Groom Gets Bentley from Mother-in-Law, Falls to Knees in Tears

Bentley Continental GT.

From NetEase:

Mother-in-Law Gives 4 Million Yuan Car, Son-in-Law Falls to Knees in Excitement Promising Never to Let Down His Wife

Wife’s mother presents 4 million yuan Bentley car as gift during wedding ceremony

Son-in-law so excited he knelt down in front of the guests, promising his mother-in-law that he’ll spend his entire life never disappointing her daughter

Yesterday [October 3rd], at the wedding banquet of a new couple in Ma’anshan, the groom’s mother-in-law announced that the gift she would present to her son-in-law could be called “the most expensive dowry in Ma’anshan history”: a Bentley car worth about 4 million yuan.

Opulence of wedding banquet stunned all present

Yesterday evening at 6:18pm, a high-level wedding banquet was hosted in a gorgeous hotel located on Taibai Avenue in Ma’anshan City. The price of the banquet was 5,888 yuan/table stunned all the “little buddies” who came to attend the wedding, amongst which of course included the Mr. Liu who posted about it on the ok forum.

Mr. Liu told this Jinlin Evening News reporter that he was the bridegroom Mr. Zhang’s friend. According to what he knows, the groom and the bride are locals, and the couple, who were born in 1988, got married after being together for more than a year. Before marriage, Mr. Zhang had told him that the parents of his girlfriend operated a mining business and they were pretty wealthy. In comparison, Mr. Zhang’s parents work in private enterprises, and are amongst the normal salaried classes. But Mr. Liu said that in women’s eyes, Mr. Zhang had one advantage that the average person would find hard to compete with, that being a handsome appearance.

Presentation of dowry brought the house down

Mr. Liu told this reporter that when it came time for the families to go on stage and after the parents from both sides expressed their gratitude to the guests who had come and had invited them to enjoy the food and drink, the host [MC] intentionally had the bride’s mother, which would be Mr. Zhang’s mother-in-law, stay on stage.

After once again publicly exhorting her daughter and son-in-law to “respect each other, love each other, and live in harmony”, the mother-in-law then took out a key. Mr. Liu and those at the same table at first thought the mother-in-law would present them with a house, as 1 million yuan in Ma’anshan can buy quite a nice apartment and 2 million could definitely buy a villa [single-family house]. Just as people were guessing and speculating, the mother-in-law said to her son-in-law, “I heard from my daughter that you like cars and it is said that parents live wholeheartedly for their children. Today, we’ve given our daughter to you in marriage, and seeing how you’ve always been good to my daughter, I discussed with your father-in-law and have decided to give you a gift that you’ll like.”

Bentley Continental GT.

Only then did guests realize it was a car key. The host took the key from the bridegroom’s hand and looked, then announced to the guests, “This is a car key to a Bentley Continental. It is said that the more a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more she likes him, and sure enough it’s true!” The guests who knew cars had already cried out a “wow”.

Mr. Liu, who calls himself “short, poor and ugly”, used his mobile phone to go online and search for the “price of a Bentley Continental” and the answer is: 4 million yuan.

He then looked back to the stage and as they received the keys, the young couple were both wiping away tears, though the groom seemed to have been crying a bit more fiercely. After all, it was such a big surprise. What was even more surprising was that after the groom fully understood what the special dowry was, he actually plopped down on his kneels in front of all the guests and promised his mother-in-law that he would never let down her daughter and would be filial to parents of both sides his whole life, moving his mother-in-law so much that she was in tears on stage as she kept saying, “Good son, please get up.”

Mr. Liu sighed, “It’s okay if “comparing dads” [comparing and competing on family wealth, backgrounds, connections] doesn’t work, a “local tyrant” mother-in-law can also change your life.” Through Mr. Liu’s, this reporter tried to interview Mr. Zhang, the son-in-law who was gifted with “local tyrant gold” [originally referring to the gold iPhone 5S, but here specifically the car], but was politely refused, and so the reporter’s plan to interview the mother-in-law through him could not be realized either.

Netizens: One can also compare mother-in-laws

This Jinling Evening News reporter saw different opinions on the lavish wedding and Mr. Liu’s lamentations among netizens. Some of them agree with Mr. Liu’s perspective and believe that besides “comparing dads”, there is now yet another way to shorten one’s process of struggling and striving for a better life, which is to find a “local tyrant” mother-in-law. However, most netizens still think Mr. Zhang is just a special case and that one should still rely on their own efforts and hard work in life.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易天津市手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Talk about fucking losing face for men! Can money buy true love?

Does your wife have sisters? Introduce one to me!

谈股论金 [网易吉林省通化市网友]:

Be sure to “take care” of your mother-in-law.


