Grisly Rape and Murder of Young Chinese Girl in Shanxi

The rape and brutal murder of a young Chinese girl.

The rape and brutal murder of a young Chinese girl.

From NetEase:

21-Year-Old Girl Raped and Murdered in Jujube Grove, Head and Faced Bashed In September 20th report — [Sichuan province] Guangyuan city Cangxi county girl Liu Jiao followed her parents to Shanxi province for work. At 5pm on September 15th, she was robbed, raped, and beaten to death in broad daylight by a thug in a jujube [date] grove in Shanxi province Taiyuan city Yuci district Wanghu village. The attacker’s methods were extremely cruel, involving the use of a heavy object to bash the girl’s head and face in and a wooden stick inserted into her throat.

The police bulletin:

Yuci district Public Security Sub-Bureau uncovers rape and murder case

At 8:02pm on September 15th, the Yuci district Public Security Sub-Bureau command center received a dispatch from the city-level bureau concerning a death that occurred opposite the Gujiabao town Wanghu low-cost housing development. This bureau’s leadership attached great importance to the matter and immediately organized and led the criminal division, forensics, and Guojiabao police station police officers to the scene.

Preliminary investigation has determined: At around 5pm on September 15th, in a grove of jujube trees 200 meters north of the Wanghu low-cost housing development, criminal suspect Zhang X (male, 17 years old, a migrant worker from Shaanxi province) came across victim Liu X (female, 21 years old, migrant worker from Sichuan province) who was in the process of picking jujubes. After raping her and afraid of her reporting it to the police, Zhang X used a brick to repeatedly bash Liu X’s head as well as choking her neck with a pair of pants until she died. After Zhang X returned home, he told his father what happened, who convinced him to surrender himself to the police. At present, criminal suspect Zhang X is being detained at the Pingyao County Detention Center, while the case is being processed.

Comments from NetEase:

安康首富 安康首富 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Those who are in favor of the murderer being put to death by a thousand cuts, ding.

伍毛界杰出代表洪公公 [网易天津市网友]:

Can you please not attack the ordinary common people [but the those in power instead]?

守望者乔 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

Pervert, beast, demon, what other words can be used to describe this person, MLGB

少将懂个球 [网易北京市网友]:

China has nearly 100 million bachelors, all sexually repressed, and a serious social problem.

杀国人最多的是宇宙真理教 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]:

This kind of thing is happening more and more, and the methods are becoming more and more hair-raising. Actually, just look at the apathy and indifference of the people around you, the way they treat strangers as if they were guarding against enemies, and you’ll know just how serious the sickness is with this nationality. Everyday they [the government] want you to dream, every day also promoting positive energy [positivity], when in reality is a one nightmare after another, filled with negative energy [negativity].

独立和公正的司法机构 [网易广东省网友]:

“she was robbed, raped, and beaten to death in broad daylight by a thug”, did someone see that it was a thug who did it?

美凌格forever [网易加拿大网友]:

Why have things been so messed up lately?

drteamwind1004 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

So sick, hurry and capture the murderer! And punish without mercy!

网易湖南省网友 ip:175.8.*.*

Looks like we need to return to using death by a thousand cuts.


Look at the photo and how [scantily] she is dressed, isn’t she just tempting others to commit a crime?

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 ip:182.40.*.* (responding to above)

So you can commit a crime if you’re tempted? The bank has so much money but how come you don’t go rob it?!


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