Guangzhou Wife Cuts Off Cheating Husband’s Penis


From Shanghaiist:

“The Lorena Bobbit of Guangzhou”

Heating up the Netease forums is this sorrowful story: a Guangdong husband brazenly brought his affair back home after 10 years of marriage. If that wasn’t enough, he even made love to his mistress in front of his wife and requested her to sleep with them.

This 37-year-old wife, Mrs. Xie, couldn’t stand her husband’s behavior but all her objections only brought her curses, beatings and denial by her husband. Angrily, Mrs. Xie waited until her husband had fallen asleep and snipped his penis off while he was sleeping.

Yesterday, Dongwan No. 1 Court of Law sentenced Mrs. Xie 10 years of prison for her crime. After the judgment, Mrs. Xie could not stop crying and said, “I could always think about when we (me and my husband) worked hard together. I am very worried about my 3 children. I owe them.”

The aggressive behavior by both husband and wife triggered a huge discussion on the internet. Many netizens did not agree with the court’s judgment, arguing that the conviction was too heavy.

网易北京网友 [johnson176]:

(The court) Condemned too strong. Just divorce them is okay.




This incident was real? If it is, then the court judged too heavy. Did the husband just have an affair? He even brought his affair back home and had sex in front of his wife, can I ask, who can withstand this? 10 years? Can I please ask how the court finally decided on that?


The genital was cut. This is grievous bodily injury. A sentence of prison is needed; but it is forgivable, the court should give a light judgement.


If that was me, I would feed the dog with his penis!

Some others went a step further, pointing out that the husband should be judged too because of having affairs openly.

This man should be under the charge of pruriency. Why didn’t the court judge him? What the hell is this court?”

“How about that man? No laws against him?”

We feel very bad for Mrs. Xie and hope that this kind of incident will not happen in the future. What would you have done if confronted with a husband who cheated right in front of you?

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  • yb

    Ok, so she cuts off some cheating dude’s penis and she gets 10 years, and this little Hangzhou prick who killed a pedestrian by speeding like a jackass gets 3 years. Yeah. When’s that Rule of Law due for, again ?

    • Eva

      Well put. Where there are laws there are weaknesses and unfairness.10 years is too much for the victim wife, and the husband is sort of be at large except that hs thing is gone, lol

      • Ronaldo Santos

        The man was castrated and you said “too much”? The was condemned for the rest of his life. She is not victim but a sadistic monster and so are you.

  • John Doe

    I think an should snap out of it and the wife should not be such a bitch about it. Every man (who has cash) has a little wife or two.

  • p0nti

    What do we learn from it?
    Stay faithful.. :D

    What to do about cheating bitches?
    What to cut them off?!

  • krdr

    It happens all the time on west. Guy want threesome, and wife take a knife (or garden scissors) and…

    Main question is: Did she cut-off it in affection or she planed it.

    I think that sentence is too harsh. Maybe judges wantes to discourage other wives from similar action.

    • John Doe

      I think she got what she deserved. After all its the “Willy” missing. I would rather spend 10 year in Chinese jail then miss my “get over here bitch” thing…

      • Eva

        Dude mind you that you can’t do that during the 10-year jail life….even with your thing. Sorry i forget that you can do yourself…

      • warrior

        I agree. What if we switch that around.. as punishment the lady coul’ve gotten her breasts and vagina mutilated too. See if the a woman would like that. She was a bit too vulgar i think. man , that’s gruesome..husband probably wants revenge. hah.

        • Ronaldo Santos

          the man have the right to vegeance.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      You are stupid or not a man. too harsh? the fuckin sadistic bitch cut-off the man penis. Why a judge could wanted to discourage other wifes from similar action? Its logical or do you think this kind of behavior must be stimulated? Its monstrous.

  • Markus

    Chinese Lorena Bobbitt ;-)

    Bobbitt was sent to a mental hospital for 45 days and then released. Compare this to the 10 year sentence in this case…

    I guess the judge (and other important people) intended to state an example, deterring their wifes from doing likewise, after all almost all people of money and/or importance in China have their girlfriends, “little wifes”, often more than just one —

  • 888Ch

    is divorce legal in China??