I see he has shit under his knees. [A play on a Chinese saying that “There is gold under a man’s knees”, which is an admonishment that a man should have dignity and not bow or beg on his knees too easily.]

网易上海市嘉定区手机网友 [老李先生0]: (responding to above)

What’s inappropriate about kneeling before one’s parents?

缘易网的女拧全是性变态 [网易浙江省台州市网友]: (responding to above)

He knelt down for the Bentley.

3489457 [网易加拿大网友]:

Fujian luxury car + villa/house + cash + shares of stock. With this dowry for this man, will this man castrate himself to show his loyalty immediately?

网易广东省潮州市网友 ip:113.107.*.*: (responding to 网易天津市手机网友)

Ehhhh… Personally, I think it’s worth kneeling down for…! A 20-60 savings in struggling [working hard], bro!

网易日本网友 [大和殲滅支那畜]:

Haha. Shina men are generally poor and of low ambition. If you don’t believe me, I’ll do an experiment. Those who reply to my comment and praise our big imperial Japan and call me master can leave your bank account information, and me, the taikun, will transfer 100 yuan to each of you.

网易安徽省马鞍山市网友(114.102.*.*): (responding to above)

Are you really from the dog skin plaster country [referring to Japan, because its flag looks like the Chinese medicinal herbal plaster gou pi gao]? How did you come to learn Chinese characters? Are you worried that those small islands of yours are going to sink in a few years and your people become extinct?

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First floor [referring to 大和殲滅支那畜], call me master, post your bank account, and master will transfer two hundred [RMB] to you to buy medicine.

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He can be sent to Shanghai Mental Hospital.

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Ship the goods after receiving payment.

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First floor, open your mouth, and I’ll deposit 200 million from below.

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Little devil [a slur for Japanese], if you can prove that you are an Easterner [Japanese], please show your relevant credentials, and once I’ve verified they are not fake and you then call all Chinese people as the “grandfathers and grandmothers” [masters, elders, superiors] of you Easterners, I’ve decided to give you 1 million yuan. A promise is a promise. I can tell you, little devil Japanese, if there’s one thing Chinese people have a lot of, it’s money. As long as you call Chinese people the grandfathers and grandmothers of the Japanese, you’ll have lots of cash.

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Three cun people [means short people].

网易广东省东莞市网友 [都灵之鹰]:

= = I’m not married. Where is the “local tyrant” mother-in-law for me?

网易上海市松江区手机网友 [songgun]: (responding to above)

Are you handsome?

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Are you 20 centimeters long?

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Are you able to get an erection?

网易湖南省长沙市手机网友(220.202.*.*): (responding to above)

Do you love your mother-in-law?

网易广东省广州市手机网友(112.94.*.*):(responding to above)

Are you able to last long enough?

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Are you able to fuck your mother-in-law until she’s pleased?

147429572 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]: (responding to 网易天津市手机网友)

Seeing this made me smile knowingly this morning.

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  • 剑胆琴心

    this recalls me a shanghai man i worked with before.he is handsome,but not very just that type of looks most girls would take as a husband.he found a rich local girl,prepared villa for their wedding,this and that.first i think he is very lucky also happy for him,because he is not a mean person.
    but after i knew him more,i was so speechless.everyday he was talking about money,his super luck,his wife’s virginity,and telling me to catch rich men,because i also looked not last,lower and lower to difficult to stand,if for money,he can eat shit,fuck swine,money is so important…he is so lucky…and he even pretended virgin to hook up his wife…

    • Middle_Kingdum

      You have already posted over and over that you would not date a man unless he’s rich.

      • 剑胆琴心

        no,i never said that.i just want a good looking not important.

        • Middle_Kingdum

          Hmmmm . . you would consider to marry the man if he is not wealth as you?

          • 剑胆琴心

            i ever said i have a lot of money???

          • Middle_Kingdum

            Nope. Never mind.

          • Zappa Frank

            on the opposite you told us that you’re quite poor if it’s for yourself, you learnedto “swim” in a muddy puddle and then you pretended to make you great talking about how many money your man takes. yeah for sure u don’t care about money no doubts.and for sure you look for educated people because you’re so exquisite educated too, and you show it daily here your good education

          • 剑胆琴心

            can you write to others??
            seems your interested in what i say so much!
            i do not need your reply!

          • Zappa Frank

            you know this way of re-inventing yourself is funny..from cheap countryside chinese girls that can do anything for money to a good educated girl that is so sofisticated to consider money not important… Now even pretending to be a beauty, thinking we all forgot your pictures…yes i can write to others, but i write to anyone i want. You don’t care? don’t reply.. i suggest you to don’t reply, else maybe even someone else could remeber who you really are, keep on your masquerade, it’s funny.. from eattot to many others nicknames, maybe you should change another one.

