Guangdong English Teacher Dubbed ‘Goddess Sister’ By Students

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

From iFeng:

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies female teacher praised as “Goddess Sister” by students

Recently, a female teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College named Lin Xuewei became famous. Her fame is not because she wears little, but because of her beauty, and naturally beautiful Lin Xuewei has been dubbed “Goddess Sister” by netizens.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

The person who posted the internet post says Teacher Lin Xuewei is from Guangdong’s Huizhou, and was a campus flower [school beauty] in middle school, high school, and university, currently teaching at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

It’s said that many Guangdong University of Foreign Students Business College students no longer skip class in order to do well in this Goddess Sister’s class. Apparently when a beautiful woman is teaching class, there’s a big influence.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Some netizens have joked that had their English teachers in the past were this beautiful, their English wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Group photo of Teacher Lin Xuewei and colleagues.

From QQ:

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies English teacher becomes famous on the internet, dubbed “Goddess Sister”

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Lin Xuewei walking out of campus. (Images provided by subforum netizen Lala)

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

As confirmed by Guangzhou Daily newspaper, a high school schoolmate of Teacher Lin Xuewei told the paper’s journalist: “She’s my high school classmate, her grade were always very good, and describing her looks as “flawless beauty” is not the least bit excessive. From middle school to university, she was always a school beauty on campus.”

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

A netizen revealed, “In order to do well in this Goddess Sister’s class, many Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College students no longer skip class.” As it is understood, Lin Xuewei is one of the school’s English teachers, and is rather popular with the students.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

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A classmate of Lin Xuewei recalls, “We made a digital video series before. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, her heart is also very beautiful. She’s fully deserving of the ‘school beauty’ title!”

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

A netizens commented: “Teacher Lin Xuewei’s beauty is clean and free of vulgarity. When she’s not laughing, she’s incomparably cool, elegant, and refined. But when she laughs, she is so sweet and moving. Even without makeup she’s that beautiful.”

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Lin Xuewei in class.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Allegedly, in order to do well in this Goddess Sister’s class, many University of Foreign Studies Business College students no longer ditch class, the influence of a beautiful woman as a teacher quite large. Photo is of the school course timetable/schedule.

The classroom where "Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei teaches English at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Lin Xuewei’s classroom.

The classroom where "Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei teaches English at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

Lin Xuewei’s classroom.

"Goddess Sister" Lin Xuewei, an English teacher at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Business College.

“A photo of “Goddess Sister

Comments from iFeng:


I too want to go attend this beautiful teacher’s class…


If she taught me, I wouldn’t have had to retake my English exam.


Seems quite sexy!


Thinking back to my English teacher back in the day…what a tragedy!


The principal and education director has something tasty to eat!

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 死 神·:

Quite fresh and clean! I like, but I still think the media shouldn’t recklessly get involved. Let her have her peaceful life!

腾讯阳江市网友 皇太子的初恋:

Although Teacher “Goddess Sister” is indeed very beautiful, its said those who are in her class don’t skip class, and that’s not fair to the other teachers. So students ditch class of teachers with ordinary common appearances? I think those students aren’t diligently learning at all, aren’t thinking about their own futures at all, simply going to class just to look at the pretty girl.

腾讯网友 ☆蕭..爍_+:

If my English teacher back then had been this pretty, my English wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.


Hope our goddess sister will make the right steps in life, and not fall victim to the unwritten rules [casting couch] of government officials or leaders.

腾讯中山市网友 自由飞翔:

I just think this is stupid. Making hype just because one sees a relatively pretty girl, does this journalist have nothing else to write about?

腾讯广州市网友 广州喜悦IT:

In Guangzhou, a lot [of girls are] 800 yuan a night, 150 yuan per ejaculation, 300 for two hours.

腾讯东莞市网友 责任重于泰山:

Some people these days truly have nothing better to do, making a big deal about anything! Just because she’s pretty in class! Is education to teach how to be handsome and pretty? Fools!

Goddess sisters. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

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        If her eyes were any further apart they would meet at the back. Also the pouty photo kills it for me.

        However, this says nothing of her personality. She may or may not have a killer wit and be a great debater but the pouty photo really makes it hard to believe that we are going to get more than “On weekend I play computer games, go swimming and hiking”.


        I get the feeling that the novelty of a female with a photo on this forum is more than some guys can handle but secretly, I think it is a fake profile put there by Capt. Wed.

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          oh banana… back for more.

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          I can’t take you seriously anyway, as each new comment you post only makes me feel more pity for someone who, if I recall correctly, is my father’s age, single, and thinks he’s hot shit hiding behind the anonymity of the internet but is [obviously] not. There’s usually nothing wrong with being old and single, but in your case I think it’s due to a combination of immaturity and a deep, deep insecurity manifested in your need to put down on a personal level everyone who doesn’t bow to you (for the reference of newbies on chinasmack, mr. banana and I have previously had a heated argument that started out about whether Chinese people are human and ended with an invitation to sample his sexual prowess, to which I obviously said no).

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            ok, that explains his attack on your looks. So inappropriate and ungentleman-like. I thought it was a bit bizarre.

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            Christina you are so beautiful ~.~

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            “argument that started out about whether Chinese people are human”

            Where can I find this? I myself don’t treat the chinese creatures human either, I might be interested in this conversation.

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            Stick it to him girl. I’m too busy to bash these jerks, so I’m outsourcing the job to you.

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            somehow koalas just became attractive little animals to me..

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          to be honest, coala banana, i think that your comments are pretty uncalled for. it always astounds me how cruel people can be when they are online and hidden by anonymity. your comments are obviously not the most egregious example of online bullying — and to be fair, it sounds like you guys have some sort of vendetta that has carried over from previous conversations…(i am sure this christina girl has thrown just as much mud) but still…

          for what it’s worth, christina, you are beautiful. i can’t see the rest of you, but you are extraordinarily beautiful. to banana’s point, you do resemble an animal. ironically, you look more like a koala than anything else. you are literally the darkest mongolian girl I have ever seen… :)

          and christina, don’t post your picture unless you are ready to be personally attacked… obviously, people will criticise everything and anything.

