Guangzhou ‘Kung Fu Master’ Fights Young Man On Bus

From NetEase:

A bus rider is getting his thirty seconds of fame. This time, there’s not only the use of profanity, it’s gone straight to the fists. On noon of the day before yesterday, a video clip called “Guangzhou Bus Uncle” was posted on numerous popular websites. In the video, a Cantonese speaking “uncle” and a young man sitting next to him fight due to the lack of air conditioning in the bus.

In the moving bus, two men suddenly started to shout at each other. Within seconds it turned into a fight on board. Nicknamed “Bus Uncle” by netizens, an older man displayed kung fu moves akin to the Wing Chun style, gaining the upper hand on the younger man. Uncle’s moves are aggressive, and netizens comment that he must have been trained in martial arts. Fortunately they had only been fighting for less than 20 seconds before they were separated by passengers. But the Uncle’s rage was not appeased, and shouted at the younger man to “get off and fight”. The young man quickly got off the bus and fled.

“He was angry that the driver didn’t turn on the a/c, I tried to placate him and he hit me.” Afterward, the Bus Uncle was still angry and described his reason to fight to the rest of the passengers. According to the automated voiceovers in the video, the incident happened near “Zhoumen” Station.

The problem of buses’ a/c being turned off has kindled agreement among netizens. “We paid for air conditioned buses, why wouldn’t they turn it on?”

Reportedly this is due to a “Gas-Saving Prize”. Currently many transportation companies have this policy. If drivers consume over the gas usage limit, they are fined, otherwise, they are given bonuses. As a result, many drivers turn off the a/c to save gas. But according to policies, if the temperature is over 26 degrees Celsius and the driver doesn’t turn on a/c, passengers can dial 96900 to report him.

Comments from NetEase:


Seems like the younger one is very innocent. If it was a fight for real, the older one doesn’t stand a chance.


The kid looks rather honest, doesn’t seem like he’s been in a lot of fights. Should avoid meeting this kind of old people.


Fuck Guangzhou. The city that I hate most.


If it was [up to] me, one of them has to die fighting. Then the buses in the entire country would turn on the a/c.


The old comrade’s kung fu is amazing! The young man has a strong build, but the old comrade took him out with only one hand. These kung fu skills are enough to make “Singapore’s Number One Master Jet Li” beg for mercy. Inspires admiration among us!


The young guy is too weak, he’s so tall and can’t even win against an uncle…


Listen carefully it’s the younger guy who used expletives first. The older one attacked because he couldn’t stand it. Of course attacking was overreacting.


I despise old guys from Guangzhou the most…


Those of you that don’t know Cantonese and “hate Guangzhou” stop your ignorant commenting. The young one complained that the a/c wasn’t cold enough. Uncle told him: don’t be so ill tempered, the driver has to drive. The guy started to use profane words, Uncle then started to hit him.
ps: I really hate all of those “hate Guangzhou” fucks.


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