Graduating University Schoolgirl Seeks Housewife Position

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“Chinese netizens express mixed responses to college student’s job application for “full-time housewife to rich man”.”


Chinese vampires don’t suck blood, they suck money.

Here is the news article from Sina (source: Jinan Times) –

“Fourth year college girl is looking for a job – Look forward to be your full-time housewife. Require the other person age under 40, is this city (Jinan)’s registered permanent residence, has his own career……” This is a job seeking advertisement found posted in Ji Xing Yuan Neighborhood, West Wenhua Road, Jinan city; which attracted attention from passers-by. “Is she looking for a job or a marriage?”, it caused heated discussions among those passers-by.


If you assume this girl is ridiculous, why not first try competing in this typical China job fair.

During the follow-up interview, journalist found that since right now is peak time for finding jobs, this kind of “not busy with job search, but busy looking for marriage” is actually not unusual among students.

“Job seeking” girl’s first question – how much is your yearly income?

Yesterday noon, after quite a long time of busy line, journalist finally managed to reach the cell phone number on the advertisement.

Journalist: What do you mean by full-time house wife? Does it mean housekeeping kind of job? I don’t understand.

Girl: In common parlance, the purpose is to look for marriage. If you don’t fit my requirements, then don’t waste money on calling me.

Journalist: Can you tell me again what exactly the requirements are?

Girl: How much is your yearly income? Do you own a house in Jinan?

Journalist: around tens of thousands (Sherry: a range from 10,000 to 99,000), haven’t own a house yet.

Girl: Then why you are calling?

Journalist: Is house really necessary?

Girl: Right now it’s so hard to find a job; if you don’t have a house, where do I live after graduating /leaving school? I did it (means add the house requirement) because I don’t have other choices.

After being told journalist’s real identity, this girl explained:” it is way too difficult to find a job you like now; it seems more practical to find a good husband. Find a husband and settle down when I’m still young, in case there is trouble later. In fact, many students around me have been arranged blind dates by their parents.”


Thousands of college graduates are competing for one job position.

Select comments from Sina, translated by littleredbook:

新浪网友(湖南)/(from Hunan)

If I need to be a full-time house wife, below are the requirements to my husband:
1. Monthly salary; I have to commit, of course there should be rewards.
2. I need to have my spare time, habits, and friends.
3. Most important, as a full-time housewife, I’m working as well, for my family; so need to be shown respect from family.

新浪网友(重庆)/(from Chongqing)
(Sherry: this is a comment response to above comment)

1. Sure; you have to work then there will be salary.
2. Sure; but this will be after working hours, after you’ve done with all the work, just as normal job.
3. As long as it’s a job, then you need to consider your attitude in front of the boss. If you don’t do your work well, then you will get fired.
According to above 3 points, then this is surely a maid job.
Anyway, without putting effort into real working and being independent, but want to get same kind of independency feeling and material reward, this is impossible.

新浪网友(广东)/(from Guangdong)

Haha, job application for full-time house wife, there is a probation period. If can’t pass the probation, then don’t need to hire her. Guys will have a lot of free sex, even safer then calling a prostitute. If the sex is no good then get rid of her.

新浪网友(日本)/(from Japan)

I read a post before, can’t remember exactly word by word, but it quite make sense, share it with everybody here:
Being young and pretty is a treasure, use this treasure to exchange for a stable life or a job can’t be blamed. However, this treasure doesn’t preserve its value forever. You can be young and pretty now, but 30 years after, can you still be young and pretty? This kind of un-preserved treasure is better to rent rather than purchase. The vast majority of rich people are smart people. They should have known this already. Therefore, there are likely two outcomes:  1. To be a mistress; 2. Catch a fat cat.

新浪网友(美国)/(from U.S.)

I once had this idea to be a full-time house wife, but it will be boring after a while. Moreover, staying at home and being supported by husband, there is almost no right to speak, it hurts self-esteem. I will feel sorry for myself, my parents, my school teachers, and the society. What if your husband dies, you’ve been out of the society for so long, what can you do then? Don’t know how to manage your finance, don’t know how the society works. Even if you have lots of money at that time, someday, you will use up all the money. The college girls mentioned in the news, don’t be depressed. If you can ‘t find a job now, then take your time. If you have difficulty on money, then find a part-time job first. As long as you work hard, you won’t be starved. I also just graduated recently, and know that it is difficult at the beginning of looking for a job. My first job is not so good; but two year after that, I found myself gain a lot, which was unexpected.