          • coala banana

            why is comparing her facial expression to a fish an insult ?

            fishes look perfect and a fishes life is at least worth the same as her life. BUT when a human still looks fish like, then this human is not beautiful as the fish, cause she is still a bit of a fish….nothing wrong with that. Is she fuckable ? well all women are, depending from which angle you look at it… its ok for one to say she looks hot, but its not allowed to question that ?

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          Hmmm, even though it would lay waste to an entire continent?

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          • coala banana

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    she looks nice, fit chinese taste.
    as a teacher, maybe she should tie her hair up in class.

    • Brett Hunan

      She’s beautiful. And if she ties up her hair then next week we will be hearing about students that raped a goddess and their parents subsequently offered her money.

      • Chinkicide

        Beauty is relative, isn’t it?
        My dog is beautiful. This female chinese fits chinese taste. Don’t confuse.

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        wrong forum

        dammit Brett you’re getting ur logins confused

        this isn’t alt.loserwhite.bondage.fanfic

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      I agree. She reminds me a lot of 刘亦菲. I love how 刘亦菲 looks! Very classic, very elegant.

      • Anon

        Of all Chinese celebrities, 刘亦菲 is the only one with a face that just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know how to describe it and am probably totally wrong, but she looks like a bad person.

        • jiayi

          Highly symmetrical, yes. Beauty? No.

          • Dripping Third Leg

            Limited breast, scrawny butt, squinty eyes and you call that beauty ? !

            I need a midget and masochist girlfriend who is able to open a beer bottle or squash a watermelon with her boobs.

            Eattot, do you fit into my type ?

          • notorious

            Ah there you go sexually harrassing eattot again. Why do you attempt to bully her like this online.

        • eattot

          hehehe, i dislike like 刘亦菲at all.and anon your a bit right, there is no kindness in her eyes to me either.not about that in fact, she is a big liar and always wear fake top brand.
          this girl is ok can call a small beauty, but not that great either, just a normal small beauty in some small circal. i also had some real beauties teachers. just nowadays, internet is so popular,and she has a neat face and a bit similar as 刘亦菲.
          real killing top beauty is fan bing bing quite famous chinese painter saw her in airplane, was so surprised by her perfect he wrote it on blog. and always a lot of posts on bbs, i met fan in person, if she is really so beautiful in real????

          • DRaY

            Are you an idiot?

      • The Dude

        Chinese people use the term ‘Goddess’ way too freely… as can be seen.

        • Chinkicide

          Mind the different standards. And the average chinese appearance.
          Female chinese beings without mustache, outrageous body odor or rotting face might be called “Goddess” in the china place.

          • Rob

            hey Chink you sound like the kind of person who should do euthanasia NOW and your outlook is rather twisted and benign maybe it is YOU who should take a look at yourself and it is really sad to know there are people like you still in this world..

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            relax Rob.

            he’s just a fat loser was turned down by a Chinese chick

            I mean, he’s not wrong that Chinese (including women) are generally ugly. even more paradoxically since most asians are attractive.

            but he didn’t have to be so mean about it

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    Clearly not enough celebrities in China. In a land swap with China, the US should allow China to annex part of the Jersey Shore in order to alleviate a media frenzy deficiency.

    • Brett Hunan

      lol, as being from NJ I accept your proposal, on 2 conditions.

      1. Only take from Belmar to Seaside Heights and 5 miles west.
      2. Require that all JS New Yorkers are present at time of land swap.

      • terroir

        If not talking puns anymore, I hereby suggest that the US not swap New Jersey but Florida in exchange for China’s Guangdong province.

        Barring the psychic attack of a teleporting space squid, I can think of no better way to spread peace on earth.

        • ChairmanMeow

          lol nice watchmen reference

        • mr. wiener

          If they don’t devalue the yuan send them some Kardassians.

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            The only proper representatives of the Federation would be a team of Ferengi delagates that would be shrewd enough not to loose all their gold-pressed latinum at their first joint-venture.

          • mr. wiener

            Kardassians are not a part of the federation and neither are Ferengi if memory serves me correctly [though they have signed trade deals].The best representatives would be Volcan or Anon as they could bog the Chinese down corrections, Personally I’d send CB as he could get them drunk and tell them dick stories.
            I’m not sure if the federation has a surplus of celebrities to trade and under Federation law they would probably class the trafficking of celebrities as slavery

          • Ironically enough it was the military overstep in Cardassian politics that created the massive economic collapse on Cardassia in the end despite the story told to Captain Picard in season Six of TNG.

            It also resulted in the brutal occupation of Bajor and several other civilizations which then spawned the Maquis. Finally, it was because of the Maquis’s connection to the Federation that Cardassia felt so alienated and took the Dominion’s offer whrn they came from the Gamma Quadrant.

            Hopefully though after the Dominion were over-powered by the Klingons, Romulans, Federation and eventually Cardassian forces, Cardassia seemed to be on a new path altbough it was never fully shown in season Seven of DS9.

            I wonder how this applies to china…

            I fucking love getting my Trek on.

          • mr. wiener

            The Chinese are the Romulans. What other race has uniform pudding bowl hair cuts?

        • Bruce Tutty

          That makes sense…Florida’s only going to be around for a few more decades…then you can swap it for Venice!

        • rollin wit 9’s

          I was going to diss you and say hell no. Better off swapping Maine but after putting some thought in to it. Why give away a beautiful state like Maine for them to fck up and piss all over.
          Honest Opinion, they can’t get neither one. None of em’.
          Dont even let them buy the dodgers – remember that little sham?

  • donscarletti

    I had a very attractive English teacher in highschool. 50 years old, though she looked 35, tall, with long straight legs, immaculately presented platinum blond hair down to her waist… I have no idea what it is about the subject that attracts them.

    This one looks a bit better, but she’s also a lot younger, so it’s not fair.

    • terroir

      A hot teacher is one thing, just as immortalized by Van Halen, but this glorification of a normal person is taken way too far with the moniker “Goddess Sister”.