  • Tito

    The wife deserves it… genital destruction (to any man or woman) should be sentenced into at least 10 years… because its effect would influence the victim’s life badly.

    but I think the man should bring into trial too for domestic violence…

    @author: if you just feel sorry for Mrs. Xie… I feel sorry and also condemn both.. because both of them do bad things, and both of them are also suffered.

    • C

      ” because its effect would influence the victim’s life badly.”

      What about the wife? Her life hasn’t been influenced badly?

      • Tito

        Well, if my wife having sex in front of me, it will definitely give negative effect to my emotional feelings.. and could effect my life too…

        but, is that mean that I have a right to stab her vagina with a knife, or splash acid water to her face? if I do such things (although my wife is cheating in front of me), I think 10 years in prison is too light sentence.. compared with the suffering that she might carry for the rest of her life due to physical damage…

        *sorry for my bad grammar*

        • Buea

          You are right. The sentence was too light. She should have just divorced him. But she acted violent and should go to jail where she belongs.

  • Beppe

    I think she missed the balls! If so she did a bad job, that is probably why the judge got stiff. Bad job should be punished.

  • mike

    if this happened to every guy that cheats, china would be a country of eunuchs..

  • lee


  • 3rd

    katsinggg!!!!! nice cut Mrs. Xie…

  • LOL, he so deserved it.
    woooh, go mrs. xie.

  • occeo

    That scum of a husband deserved it. Cheating in front of his wife and asking her to join in…wtf has this world come to?

  • Camela

    Serves him right!

    To those who thinks the wife’s a “bitch” for doing this: it’s not like he made one little mistake and she snipped his pecker off right away. Read the whole story. She did try to do the sane thing and just get a divorce first, but the asshole beat her when she tried. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a long history of ongoing domestic abuse. This is a case of a victim snapping after being pushed too far by an aggressor. As grisly as cases like this are, I can’t help but feel some grim satisfaction reading about them.

    People probably aren’t too far off in guessing that the judge(s) have mistresses themselves. Though, if I’m reading the sentence correctly, there is a chance she can get out on good behavior earlier than in 10 years, which would make it not as harsh a sentence as it appears.

    As for why he wasn’t brought to court and charged for his crimes… I guess people figure he “suffered enough”. Which, I guess – yeah. But if we’re using “suffered enough” as an excuse not to punish someone, then I think the wife also “suffered enough”.

    I thought there were many more males than females in China. How are there enough women to go around for what seems like nearly every man to have more than one?

  • Camela

    Oh, and I just wanted to add this comment I read in that comment section from the link:

    “He’s bred too much already! Then he would have bred more with more women! She’s doing a public service by cutting it off!”

    Awesome. I totally LOLed at that.

  • Den

    I have to believe that most of the recent “yay Mrs Xie” morons are actually the same person posting under different names. People tend to have slightly more brains than that on the whole.

    Both men and women cheat fairly equally (basically if the percentage for men is higher, it isn’t nearly as much as many would believe). So, if the genders were reversed, and a wife was cheating on a man, and he cut off her breasts for example, or even one of them, or grievously damaged her genitals, that would be ok?

    Anyone who thinks what she did is ok is a poisonous human being and completely fucking retarded. 10 years sounds about right, if not a little on the lenient side.

  • Camela

    I don’t know about the others, but I’m only posting under this one name. I’m pleasantly surprised at the response on the Chinese forums. I thought for sure it’d be full of comments condemning the woman.

    For Den’s hypothetical gender-reversed scenario to be actually equal to what happened in the Xie case, the cheating woman would also have to bring the other man home and have sex with him in front of her husband, try to force her husband to join in even though he really doesn’t want to, then she would have to beat the husband up when he suggests a divorce.

    Anyone humiliated and beaten down, abused emotionally and physically – they have my sympathies regardless of gender. There are indeed cases of abused men, and if anything should happen to their abusers, I can’t say I’d be too broken up about that, either.

    Is it dark to have a sense of schadenfreude over mutilation of people, even when it happens to vile people? Sure. Poisonous and retarded? Those words are a better fit for people who abuse their spouses.

