Sex Diary Official Praised By Netizens Sentenced To 13 Years

Han Feng, a government official in Guangxi, China, was sentenced to 13 years in jail for accepting bribes.

Earlier this year in March, we translated and reported on a Chinese government official in Guangxhi whose private diary was leaked onto the internet in a post titled: “Sex Diary Exposes Government Official’s Debauchery“. In the diary, the government official kept detailed entries about boring things like the daily weather conditions as well as the women he was having sexual relations with and the bribes he accepted. Here is an update:

From NetEase:

Guangxi  “diary-keeping bureau chief” Han Feng sentenced to 13 years for accepting bribes

Summary: Guangxi Tobacco Chief Han Feng attracted attention after his diary spread on the internet, with the diary describing improper amorous relationships and financial exchanges [bribery]. In March, Han Feng was arrested on charges of accepting bribes, and on December 14th, was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment, confiscation of 100,000 [yuan/RMB] in personal property, and recovery of 69,500 in illegally obtained money.

Han Feng, Guangxi Tobacco Bureau Chief convicted of taking bribes and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

At the time, many Chinese netizens were amused by the news and details of Han Feng’s corruption. Compared to the popular image of China’s government officials being extremely corrupt, Han Feng appeared to be so much less corrupt that he could be considered a “good” official and that the country would be better if more officials were like him. This sentiment remains, as can be seen in the translated comments below:

Comments from NetEase:


I feel sorry for Chief Han, nothing happened to Li Gang. Good luck Chief Han.

[Li Gang refers to a recent incident where the son of a government official hit and killed a girl while driving drunk. When stopped and confronted by witnesses, he boasted that his father is Li Gang (a government official) and dared them to sue him. Eventually, his father compensated the victim’s family and the son does not appear to be facing any other consequences.]


Sigh, our good bureau chief! Not worth it!


In the north is Chief Han Feng, in the south, Edison Chen.

[North refers to mainland China, while south refers to Hong Kong]


One goes in [to jail], but there will still be many many more people like him!!!


This person definitely didn’t have connections/guanxi.


He was screwed [by others, maybe those who leaked his diary]. Han Feng, overall, was a good person and a good official [but is caught, whereas] the bunch of bad guys [corrupt officials] succeed. (After serving as an official for tens of years, only finding 100,000 yuan, is that even a big deal? These days, which bastard [government official] isn’t embezzling millions to tens of millions?) In this society, the good guys don’t survive while the bad guys live forever.


Reading someone else’s diary is illegal…Chief Han, Chief Han, you poor thing…


Recently, Guangxi Tobacco Bureau Chief Han Feng’s diary has been very popular, and in an age where the internet is filled with sex photos and videos [sex scandals], for something like this written by a real person to suddenly appear  is like a fresh spring breeze. This should be the literary work with the most literary and social value of 2010. After reading the bureau chief’s diary, I feel we shouldn’t persecute this bureau chief. If we assume that the bureau chief’s diary is true, I am willing to say he was actually a good cadre [government official].

1. Over half a year, this cadre only accepted 60,000 yuan in bribes. This is the first time in recent years I have seen 5 digits associated with the word “bribe”. Where can one find such an honest bureau chief these days?

2. Amongst the women he has philandered, are currently philandering, have steadily philandered, or are waiting to be philandered, not a single one of them were of the “kept mistress” type [financially provided for entirely by the man].

3. This bureau chief doesn’t gamble, doesn’t go whoring, doesn’t bribe his superiors. When he was in public applying for a SIM card, he stood in line [without queue-jumping], and he stood in line for 2 hours.

4. In his diary, we see a national cadre who pursue girls at the lowest cost possible. While other cadres were giving their mistresses houses and cars, the most expensive gift he gave his own woman was a mobile phone or mp4 player. On this point, not only does it show that this bureau chief is not bad, it also shows that his women are also not bad. If we had more of these kind of men and women, think of how much money our country could save each year.

5. Each year, he only drank 89 times. I know a lot of village cadres who will drink over 365 times per year. However, he got drunk many times, his alcohol tolerance is only average, so he has not achieved a requirement for the country’s cadres. This is his most serious crime, seriously tarnishing the image of the public servant.

6. Though he has cheated on his wife many times, he still went strolling and spent time with his wife 25 times, bought his father a mobile phone, and there was no signs in his diary that he exploited his position for the benefit of his relatives.

7. He knows how to install his own computer software, enjoys electronics, enjoys photography, enjoys exercise, uses a microblog, thus can be considered to be a leader who is with the times.

8. In his diary, we do not see the pursuit of luxury cars, luxury houses, and art collecting that is typical of our country’s cadres. In fact, he doesn’t even have the notion of such, just quietly playing with his mobile phone and computer. In the diary, he even wrote: “Bought 160 yuan earphones today, they’re really good!” What a content cadre.

9. As for his work…though we don’t see any work carried out by this leader, as a “干部” [gan bu, cadre], as long as his fucked [干了, gan le] his subordinates [部下, bu xia], then he fulfilled the meaning of a “干部”.


Though everyone is being sarcastic and joking, even if we were being serious, he still shouldn’t have been given 13 years. Was his crime bigger than Li Gang”s?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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