Guiyang Handicapped Beggar’s Street Sidewalk Art

Handicap beggar, one-leg, sitting by his sidewalk chalk art.

From NetEase (, “Guiyang streets’ one-legged artist beggar’s perfect chalk drawings“:

In Guiyang at the time, passing by the fountain street, I often saw a one-legged handicapped beggar busily drawing a picture on the street, struggling to live, tenaciously living…

In the initial drawing stage, everything is done in chalk, his hand a cleaning rag…

The self-proclaimed beggar artist life experience…as I watched him diligently and earnestly drawing with his head down, I discovered that continuously rubbing against the concrete ground had already broken the skin of his palms, several of his fingers covered with bandages. When I see people donate money into a paper box on the side, the artist beggar would lower his head and bow each time to express his appreciation.

Disabled homeless draws Chinese stories on street.

If I remember correctly, from that day the artist beggar always came to that part of the street around 5pm, and begins to draw, first tracing in black and white, then meticulously adding color. He would finish drawing around 9pm at night, then pack his things, prop himself up on a walking stick, pick up his bag, hang it over two sides, and solitary but strong, step by step, he would enter a small alley beside Hui Long Gong building(?). Inside that alley, I bumped into him several times after he had finished drawing. Each time I could not help turning my head around to look upon the image of his back, solitary but strong. Each time I wanted to take a picture of his back, however never knowing why I could not do it…

Street art in Guiyang drawn by one-legged homeless Chinese man.

Comments on Mop:

A person with will~I wish you luck! Much better than those who only know how to stick out their hands asking for money~at least I respect him~

Very talented, I would give money if I encountered him.

Do not always suspect! Bump the “lou zhu” once, this must be bumped up. I am moved by all those who stay strong. Hope we can help him!

China disabled man writes on concrete sidewalk.

Bumped ~~ I’m also from Guiyang! I saw this with my own eyes and gave 5 RMB! Because I truly believe it is not easy to draw. Even though he made the ground a little dirty, this type of talented person is still better than those who pilfer!

I really don’t understand the motherland, such a big country, so many people, companies, such talented people, but there is no work unit that could use him? Is it just because he’s handicapped? God, where are you?

Guiyang disabled man makes art instead of begging.

How did such a talented person become a beggar? Is this the tragedy of art?

So moving!!! This is just a different kind of life! A life worthy of admiration!!! Bump up

China overlooks too much of its talented people!

I’m crying, this beggar is so more noble than corrupt officials.

One legged handicap crawls around to make his art in Guiyang.

With this level of achievement, teaching should not be a problem. Today’s education is such a failure, being a teacher is about testing this and testing that, those with real knowledge and ability do not necessarily pass these so-called tests.

I’m from Guiyang, and have often seen this old person. Of course I always give some money for this old guy’s art. In addition, if you you are there in person, you will not see any sadness or disappointment in this old man’s eyes, everything is determination and calm. This is what makes me admire him.

Lame and handicapped, Guiyang man creates art for pedestrians.

The government always talks about lacking talent! They even use high salaries to bring those bullshit foreigners here! Chinese talent is plentiful! Only they are wasted on the streets!
A pity I don’t have money or power to help you! And only support you on here!

This is what I call a “person,” even though he is a beggar, has still takes what he has to earn his dignity.

Moving. China’s welfare system leaves us without words, how many talented handicapped people are like this overlooked…

One one leg, two hands, and artistic talent Guiyang beggar makes art.

Comments on NetEase (

I like these street artists~~bump up!

If city management comes to make trouble, I will without a doubt smash in city management’s heads.

I want to become the master’s student!

Does anyone know where these pictures were taken? If anyone knows where he is, please tell me, my contact number is: 13760753567, QQ number is: 39128665. This person, I will help him find a home to further develop his ability.

Homeless beggar draws on Guiyang street.

Artist! The ParaOlympics should ask him to go perform!

Seeing his expression and emotion, is barely a quarter, he is very satisfied, very innately beautiful, very blessed, we very rarely have this type time, we have much to lament about.

I think in the past he went through rich and plentiful experiences. This type of person, what a pity~~ I wish you could have a better life, this is something the country should give you~~ you, this unstoppable, striving person.

A talent, he could organize a training class. If I was there, I would definitely have him be my son’s teacher! It could model a child’s disposition! This master’s life is worthy of study.

Guiyang street art: Man fighting tiger.

We must bump this to the top!
So even more people can go pay attention to him!
Transform his life!

Diligently contribute, earnestly live!
Old teacher, you are really too great!
Since ancient times, China has never been short of talent, like this folk artist, but why doesn’t the country foster them? Now that the Olympics and ParaOlympics are over, don’t tell me that it means nothing? There are many more like this handicapped man, I hope our government officials can take some of their precious time to give this some attention!
To the old teacher, my respects!!!

Disabled Guiyang man uses chalk to draw beautiful Chinese art.

Images: All pictures were originally dated 2008 April 15-16 but some pictures had these dates cut off.


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