  • Den

    This whole “abused” angle sounds like bullshit to me. A woman who is chronically abused by a husband is generally beaten down emotionally and far too terrified to do ANYTHING remotely like what she did. A truly abusive husband would have outright killed her (and yes, there are such cases, for far less than what this woman did). Further, a truly abused woman would not have the sense of pride/outrage over this supposed threesome thing, certainly not enough to flip out and do this. And this was not an act of sudden passion or rage. This was a cold. premeditated act. She planned it methodically, waited till he was drunk and asleep, and did it. Most of the “defense” in her favor (and so far I have heard laughably little that is valid) is just spun and/or lawyer-manufactured.

    Again, the morons cheering this kind of shit on are exactly the type that destroy years of work against male spousal abuse toward their wives/girlfriends/mothers/whatever. Especially in a male-dominated (and frankly outright chauvinistic) culture like in China. You fucking idiots that think this is “just” have no sense of what it means, or what you’re talking about.

  • Camela

    Please cite some sources for that alternate story. I realize going only by the story in the linked article might not be 100% reliable, but unless you show me something else (accounts by other eye witnesses?), it’s all I have to go on. And honestly? Even though it’s premeditated – come on, she didn’t plan it with a sane mind. She planned it after she went coco for coca puffs.

    What drove her over the edge? Well… seriously, I don’t find the story as told farfetched at all. Not every abuser abuse in the exact same way, and not every person who was abused react to it in the same way. Anyway, the article says she ran after cutting his penis off, so maybe he would have killed her if she didn’t run.

    Though the story, upon closer inspection, is odd at that point, considering she claims he threatened to kill the children before… and where are the children when she’s performing the dismemberment? If she left them with the husband and he didn’t harm them when he could have, then okay, you might be onto something. But I don’t have any information on that, so I can only leave that at “if”.

    I’ll adjust my opinion to: if she’s telling the truth, then the pecker removal couldn’t have happened to a better guy, she’s still nuts, but I have sympathy for what she’s been through; and if she’s lying about everything, then this story is indeed nothing but messed up. It’s hard to phantom someone doing something this extreme without extreme mitigating circumstances, but I will concede anything is possible, as unlikely as it may seem.

    I don’t presume to know for certain one way or the other. And I certainly won’t resort to name-calling people who have a different point of view. Why not just explain whatever it is that you think people don’t know about how this will undo “years of work against male spousal abuse”? You may very well have a point, but it’s hard to tell what it is when it’s put across like that. Please, do enlighten instead of insult. You’ll find that people might be more inclined to agree with you.

  • Den

    Sigh. It’s not rocket science. Male-oriented misogyny may be politically acceptable, if not in vogue right now, but you are deluding yourself if you think it is anything but a political tide. People in power who have tended to abuse others simply by way of that power imbalance, don’t need a whole lot to latch onto as an excuse to continue or escalate that abuse. And in relationships a lot of that power tends to be physical, and like it or not as a general rule, men tend to have greater physical strength. Historically, men have tended to abuse women, not vice-versa, most especially in China. Now it may make you feel good to sit in your chair and cheer this kind of horrific crime on as some kind of vindication for whatever in your past your obvious misogyny took root in, but the colder harder fact is that the more this is openly endorsed, the more it will hurt *women*, and not men, in the long run.

    And everything, EVERYTHING I have said aside, in this story as told, on one side you have a woman who was purportedly “abused” and cheated on, and then asked to engage in a threesome with the other woman. On the other, you have a man whose genitals were cut off. The two are not *remotely* comparable! Anyone who thinks they are, or who genuinely needs to be explained why they aren’t, isn’t worth the effort to “enlighten” or to coax into agreement.

    • Bill Dan


      You are arguing with a man hater who laughs ate such things. She would love nothing other than for wome to ave to right to chop off penises with impunity. Do not wast your intellect here.

  • Pongo

    Stupid motherf*cker Den..i’m a guy and i respect women,and so should every guys in this world..
    This world is becoming hell mainly because of this kind of guy..
    I admire this woman (well cuttig off the penis is a bid too far but at least she’ll not have to support to be tortured by those scenes infront of her during her whole life)..imo she got the courage to do what many other women(whose facing the same problem)wish to do..

    • Recee

      my husband cheated on me, he left 2 weeks ago and im 4 months pregnant. I would do the samething if i was in her position. i wish i could do it to my husband.

