‘Growing Up’


In the dead of night when all is quiet, I often ask myself whether the decision to come to Earth was right or wrong…

Chinese little boy yawning.

When you’re next, some things just aren’t that funny anymore.

Chinese children getting shots.

These students definitely aren’t imitating “The Death of Socrates” out of ball-aching boredom. So school, take note, cultivating team spirit should no longer be limited to tug-of-war.

Chinese students reenacting The Death of Socrates.

The Death of Socrates.

Chinese students reenacting The Death of Socrates.

Back then, we didn’t have any girls in our class. Legendary reply: So we had to download some…

No girls in our class.

It’s said that people with big faces shouldn’t use touchscreen cell phones, because they’ll hang up the phone the moment they smile/laugh…

Big face.

hell have you been all these years?”

Little ducky slapping another.

However many years of being smartasses apart can’t compare to the years of being dumbasses together.

Farting Chinese student in graduation gown blows another away.

Chinese graduates perform flying kung fu.

Chinese university graduates simulate funeral.

Chinese university graduates spell out niubi.

Shantou University graduates simulate levitation.

The first college class reunion since we began working was held in the zoo, with everyone’s reason being: Only here can we feel we’re still human beings!

Class reunion in the zoo.

The life of those who live from paycheck to paycheck is to see Grandpa Mao’s face change from red to green, then to yellow, then to blue, then to purple, then to light green-before he finally disappears…

Chinese currency.

“Don’t date me, you fraud! If you have the balls, just marry me!” This is also a kind of “Chinese forced marriage”.

Chinese cross-dressing wedding photos.

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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