Guo Meimei Publicly Charged for Organizing Gambling Ring

Guo Meimei Publicly Charged for Organizing Gambling Ring

Guo Meimei Publicly Charged for Organizing Gambling Ring

Guo Meimei, the girl who became famous overnight in 2011 for imitating a Red Cross manager and flaunting her wealth on Weibo, was publicly charged with operating a gambling ring. Last year during the Brazilian World Cup she was caught gambling and arrested by Beijing police. After investigating the case, police found that not only was Guo Meimei participating in the gambling, she was also one of the organizers. The top-voted netizen comment on the story said “Public opinion can create a person, and it can also ‘annihilate’ him.”

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    There is something horribly facinating about a celebrity train wreck…

    • donscarletti

      The woman became famous for presumably taking money intended for the Red Cross in exchange for sex. She was a train wreck long before she became a celebrity. Just an all round piece of human garbage, running a gambling ring is a huge step up for her.

  • donscarletti

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    Inner Mongolia Netizen 4977 Likes

    Public opinion can create a person, it can also annihilate a person.

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    Chongqing City Netizen 4976 Likes

    Does Guo’s money come from selling meat (her own body)?

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    Shanxi Province Taiyuan City Netizen 4976 Likes

    Finally some news about you Meimei!

    • 终于有你translated comments 了!donscarletti!
      Finally some translated comments from you donscarletti!


  • Maximus

    She doesn’t look good in that photo. I also think she had surgery on her eyes