          • 剑胆琴心

            im sure your much cheaper.
            a man behaves like a fly…

          • Zappa Frank

            if it’s for what you’re sure of…you’re even sure to be a beauty and good educated girl

          • 剑胆琴心

            you should changed you name into green-head fly!
            super match!

          • Zappa Frank

            oh here you are again, what happen? did you quit already pretending to be the moral wise sofisticated girl? here your “good” education.. Countryside girls can’t turn in princess.

        • tomoe723

          i always thought mainland chinese women only needed the 3 Cs in a man… credit card/cash, car, condo.. i just heard this from the tourguide on one of ’em bus tours..

          • maybeabanana

            LOL what dark comedy.

      • Zappa Frank

        she forgot what she said till now and recenty pretend to be a moral teacher. according to situation she could even date a goat

        • 剑胆琴心

          you date swine.

          • Zappa Frank

            is it an invite to date you?

          • 剑胆琴心

            forget it!
            i am sure your that broke ass no money no time to travel.
            only blahblahblah online tease women for fun.

          • Zappa Frank

            is this a justification because you don’t even have a job? Tease women? who? you? you think to be a woman? hahah.. do not worry, i’ve traveled and i travel by far more then you, i bet you never left china, now you can barely go from shanghai to suzhou if your man pay the fee..

          • 剑胆琴心

            listen,i do not wanna blahblah with you,what the fuck you want?
            i worked for years,till now, i use my money…not one coin from man,fuck off!

          • Zappa Frank

            don’t reply then, easy as that. Use your money for what? ridiculus, please dont’ think we’re all so dumb as you.Even if you’re trying to change cards we all saw what you were used to write about money and men with money. You never been out of china once and you even try to make fun of people who actually have traveled more in one year than you in your whole life? Get up, here no one travel less than you. Anyway it’s pleasure to see that your mask is falling down. The countryside rude girl is overhelming that pretiencious mask of “educated” girl. You want an educate man? is it to balance your rudeness an maybe have an average child?

          • 剑胆琴心


          • Zappa Frank

            ti sbagli di molto se credi che io non capisca niente nella tua lingua, in compenso tu non capisci sicuramente una sega nulla nella mia

          • figlia da putanna vafanculooo, cazzo xD

            That’s all the cursing I know in Italian, thanks to my grandpa. Grazzie a mio nono xD

          • Zappa Frank

            haha, yes even after years the way of crusing is still that one you told, but in my post i did not cruse her at all

          • yes I know you didn’t.. I can still understand it though I can only manage to curse in italian. Now here’s some of my vocabulary: Mortadella, gnocci, calzone, ragazza, madonna.. lol and I remember when I was a kid my grandpa used to say
            at bedtime

            “pischa e bacurcate” (pee and go to sleep)

            I think I spelled it right. =)

          • Zappa Frank

            pronunciation is the same but writting should be piscia e bacuccate. where was your granpa from? which region of italy?

          • Leonforte, Sicilia. Very close to Catania. he came with his parents back in the early 1900’s.

            I really don’t care about the north-south thing but my grandpa’s family was poor as shit just like northern italians say all the southern italians are. It is a good thing they could turn their luck around. 2 generations later I am the one migrating . haha

          • Leonforte, Sicilia… close to Catania. I have some distant relatives there, cousins of my grandpa… I should visit sometime.

          • Zappa Frank

            i’ve been in sicily and catania two or three times, of course also on Etna, i’ve even seen an eruption. i’m afraid i’ve never heard leonforte, looking on wikipedia it’s in inner sicily next to enna. i’m from center italy, tuscany, next to the leaning tower of pisa.

          • Peter Pottinger

            you can’t have travelled much because your english is shit

          • Warlock

            people who are busy with work have money, but no time for travel….see?

      • guest

        Would you date an ugly girl?

        • Middle_Kingdum

          If she is a kind girl, yes, I would.

    • Butsu

      Does anyone else see the wrods “” and “” as hyperlinks like this? I ask because I think I’ve might contracted some wonky malaware/adware for the first time in several years. However so far its only on ChinaSmack I’ve seen this and it has only been bunnys posts. Anyone else?

      • Thor

        It happens every time you forget to type a space after a dot. Then the server software sees that as a hyperlink automatically.

        • Butsu

          What a relief then, and thank you for answering me.

    • Riddler

      Everyday he was talking about his wife’s virginity? Everyday? So he didn’t bang her? Where is this woman?

