Beautiful Asian Games Hostesses Undergo “Devil-ish Training”

Standing up straight with books on head, ceremonial xiaojie practice for the Asia Games

Learning how to properly serve as a ceremonial xiaojie

Women pay a price for beauty – but what is the price for poise?  From this post on the popular Mop bulletin board we see a series of photos depicting beautiful young Chinese women preparing to act as hostesses for this year’s Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China by lining up to balance books on their heads, rehearsing dance routines, and practicing serving water – all the while maintaining a constant polite smile.  The original poster describes their preparations as severely arduous and emphasizes the oath these hostesses take in representing the face of the host country, evoking themes of national pride and the sacrifices required for such; as well, this post also raises other themes such as exploitation of the hostesses “volunteering” which is off-set by the concept of guanxi (social and business connections), as well as the standard of female beauty in China as these selected women acting as the very “face” of China all share many similar physical traits.

From Mop:

The “Devil-ish Training” of the Guangzhou Asian Games Ceremonial Xiao Jies

This is how the Asian Games ceremonial hostesses are trained, through “devil-ish training” and dripping sweet sweat!

On August 12, 2010, in preparation for the the convening of the 16th Asian Games, a graduation ceremony was held for the specialized volunteers who hand out awards at ceremonies at their own training base, located at the Southern University of Medicine in Shunde district of Guangdong province. Attending this “award ceremony for ceremonial awarders” was the standing Deputy General Secretary of the Guangzhou Asian Games organizational committee and Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou, Xu Ruisheng, as well as Dean of the Southern University of Medicine, Zheng Muming; it is in front of them that these 550 specialized volunteers took a solemn oath.

Asia Games ceremonial xiaojie in official uniforms

Ceremonial xiaojie for the Asia Games lining up in a row

Ceremonial Asia Games xiaojie balancing books on their head in a refreshing change from rote learning

Ceremonial xiaojie for the Guangzhou Asia games practice a group dance routine

Standing up straight with books on head, ceremonial xiaojie practice for the Asia Games

Asia Games ceremonial xiaojie in casual wear

ceremonial xiaojie for the Asia Games, "I am the same as everyone else, beautiful and unique!"

ceremonial xiaojie rehearsing a dance routine for the Asia Games

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Comments from Mop:

咖啡 NO 加糖:

They have really been laborious and diligent!


After the ceremony, [they will/must] sleep with others… so sad…yet another bunch of good girls [ruined/exploited]…


No tits! [written repeatedly]


As a small token of his feelings, can the LZ cut off his own JJ?


╮(╯▽╰)╭ Not bad!


I’d like to sleep with them

No matter how laborious, there are still people willing to do it.


My, ~~it isn’t easy [doing this job]!


A crash course…is it any use?


[They’re] for the leadership’s [government officials’] use.


550 pieces of abalone [euphemism for vagina/pussy].


Smiling like SBs…


Alright then, jia you, you beautiful women.


Worth it, after the Asian Games their social status will increase greatly…


My God, I see my ex-girlfriend… cups


Kunlun Mountains… [of Tibet, renowned for its pure, virginal spring water]


These girls all have “intentions” of their own.


Nice figures!


Every part of these ceremonial hostesses are good [referring to their bodies]!


[They] haven’t practiced enough. Standing, sitting, lying [down], all of them must be practiced until perfect! Otherwise the leadership [government officials] will not be satisfied!


This kind of “face” [image] project is the most niu bi. [A a “face project” or is something done by the government to improve its image.]


If this is so tough/difficult, how come there are so many people wanting to go do it…?


Beautiful girls gathered in one place, if only I could go in and live with them…


Looking at this makes me feel even more comfortable.


The leaders take them to a scheduled place for inspection; now, that’s food for thought


If I were to go, I would ruin many a good girl!

some chinese hottie


The bit of red on their chests is making me evil!


Huge is beautiful.


How come they’re not biting on chopsticks?


Their bellies are not small.


That girl with the book on her head is not bad.


Could the mineral water be from Kunlun Mountain?


How come brother [referring to self] has never seen such in Guangzhou before…?


Other than smiling, there isn’t any other expression…

Dripping sweet sweat. chinaSMACK personals.


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