      I’ll be the first to bring it up: even though China has 半边天 and women are “treated as equals”, the truth is that they are not. What makes this elevate above the “girl next door” fascination is the very old expectation that a woman’s only real worth is her beauty; in this case a pretty woman inconceivably has an average job (see: hot Chinese chick bus ticket seller), and is not the kept housewife of some rich guy.

      This sound this article makes is of millions of illusions shattering; don’t worry about the glass, the illusions will be repaired for the next “goddess” story in a couple of weeks.

      • notorious

        terroir I have to agree with you on this question of beauty. She is very pretty but what if she were ugly but with a pure heart? Or what if this girl was beautiful with an ugly heart? Who is prettier?

        • coala banana

          too many questions, not important questions, sounds like a burden….see, i don’t have to think about such crap, since i just want the milk and not the whole cow…..kick her out fast enough before she shows that she is probably a pathetic, irrational, delusive and depressive bitch…..

          • notorious

            CB you are too much of a misognyst. I asked you once what are you going to do when you are old, wrinkled, bald and covered in age spots (if not already). Who is going to take care of you with love? No children. NO woman. You are going to die lonely and no one will remember you. Is that what you want from this life? To not want a genuine connection with another living creature other than to spread your seed, puts you one step lower than some animals.

          • coala banana

            what makes you think that humans are above animals ? or, what gives human the right to put hisself above animals ?

            From my understanding, your and my life are not worth more then the one of a worm, ant or mouse……we are all living creatures on this planet.

            If for sense of life is to spread seed, afraid of being lonely, or that no one will remember you, then this is a poor life in my opinion. See, its all a burden and senseless antiques you carry on your small shoulders. Why consider life a mystery and secret and make a big deal about it. When your time is up its up, thats it, make the best out of it between birth and death and thats it. When my body and health reaches the point that life becomes hard and not worth living, then its time to go for me, simple as that. I was not afraid of living, so why i should be afraid of dying ?

            Maybe you and your think a like, shit in their pants thinking about death bed, afterlife, people which will remember you an so on…..I prefer what i have now, the ones i know now and not the ones which will remember me….fuck em, they should all live their life in the best possible exciting way…..not my problem….

          • notorious

            you think women are lower than animals to be used for your sexual relief so don’t preach to me. Just get yourself a sheep and be done with it.

          • coala banana

            wrong, I think that most humans are lower then animals, and that includes ALL humans. I don’t reduce my theory to women alone. Its true that i don’t give much about what a women thinks or feels, cause its not worth thinking about it, except sexual feelings and thoughts.

            Yes, my priorities are set in a different way, and most women AND man are somewhere at the lower end of my priority list, definitely lower then most of the animals. Since we are all animals too, its not really strange. The fact that you can type on a keyboard that i should grab a sheep, shows the uncivilized being in you. It does not set you apart from other uncivilized humans with naughty thoughts and ideas, barely out of the jungle and still more monkey then any of the monkeys.

            While i wouldn’t go so far to let a monkey sit on my face, I prefer an evolved female human with a clean and nice looking ass to sit on it…

          • notorious

            Coala, I think you should seek help. I don’t mean that in a condescending way but if you knew how crazy this sounded…

        • coala banana

          too many what ifs’……who is prettier depends on the angle of view and what your personal intention is….you limit yourself in the moment you just give 2 option…how about an ugly with an ugly heart, or a beauty with a good heart ??? how about a good heart turns ugly with the time ? or the ugly one turns good ?

          why risk to chose anyone of them….if she has a good heart, good for her, its not her heart i would want from her. If she has an ugly heart, then i couldn’t care less, since she anyway wouldn’t stay long enough with me to show her inner ugliness….all you people who suffer from such things, get your fucking emotions and set your priorities in order and stop whining and suffering….she is fuckable, and thats what counts, why trying to look in her heart, its her heart, so leave it to her…

          • notorious

            you are really reaching and overcompensating. You know you want to be loved by someone but can’t find anyone to love you. Now you pretend you don’t want it. Admit the truth to yourself, lying to the rest of us is pointless.

          • coala banana

            again wrong, who said that i am looking to love someone ? I want to be loved ? No, but i have no problem when a girl falls in love with me, its her problem, time , feelings and emotions she waste her time on, not mine.

            I am now 40. I remember many years ago i probably had my little coala banana heart broken too, when i was about 12-14…. but not since i been grown, so that was a long time ago….I don’t say it will never happen, and the fact that the last 25 years i did quite well, with my theory “let them love you if they wish, but don’t give love back”, is no guaranty. What i say is, that its veeeery unlikely that after so many women and my understanding of things like love, that i will ever love one…..I said it before, I fall in love all the time. A nice one catches my eye,and the last one is forgotten in the very same moment, and since my interest goes never above the milk i want to have, then i see no sense whats or ever, to spend the 10-20 years i can still tap one or the other ass, with senseless communication with the same person over years and fucking the very she person for the rest of my life ??? Thats how hell must look like…i would rather kill myself, before becoming a family dog and live a miserable life with just one women….

          • SuperHappyCow

            lol notorous always triyng to convince banana of his life’s emptiness : (

        • Jay K.

          Who is prettier would be the card board box I drew a happy face smile with and a hole for her mouth.

          aawww yeah

          Does Chinasmack still have the like button?!

      • coala banana

        she looks pretty, and by pretty i mean pretty average-above average. She is not hot, but for the ones of us who are looking for the childish innocent look in a women, she is of course even attractive.The first few pics were disappointing cause it looks like she has just one shirt (white t-shirt) or all this pics were taken the same day ?

        However, the over reaction of chinese show that it must be quite rare to find a good looking women working in an ordinary job, and suddenly her qualifications become secondary too ?! wow !

        • Jay K.

          coala banana, the reason why she is considered to be beautiful by many is because she is a product of guangdong province.

          as i have stated her before and a good portion of chinese guys i know or perhaps would like to back me up on this, guangdong girls are seriously the missing link between modern humans and apes.

