Guizhou Students Protest Inflation, Attack School Cafeteria

Smashed windows at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

From NetEase:

Thousands of students at a Guizhou high school unhappy with increasing food prices attack cafeteria at night

Summary: November 24, a netizen published a post stating that a school cafeteria/canteen riot occurred at the Number 2 Middle School in Liupanshui city of Guizhou province, with over a thousand participants. The reason the students vandalized the cafeteria was because the school cafeteria that evening announced a price increase. At present, the school has already begun cleanup and repair of the damaged portions of the cafeteria.

Smashed windows at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

Overturned cafeteria tables and benches at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

Chinese high school student rioters in the cafeteria they attacked and vandalized.

Chinese high school student rioters in the cafeteria they attacked and vandalized.

Comments from NetEase:


Guizhou’s students are China’s role models.


When I was in college, I also participated in a cafeteria vandalizing event! It was intense, and the result was very satisfying! All the problems involving food quality, price, service, etc. that were ignored for years were suddenly all solved overnight! I don’t advocate solving problems with violence, but many times it [violence] is indeed very effective, especially against our various levels of [government] officials and their lackeys!


Every bottle of water is 1 yuan of money, if this isn’t robbery, then what is? Even monopolies cannot profit excessively. They deserved it! Well-done!!


Today’s fenqing and hanjian [Chinese traitors] are equally detestable, especially this group of students.


Our Guizhou truly is barren mountains and untamed waters producing unruly people, haha. Brother [referring to self] likes!


Brothers! If prices keep increasing, just trash the RMB.


We too are nearly unable to survive due to [rising] prices, and I too want to go vandalize some companies/work units.


Don’t wantonly break the law, what we want is equality, not special privileges/treatment. If everyone abides by the law, I don’t think anyone would want to fight, vandalize, and steal.


I am a third year student of this school! Actually, we too know this was wrong! But we really couldn’t take it anymore/had no choice! Since entering the school, finding a cockroach or fly in your food at the cafeteria were small problems! But there have even been mice found in the food! Every time something happens, there is always a student from our school who will report it to the relevant departments! Even calling the city and province government to report! But never have we gotten even basic handling [of our reports/problems]! What more, it is always one department shifting responsibility to another department again and again! The education department, the health department, and other departments just shifting responsibility back and forth. Even coming for an inspection is just putting on a show! It’s been like this so many times already! And prices keep getting higher! If you need proof, come to our school and ask any of the third years, they all know. Of course, if the school knows in advance that someone will come investigate, I dare say that not a single one would dare to say the truth. What more, we are a closed school [students are not allowed to come and go as they please], so apart from a very few students who only attend school during the day, the majority of boarding students [live at school] are not allowed to eat outside of school, and daily necessities are not allowed to be purchased from outside of campus during the school period. The school [businesses] only has one boss, who is completely running a monopoly at the school. At the front of our school is a market, and things inside the school are commonly more expensive than those outside! With the prices going up again and again, it has thoroughly enraged us! And that’s why this happened. Or did we all have nothing better to do than simultaneously be several thousand bad youths one day? Each and everyone of us without character? At least we know we are still high school students! However, we still need to respect our parents’ blood sweat money! It wasn’t easy for our parents to earn that money! However, after this incident, the school has indeed made big changes! But who knows how long it will last! Hope it will last a long time. Actually, our demands as students aren’t high! Really! Through this incident, I really hope the country/government can reflect on itself! Society always says women have no rights, teachers have no rights! I think students are the one who have the least amount of rights, having to put up with everything! We come out and report the facts and in the end are just dismissed! It must be said that this is the sorrow of our generation! The above are just some of my personal thoughts! I know it is a little idealistic, even a little extreme! But I’ve written them! As long as there is one person who approves of me, then it was worth it! Here I want to specially thank those people in society who have paid attention to this matter! Thank you all for your support, but I want to say that we did this bad thing because we truly had no choice! I hope this kind of thing will happen less and less! After all, the main trend of social development is harmony.


We must get the [government] leadership to attach importance [to this issue], the children were helpless [had no choice], we need to find the problem in the management [that led to this situation]. Those [government officials] who are living off the people, you mustn’t ignore the voice of the people, the children were considering the hardships of their parents.


These students are the real hope for the Chinese people’s future, ding!!!
Sigh, we no longer have that courage.

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