“Help The Elderly” Sculpture In Guilin Indecent & Obscene?

The "Helping the Elderly" statue in Guilin China, criticized as being indecent by many netizens.

The "Helping the Elderly" statue in Guilin China, criticized as being indecent by many netizens.

From NetEase, Sina, Sohu:

A “Help the Elderly” sculpture in a Guilin neighborhood has been called “indecent”

Recently, the Guangyuan International Community on Zhongyin Road in Guilin city erected a sculpture named “Helping the Elderly”, the sculpture being two “stark naked” women carrying a man, the inscription below reading “Wife on the left, daughter-in-law on the right, the moral is of family harmony, harmonious coexistence, supporting each other, respecting and loving the elderly”. Netizens photographed the sculpture and posted it onto discussion forums and blogs, immediately creating heated netizen discussion, with many netizens saying the sculpture is too avant-garde and dumbfounding, while other netizens say art cannot be taken too seriously.

The "Helping the Elderly" statue in Guilin China, defended by many netizens as being humorous..

Community resident Mrs. Li told this reporter, from the meaning expressed through the sculpture, it is like an elderly man who has difficulty moving being helped to the toilet with the support of his wife and daughter. However in real life, this kind of scene is rare. With the man’s genitals carved so prominently, it isn’t very tasteful, and had he been “wearing” clothes or pants, it may be a bit better. With regards to this sculpture, most netizens are critical, but there are also netizens who believe that though the sculpture doesn’t look very tasteful, it is still rather creative; Some netizens feel it is very humorous, believing that art doesn’t need to be concealed, that one cannot only look at the simple surface, that the artistic conception is more important.

From Sina:


Your wife naked accompanying your grandfather to the toilet.
Art!!! Is this what an expert said???? You think being naked is automatically Venus?
That he is naked is one thing, but the most shameless thing is that it is actually erect!


Too disgusting, how is this going to eat, its clearly going to take a shit. Moreover, I’ve never seen taking a shit requiring the pants to be completely removed.


[The man in the statue] clearly is a leader [government official]!!!!


May I ask why your son’s wife needs to be completely naked for you to go to the toilet? The son’s wife and wife basically seem to be of the same age, so what does this suggest?


Promotes threesomes.


So stark naked and no mosaic applied [not censored]?? Please forgive me for being evil/thinking dirty…


If there was one more woman kneeling in front, then this piece of art would be perfect.


What is art, is this what art is? Sigh, so sad.


Strongly suggest human flesh searching the creator of this piece of work and its models. What kind of bullshit art is this! It is simply dirty perversion!

Comments from Sohu:


Where is the daughter-in-law, that’s obviously his wife and mistress!


If it is taking care of the elderly, why aren’t the wife and daughter-in-law clothed? That it isn’t convenient for the elderly person to have his pants on can be understood, but why aren’t the wife and daughter-in-law not wearing clothes? Those who approve of this have problems.


A worthless sculpture. Garbage.


Respecting the elderly, supporting the elderly, these things are worth promoting and should be extolled. However, when grandpa needs to use the toilet, is it necessary for grandma and his daughter-in-law to be there completely naked?! This isn’t extolling virtue or an artistic rendering, it is polluting the senses and twisting ethics! Hehe, or maybe my aesthetic appreciation is not good enough?


The designer is so avant-garde as to have gone too far. The buyer is shamelessly dirty. Recommend that the buyer use their own money to buy it back and put it in their own home so their entire family can together admire it everyday. At the same time, learn to use the toilet completely naked.


Must one be naked before they can “help the elderly”? What is going on with our people, why do we only do things that stupefy people, always doing things that confound the ordinary common people, is this popular culture, or is it just to become “known”, a publicity stunt?


Creators/artists always like to exaggerate/get attention, creating crazy works, placing a pile of shit and then exaggerating that it is “art”, and those who spend hundreds of thousands to buy them have shit for brains.

What do you think of this sculpture?

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