Guangzhou Wife Cuts Off Cheating Husband’s Penis


From Shanghaiist:

“The Lorena Bobbit of Guangzhou”

Heating up the Netease forums is this sorrowful story: a Guangdong husband brazenly brought his affair back home after 10 years of marriage. If that wasn’t enough, he even made love to his mistress in front of his wife and requested her to sleep with them.

This 37-year-old wife, Mrs. Xie, couldn’t stand her husband’s behavior but all her objections only brought her curses, beatings and denial by her husband. Angrily, Mrs. Xie waited until her husband had fallen asleep and snipped his penis off while he was sleeping.

Yesterday, Dongwan No. 1 Court of Law sentenced Mrs. Xie 10 years of prison for her crime. After the judgment, Mrs. Xie could not stop crying and said, “I could always think about when we (me and my husband) worked hard together. I am very worried about my 3 children. I owe them.”

The aggressive behavior by both husband and wife triggered a huge discussion on the internet. Many netizens did not agree with the court’s judgment, arguing that the conviction was too heavy.

网易北京网友 [johnson176]:

(The court) Condemned too strong. Just divorce them is okay.




This incident was real? If it is, then the court judged too heavy. Did the husband just have an affair? He even brought his affair back home and had sex in front of his wife, can I ask, who can withstand this? 10 years? Can I please ask how the court finally decided on that?


The genital was cut. This is grievous bodily injury. A sentence of prison is needed; but it is forgivable, the court should give a light judgement.


If that was me, I would feed the dog with his penis!

Some others went a step further, pointing out that the husband should be judged too because of having affairs openly.

This man should be under the charge of pruriency. Why didn’t the court judge him? What the hell is this court?”

“How about that man? No laws against him?”

We feel very bad for Mrs. Xie and hope that this kind of incident will not happen in the future. What would you have done if confronted with a husband who cheated right in front of you?

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