  • sam

    oh oh another one bit the dust

  • He deserves it. Any man in their right man that has a married woman at home and you bring your mistress to our home and then ask me to join you in a threesome…no way. I would have cut his balls and dick off and stuffed it in his mouth.

    Let us see how much sex he can have then…

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  • James

    This is just messed up

    And all who agrees with MRS XIE really needs help

    Yes cheating is not right and could cause a lot of hurt

    but that is just messed up to think ANYONE has the right to cut off/ mutiliate ANYONE in that manner

    There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for anybody to vent WHATEVER hatred they have for men

    For yes some of us may have hurt you, but you can not judge all of us, for ALL of us are NOT the same

    to all those who agree with MRS XIE

    How would you feel if a man responds to a cheating wife by cutting her breast off???

    Yes it is THAT MESSED UP and only SICK people would agree to such things

    • C

      You have not (and I hope never will) experienced being cheated on. You may still have the same opinion, but I think you should reserve your opinion after you experience something like that.
      And the sick bastard wasn’t even just cheating with his wife after work or sleeping over at the mistress’s house. He brought her INTO the house and OPENLY FLAUNTED his “prize” in front of his wife…even asking her to join them. It really is sick.

      I’m not trying to change your opinion, but consider the other perspective too.

      • Tito

        I HAVE been cheated on. I have experience it. and I have no thought of doing physical attack on her…

        He brought her INTO the house and OPENLY FLAUNTED his “prize” in front of his wife…even asking her to join them. It really is sick. <<< I agree it is really sick… but is this give her right to do physical mutilation?

        I think the one who should see from other perspective is you… :)

        *sorry for my bad grammar*

      • JustSomeoneWhoSees

        Your ideals and way of looking at this story is very primitive. Primitive people can’t control their emotions so easily, and should be kept separate from the rest of society as they can be extremely dangerous to themselves (through self harm) or others like in this case.

  • Tito

    There are some cases in south east asia where the female cheaters getting their face splashed with acid water… I think it’s equally horrible with what Mrs. Xie’s husband experienced…

    For those of you who say that the man in this article is deserves the punishment, do you think these female cheaters also deserves this kind of punishment? by ruining their physical part, so they could not cheating ever again?

    *sorry for my bad english*

    • VeerLeft

      Those of you who think that she has ANY rights to CUT his DICK OFF WHILE HE IS SLEEEEEPING… are pathetic excuses for humanoid life.
      I go the other way…10 years is LIGHT.

      Lorena Bobbitt case is a prime example of our ‘out-of-wack’ overly feminized culture, where a woman gets off light because the guy is an asshole.

      Bitches…you have the right to leave the house!!!!! You don’t have the right to maim his member.
      Think of how harsh the sentence would be if he had stuck a curling iron in her vag…or lopped off her clit. THINK!!!! Same thing.

      Yet it’s somehow OK when a female does it. Geez…

      • Ronaldo Santos

        You are right. the comments just show how people in this feminazi world are. How someone someone could have sympathy for this sadistic monster? This show how penis envy can go far.

  • CK Kher

    Bad ending for both the wife and husband :(

  • C

    The cheating bastard got what he deserved, but I wish the wife hadn’t gone to that extreme :( It’s unfortunate that she’s locked up for ten years now. I really wish her the best in the future.

    Bringing his slut into THEIR HOUSE in FRONT of her is crazy shit. Man…he definitely deserves it.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      This sadistic female monster deserves to get a soldering iron or a curling iron introduced in her vagina till it turns into a coal. she deserves to have her ovaries brutally removed and her tits too. 10 years is nothing. she destroyed his life forever the most barbaric and sadistic way. this show us how penis envy can go far. All of you that are defending this monster arent human beings. You are not different from her. This kind of thing happens everyday in the world. AND YOU DESERVE THE SAME

    • Ronaldo Santos

      This sadistic female monster deserves to get a soldering iron or a curling iron introduced in her vagina till it turns into a coal. she deserves to have her ovaries brutally removed and her tits too. 10 years is nothing. she destroyed his life forever the most barbaric and sadistic way. this show us how penis envy can go far. All of you that are defending this monster arent human beings. You are not different from her. This kind of thing happens everyday in the world. AND YOU DESERVE THE SAME.