  • Alexander

    For the same price as that Bentley, she could have bought a house in Hawaii, paid for the groom to go to any university in the world to get a higher degree, and a Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT 500 (which has the same amount of horsepower as the Bentley Continental GT)…… but that would make too much sense.

    • Middle_Kingdum

      Real estate in Hawaii is uber expensive. I doubt he could buy anything too posh in Hawaii for the same price as that Bentley.

      • Alexander

        I said a house in Hawaii…… I didn’t say a million dollar mansion…. Do the research and you will see you can easily buy a 3 bedroom house in Honolulu, Hawaii for less than 4 million RMB which was the estimated cost of the Bentley Continental….

        • JackElliot

          I don’t see any Bentley exceeding $220k (1346642 rmb). You are decidedly not going to be able to buy a house in Honolulu for that unless there has been a meth explosion in it.

          • hess
          • Alexander

            Jack, it seems you have trouble reading the article, it said the car cost an estimated 4 million yuan, in case you don’t know what the currency conversion rate is or how to look it up, that would be approximately $650,000 USD. Its amazing what a little research can do….. try it.

          • mopedchi

            Maybe they should have bought the car in Hawaii (~$200k) then bought a cheap house with the remaining $2.7M RMB.

          • Alexander

            2.7 million RMB is about $440000 USD, that is not a cheap house. You can get nice houses in the US for $175,000. $250,000 buys a really nice house in the US. Most Americans are lucky to be able to afford a $125,000 house…

          • mopedchi

            Not in Los Angeles. Crack houses in Inglewood are $250k+. If they can come up with downpayment (big if), most American families can afford $500/month for a $100k mortgage. Anyway, your original comment was about Hawaii; there are no “nice” houses in Hawaii for $175k.

          • Alexander

            No one said LA….. considering that the unemployment rate is high, and about 46 million Americans live in poverty (almost one sixth of the US population), you’re making a big assumption there. Also how many Americans do you think have the disposable income to put a down payment on a house and qualify for such mortgage (especially if so many can’t even afford health insurance….) If you do the research there are decent houses in Hawaii for that price (also I never said in Hawaii for $174k, I said in the US for $175K). There are hundreds of nice condos and apartments for that price too…. The word house does not equate to a 10 bedroom mansion….. Please do the research before you comment on stuff you obviously don’t know about. Here’s the numbers broken down for you. 4 million RMB estimated Bentley price = approximately $650,000 USD. (House in Hawaii $300,000 ( , 2014 Porshe Boxter $55,000 ( + 21 months tuition for MBA at University of Hawaii non resident price $1400 per credit x 21 credits needed for MBA = $29,400 figure in books another $3000 = so lets say approximately $35,000) total for house in Hawaii plus Porshe Boxter plus MBA degree equals $390,000 MUCH LESS THAN 4 million RMB. Do the research sucker…..

          • mopedchi

            “Please do the research before you comment on stuff you obviously don’t know about.”

            You know, if you’re going to be an arrogant prick on the Internet and berate others about researching shit no one cares about…


            Uh, that would be 48 credits to graduate with a MBA from UH: 48 x $1,400 != $29,400.

            “But, but… it’s still <$650k… waaahhhh." Whatever. Obviously you need to do more research, or read more carefully instead of trying to impress us with your Google skills.

            Also, didn't you say this? "Most Americans are lucky to be able to afford a $125,000 house…" Where's the "research" on that statement? Most? Average home prices in US is ~$200k and home ownership is ~67%. There must be lots of lucky people in the US. I guess we differ on the definition of "most."

          • mopedchi

            Ahhh… you win. Now I’ve also wasted 10 minutes looking up useless crap on the Internet no one cares about.

          • Alexander

            Yes, that is the price to pay when some idiot on the internet counters your statements when they obviously have no idea what they are talking about…..

          • Alexander

            Yeah, we all make typos, its not like I spend hours doing research, I just spend a quick 5 minutes. I’m not trying to be perfectly exact here, just approximates….. Perhaps you don’t know this but a lot of people lost their homes due to foreclosures, and of the percentage you listed, how many of them already had their homes long before the recession. You think a lot of young people who just got married can afford to buy a house in the US, get real man. How many of the foreigners teaching English in China do you think actually have a house paid off completely….? Yeah….come on man, time for a reality check. Again, the original point was for less than 4 million RMB you could buy a house in Hawaii, study for a higher degree and still have a nice car like a Porshe……. so again you were proven wrong. Not trying to impress anyone with Google skills, just saying before you make moronic comments to counter someone you should at least have some basis rather than pulling things out of your ass…. It seems you are being arrogant because you are being a snobby elitist….. by saying low priced houses = crack houses or that people can easily afford houses…. reality check… not everyone in the US is living of their parents savings and can count on their parents to buy them a house and pay for their tuition….. so stop being a snobby elitist.