        • cc

          She’d look much prettier with my balls on her face

  • rollin wit 9’s

    could be considered cute i guess but still definitely not my type. Glad to see majority chinese taste and mine still on the 180.
    I prolly wouldn’t touch her with D.Scarletti’s cock, not to say she’s horrible but i have standards. nufff said

    • Sunshine

      Thanks for your input, Zeddie Little! Because everyone here is dying to know whether she will have the slimmest of chance with your righteousness.
      Now you’ve roused my curiosity. Do you have the face of Narcissus or something? Care to prove me right?

      • rollin wit 9’s

        sunshine – dont drag this out further than it needs to be. i was quite finished when i hit post comment but since i seemed to have aroused your interest, ill shed a little light on the fact that I dont really care for extremely slim (anorexic looking) girls, no matter where they are from. Just like my breakfast, lunch and dinner – i gotta have meat!
        Now if you will indulge me a little? Who is this Zeddie Little u’ve dubbed me as???

    • donscarletti

      “I prolly wouldn’t touch her with D.Scarletti’s cock”

      That’s a shame, I’d be quite happy if you did.

  • Foreign Devil

    Foreign English teachers . . apply at that school . .they will probably make her be your assistant.

  • Tip otter

    She could sit on my sofa anyday. And by sofa I mean face.

  • Muffin

    just ordinary girl next door…..why get so excited?

  • [email protected]

    Yes, but can she teach? I guess that makes no difference because of her “beauty”.

    I don’t think she is unattractive, the last photo of her being the best imho. But I can’t see that her appearance warrants such a reaction that it’s now here in front of me and I am reading about it and commenting on it. In other words – whats the big deal?

    • GSKMeva

      Good point indeed. What’s the big deal anyway? Well, I personal think that the problem is whenever some person discovers some pretty Chinese girl who’s actually “working”, meaning doing a normal everyday job, suddenly she goes viral on the internet. Sadly, the reality is that as a pretty and attractive girl in China (again, this is also something international), you’re supposed to be entitled to a “better” life of LV bags, iPhones, BMWs, villas etc. and often married to some rich husband. Or on the other hand, you’re supposed to be whoring your way up in society with your pretty face. I think it’s quite sad and pathetic. BTW, Goddess Sister is indeed pretty but again, can she teach?

  • MrT

    Good job Chinese men like the dull boring ones, leave more hotties for laowai.

    • rjb

      agreed. if there is one bit of chinese culture i will never understand it is figure and look of a beautiful woman. in america, at least in the midwest where i grew up, this woman would be considered anorexic. she would be single well into her 20s.

  • bscalled

    Chinese (not ABC’s) seem to lack any restraint when it comes to personal privacy. This Girl is not an actress, or a public official, and does not warrant having her picture and personal life posted for the entire world to see by a complete stranger. I once saw a Chinese Man, rudely snap a picture, with flash, about 1 feet away from a poor girls face practically blinding her momentarily because she was pretty. This type of behavior and queue jumping are embarrassing all Chinese People. With these actions alone they will never be respected by the USA, which they try so hard to compete and be respected – like a pig wearing a silk robe in the mud.

  • XiaoHei

    Coincidence, just today on Yahoo they had an article on the power of make-up

    [If unavailable, search for “The power of makeup” (Reddit)]

  • Chris Hansen

    Oh typical Chinese boys (the majority), have no balls to approach, but will stare from afar and hope for a miracle.
    Next step is usually to stalk their love interest (hence the pictures in this article).
    And the final step, well, is raping her … but I guess they don’t call it that, they’ll call it “I know she wants me, but she’s too shy, so I’ll be forward” …
    Why is it always either too shy or too violent with them Chinese boys? Too boring or too crazy. Too poor or too rich. Never a middle ground … what’s up with that?

    • DAK

      C’mon man. No group of people rape more than white men – children, boys, girls, men, women, dogs, chicken, and on and on and on – no stones leave unturned. Black men like to rape white women majority of the time . What’s up with that?

      • donscarletti

        Race trolls are getting a bit more ambitious these days it seems. Stick with trolling one race at a time.

        • DAK

          LOL. You and C Hansen don’t like being called out for your racist bull bleep and you resort to attacking me for playin’ the same game. Typical white-men hypocritical logic. Why don’t you tell your country man to shut up first. I guess whites don’t like to eat crow either.

          • donscarletti

            I’m not sure what racist “bull bleep” I posted that you take offence to.

            Anyway, my point is, Chris Hansen may be a douche, but you’re not doing anything to improve the quality of discussion with your rebuttal.

        • DAK

          You think you can raise the level of discussion with these jackasses? I like to bring a little bit of “balance” to the table. Can’t let you guys have the fun! LOL

      • notorious

        i find it interesting how everyone is supposedly raped by black men but half the black population who have been in america for generations have lighter skin than the average african due to their female ancestors being raped.

        • notorious

          hmmm this is odd. i opted not to make this post but here it is. how is that possible. i also opted not to make the post on the burn victim, but there it is also. does this web site have an autosave feature…

          • A GUY

            It’s ok it was a valid point. All countries, cultures, and races have rapists. No matter what we say or do, or how we progress some humans will still be monsters.

  • hooots

    OMG she is so hot. Goddess sister hit me up. Let’s rule heaven.

  • Bruce Tutty

    Too skinny

    • White Thrash

      I agree… She has no breast.
      She’s pretty average…

  • dalaomei

    i am fopping to both of them!!!!!!!!

  • Castro

    I would appreciate an update on the young lady who was doused with petroleum and set ablaze. Has there been any news?
    Yes, I have a sick curiosity in some ways, but I honestly am hoping to help (re)focus attention on the subject in the hopes that it may do her some good.

    • notorious

      this is an interesting topic to raise the issue on the young woman.

      • Castro

        To notorious – I’m not quite sure what you are saying… But if it sth like why am I bringing this subject up,,,, let me attempt to answer that.