  • Suhail

    Wow so many dumbasses here. Regardless of what this man did two wrongs never make anything right nor is there justification in doing wrong to someone else unless you are required to defend yourself physically in order to save your life. This woman should have got an even bigger punishment. Shame on her. What the man did was out right horrible, and sickening but he did not deserve to have his genitals cut off.

    She should have simply divorced the man and moved on with her life. She should have double the sentence. Ten years for taking a mans genitals off? He’s scarred for life. She can still recover emotionally but he’ll never recover. This woman is pathetic and I have no sympathy. Karma is a bitch by the way.. I’m sure once she gets out, it’ll happen again.

    • Tito

      Well said, Suhail :)

    • Vicky

      “She should have simply divorced the man and moved on with her life.”
      — Are you a Chinese?
      Do you know the woman?
      Do you know anything and how horrible she was treated?
      I’m not saying she has the right to do that and she deserves punishment for extreme behavior.
      But obvious you are not smart or using your brain.

      • Ronaldo Santos

        This sadistic female monster deserves to get a soldering iron or a curling iron introduced in her vagina till it turns into a coal. she deserves to have her ovaries brutally removed and her tits too. 10 years is nothing. she destroyed his life forever the most barbaric and sadistic way. this show us how penis envy can go far. All of you that are defending this monster arent human beings. You are not different from her. This kind of thing happens everyday in the world. AND YOU DESERVES THE SAME.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      most reasonable person here

  • Joel Steele

    That sentence is way too heavy. The man some what had it coming.

  • WTF THIS IS Sparta


  • gump27

    It is harsh, a true behavior of cavemen. Both husband and wife, how original….

  • gump27

    I quote that is attempt to kill, why they don’t give someone to do this job. Both deserve die…..

  • gump27

    can we netizen know the subject whereabout, address, tel. no., specific details……. I mean it

  • DavidPaulBuckley

    sux 2 b a chinq. ud need a chainsaw to hack mine off lol.

    chump deserved it for not ditching the bitch earlier. use it, abuse it and excuse it playa. wot kinda wifey wont eat ur azz whilst ur nailing a hooker on the setee in front of the kids?

  • opensights

    I’m 7000 miles away! and it frightened the life out of me, felt a pain where it hurts most! Told my mistress to get lost!

  • mark

    Dude are guys kidding me man he might never have a dick again if I was the judge I would give her life like put your self in his shoes he got his dick chopped off think of being embarassed and the pain plus knowing even in surgery it might not work so yeah

  • Sira

    It’s true that physical mutilation isn’t right, and that two wrongs don’t make a right …but what do you do in that situation? I was abused for ten months by my ex-boyfriend: he forced me to swallow his dick every night, until I would vomit, then forced me to swallow my own vomit and keep going, banged my head against the wall repeatedly, slapped me on the face to feel the vibrations, pinned me down, wouldn’t let me go when I struggled, urinated in my mouth, forced me to swallow, said that he wanted a threesome with another female friend, told me later that he had a crush on her and that I was just his bitch, demanded money from me, threatened and intimidated me, ruined two of my cars, kidnapped me and took me and my car all the way to Florida (from California) before stealing it… and yet the police not only aren’t pursuing him, but they are giving me parking tickets on my still stolen car, not to mention telling me I can only issue a restraining order and that if I can’t find him, then nothing can happen. And he had the audacity to keep harassing me from faraway, telling me to be his slut. Tell me, what would you do in my situation when not even the law is on my side? And when you know he’s out there harming someone else? Luckily I kept my head up and walked away with my life intact. Broke and broken, mentally ill and somewhat suicidal, but alive. So is that it? He just gets away with it?

    • Skeleton Man

      You should have walked 9 months and 29 days before.

      Seriously, how about we go back to chopping off the hands of thieves or cutting off the feet of runaway slaves? Anyone who agrees with Mrs. Xie must consider these other crimes against humanity as being equally acceptable.

      The sad thing is, they agree because she cut off his penis. If she cut off an arm or a leg everyone would think she should get the chair.