          • mopedchi

            Wow. You sure are skilled in name calling. Are you like this in person or just an ass on the Internet?

            you obviously don’t know



            pulling things out of your ass (like 21 credits)

            snobby elitist

            snobby elitist (just in case I didn’t hear you the first time)


            Go research a $250k house in Inglewood, CA. I work 2 blocks away and drive by shitty houses daily, some of which are used by gangbangers as drug dens. and people get shot on the street… like today. $250k would be a cheap house here. Not snobby… just telling it like it is.

            Reality check: most people take out mortgages for houses and take out student loans to pay tuition. Where do you get the idea that people count on their parents? Personal experience?

          • Alexander

            You’re still on this. I already proved you wrong. I don’t know what else there is, so let it be. I don’t care about California…. Many people have been defaulting on their mortgages. You just make it seem like it is so easy for people to buy houses….. It seems you must be spoiled because you don’t seem to understand that a great majority of the people on earth aren’t well off….. that includes many of the people in the US, hence they have things like food stamps and projects….. Stop acting like everyone has so much money to spend, people these days are lucky to even have jobs. So get out of your fish bowl and read a newspaper every once in awhile….

          • mopedchi

            Lame. Which specific “fact” in my comments did you prove wrong?

            – $250k buys a “crappy” house in Inglewood, CA
            – UH MBA is 48 credits, not 21
            – nationwide home ownership is 67%
            – average US home cost is $200k
            – “most” families can afford a $100k mortgage
            – no “nice” $175k houses in Hawaii

            That’s all. The last two are mostly opinion anyhow.

            Go back and read your needlessly long comments. Other than something about a Boxster and UH MBA tuition (which you didn’t even get right), it’s mostly your opinions, you putting your words in my mouth, and ad hominem attacks. You can’t prove shit if you don’t state facts… weasel words like “most”, “many”, “seems”, etc don’t count.

            More lame: everyone is an idiot and you only make typos. Maybe. The irony is if you’re calling people idiots based on anonymous Internet comments, you should proofread your own “facts” lest you looked like the idiot.

          • Alexander

            No time to waste on proofreading, I have better things to do than entertain you. Whether its my typo of 21 or 48, I was still right. I don’t care about Inglewood California, I dont know why you keep mentioning that place, I said Hawaii anyways. All I said was with 4 million RMB you could buy a house in Hawaii, a nice car like a Porshe Boxter, and get a higher degree in the US….. And all that’s true. So I don’t know why you care so much…… Obviously you have nothing better to do, get a hobby….. stop wasting my time, I don’t care what you think. I already proved I was right, and all you can do is complain about my typo because you have nothing better to do….. come on man, get a life already….

          • JackElliot

            I am saying there is no way the car could cost that much, unless things are just more expensive in China, which I find doubtful.

          • Alexander

            Jack, its because the Chinese government puts big import tariffs on foreign luxury goods. That’s why many people just go to Honk Kong to buy stuff….

        • Loukas

          And a REAL house. Not an apartment.

          • Alexander

            $250,000 is enough to get a nice house in the US….. I’m not saying in Manhattan, but certainly in many suburban places in the US.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Well said but I even brought this up to a chinese lady and she wanted to stay in China. What do you do then mate?

      • Alexander

        It can be a vacation house…… Don’t think too much into this, it might hurt your brain….

    • The Enlightened One

      True, but she COULD not have bought him a Bugatti Veyron and that’s all that counts. A Bently is just a luxury car, people drive it around to look fancy and rich… BORING…

      If she would have busted out a Veyron for the young lad, I would have been impressed.

      • Alexander

        That’s a million dollar car……. lets be somewhat reasonable here….

    • Zappa Frank

      ferrari and lamborghini have just two seat, he will likely have to work as mother in law’s chauffeur

      • Alexander

        Then she should have bought a vehicle with 4 doors…

        • Zappa Frank

          unless it’ s a bentley continental gt it may have 4doors. Anyway i wasn’t seriuos about it

          • Alexander

            I know. Just saying. It probably was a GT. The photos are all of a 2 door version…

  • yo dawg

    I heard you like cars.
    Seriously, an older model BMW or merc would have been better than this. THis just screams “I’m a snob”

    • Cameroon

      No, no, no. Same as all other trinkets it tells the unwashed masses
      “I’m a rich bitch – RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!”

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Im wondering if poor lad can afford the insurance

      • maybeabanana

        Heh? His wife or his pride is gonna pay for it obviously.

      • Irvin

        I doubt he can even afford the parking space.