        I brought up the subject of the young girl who was set ablaze because I believe that public attention focused on the issue may help her in some manner.
        I also felt this was the right time & place because ,,, well, I don’t know why..
        I also did it because it just kinda bugs me that sth so horrifically tragic as that incident has seemed to lost the publics interest,,, instead they are sitting here commenting over whether or not some young lady is physically attractive.
        Yes, I know we can entertain more than one thought at a time in our minds, but I do also blv it is useful if someone occasionally helps us to refocus on things of import.
        Yes, the young lady of this story is physically attractive. I wish here a long, happy, healthy life. :-). ( sth the burned girl had viciously taken from her)


        • notorious

          “instead they are sitting here commenting over whether or not some young lady is physically attractive.”

          I kind of observed that may be the reason why you chose to mention a young lady who had been horribly disfigured. Which is why I said you chose an interesting time to bring it up.

          It is a sad situation and I hate it. To set a person on fire is the absolute worst thing you can do to a human being or creature (next to starving them to death). He would have been better off just killing her because she will live her days out as a disfigured person in a country where people can be extremely superficial. She will experience years of infection, painful skin grafts (if she can afford it), and loneliness. He destroyed a young woman and for what? To prove he was beyond the reach of the law? To show the ruinous power he have (something we all ultimately hold in our hands if cruelty was something we desired)?

          I’m not saying she is better off dead, when I say he should have killed her. I’m saying that life will be extremely hard and to that end, he gets what he wants. I hope, pray justice is served. I have never seen this young man and don’t know what he looks like but I hate him. ANd still, I would not wish him the fate he exacted on this girl. I rarely wish this on anyway, but I do do hope he is executed for his crime. He does not deserve to live, which is also very sad.

          • Castro

            Thx notorious, at least to some degree we have brought attention back to this incident. Public attention sometimes can help prevent things from being ‘swept under the rug’.
            If all is as reported, I also feel he should be executed. Killing is wrong, but I personally have not evolved beyond simple, blind, ‘justice’.

          • Rob

            I agree with your notorious totally also adding that the dude should have had something done to him to suffer for the rest of his life, capitol punishment would be too good for him or anyone who commits such crimes. But we disagree on one part though, you say he should die I say he should suffer as she does.

  • Egolite

    Brains and beauty are a great combination, but looks alone do not insure happiness.

  • alex

    Creepy students obsessing about teacher, taking photos so they can fap over her later and brag online that their university has the fittest teacher – which noone of them will lay anyway.

    Chinese uni students sure need to grow up, not in the way that English/American students are also immature, but in this weird slightly cringe-worthy way.

    • Anon

      Most Chinese college students I’ve encountered have seemed about 6-8 years younger mentally than they actually were.

      • Boris

        Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Go to Russia. By the time they’re 25 they’re bang in the centre of a mid-life crisis.

  • A little boney, no? I suspect she doesn’t know her way around the kitchen beyond boiling instant noodles. Woe to her future husband, who’s lust will satiate for a few years, but who’s stomach will suffer for a lifetime!

    • BeijingRafl

      She is hot. That is all that matters.

      • Dat Ankle

        Shes hot until her looks fades and then what? Pretty offspring?

      • Jing

        She probably weights less than 100 pounds give or take.

        • notorious

          She is a bit waify but I guess it works for her.

  • roflstomp

    Sigh, she isn’t even THAT pretty. I mean I’d tap that but honestly it’s nothing to write home about. Sad Chinese men.

    • Rod

      Yeah. Same boat here. You know they say beggars can’t be choosers, but really..

      As long as a Chinese girls is

      …good skin
      …and bland

      Then she’s considered a winner.

      • eattot

        i agree.
        but in east asian all the same.
        because we do not have perfect face, and hight is a big problem, so can not be fat.white skin can add some scores.
        it’s very difficult to find women with a bit special thing in eyes. most are very blank, no any meaning inside.
        as long as a girl is slim, long hair, white skin, face is not too messy, then she is pretty in east asia already.

        • coala banana

          i agree with you about that is considered “pretty” in asia.

          BUT on an international level, china and asia as a whole have a higher percentage of beauty females then most of the world (except middle and south america).

          Males in china are most of the time ugly, but even a “not so good looking” chinese female, is compared to a “not so good looking” western girl, better looking. So i don’t agree with your point about “asians not having perfect face”. The asian face is more “perfected” then the common westerner face. I am not an asian fetish hunter and i fuck all girls which are good looking or interesting enough. But we must also put into consideration that the face shape of asian females, even its more perfected then their western counterpart, misses most of the time character, feeling and expression. Thats also the reason westerners are the much better actors, their expressions are unmatched and very convincing, while the perfected asian expression most of the time looks fake and cold…

          • eattot

            BUT on an international level, china and asia as a whole have a higher percentage of beauty females then most of the world (except middle and south america).

            who told u this? only yourself!
            east euro not better? south american not better?
            stop bullshit.i walk in the best streets of shanghai everyday. sorry, i can not feel it.

          • coala banana

            nobody has to tell me eattot. I work and fuck all over the world for more then 20 years. How can YOU judge international level, when you never been out of china ? By watching TV adds and western movies ?

            I too am from south east europe and of course we have some good looking girls there, no question. BUT you said that asian faces are not perfect ! Well, compared to most western girls, asian faces look more perfect, clean and better “organized”. The noses are smaller and they look younger then western women when they turn 30-40-50 and so on….

            yes, the asian body structure is “weaker”, and most miss tits and ass, but do have any idea how UGLY and disgusting it is to fuck a women with shoe size 41, 42 and more ??? it makes me wanna puke just thinking about some western women’s feet….i don’t know how any man can fuck a women which has bigger feet then he does ???

            you can not feel it, cause you see it everyday, and probably don’t even feel good about yourself…however…

          • Alan

            Here I can agree.

            I have a mate working in S America, and after China he has never looked back. Nothing wrong with boobs and butts on a gal, is there?