      • Sira

        Think I didn’t try? He threatened me when I did, more than once, and there was nothing the police did about it. Ah well, water under the bridge. I escaped, and if he ever comes back I’ll run away where he’ll never find me. I don’t think she should have castrated him, but then I don’t think he should have beaten her and cheated on her either.

        • Ronaldo Santos

          Cheating? divorced just it no big deal. No one are defending beating on women like many are defending castration. to finish beatinh and cheating have no comparison with castration.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      so do you wants to castrate him in order to protect other woman? so you are far worse than him. so why dont you kill him? why castration? you are a monster, deal with it. you have an convenient excuse for a monstruosity. why do you just go away from him? why do you keep being his bitch? no excuse. you hate mens genitals, you are misandrist. you must to be killed to protect men.

    • JustSomeoneWhoSees

      In these situations you leave, walk away, ignore, and contact the authorities. You are stupid for sticking around after the first time. If you stick around from the start knowing what he would do then you are to blame for the continued abuse. The same goes for everybody in all these domestic situations. Emotions are a primitive human function, people who cant control their emotions are extremely dangerous to themselves and others in modern society.

  • Yim HG

    They should send her in Prison for Life. A lot of womens cheat their husbands.How do you like to cut their breast off or to put a knife in their hole?? e?? You don’t like that if you are woman. So if you cut anything from someone you should go to Prison like if you stap someone with a knife.They should slice her pusy with a knife and cut her breast off.What is your comment in that? You sick people..

    • Ronaldo Santos

      One person with reason. Oh god. There are just stupid and sadistic people(women) commenting here. She deserves a wielding-iron in her pussy till the vagina turns into a coal.

  • Bando

    Lorena Bobbitt must be proud

  • adel in shenzhen

    Hi all
    Can some one please post a link with the full details of the story?
    And i wonder if it is possible also to see a copy of the court judgement (even in chinese) to understand a little what happened.

    We are talking about 2 human beings, married for 10 years, so who did what? and who started it? even if you lived with them for all that time, you could not have a clear thoughts of who is right or wrong, simply because there is no usb plug that helps you to connect to them brains and hearts and feel exactly what they felt.

    Am not with or against any one in this horrible story, but seriouslt guys, you can not start judging the man or the woman only by reading few lines.

    More information please!

    • Ronaldo Santos

      there are not excuse for castration and it is all.

  • It is wrong to charge the wife. Let it be a trend just to displine the husbands so that no one dare to stray.
    Behave or squat to urinate.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      This sadistic female monster deserves to get a soldering iron or a curling iron introduced in her vagina till it turns into a coal. she deserves to have her ovaries brutally removed and her tits too. 10 years is nothing. she destroyed his life forever the most barbaric and sadistic way. this show us how penis envy can go far. All of you that are defending this monster arent human beings. You are not different from her. This kind of thing happens everyday in the world. AND YOU DESERVES THE SAME.

  • timbo

    i think 10 years is not enough. any man who has money and power should have many relationships. how could this wife do this, all this type of evil wives should be sentenced for life.

  • lilya

    They seem to be very westernize in their country.

  • FranktheTank

    So what happen to the penis? Did she tossed it out of the window or did she flushed it away in the toilet. That may determine the length of the sentence.

  • DK

    This is bullxxxx. How can the government do this to the wife? What a shame. Free the woman now, and send the husband to prison for 10 years instead. How dare you do such a disrespectful thing to your wife. You are making our gender look bad. Wish you go to hell, nasty man.

    • JustSomeoneWhoSees

      She should have left him, There is nothing right about this at all.

  • Atlas

    The judge was too lenient. The woman should have gotten life in prison. She was behaving worse than a Muslim. Vigilante justice is the mark of a low class person. She should have divorced the guy. Her way of handling things was barbaric.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      I agree with, indeed she deserves to have her tits, ovaries taken off and her vagina burnt to carbon.

  • Smoker

    Well done Sista !

  • jenny

    I don’t know who I should side with…Both people are a bit extreme in their actions, to say the least.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      has no comparison castration and cheating. cuting off a penis is tottaly unnaceptable.

  • mitchell

    He deserved it the way he treated her.

    • Ronaldo Santos

      You are a misandrist and deserve to be burnt for saying that.