        • MrC

          or the gas

    • Mony Xie

      We Chinese don’t care as long as it’s expensive.

    • hess

      Here in Sweden an older model BMW or mercedes screams; “I’m of middle eastern descent”

      • yo dawg

        Lol. what screams “I’m a swede?” bicycle?

        • hess

          A volvo v70

  • Rei Yu Tian

    What business is it to us regarding how they spend their money?

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      It’s none of our business but it seems to interest a lot of Chinese people

  • Cameroon

    This is why Chinese films are shit. Western movies finish on a dramatic climax of undying love, sacrifice, spiritual epiphany or revelation. In China, that shits all very well, but its actually just a means to an end – the end being a flash car.

    • 剑胆琴心

      hahahaha!your so funny!
      chinese romance films can not up to that level that makes you think deeper of relationship.
      i like films as :one day, an education,the bitter moon,closer, slidding door…they are good films for women to think about love and relationship and sex,give women some lessons.

      • MrC

        sex lessons from Chinese movies? that explains why I have to reeducate them

    • Alexander

      Reality is much different than the movies…

    • maybeabanana

      Western movies brainwashes you better and places a tiny attainable gold nugget in your palms versus Chinese movies just does whatever that makes you say wtf and then say.. duh.. okay.. it’s just a turd in my hands…moving along now.

  • Zebadee

    I can only assume that the bride was really ugly and mother found it impossible to find her a man …

    • Cameroon

      Ugly wife is much better for man in China:

      Beautiful wife = Arrogant wife, arrogant in laws, needy and expensive

      Ugly wife = grateful family, lots of wedding bribe money, and lots of hassle/guilt free mistresses if you please, as all parties agree it was a Produce Sprog at all Costs to Continue Family line and Avoid Being Social Outcast type wedding.

      • 剑胆琴心

        hard to say at this point.because i also know some real examples that ugly women after got married,made men as slaves.some women good at pretending good before wedding.
        but i do know some white men married ugly wife maybe more for money.because that fucker tried to seduce me under his wife’s eyes…

        • Alex

          I agree because i’ve seen it. THe problem in China is not that pretty girls have such a shit personality. Is when the incredibly hideous one still have the same attitude and think they’re princesses.

          • 剑胆琴心

            believe me,ugly women are more terrible.let alone,who wants ugly kids?
            they like to pretend nice to get guys,after that,nightmare coming!a worker made house for my family,he is a good example.his wife is super ugly,no one gave a fuck so even walked to his village looking for single guy alone,then stayed at his home not leave,cook and housework,and so nice.even after pregnant,this man did not really want her,all his family did not want her either,but since her carrying baby already,so got married.then,turned out super lazy and selfish,and terrible temper,this man is just like her tool and slave.all money in her hand,so can not divorce already…
            that’s ugly women’s revenge.

          • Middle_Kingdum

            “Nightmare coming!” Ha ha . . Good one, Bunny.

          • 剑胆琴心

            who your?
            where you from?

          • Middle_Kingdum

            Just a friend, Bunny. No worries.

          • MrC

            ugly women are more pro active in bed, pretty ones just lie there and make some noises.
            I’m guessing you’re the pro active type.

          • linette lee

            You are complaining about pretty women just lie there and make some noises???? lol…..

          • MrC

            I never complain but the neighbors do.

          • many of them yes. Some of us call them “starfish”. Average looking girls are usually awesome in bed and carry less complexes with them.

          • it seems unfaithfulness, cheating, lying, money, looks and sex is your favorite conversation topic ever

            I should be worried, considering the huge amounts of soap-operas in Chinese TV.

      • willie miller

        The phrase ‘Produce Sprog at all Costs to Continue Family line and Avoid Being Social Outcast type weddings’ is not wholly accurate, you missed the word ‘male’ before sprog.

      • TJDubs

        I like how “dowry” now equals a “wedding bribe”.

      • Warlock

        I’d agree and a fat less pretty girl will always pay on dates. I avoid the beautiful up themselves snobby women. Those women should just stick to rich chinese men.

  • Germandude

    Topic of the report: wedding + Bentley
    Topic of the most popular comments: Japanese devils

    • The Enlightened One

      Damn that picture reminds me of the movie “The Thing”… doesn’t it though? The new version especially.

      • Warlock

        If it did get to him, thats not bennings out there!!!!!

        Torch it!!!

  • Cauffiel

    This guy has started his marriage in a very bad way.

    • 剑胆琴心

      i think most guys dream of his luck.
      do not deny it.
      get real and snobbish!

      • The Enlightened One

        LoL… dream of his luck… I bet you he smashes it up in a couple of weeks… bad luck.

        They pretty much bought this poor fool, they own him now, and they know it!