    • coala banana

      Either way, she, like so many other good looking girls have one thing in common all over the world. That is that every good looking girl has an ugly or less attractive looking girlfriend, hanging out with all the time. I experienced that many times in my youth. In case you like to get through her, you must first pass her fat ass ugly girlfriend, which kinda executes the job of an adviser,manager, agent to her. Humans will to power, cause the ugly one, due to her close relation to her good looking friend, suddenly finds herself also a bit in the spotlight and center of “attention”. Not that anyone gives a fuck about her, but she feels great about it. The good looking one, likes that too, cause she knows that her fat ass ugly friend, can’t be considered competitive, and she don’t have to fear her in any way… both enjoy their limited time, until reality hits them, and that ugly ones devotion turns into hate, and the good looking one suddenly finds herself kneeing in front of a guy like me……

      I was so sick and tired about making friends with ugly chicks, cheating and lying my way into their sympathy, just to get a shot at their beautiful friend…..its pathetic !!!!

      • notorious

        People are not born to meet your personal standards Coala, and beauty is entirely subjective. What is ugly to you is certainly beautiful to someone and what is beautiful may not be attractive to someone else. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

        I’m going to give you a pass on one thing. One thing I have noticed about SOME women is that they do dislike having other women around, due to a whorish heart. They want to be the center of attention and beauty at all times, even when surrounded by men they would never date or are attracted to. Women hate other women. Beauty is like wealth. You can find a prominient husband and “win” so many things in life because of your looks I suppose, which is why being the most attractive woman in the room is important at work and other environments.

        I had a woman at work who hated me for no reason at all. Just hated my guts. She would try to cause problems for me, complain if I was late lol no one said anything to me but I knew it was happening. Finally people just got tired of her constantly going after me. She was 50 years old, and grossly overweight (and trust, I am not skinny myself). I asked a male co-worker as we discussed her dislike of me, why does this woman dislike me so much. He said because I was younger and prettier. I told him that was crazy because at my age no one should see me as a threat. I’m not a 20 something year old girl. I have a soft personality and a soft heart while she was abrasive and rude so no one liked her. Plus, having someone around who was nice only made her nasty ways more obvious. She eventually lost weight, over 100 pounds then she quit. The sad part about losing all of that weight was the fact that she was still unattractive with the weight off lol So it didn’t help her any. The bosses still hated her and liked me. Which had to do with our personalities though in her mind she thought it was because of looks.

        • eattot

          notorious :
          i had a lot this kinda shit experience! i understand it very well.
          one best friend, she came to visit me in shanghai,i paid everything for her…after that, she disppeared forever…she was always so mad at me from uni.
          my university roomates, most of them fell they look better than me, but i always had a lot of dates, they were so mad at me.
          and now, after they know my marriage, they are much more also best sister, she lives in shanghai, even not invite me to visit her, after she knew i live in downtown, work in a froeign company, still so lazy and lucky…

        • coala banana

          hard to imagine that someone can like you….BUT reading your first paragraph I thought: she must have been one of those ugly looking friends of a beautiful one….:-)…well, its hard to tell from your picture, you seem to look a bit fatty though but hey, as long as you can compensate it with face value and a kind attitude…however both can’t be seen in the picture….

          but tell me one thing, what made out of you a bad girl ? i mean the time before you started breeding, sounded like you had a good time and enjoyed life….what circumstances turned you to the dark side towards relationship and family ???

          • eattot

            i am bad???
            i am very kind hearted…and very good to friends…
            i am just a bit out of the range, i like to look for fun, for new, and i am not like most chinese girls or even guys, i do not put myself into any frame.
            that’s it!
            i was always called super talented kinda person. my father never rules me by any chinese old shit. even i told him, i do not wanna get married at all, he just said, it’s ok, as long as u like it. my mother also the same.

          • coala banana

            you mixed something up eattot, my reply was to notorious (the small fat girl in the picture)….you are some sort of chinese female Zorro….I like the mask, the picture is cool and your look is interesting…

            anyway, I am glad to hear that you can think for yourself and are open minded….

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘Hope our goddess sister will make the right steps in life, and not fall victim to the unwritten rules [casting couch] of government officials or leaders.’

    Too simple, too naive…how does this guy think she got the job in the first place?

  • lonetrey

    She really is average. I don’t mean that as an insult, but in the way that I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    She’s good looking… and? Good for her.

    Does the chinese internet explode at the sight of Sora Aoi? Or any female celebrity/actress/whatever?

    • donscarletti

      Does the chinese internet explode at the sight of Sora Aoi?
      Well, not from just the sight, no. Most men need to rub it a bit first as well, not sure about you.

    • ProudlyChinese

      She is not average. As a regular clubber in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore. I can tell you that she is at least a 8/10. Or maybe you are not Chinese to appreciate our beauties.

      What is so bad about these stories becoming news? I am happy that Chinese news are not as cynical as the news in the West. The westerners are only interested in bad and negative news that’s why the society is more cynical.

  • Johnny Basic

    To all the people not getting why she’s being considered hot:

    It comes down to the laughable weakness of Chinese men. As well as looking pretty by Chinese standards, that doe-eyed look she has makes her looks like she’s unaware of the fact there’s a hole between her legs, and therefore that she won’t laugh at their fumbling attempts to last longer than 2 minutes in the sack.

    All the stuff about her being elegant, her heart being beautiful, being a campus flower, and all that other soppy rubbish, is basically Chinese men collectively saying ‘I am intimidated by any woman who looks like she has a sexuality’.


    • donscarletti

      She’s well aware of that. Beautiful girls are chased by men, both desirable and repugnant from an early age, nobody is more aware of their sexuality.

      Pure does not necessarily mean virgin, a woman who fucks the man she loves but does not fuck her boss is also pure. Lots of pure looking girls are of course very much not so, it is hard to tell from appearances, but the fact that she’s teaching English, rather than being a kept mistress is a hint in that direction.

      I think you basically wanted to have a dig at Chinese men because this girl is not to your taste.

      • notorious

        you know what’s sad? That this young woman has had her privacy not only invaded but has had her looks question. Oy!

        • donscarletti

          Instead of questioning her looks, I’ll answer.

          Scores 9.5/10, very pretty.

