviour throughout the whole war Fucking sucks and is fucking bullshit.

    Chinas got nothing to do with it, or did China somehow force the Japanese to carry out Nanjing, comfort women, POW abuses etc etc, by virtue of you know being invaded. The fact of the matter is Japan got away very lightly after the end of WW2 compared to the Nazis in terms of top brass answering for their despicable behavior during that war.

    That was a mistake for which we largely have the Americans/allies to thank (who swept most of the atrocities under the carpet in exchange for Japanese compliance/information). Fact is Japan’s behavior during WW2 was every bit as despicable as the Nazis. Yes we should move on (as Germany has) but it makes moving on very problematic when Japan has a significant level of high level figures still denying history.

  • Surfeit

    I’d probably be a c**t too, if I looked like the human blobfish.

  • The John

    Everyone should read this article from a well-known historian.

    TL/DR – Interesting points:

    -The Japanese were the first to bring up Nanjing. The Chinese government covered it up initially due to technological/economic reasons.

    -Not all Japanese texts books deny the truth. In fact, many teachers unions fight against denying the truth.

    -Chiang Kai Shek (sp?) deserves a medal for fighting against the Japanese with less technology and refusing to give up their land, however he was far from a saint. Yet, no where near the demon that was Mao. He actually wanted to save the country. Mao wanted power.

    -Chiang Kai Shek was considered a villian by the Chinese government, especially Mao.

    -The Russians were never “friends” with the Chinese and actually wanted Chiang Kai Shek to remain as the leader of the country… (In fact, I don’t think the Russians trust China to this day. For several reasons…)

    -Chiang Kai Shek is the reason China has a seat at the permanent security counsil. (The only asian nation with this seat.)

    -Mao screwed everyone

    The truth can be shocking sometimes…

  • mr.wiener

    The Mongols have been “incorporated” into the group that is the Chinese, so have the Manchus, this is how they maintain the shtick about “5000” years of continuous civilization” [actually 4000 and change].
    The Brits and all the other 8[7?] nations that beat up on China have pretty much apologized or at least acknowledged their crimes. This BS by some Japanese right wing nitwits is a running sore that makes sure this wound won’t heel [though as I’ve already stated the Chinese govt has been too ready to take advantage of this in the past.]
    Japan is alone in this regard.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Nothing. There was pie. Now stop asking questions before you have to disappear.

  • someguy

    Don’t worry guys. This is just his opinion. Most people don’t agree with him. Oh, I mean sure, Abe Shinzo agrees, and he’s democratically elected. So does Ishihara Shintaro (the super popular former mayor of Tokyo), the mayors of Osaka and Nagoya as well, who were all democratically elected… but don’t worry! These guys are in the minority! Probably just 1% of the total Japanese population!!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    When people are referencing “that guy” or “my friend”, they usually mean… themselves.

  • Anon E Moose

    With 5,000 of glorious history, it’s perfectly understandable that officially speaking there are spots of historical amnesia here and there; minor oversight, move along now, nothing to see here.

    More than amply made up for by emphasizing the atrocities committed by foreigners.

    The two balance each other, see ?

    • mr.wiener

      Where did those 20 million people go….? Damn, did you look behind the sofa?

  • Dark Night

    I know rich Jewish people that still refuse to ride in German Cars simply because they used to build tank engines during WW2. Yet, when I go to China, I can easily see Rich Chinese people riding Japanese Cars. Why buy Japanese when you hate them so deeply?

    • ScottLoar

      I’m sure the reason many Jewish people to this day do not ride in German cars and continue contesting in courts seizures dating from the 30’s is not because “they used to build tank engines during WW2”. Likewise, I knew of elderly Chinese in commercial aircraft landing in Japan for the first time bursting out in tears and fits of emotion, and not because of Japanese products or KMT or CCP propaganda.

      • Dark Night

        Read the news below, and get educated. Not all things against the Japanese community is based on propaganda.

        • ScottLoar

          I was too subtle. Here, in grammar you’ll understand:

          Many Jews hate Germans because of their experience of the Holocaust (ya’ know it?) and not because of tank engines. Likewise, the old Chinese I saw on commercial flights to Japan in the 70’s were breaking down because of what they experienced during WWII and not because of propaganda by the KMT (that’d be Taiwan) or the CCP (that’d be mainland China).

          Now what can you not understand about those sentences? What?!

  • mike921

    Big Mac’s biggest mistake, not executing the emperor. I think this is a major contributor to the Japanese attitude today, they feel invincible and on the right side of history. Perhaps SOMEDAY the Chinese will stop TALKING and give the Japanese a lesson or two….