Guo Biting Comes Out of Closet, Girlfriend Exposed

Guo Biting Comes Out of Closet, Girlfriend Exposed

Recently, the news that Taiwanese actress Guo Biting is a lesbian has taken over the internet. A picture of her and her girlfriend is being circulated, and it is suspected that the picture was leaked, but the source is unknown. Two celebrities liked the picture, causing great debate among netizens. At this point, Guo hasn’t formally addressed the suspicions. One commenter said “I’d like to announce that I’m coming out of the closet, to give Guo a chance.”

Source: Netease

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  • DD Bear!

    my father said she is too ugly, two huge nose holes too abvious@

    • mr.wiener

      Well…I guess that comment has all sanity and compassion we have come to expect.

      Good luck to all who find their way in life.

      • Vance

        It was a little unclear. Has she actually come out of the closet? It said she has not formally addressed it, or was that refering to that she hasn’t confirmed the suspected girlfriend?

    • Vance

      I must respectfully disagree. She’s a hottie!

      • Seriously! I did a Google image search for her and was just like daaayum. I’d kill to be her girlfriend… T.T

    • Teacher in China

      Yes, she doesn’t look exactly like Fan Bing Bing, so therefore she is ugly!! Give me a break. This woman is absolutely beautiful, and good for her for coming out. Hope everything works out well for her.

    • DD Bear!

      i do not say she is ugly or whatever, just my father said so!
      my father dislike people with huge nose holes, espcially can see them directly in face. that’s it.
      she is mixed, ok, she is much more over average in asia, but i dislike women full of bones on face either.i am not into mixed people, also i dislike women with a huge nose.
      clear enough!

      • DD Bear!

        in my eyes, this kinda looks is perfect.

        i keep this photo in my computer for long time.

        different people have different taste.a lot people say Audrey Hepburn is the most beasutiful woman, but i never find out she is that attractive as they say besides her eyes are truly pretty.

        • DD Bear!

          also quite some famous actress or whatever, i never feel they are attractive…

        • Vance

          She’s pretty too! Is she a celebrity? I love the hair! Nice and long. Her features are much like the girl I am writing to. That’s good. I was wondering if she is what the Chinese call beautiful.

        • KamikaziPilot

          Now can you post your perfect looking guy. I want to see. Jackie Chan maybe?

    • bujiebuke

      “she is too ugly, two huge nose holes too abvious@”
      – the village witch doctor

      • ChinaPrat

        fuckin hell, that made me laugh

  • Bloodforge

    The top article picture broken for anyone else on every cS article? Just shows a broken image icon and title text.