Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Goodwill Hostesses In Training

Chinese girls standing at attention, rehearsing for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Chinese girls rehearsing for the Guangzhou Asian Games ceremonies.

From Mop:

[Preparations for the] Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies; look at this orderly and uniform military training!

On October 2, the “goodwill hostesses” for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian games have begun their military training under the guidance of an drill sergeant. The selection of the Guangzhou Asian Games goodwill hostesses for the opening and closing ceremonies took place at Guangzhou’s Changlong holiday resort, with the 100 goodwill hostess candidates selected from across the country in 13 different competition areas undergoing 15 days of training, with 45 of them going on to become the goodwill hostesses that will lead participating delegations as they enter the stadiums during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Military drill instructors ensure that the girls are perfectly uniform.

Chinese girls standing at attention, rehearsing for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Orderly rows of Chinese girls practicing for the Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies.

Ceremonial girls holding up the Guangzhou Asian Games mascot.

A row of Chinese girls wearing purple and holding up stuffed animals of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games mascot.

Comments from Mop:


Strongly request that they all strip completely naked.


Surging [bosoms].


This photographer is awesome.


The awesomeness of the photographer lies in him making the small into big, allowing us to experience the surging [of the breasts]


[What a] magnificent sight! Such surging bosoms.


I am seasick… [carrying on the joke about surging waves]


Standardization, 3D,  uniform and orderly from every angle, even their butts could be all in line.


Just one beauty, the rest I can’t compliment.


No good, the height of their breasts are not aligned enough, they need to continue training.


The surging waves of legend.


Without makeup, there aren’t that many good lookers.


Burdensome breasts.


Fuck, their breasts are all the same size.


Straight-on they look like mountain peaks, and from the side they look like a mountain range.


This reminds me of a poem: When looking at a mountain face on, it can look like a mountain range; when looking at it from the side it can look like a peak; whether near or far or high or low, they are all different. [Taken from a poem from Su Dongpo aka Su Shi (1037-1101), it refers to the concept that objects and concepts take on different appearances and meanings from different angles and points of view]


[They are] wearing too much~~!!!


What does “TMC” mean?


[Look at] where the drill sergeant is looking in in the third picture.


Don’t want to look…don’t see any good-looking ones.


Too incredible.


Before one wave ends, another wave comes.


The drill sergeant must be hard…


Applying to become a drill sergeant.


Third to last picture has a granny in it.


Indeed very exciting [鸡动 is a pun on 激动, meaning his 鸡 (penis) is stirred].


A row of weapons [凶器 means weapons but here is also a pun for 胸 (breasts)].


Are their bras also all the same?

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