          Thanks for putting your picture back up, it’s lovely too. Maybe not as nice as this Cantonese candyapple, but then again, one does not have to compose as well as Mozart to get a certified platinum record, so I say such things are neither here nor there.

          • notorious

            Well… thank you for the left handed compliment for what it’s worth lol buuuut I didn’t put that picture up. Do you see something where I have on black and there’s a camera next to me? yeah. It just kind of appeared there. I put up a picture of myself in a car where you can’t even see my face but for some reason this old picture is there. I don’t know how to get rid of it. It’s not even on gravatar and hasn’t been in a month or two so I dont know how it’s here lol wish it would be gone.

          • donscarletti

            You mean “back handed” maybe? I’m not sure if it’s even that, maybe poorly delivered is all.

            The ironic thing is, my boss thinks I’m good with the ladies and should do some recruitment tomorrow. Basically I must do the things I would normally do to sleep with a woman, but instead of pulling my dick out at the end, pull out an employment contract for her to sign. I figure the most important thing is, not saying anything remotely similar to anything I have ever posted here and I should be fine.

          • notorious

            what? Are you charming ladies into taking employment :) IT should be the other way around, they applicant should charm you! And we call it a left handed or a back handed compliment and no worries, trust me I am not brazen enough to compete with the supple young beauty of a girl likely 15 – 20 years my junior lol

      • Johnny Basic

        I’m sure she’s well aware of it, it’s the creepy Chinese men who’d like to hope that she isn’t. In fact, I bet she uses it to very good effect when she’s strategically banging the campus Party Secretary or the dean of the English faculty.

        Just because she’s not a stereotypical kept mistress with a 8k rmb handbag doesn’t mean she’s chosen the straight and narrow. Far from it. If you think she’s got her position purely on merit without sexual favours being involved…well, let’s just say you’re considerably more optimistic than me.

        You got 1 out of 2 right in the final sentence – I think she’s very pretty.

        • ProudlyChinese

          Johny Basic – Why can’t a beautiful Chinese woman get her job by merit?

          I have seen many beautiful (mainland or overseas) Chinese women who graduates from top universities in United Kingdom, United States and get proper high-income jobs. One of them? My elder sister is a LLB graduate from a top university in UK and she is beautiful. She is a lawyer in Singapore and is within the top 10% of income quintile of Singapore.

          You must be an ugly douche with a low-income career that has been rejected by too many Chinese women to make such generalization of beautiful Chinese woman. Don’t be jealous and envious if you can’t get a piece of the pie. Improve yourself loser….

          • Alan

            Because in a kleptocracy, only the few can gain,as a certain high ranking officialdom case has recently proved.

    • White Thrash

      muahaha, so true

    • DAK

      If Chinese become too strong you will cry about it. Oh, you and your government already do. Why are these racist whites feel so superior and yet feel so insecure to need to talk crap? Oh wait, we are not racist, we just elected a back president! The same president whose pastor proclaim God will damn White America!

    • A GUY

      @ JB.

      What you really mean is. JB insecure, JB fat and feel bigger than Chinese people, maybe this JB chance to feel not pathetic.


      She is kinda pretty. I don’t like Chinese girls very often, but she really is pretty.


      • notorious

        Guy, I thought your girlfriend was from China?

        • A GUY

          No I am married and I have never dated a Chinese girl.

    • Stu

      I got the same impression about her appeal. She’s non-threatening. But your shitty generalisations about ‘Chinese men’ are really, really shitty.

    • bscalled

      i like how johnny basic claims, “Fact”, at the end of his post like people will actually believe him just because he wrote it down.

  • A gawd dang Mongolian

    I think she looks nice and all but this…obsession over her is a bit disturbing.

  • Dat Ankle

    Shes pretty but the way Chinese people glorify regular people doing regular things/working creeps me out. All this “Goddess Sister”, “Police Flower”, and things like that tells nothing of who she is and how good she is at her job except that her beauty is valued more then exactly how well her work actually is. Yeah students are going to class more but they fail to say whether her students are passing. Ah well, whatcha gonna do ’bout it?

    • dconn


    • Lwcasu

      Part of being good as an English teacher is your personality. If you read this article, they described her as good on the inside, so you should assume she is easy to talk to, something that is very important when teaching a foreign language.

      Also, if she is good on the inside, then she probably cares more about her students, and prepares well. A lot of information you should have picked up from the context.

      The main thing I found when teaching Chinese students at the university level is they lack fluency. They know words and they know structure, however; they are scared to talk and it kills their fluency. Someone like her would be beneficial to the students.

      I once knew an old woman from Denmark who was rather mean. Her students hated her class and didn’t want to talk to her. Was her teaching method good? In my opinion, she knew her stuff, but she was so ugly on the inside, that none of her students benefited from her class. She probably caused more harm then good.

      And the last thing I’d like to say is beauty is subjective. What I like, maybe you don’t like and vise versa.

  • jiayi

    Oh my god I am honestly so embarrassed for you Chinese men right now. I guess if you’re into that type, she’s bangable, but she’s no bloody oil painting. There are so many smoking beautiful, I mean perfect 10, Chinese girls you see walking down almost any random street. But if they don’t look like a corpse-white, bow legged ironing board with massive terrifying possessed black eyes dressed in nothing but white and baby pink, they are considered too threatening to most Chinese males. And taking pictures from afar with your camera phone is too fucking far. Man up niggas.

    • Johnny Basic


    • coala banana

      well, for one reason i am not embarrassed for chinese men, and never will be…but i agree with the rest !

  • notorious

    She does have an ethereal beauty about her. Both girls with the umbrella have an ethereal elegance in their appearance.

    • coala banana

      shit, both girls are elegant my ass….one is pretty and the other one is her ugly agent, manager, friend she don’t have to fear cause she is no competition for her…the ugly one enjoys to stay close to her so she can too be in the spotlight from time to time….

      when i was younger, I always had a good bunch of “friends” hanging out with me, cause they knew that when they stay with me, their chances to meet friends of my GFs were much better….i was open minded and the fact that i had my small cock sucked out by a 35-40 year old women when i was just 14 made me some sort of hero for them. The whole school knew that i was going to fuck a real women after school…this also attracted over girls. For whatever reason kids are impressed by that sort of shit….and other girls preferred the one with former experience…fuck, thinking back, I probably owe everything to this first women 26 years ago….

