Guangzhou Students Lift Up Shirts To Protest Long Speech?

Students lying chest bare on the ground in front of the stage protesting a long boring speech.

Students lying chest bare on the ground in front of the stage protesting a long boring speech.

From Tiexue:

Niu! Large group of students expose themselves in front of the crowd in protest of the school official making a boring speech, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts admits such an incident happened

Yesterday at the opening ceremony for the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts “Undergraduates’ Works Exhibition in 2011”, as school leaders [school officials] spoke on stage, a group of students suddenly appeared, lifted up their shirts and lied down on the ground, “protesting that the speaking time was too long”. The school’s propaganda department [publicity department] confirmed with this reporter that this incident did indeed happen but was not willing to disclose details about the circumstances.

The entire incident unfolded like this:

Waiting for the school president to speak.

A crowd of spectators at the Guangzhou Academy of Arts 2011 undergraduate exhibition.

The school president gets on stage, and even kicks the microphone over.

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts school official on stage, knocking over a microphone.

Fortunately he is experienced, remains composed, and the more he talked, the more he got into it, speaking on and on…

A Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts school official giving a long, boring speech during the 2011 graduation ceremony.

Suddenly, a group of of white creatures invaded the scene.

Students wearing white t-shirts gather in front of the stage.

In unison, they took off their clothes on the spot…

Guangzhou students lifting up their t-shirts over their heads in protest of the long, boring speech.

…then lied down like dead dogs, disgusting the lousy school president.

Students lying chest bare on the ground in front of the stage protesting a long boring speech.

There in front of the stage, they tossed and turned bare-chested, protesting that the speech was long-winded and boring.

Students lying half naked in front of the stage protesting the boring speech by the school official.

The school president did not lose his cool as a high official and continued to ramble on…

Unfazed, the school official continues with his speech.

Fuck! The ground is a little cold and the brothers [they, referring to the young men] are also tired of lying down, so one after another they got up.

The protesting students get up, having failed.

The brothers might as well leave, because persisting until the speech is over will result in rheumatism! Withdraw!

The protesting students, shirts still over their heads, leave the scene.

The big bearded school president continued talking cheerfully, finishing his lecture/speech.

The school official finally finishes his speech.

Finally…the ceremony ended, bye bye!

A photo after the crowd has dispersed and the ceremony ended.

Comments from Tiexue:


Students these days sure are daring.


To tell the truth, Guangzhou people are still at the forefront of China. This school has potential!


Those in the arts definitely have personality, this is clearly performance art!


Those in the arts all more or less have some ideas/creativity. They more or less all want to do something unique and special. However, brother [referring to self] is in design, not art, and brother’s thinking is firmly within creating limitless good.


I think this is a kind of progress.

Comments from Sohu:


These days when the leaders give speeches, one can listen all day and still not know what they’re talking about, full of bullshit and nonsense, suffering from severe bureaucratization.


In the future throw a firecracker on stage, then see how long he’ll keep talking on stage.


School leader being pretentious.


Shows how Guangzhou really is a comparatively free and easy-going city, that everyone can have some fun during graduation, expressing their own opinion in an easy-going manner. This kind of easy-going and humorous method is something both sides can comfortably accept.


We’re about to enter the gaokao [college entrance examinations] and student recruiting time of the year, and this school producing this kind of news is essentially a publicity stunt to achieve their recruitment objectives.


What I want to say is: If you guys don’t know what happened, then don’t just make up random reports. As the news media, shouldn’t you guys have the most basic conscience, the most basic morals… If all day you guys only know how to use some bullshit articles to fool the masses, sooner or later you guys will get your just desserts… Isn’t it you guys who spend all day saying China’s art and design are worse than Europe and America, worse than Japan, how others do this and that, whereas us who work hard to learn are working hard to make China’s art and design better day by day. But this attitude towards careless reporting by you guys is guiding the masses who don’t know the truth to viciously attack the hardworking children of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts… It wasn’t because were were unsatisfied with our school president, no… on the contrary, our actions were a kind of respect, a kind of performance art… [See below for more explanation]


This has nothing to do with the [school] leaders. At Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the student would only do something exploratory like this in front of the more enlightened teachers.
Here I want to reiterate that this was art.


So-called art these days is either nudity or exposure, seems to be all their parents have given them.

On Youku:

Shoot dead the school leader [official]

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 2011 Graduation Ceremony, the most shocking artistic piece.

In the video, the students approached the stage as the school official just began addressing the audience. They “shoot” the official and fall down “dead”, at which point the school official also says they can get up now and then proceeds with his speech. Many of the comments on Youku simply think the entire act was stupid and did not have any real meaning.

The video suggests that the students were not protesting a long or boring speech, but that is what many media and netizens have “reported”.


Written by Fauna

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