新浪网友(福建三明)/(from Sanming, Fujian)

I absolutely agree with this college girl. In this way, many rich people can find young, graceful college graduates easily. Lose interests, and then get rid of them. Since there are plenty out there anyway. Non-stop change different taste, this is exactly what guys like. It is the benefit you get being a guy. Therefore, guys don’t be afraid of can’t get beautiful girls when you are young; just work hard to make money. Once you have money, you can get all kinds of beautiful girls. College students and graduates are waiting in a line for us kind of rich people.


Why somebody who has a house and money wants to give you a half? Go dream by yourself. The richer they are, the more likely they will protect their property. A prenuptial agreement is unavoidable. If women treat marriage like some kind of business, why guys can’t talk about conditions?

新浪网友(山东淄博)/(from Zibo, Shandong)

It’s not your business about others’ choice! Why you are making irresponsible remarks in this!
Take care of yourself first! Whose fault it is if college students can’t find jobs? Perhaps this girl experienced repeated failures when trying to find a job, so wanted to release herself by posting this ad. Perhaps she doesn’t really want to be a full-time house wife.

Select comments from NetEase, translated by littleredbook:

网易山东济南网友/(from Jinan, Shandong)

Recently, I understood a life fact – use limited resources to exchange for unlimited things will lead up to failure. Girls are unlimited in this world, and our energy is limited. So if you use limited energy to get unlimited girls, then you will eventually be failed. Base on this, I made a decision: I will not try to get unlimited girls anymore; but focus on get a rich girl. There is only one way to become rich – “sponsored” by a rich girl.

网易河北保定网友/(from Baoding, Hebei)

If she wants to depend on a man, then why went to college. Women should be independent and self-improved. Not to mention so many men are supported by women. Perhaps they all found it is difficult to work, so just look for shortcuts.

网易广东深圳南山网友 /(from Nanshan, Shenzhen)

It is a retrogression of history, the pressure from the society made women voluntary go back to men’s protection shield, not dare to face the pressure alone. Haha, is this a retrogression of history or retrogression of the society?

网易江苏连云港网友 /(from Lianyungang, Jiangsu)

Woman’s life is pretty hard; if you are tame then will get teased by men, if you are tough then people will say you are a bitch, so you are dutiful then they will say you are faking it, if you are pretty and sexy then will be treated as you are not serious.
Youth years are very limited, only a short span of ten years. It is talented if you can make as much money as you can in this limited period of time.
What is wrong with mistress? If there are no lecherous men then there won’t be mistresses. If we need to blame somebody, then it has to be the guys. Women who can’t control their husband blame everything to the mistress, which shows their incapability…… If a woman works outside then she will be blamed on not care enough for the family, if she stays at home then will be blame for enjoying the profits without producing anything. Guys are all playboys; this is a tradition for thousands of years.  Men like money, women like money too. If men don’t blame women on greedy, then women won’t blame men on cheap and low class. Women don’t accused men’s life style, then guys, please be kind and don’t constantly blame everything on women! !

网易北京朝阳网友/(from Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Nowadays, except Korea and us, basically women all over the world become housewives after they are married and had kids. Unmarried women, or married but haven’t had kids, or single parents, are usually working outside of family. Once they are married and had kids, then mostly working for the family. Please pay some attention here, stay at home still requires working; it is not just lying down and relax. Working is not limited to being outside for other employers, working for the family is working too. Of course, there are some married, had kids women are still working outside the family, but full-time housewives is just a universal phenomena, not some wired or unusual thing.
Chinese doesn’t know about this, and thinks “full-time housewife” is somebody just want to enjoy herself without working. Those lazy women can’t become housewives.

网易重庆网友 /(from Chongqing)

Frankly speaking, she just wants to become a prostitute but with a stable income flow.

网易辽宁鞍山网友/(from Anshan, Liaoning)

I’m a fourth year college girl, and I’ve found the true love of my life. But he doesn’t have anything, I’m still very happy, because I can spend the rest of my life with somebody I love. We will have money and other things eventually, I believe it. I hope everybody don’t be stuck on money. Happiness is the most important thing!

网易四川成都网友/(from Chengdu, Sichuan)

It is only because she is a little braver; she said something the others don’t dare to say.
Love is all based on material foundation. Female are much less than males. How many girls out there are not realistic nowadays? Out of those unrealistic ones, how many are willing to work hard together with guys?
What’s more, now the majority is the only child in the family, will those parents let their only kid suffer?

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