        • tomoe723

          yup, i agree.. he can’t back out of it now.. talk about being under the skirt of his wife, he’s also under the skirt of his mother-in-law.. -.-

          i bet if his mother-in-law asked him to disown his own family, he would do that too..

          • Irvin

            Too bad the chinese are no longer in war with japan, he would’ve made a good sell out.

        • lonetrey / Dan

          I’d guess yes and no, about the part where they own him now. You’re assuming he’s unwilling to divorce/separate from her.

          If they get into an argument where the car is used as leverage against him, he could always say,
          “Fuck it all, fuck this fuck you.” and then walk out.

          Course, I don’t know anything about marriage, so I suppose that’s not as likely as I’d hope it’d be.

          • mopedchi

            Is it “his” car or is it joint property? My ex-in-laws bought us a car for our wedding. It wasn’t anywhere nearly as expensive as a Bentley but it was still $35k in 1999. Since I understood it as “our” car, it didn’t impact the marriage/divorce in any way.

          • Nessquick Choco

            I do not think he will ever say it :-)

      • Peter Pottinger

        What luck? Sounds like his life is planned for him until he dies.

      • If you could see where and how some of us real men live you’d realize there’s not much to envy.

      • Gus Wang

        probably most of the guys you meet dreams of his luck. I would say he is indeed lucky if he married the woman of his dreams and she came with this extra gift. (in a country where most of the people are just pushed to marry anyone for financial interests or old-fashionable cultural stuff stating that someone is too old and should just rush and marry anyone else).
        now, if you do think that most of the guys has this dream, then either you have a very limited knowledge of the world, or you are very bad at making choices about what kind of people makes part of your social life and or you tried to think like a man, but of course with your own personality. if my last statement is true, then it shows what kind of woman are you, based on what you think, not what you write here.

      • Repatriated

        Isn’t it really the country bumpkin girls like you that dream of this? I mean, you talk about how many foreign men you’ve dated. If you actually have dated more than ONE foreigner, it means you’re on the prowl for one…in hopes of marrying a rich one.

      • don mario

        how many?

      • hehehehh

        you are full of negativity girl..

        do you realize what just happened when he accepted that bentley?
        his life is not his anymore.

    • willie miller

      Dead man walking.

  • Louis Nghiem

    this showing “face”…. i don’t get it. in china, to be complemented is somewhat not needed, to be humble. but to show face…. 4000rmb tiger (or other rare/endangered species) penis dinner. 8888rmb ktv room fee with 6000rmb tipping fees. 4000000rmb bently or other italian car…..

    • willie miller

      I suppose the ultimate face would be to hold a banquet where each dish is the penis of an already extinct animal. MAJOR face.

  • Wololoo

    It is so 100% chinese to state the price per Table as exact as 1 yuan. Like it is the only thing that counts for having a good wedding.

    Prabably the money was wasted on shark fin and bird nest soup for getting face and everything else just the typical boring chinese wedding ceremony with a lot of drinking and a firework.

  • christina

    wait why is this such a big deal?? multi-millionaires are a dime a dozen nowadays- the signing bonus for some positions is $700k /4 million rmb.

    • You should think why nobody has replied you until now.

      it is a big deal ’cause some Chinese people kneel down and cry for things they don’t need. And they race each other to buy things they can’t afford… and the wealth gap is getting bigger and bigger by the hour… so it won’t take long until the Chinese people take the matter in their own hands and go full-on liberation crazy on their rich asses again.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Eh. To be honest, I don’t agree with the second part of what you said, but I agree that it’s not too big of a deal.

      How people go about their lives, even if we see it as wrong or misguided, is in the end irrelevant to us.

  • The Enlightened One

    Buying a young handsome man is expensive in China, must not be too many to go around…

    You know what he should have done? Got up and started screaming…

    “You stupid old far, I know you bastards are rich… I sucked up to you, I sucked up to your daughter… Where the fuck is my Veyron bitches!”

    • Peter Pottinger

      hahahahahahahaha omfg this is comedy gold

  • MrC

    Wont be long before its smashed up.

    • MrC

      also going to be a killer to have pussy magnet car like that and having to turn it down…

      • Cauffiel

        Where do they actually put the pussy magnet? Is it in the seat? Under the dashboard? Show me this pussy magnet.

        • MrC

          Its on the keyring.

          • MrC


          • Cauffiel

            What if woman’s vagine hang like wizard’s robe sleeves?

          • MrC

            No Bentley needed to acquire them.

          • Cauffiel


        • Long life Borat

        • Riddler


  • I’d be crying too. A Bently? What is he 80 years old? I’d have to trade that in on an R8 Plus or 918 Spyder…. FFS.