      • notorious

        im sorry but which girl is the ugly one? Do you need your eyes checked? I find it amazing that some of yhou guys have such high standards and so undeservedly.

        • coala banana

          no, comparing both girl in the picture and you, then it becomes obvious that you could be even more ugly then her ugly friend….you look kinda fatty, and even half breeds look often nice and cute, you could be the exception to this rule. If you would be a nice looking chick, then you wouldn’t spend so much time on this forum and would be occupied by some cocks in your life, since that is not the case ???

          My excuse is that i just spoil some time, cause i don’t like to work and will be out of this shithole and right into another shithole in about 2 months.

          The girl is pretty no question, but the other girl and you are ugly compared to her….thats a fact ! and don’t fucking deny it !!!!

  • lxpatterson

    Man, mainland guys are too creepy. Yeah cute, not sure if it’s exactly something that’s worth putting in the paper…must be a slow day in guangzhou.


    I’m really not a fan of Asian chicks but I gotta admit in the 1st , 2nd and last pics she just looks absolutely STUNNING……..

  • A GUY

    Song of the Article:

    Pretty Pink Ribbon (Cake)

  • The Kid


    1 – for this even making news
    2 – for her crazy teeth and average peasant looks

  • FYIADragoon

    So about that 71.4% rate on premarital sex, and the promiscuity of Chinese women exposed to foreigners for too long….

  • Jing

    She is quite attractive, but her body looks like a prepubescent boy *throws her a chicken sandwhich*.

    • fairytale

      I love the chinese bodies. They look beautiful in a slim, shapely way with lovely curves as if they came out from some legendary book.

  • notorious

    What I also find disturbing about this article is how willing he was to victimise someone from his own country when they should be helping each other while away to a foreign land.

  • reaver

    Nice stalker photos.

    • Lila

      I agree! XD

  • Peter Barefoot

    Cute little girl, not my type though. My college teacher used to told me that when you look at a beautiful person long enough, eventually he/she will become mediocre. I think it applies to her.

    • notorious

      there;s an old expression I heard once… “show me a beautiful woman and i’ll show you a guy that’s tired of F**** her. ” – something like that. doesn’t know how true it is but would show that men have the attention span of a gnat.

  • Am an anonymous boy…

    I wonder…is she the 100% perfect girl for me? Would we ever meet one April morning? = )

    I like that her ears are centered right about at her eyes…and that her imperfect smile is like an off-white Lexus..her neck is just about perfect…flowing like a nearly dry river in late autumn…

    Who cares…about her weight…beauty is boundless…

    Most importantly, would she burn down all the world’s forest for me?

    • eattot

      your drunk or just has some mental problem?
      once i noticed any guy on my qq is like this, delete directly without any thinking.
      so called poet guys only make me vomit.
      men should be tough, should be direct, should be like a man.

      • Am an anonymous boy…

        Oh brother… I will think of you as very sweet girl who just misunderstands me… Directly, don’t be so rash though…

      • Niels

        Poetry (chinese in particular) is among the most beautiful things human mind has created. No woman will ever puke if you ask her for a conversation about Li Qingzhao, in fact she will send you a smile and start playing her part.
        I agree with you that men should be tough and direct. Being able to start a conversation with a woman you have never seen before does make you a real man.

      • Rob

        umm eattot, a guy does not have to be tough to walk up and talk to people, especially girls/women and you say poetry makes you puke ?? from what I gather style in the Chinese (and Japanese) languages to me is very poetic, it just does NOT translate to well into the bastedised language ‘English’ (sadly this is the only language I know sorry). It has a very epic way of saying things, lots of proverbs links to nature etc given to words make it very poetic indeed (Chinese Japanese etc) ‘english’ on teh other hand is just a mish mosh of different languages, cut up and pasted together and over the ages it is now what we see it today…no purity

      • You are disgusting and have no respect, grow up.

  • steve

    does someone have her phone number then

  • Rob

    She is gorgeous, I don’t speak chinese but if she taught it I would go to every class

    • Rob

      Also why are we all obsessed over what nationality she is, I see a beautiful woman no matter what, and yes I am a typical male but I also see beauty beyond the skin we have made ourselves vain over time, I myself look like a smashed crab (well I see myself as such) but geeeez come on the whole story of this girl is about her teaching people, so what she is pretty (but I would still go to every class if she decided to start teaching Chinese)

  • Made In World

    I think I like her just cuz she’s not making that stupid V sign with her fingers

  • Andy

    How can she be beautiful – she’s flat chested !

  • faireqch

    Mr Banana occasionally offers some interesting opinions. But it makes me sad seeing him try to convince people. And he becomes less interesting when he talks too much …

  • Mao’s Dong

    She’s cute… but her pussy is still just a pussy.

    All women bleed the same colour.

    • Dong’s Moa

      All young female teachers look “beautiful” when you are young and romantic… true or false?

  • ukman

    Wow what a waste of space there are millions of beautiful women in your country why highlight just one of them?

  • David_usa

    I think this was a wonderful article. There are many ways a teacher can motivate their students to learn such as, having an interactive teaching method, being enthusiastic and encouraging and having charisma. Beautiful teachers like Lin are very charismatic. The most important thing is that she will inspire many students to learn.

  • ChinaMan

    I want her QQ. Anybody can share…hehe

  • Han

    Why don’t Chinese school hire people like her instead of sore white trash losers?

    • Marcellus Wallace

      Because she will find it difficult to understand certain things such as sarcasm. There are many aspects of a language that only a native speaker or someone who has experienced the culture for some time will grasp. Reading books and going to school just doesn’t teach you these things. Try to be sarcastic in English to a Chinese person and 99% of the time they will not get it.

  • Lila