Guard Pushes Man Off Roof For Throwing Bricks At Cars Below

A Chinese man on a roof throwing bricks down onto cars parked below, a security guard tries to stop him.

A Chinese man on a roof throwing bricks down onto cars parked below, a security guard tries to stop him.

From Youku & NetEase:

Man on roof throws bricks onto cars below, security guard pushes him off the building

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The video shows what happened from multiple angles.

The narrator says that this happened around 2 o’clock in the afternoon of April 25th, that the man was “seeking justice” and began throwing bricks from the second floor of a building. The neighborhood security and police rushed to the scene and began trying to persuade the man on the roof to stop. Two hours later when efforts to persuade the man had no effect, the fire department inflated an air rescue cushion (aka jump cushion) below. The neighborhood security guard then, under instructions from the police, pushed the man off the edge of the building’s roof where the man then fell down onto the edge of the jump cushion. Police then apprehended the man and the matter is case is currently under investigation.

If you’re curious about the background music, it is called “Tan Te” and was #6 of Youku’s Top 10 Online Videos for 2010.

Comments from NetEase:


Why is it the security guard pushing the person under the instruction of the police…? Can it be understood this way… that if the person died, it would be the security guard’s responsibility… but if the person doesn’t die, then it would be because of the police’s successful instruction… is that it??


This is very key, the police is too cunning. Watching the video, it is clear that the police could’ve handcuffed him and taken him away, yet they risk the security guard!


Very strange, what I don’t understand is why with so many people on the ground there is only one security guard on top. They have the time to lay out an inflatable cushion, but no time to go up to the roof.


Had the security guard pushed a little harder, then he would’ve pushed the brick-throwing man outside of the inflatable rescue cushion. Is a person’s life less important than several lousy cars? The security guard wasn’t capable of finding two people to press the man to the floor to stop him and wait for the police to deal with him?


I’m unable to understand this. Smashing cars is definitely wrong, but the way the situation was handled in the video was inappropriate too. Were the police and firefighters unable to subdue someone holding a brick in their hand? And pushing him down was the only way of subduing him?


Support the security guard.


I think the security guard dealt with the situation well this time. However, author [the person who uploaded the video], your title is really bad~


How come he didn’t die from his fall? You seek justice, then take your brick and go find the person you need to smash, why smash other people’s cars, those car owners didn’t do anything to you.


If there wasn’t a video, and the person who fell off the building had an accident, coupled with this author’s [uploader’s] disgusting report, I bet that security guard could jump into the Yellow River and still not be able to clear his name. This is China’s sadness.


I don’t understand, can they not forcibly subdue him on the roof? It looks like there many opportunities…


The security guard really deserves admiration, he handled the matter very well.


If it really was under police orders, then the police have broken the law. No matter under what circumstances, this kind of decision puts the people involved potentially in harm’s way. You can see this in the video, he barely lands on the edge of the cushion, but what if he was slightly off just a bit more? Who would bear the responsibility for that result? What more, the victim was only smashing cars with bricks, did the police not have any other methods?

What do you think? About how the situation was handled? Do you think it was a good idea? A bad idea?

The security guard suddenly pushes the man off the building's roof.


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