    • h4rdboil3d

      And if they weren’t so full of themselves a Nissan GTR and a villa in some exotic locale would’ve been a better gift.

      The Bentley is for the in-laws, she’s grooming him to be her chauffeur.

    • carmouflagger

      a 918 costs a fuck load more

  • Surprise, surprise….Japan got a mention too.

  • Rei Yu Tian

    How can he possibly raise his voice in the house or have a quarrel with his wife when he’s constantly being reminded that her parents just shitted on him with a Bentley Continental GT? Poor guy.

    • maybeabanana

      What do you mean how? Everything about him is sized in the nano scale. If I wanted to be nice I’ll say peanut.

  • Peabody

    I would gladly trade that in for a VW GTR, AWD.

  • I wonder what is he going to do with the car once we run out of oil, in like 5 years or so.

  • 4 Mil car .. just to go to the shopping mall and wait for hours stuck in traffic. A waste from every single point of view.

    I don’t like to speculate, but If it was me, I’d negotiate. Sell it , buy a full equipped VW golf and with the difference I’d buy my parents a beautiful beach house in Uruguay or Brazil.

    I wouldn’t feel much respect for someone who wants to buy me out, but hey, I am neither Chinese nor crazy for being rich…though I guess both things sound pretty much the same right?

    • Can’t diss me on this one. nobody can, and you know why? when I was in China I was exhausted of hearing people say “they love money above all things”. Though progress is good and I am very happy for Chinese and everything they’ve achieved in the last 30 years or so, I truly find some of their behavior towards wealth to be surprisingly arrogant, selfish and negligent. Otherwise people wouldn’t be kneeling for material things and buying each other out like they do.

      As we say in my country: A monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey.

  • maybeabanana

    He is bought and sold! He even have to check his phone for pricing?! Brainless man is brainless in the man department.

    On the other hand… he latched on to a stupid fat goldfish.

    • Guest

      The groom(Mr Zhang( didn’t search up the price with his phone, it was the groom’s friend (Mr Liu).

      • maybeabanana

        OOOO Thanks for the clarification, but nonetheless the groom still have weigh in on the analytic balance of his brain vs. his peanuts.

  • Would it be bad form to cash it out instead…?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I personally wouldn’t drive a $4mil yuan car either. Selling it and buying a nice average car is what I’d do as well.

      Though, probably bad form. :P

  • Repatriated

    LOL. This guy is screwed. They bought him a car that will cost 5x his salary just to get the oil changed. Maybe they really hate him and are hoping he dies young from all the stress created from this car?

    • linette lee

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. If someone gives me a free bentley I will extremely happy, but I know I won’t be keeping it long if I don’t make the salary. Or unless my spouse pay for maintenance.

      • Repatriated

        Oh, I’d drive it! I’d drive it right down to the local dealership and trade it in on a reasonable car. I couldn’t imagine driving an expensive car around in China…where most people couldn’t care less about others’ property.

    • linette lee

      Most cars are depreciating item. Not all of them increase in value as time goes by. The mother in law better off give him a house.

  • David

    So the first thing he does when his in-laws give him a new Bentley is check its price on-line? then when he sees how much it cost he drops to his knees? what if it only cost 2,000,000 RMB, would he still have dropped? 1,000,000? Either weird reaction or weird writing.

    • letteranon

      Actually it stated the it was Mr Liu a friend of the groom and the one who was a wedding guest, searched up the Bentley’s price not Mr Zhang the groom.

      • David

        ok, makes much more sense.

  • Loukas

    Fuck that piece of shit car! You are all stupid to think it doesn’t come with strings attached… This is China and EVERYTHING comes with a price. Be a REAL of class and value and give it back. Don’t be a pussy!

  • Clear Head

    Really a good tactic by kneeling hoping to get more in future. With such expensive gift, he can he ever leave her daughter? No way! Stick to her forever.

  • yo dawg

    He should sell that car, take his wife and GTFO immediately cuz he is neck deep

  • Nicola Collina

    if he could marry her sure he’s not a poor people.. so i don’t think he will have problem to mantain it.. but for sure he’s a dead man after such a gift.. seriously i don’t envy him now….

  • Apothis

    And everybody thinks that Americans are materialistic….

  • Slenth

    I married a Chinese girl, what a big mistake. You could give me 2 cars and I would not do it again.

  • Kennedy Jamal

    i can’t accept it … i don’t care how rich my in-laws are .. this ain’t luck a trap ..

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    Thank god he didn’t get a Buick

  • al in china

    Guess he will have to spend a couple of nights a week pleasuring the old girl in her bed…….ahh the Heavenly Kindom

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